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Bronx teen accused of fatally stabbing bully indicted on reckless manslaughter charge
Article by: NYDailyNews
July 01, 2014
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The Bronx boy accused of fatally stabbing a classmate who bullied and battered him for months was indicted Monday on a reduced charge of reckless manslaughter.

Noel (Goat) Estevez, 14, will now be tried in family court in the June 18 slaying of Timothy Crump, also 14, outside their middle school, prosecutors said.

He was initially charged as an adult with murder and first-degree manslaughter, which means he intended to injure and caused death instead.

But the grand jury voted to indict on the lesser second-degree manslaughter, defined as “recklessly caus(ing) the death,” according to New York law.

The Bronx district attorney charged that “Estevez is alleged to have repeatedly stabbed (Crump) with a kitchen knife,” but spokeswoman Terry Raskyn did not explain the seemingly new theory of the crime, citing the secrecy of the grand jury proceeding.

“We’ve made a full and fair presentation,” she said.

Estevez was mercilessly bullied at school after an alleged cell phone theft. His parents said they tried to transfer him, to no avail.

Finally, he was set upon by Crump, who threw punches until the eighth-grader snapped and knifed him with a 12-inch blade, according to witnesses.

The teen’s relatives have insisted he was acting in self-defense. His lawyer could not be reached for comment.

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