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Bar Complaint - Attorney Sue Basko
Article by: The Internet
May 14, 2014
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Attorney upon which complaint is being filed

Full Licensed Name: Susan Marie Basko
California Bar #: 230396
Address: PO Box 1694 Hollywood, CA 90078
PO Box 891115 Chicago IL 60608
Registered Business Phone: (310) 770-7413

Individual making complaint

Individual is anonymous and wishes to remain so due to threats of violence by one of the involved parties. Individual goes by the handle @Captien_0 on Twitter and can be reached via third party proxy Mr. James McGibney or his legal team at [email protected] or his attorney Jay Leiderman who is handling matters related to Ms. Basko. Mr. Leiderman can be reached at 805-654-0200 [email protected] if needed for additional information or clarification of this complaint.

Complaint details

In the attached email (Exhibit A), California and Illinois licensed attorney Sue Basko continues her campaign of threats, defamation and outright unprofessional behavior. She threatens anyone dares to speak out against her. She misstates the law and harasses anyone who does not share her viewpoint. Sadly, I became a victim of her threats. In this email she libeled both myself and @Bullyville aka Mr. McGibney (mentioned above), the CEO of ViaView, to a federal attorney based in Florida by the name of Claire Olsen at personal email address of ************* . In this email (Exhibit A), Ms. Basko falsely stated I and Mr. McGibney had hacked someone’s email. She then attempted to pressure Ms. Olsen into providing my identity for the express purpose of threatening to report me to the authorities and/or purposely exposing me to the same set of ex-felons (who she appears to be in contact with) who are currently harassing, stalking, and libeling Mr. McGibney as outlined in his current lawsuit (docket # Case5:14-cv-01059-HRL) which was filed in California federal court on March 17, 2014.

Ms. Basko is well aware that neither myself nor Mr. McGibney hacked anyone’s email to obtain the correspondence I posted. Rather she sends embarrassing and unprofessional emails, such (Exhibit A), in a personal capacity and then gets angry when people post them on the internet. She then ultimately claims that her emails or accounts were compromised/hacked so that she need not accept responsibility for her actions. This is a long-standing trend with Ms. Basko. She does these things and then insists she didn’t do them. Given the demonstrated history of comments on Twitter as well as emails, it appears Ms. Basko may have reported several people to the FBI for crimes she made up.

Ms. Basko demonstrates she is aware of the federal ViaView lawsuit mentioned previously by specifically referencing it in her email (Exhibit C) to an individual on Twitter who goes by the handle @CnyR3bel. Ms. Basko even goes so far is to call it ludicrous, despite the fact the defendant is a known violent ex-felon who has proven to have stalked and threatened no less than 12 other people. Ms. Basko appears to be associating with this man, Thomas Retzlaff, who has been violently stalking Mr. McGibney as well as numerous innocent women who spurned his advances. Ms. Basko is aware that Retzlaff made death threats, but insists he is a good guy. In truth, Ms. Basko feels that Mr. McGibney, any of his supporters, and his lawyers deserve threats and harassment by Retzlaff and others simply because she doesn’t like them.

Due to her awareness of this federal lawsuit and associated restraining orders, Ms. Basko cannot claim ignorance of similar harassment of me or my family should my identity become public, which is clearly her intent in asking Ms. Olsen for my identity. In fact, the defendant of the lawsuit Ms. Basko refers to as “ludicrous”, is the aforementioned Thomas Retzlaff, (www.thomasretzlaff.com) on whom a temporary restraining order was issued on behalf of Mr. McGibney here: Retzlaff-Current.pdf . This restraining order was necessary due to current credible threats of violence from Mr. Retzlaff and concerns for Mr. McGibney’s safety and the safety of his family. Mr. Retzlaff has made similar threats online towards me and my family. Apparently Ms. Basko is not in the least troubled by the possibility of exposing me or my family to the very same individual(s) and in fact counts on the implied threat to silence me.

The federal attorney, Ms. Olsen, does not know my identity. Ms. Basko assumed Ms. Olsen knew my identity due to false allegations from ex-felon, Joseph A. Camp, who she used to represent. Mr. Camp is on parole after being incarcerated in 2009. Additionally, Mr. Camp has two active temporary restraining orders filed against him which he continues to violate and which Ms. Basko is fully aware he continues to violate. One of those restraining orders is on behalf of Ms. Olsen and the other is on behalf of Mr. McGibney. Ms. Basko states publicly she does not represent Mr. Camp but it appears she continues to communicate with Mr. Camp, provide him with legal advice, and using false information provided by Mr. Camp to attack anyone she perceives has insulted her. Indeed, she uses her Twitter account to repeatedly communicate with Camp. She does not advise him to turn himself in and she knows he is a federal fugitive on the run from the FBI and parole. She encourages Camp to harass and stalk Mr. McGibney, his supporters, and his lawyers. Camp has done so prolifically. There is a restraining order in Ventura, CA for Mr. Camp, and I understand it is possible Ms. Basko may be added this week. Camp has made threats against Mr. McGibney and his lawyers and has stalked them going so far as to use Mr. Leiderman’s identity without his permission. Ms. Basko called the police in New York in reference to the Camp investigation and told them that Mr. Leiderman had made death threats against her – something she knows is false. When the officer pressed her for an example, she backed off and stated that Leiderman is involved with people who make death threats. Mr. Leiderman informed me that when he emailed Ms. Basko after seeing this in a police report, Ms. Basko stated that the police officer was a liar. This is in the police report from New York and a copy can be provided by Mr. Leiderman. Mr. Leiderman did not want to make a complaint against Ms. Basko and stated he feels conflicted, but that if contacted, he would truthfully answer the State Bar’s questions.

Ms. Basko’s purpose for deliberately and maliciously maligning me and threatening to report me in her email (Exhibit A), is in direct response to a post on Twitter where I called Ms. Basko an idiot (Exhibit B) for libeling Mr. McGibney. It is my first amendment right to express my opinion of another person and it is not illegal or civilly actionable for me to call Ms. Basko an idiot or to use offensive words. Moreover, the truth of my statements (her outrageous libel of Mr. McGibney) is a defense. Despite the fact my Twitter account is “private” and Ms. Basko cannot see my comments, she is upset over what I posted on Twitter (Exhibit B) and is clearly attempting to retaliate against me by trying to expose my identity and/or get me raided by the authorities by falsely reporting me for hacking. This is her pattern. There are several individuals on Twitter who are afraid to speak out about Ms. Basko because if they say anything about her she threatens them with lawsuits and false reports to the authorities. Several of these individuals are willing to come forward to substantiate this complaint. In fact recently as seen in (Exhibit F), Ms. Basko threatens blogger Ron Brynaert with a lawsuit for his daring to ask her why she is providing legal assistance to ex-felon Joseph Camp (who resides in New York) when as Mr. Brynaert truthfully and factually states, Ms. Basko does not have a license to practice law in New York.

I want to be clear about Ms. Basko’s allegations about me – I do not hack, I have NEVER hacked, and I have NEVER done anything illegal. I have no criminal record and have NEVER been arrested. Ms. Basko has deliberately and maliciously fabricated this allegation and made threats of “reporting me” in her email to Ms. Olsen (Exhibit A) for the sole purpose of intimidating me into silence. Ms. Basko can provide zero proof to back up her allegations for the simple reason it NEVER happened. She has based her wild allegations purely on a single communication from an individual on Twitter who goes by the Twitter handle @CnyR3bel (Exhibit D). Nowhere in this communication was it stated that myself or Mr. McGibney had hacked anyone. Ms. Basko simply made this up. This is a pattern with Ms. Basko and Mr. McGibney and Mr. Leiderman and others have been the recipients of the same treatment.

The email that Ms. Basko stated was obtained via this “made up” hacking effort is actually an email (Exhibit C) she sent to a man on Twitter who goes by @CnyR3bel, in which she AGAIN libels Mr. McGibney AFTER previously being informed multiple times that her statements were inaccurate.

Ms. Basko’s narrative is offensive for the following reasons: She accuses both myself and Mr. McGibney of a crime falsely and with knowledge of its falsehood. She further states as fact that Mr. McGibney is a purveyor of revenge porn. Revenge porn is now illegal in California DUE LARGELY TO THE EFFORTS OF MR. McGIBNEY WHO HAS BEEN ON A CAMPAIGN TO SHUTTER REVENGE PORN SITES FOR YEARS. It is offensive and false because she knows that Mr. McGibney actively campaigns against revenge porn. She conspires with Tom Retzlaff, Joseph Camp, a fugitive named Neal Rauhauser, and others to ruin McGibney’s business by falsely calling it revenge porn – costing him advertisers.

The email described above, (Exhibit C) was sent to @CnyR3bel unsolicited. As you are aware, a unilateral declaration of confidentiality in an unsolicited personal email is not enforceable unless the other party agrees in advance, which @CnyR3bel clearly did not. As a lawyer, Ms. Basko should know this. Instead, she sends emails and then threatens people who publish them. The email in question (Exhibit C) was published by @Cnyr3bel publicly on Twitter. @CnyR3bel was entitled to publish this email (Exhibit C) as it was addressed to him. I copied that email (Exhibit C) from @Cnyr3bel’s public post on Twitter. I did NOT hack anyone to obtain a copy of this email (Exhibit C) and Ms. Basko is well aware of this fact and has been repeatedly informed of this publicly on Twitter by myself and others. Yet she falsely accuses me of a crime. On April 10th, I posted the following on my Twitter timeline. The pastebay link is a copy of the original bar complaint I was in the process of filing against Ms. Basko.


Ms. Basko then sent an email (Exhibit E) to Mr. McGibney’s Texas attorney Mr. Gianni (who has nothing to do with the matter and does not represent me). This email (Exhibit E) was sent after Ms. Basko became aware of this pastebay post indicating I had either already filed or intended to file a bar complaint in response to her actions. In her email to Mr. Gianni (Exhibit E) Ms. Basko threatened to sue me if I did not retract my bar complaint and remove any and all references to her on Twitter and other media. Ms. Basko deliberately misrepresented my actions yet again in this email to Mr. Gianni. My intent in filing a bar complaint regarding her behavior (as I clearly stated in the pastebay post) was to call into question Ms. Basko’s ethics since she had lied by stating I had engaged in the illegal activity of hacking and because she threatened to knowingly use this falsehood to report me to the authorities for the express purpose of intimidating me into silence.

Ms. Basko engages in further falsehoods in her email (Exhibit E) by stating I’ve been harassing her for months when it can be proven that my first interaction with Ms. Basko was on April 2nd 2014, only after it came to my attention that she had made outrageous libelous statements about Mr. McGibney and had been defaming his lawyers online. My Twitter account is set to private and since Ms. Basko does not follow me on Twitter she cannot see my communications, therefore she cannot claim I am harassing her on Twitter as she would have to actively seek out my communications. Finally, I am not Mr. McGibney, nor am I Mr. Steinbaugh, or Mr. Gianni, or Mr. Leiderman, or anyone else she accuses me of being. I am merely a friend of Mr. McGibney’s. I also do not create multiple accounts on Twitter to harass Ms. Basko or anyone else - I am gainfully employed and have no time for such silliness. More importantly, Ms. Basko’s follow up threat to sue me in her email (Exhibit E) and demand I retract my bar complaint is a clear violation of the California Business & Professions Code 6090.5 as follows:

  1. (a) It is cause for suspension, disbarment, or other discipline for any member, whether as a party or as an attorney for a party, to agree or seek agreement, that:

    1. 1. The professional misconduct or the terms of a settlement of a claim for professional misconduct shall not be reported to the disciplinary agency.  

    2. 2. The plaintiff shall withdraw a disciplinary complaint or shall not cooperate with the investigation or prosecution conducted by the disciplinary agency.  

    3. 3. The record of any civil action for professional misconduct shall be sealed from review by the disciplinary agency.  


  2. (b) This section applies to all settlements, whether made before or after the commencement of a civil action.  

With regard to the specific language of section 6090.5, committee analysis addressed the harm in situations where attorneys, against whom civil actions for misconduct were filed, required plaintiffs to agree not to file complaints with the Bar as conditions of settlement. In 1996, the Legislature amended section 6090.5 by adding the language “to agree or seek agreement.” Indeed, a settlement offer by an attorney to a complaining witness to withdraw a State Bar complaint is a violation of section 6090.5.

Relevant case law: In re McCarthy (Review Dept. 2002) 4 Cal. State Bar Ct. Rptr. 364 involved an attorney who committed defalcation against a business partner while acting as a fiduciary. While attempting to settle the dispute, the attorney offered a settlement term that would have the complaining witness “contact the State Bar to withdraw any claims.” The complaining witness refused, and settlement was never consummated. In disciplinary proceedings, the court held that the attorney’s intent to agree to withdrawal of the State Bar complaint in the civil settlement agreement was itself a violation of section 6090.5. In In re Brockway (Review Dept. 2006) 4 Cal. State Bar Ct. Rptr. 944, an attorney violated section 6090.5(a)(2) when he entered into a settlement agreement resolving a fee dispute in that the client “agreed to settle [the fee] dispute and to withdraw the complaint pending before the State Bar, all in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.”

In summary, Ms. Basko has attempted to:

  • improperly obtain my private information from another attorney, 

  • falsely report me to the authorities for hacking in an attempt to intimidate me into silence, 

  • further extort my silence via threats of a frivolous lawsuit, 

  • improperly request I withdraw my bar complaint against her 

  • and, remove commentary that is truthful and/or opinion and therefore protected under the first amendment. 

These actions are a clear abuse of her office and her position and clearly call into question both her ethics and her ability to competently represent the legal profession in the states of California and Illinois.

I respectfully ask for a formal investigation into Ms. Basko and for sanctions regarding her DELIBERATE violation of California Business & Professions Code 6090.5 and for her continued bumptious legal threats to extort my silence.

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Posted By: jaqueamo | 9/06/14 12:48 PM
My problem with Ms Basko was sexual in nature. She represented me in litigation in Illinois until I was unable to pay her any further. She went to bed with me over 20 times in one year to make up for her bill. When I was able to pay she sued me for the payments coded even though we had a agreement of verbal consideration. This lawyer is very bad news!
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