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Court Update - Joseph A. Camp 5/20/2014
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May 20, 2014
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Joseph A. Camp came into court today and asked to have his court appointed attorney removed. In all his years as a public defender, this guy never told the judge, "yeah, do it, I can’t represent this guy".....but he did with Camp. So Camp will have new counsel appointed.  As we are all aware, An American Hostage is never at fault, it is always an issue with the lawyer. So the judge started off extremely impressed with our hero.  

The judge made some comments that, after reading the letters, he was extremely troubled by Camp’s conduct and said that if even half of it is true it is cause for alarm. The judge implied heavily that he would not agree to a 5 month jail term and no supervised release. It is now uncertain what will happen to Camp. The judge may give him the two year max and then one more year of supervised release, but will likely do something short of that. The central issue is that the judge wants to find a way to have Camp conform his behaviors to societal norms but recognizes that Camp may be incapable of such good behavior. There may be no choice but to lock him up for the max. Stay tuned. 

Camp will get new appointed counsel and they will need some time to get up to speed.  The probation office is trying to figure out what to do as well.  They feel he may be too difficult to supervise.  It seems an impossible situation for all, as Camp can’t be supervised, can’t control his behavior and doesn't want to anyway. We’ll see what happens.

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Posted By: hostage | 5/20/14 5:42 PM
Ima american hostage, ur restraining orders mean nothin to me.
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