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November 02, 2013
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There are literally 100's of court documents pertaining to COURT DOCUMENTED DEAD BEAT DAD AND WOMAN BEATER NEAL RAUHAUSER. Mr. Rauhauser currently has at least four outstanding warrants for his arrest for cyberstalking and harassment and is 15 years behind on child support payments, both a State and Federal crime. Neal refuses to pay his ex-wife the $76,511.40 in back child support (after she heroically beat a bout with cancer, not once, but twice) and has come up with numerous scams to try to get others to pay his child support so he can avoid serious jail time.

It speaks volumes about a person who turns their back on their kids (www.deadbeatdads.exposed).

Neal Rauhauser (www.nealrauhauser.com) currently has at least four outstanding warrants for his arrest and openly supports numerous pedophiles, including court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com).

In an effort to aid law enforcement, lawyers and victims of Neal Rauhauser, we have compiled all available information about this fugitive from the law in one place. If you are trying to serve Rauhauser with a restraining order, don't bother trying to serve Neal's attorney of record, Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. Dorrell won't accept service for anything on behalf of his client, especially if it relates to back child support or stalking/harassment restraining orders. 

If you simply Google the name “Neal Rauhauser” you will quickly see what kind of “man” he really is.  He’s a cyber-terrorist, who is buddies with an actual convicted perjurer and domestic terrorist, who was convicted of bombing an innocent American citizen, blowing his leg off and ultimately resulting in the suicide of his victim from pain and suffering. The same domestic terrorist who associates with and employs his ex-prison buddies who were convicted of possession of child pornography.


Neal Rauhauser has at least one prior conviction resulting from the theft of radioactive material. Considering his known association with convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin, please proceed with caution if you encounter him in person.

Neal Rauhauser is considered one of the most notorious bullies on the web. Neal’s “specialty” is preying on impressionable and vulnerable women, for example, a prostitute with an arrest record (Melissa Brewer Stailey) who he lures in and then gets them to do his dirty work. 

At the bottom of this article are just some of the links from other bloggers and mainstream writers who have taken the time out of their valuable lives to write about what a complete and total scumbag Neal Rauhauser is. 

Neal, you are correct with respect to that comment you made recently, we do work with the FBI, that’s no secret, thank you Captain Obvious!  We’ve worked with them when it comes to tackling scumbags who run revenge porn websites, lower than life pedophiles…….and you.  We have a 100% success rate Neal; you will be no exception to that rule.  You’re not the first bottom feeding scumbag bully that I’ve bullied back, and you won't be the first one that I’m responsible for sending to prison. So run along and connect to a TOR node in Switzerland and create a bunch of pastebins about me that 100 people will read. By the time you’re done with that, I guarantee you over 250,000 people will have read this. Neal, despite all your rage, you’re still just a rat in a cage. #brainsoverbullies #GFY

Since Neal Rauhauser refuses to support his own children, we have decided to help.  As the owner of the website http://www.neal-rauhauser.com we are auctioning the website and have offered to give all proceeds to Nancy (Neal's ex-wife) and his two children. 

For all of the ugliness and hatred Neal Rauhauser has brought into our lives over the past two years, let's give him a nice middle finger in the form of a compassionate gesture towards the children he's left behind.

LINK #1 - The Washington Times – Who is Neal Rauhauser?

“Earlier this week I wrote about criminal terrorist (Speedway Bomber), convinced felon and pseudo left wing activist Brett Kimberlin. I mentioned some of the people he is affiliated with. One is Democratic operative Neal Rauhuaser.”

Original Source: NOTE - Neal made the Washington Times remove this article, which was here:


We used Wayback Machine to find a cached copy which can now be found here:


And just in case he makes the cached copy vanish, because Neal is all about free speech, here is the entire article via a .pdf.


LINK #2 - DailyKos – Mr. Neal Rauhauser, What Were You Thinking?


“Everybody wanted to hear about your shenanigans last week where you, Neal Rauhauser, Internet Super Spy, posted hacked nude pictures on your website.”


LINK #3 - Patterico – Neal Rauhauser uses same incorrect address as SWATter

“He has written how-to guides regarding methods to use phony identities and hide one’s Internet activities from law enforcement.”


LINK #4 - The Other Mccain - Neal Rauhauser Admits Playing Key Role in Brett Kimberlin Lawsuit

“Neal is the one who keeps manipulating people, spinning conspiracy theories about his enemies, in order to create a plausible explanation for his own evident wrongdoing.”


LINK #5 - The Other Mccain - Is Neal Rauhauser Trying to Scheme His Way Back Into Political Consulting?

“Basically, everything Neal Rauhauser says is the exact opposite of truth, and by the way, he’s taking credit for killing Andrew Breitbart.”


LINK #6 - The Other Mccain - Neal Rauhauser Uses @CatsRImportant to Discuss a Certain Address in Maryland

“Go ask Neal Rauhauser (@catsrimportant) why he is so full of monstrous hate, why he loves evil and hates truth. Whatever he says in reply will be a lie, because he is satanic.”


LINK #7 - The Other Mccain - Neal Rauhauser Uses @CatsRImportant to Spread His Evil Lies as ‘Hard Candy’

“Remember: Melissa Brewer says she is a sexual abuse survivor, yet Neal Rauhauser has taken over her Twitter account and renamed it “Hard Candy,” with associations of gang murder and child pornography. And why? To attack and threaten his personal enemies.”


LINK #8 - HogeWash – Meet Neal Rauhauser

“What kind of creep publicly accuses his ex-wife — an accomplished professional academic administrator — of being an addict? What kind of creep would brag about using martial arts against a woman?” Meet Neal Rauhauser



LINK #9 -Gawker – Twittergate How Internet Jerks Pranked the Tea Party – Neal Rauhauser

“Now I'm not getting credit for being the scumbag on the Internet that I am. Rauhauser is."


LINK #10 - Lonely Conservative – Neal Rauhauser – Connecting the dots on the ongoing harassment.

“Rauhauser is an online menace, hacker, Democrat operative and associate of Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. He has bragged about teaching his techniques of online terror to other liberal activists.”



LINK #11 -The Swift Read - Neal Rauhauser & Radical Thugs

"Rauhauser's group issued death threats to Greg Howard and threatened to rape his children and wife."


LINK #12 - LA Times - SWATing, a Deadly Political Game

"Mike Stack, the first victim of SWATing, which was a direct measure to get him killed due to Neal Rauhauser falsely accusing Mike Stack of hacking former Congressman, Anthony Weiner."


LINK #13 -Death Threats After @BullyVille Vows to Put Neal Rauhauser in Prison

"Neal Rauhauser's warped personality is such that he enjoys causing misery for his victims and he has been getting away with it for so long that he evidently thinks he will never be held accountable." 


LINK #14 - Piss-Poor OpSec for @OccupyRebellion: The @BullyVille vs. Neal Rauhauser Sage

"Neal Rauhauser has a fetish for online secrecy and deception, and a key part of that is "OpSec" (Operational Security) meaning the way that anonymous online accounts protect their anonymity, so they can't be doxed (document, i.e. exposed.)" 


LINK #15 - Neal Rauhauser, BullyVille and the Streisand Effect

"This means that like the Three Stooges when their shorts were first shown on TV, the Neal Rauhauser story is now being exposed to an entirely new audience who are not only being informed but are being directed to a series of web sites that have told their story with even more detail." 


LINK #16 - When Neal Rauhauser @Kookpocalypse Stalked My Army Son's Facebook Page

"Well, we know Neal Rauhauser lies constantly, but what was his motive for this lie? Was he hoping to make my son a target of (mistaken) homophobic violence?"


LINK #17 - Outstanding Warrants for Neal Rauhauser. It’s ironic that Neal can’t seem to find a job yet he obviously has an abundance of time to harass and stalk people online ALL DAY LONG.


LINK #18 - Child support payment history for Deadbeat dad Neal Rauhauser. Neal currently is 13 YEARS behind on child support payments and owes his ex-wife and 2 children $65,546.47.




LINK #19 - Publically available court records for Neal Rauhauser within the State of Nebraska. Quite a few protective orders for domestic abuse against Neal Rauhauser. As usual, he couldn’t be located to be served, because he’s a coward and a deadbeat dad.


LINK #20 -We are currently working on gathering all of Neal Rauhauser's court documents out of Iowa, and there are quite a few. Apparently, there is an outstanding retail tax warrant for his arrest. We will update this link shortly.


LINK #21 -Neal Rauhauser attended this legislature hearing which ironically discussed additional requirements for child custody, visitation and modification proceedings (father’s rights).


LINK #22 -Recent Protective Order filed against DeadBeat Dad and stalker extraordinaire Neal Rauhauser. Nice threats against his own son, he would get the Dad of the Year award for 2014, however that title has already been bestowed on his buddy, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com)


LINK #23 – The following email was sent to numerous government officials and local media in Omaha, Nebraska. BullyVille has vowed to help Nebraska’s Health and Human Services locate Deadbeat Dad Neal Rauhauser, who has been on the run for the past 13 years.



LINK #24 – Neal Rauhauser, “From the Beginning” authored by Screed of Momus.


LINK #25 - Another excellent article about Neal Rauhauser authored by Screed of Momus:


LINK #26 -Did Neal Rauhauser flee the country after being caught red handed in yet another scam?



LINK #27 -Neal Rauhauser gives bad legal advice and gets fired:



LINK #28 -Neal Rauhauser's tweets from his @occupyrebellion and @missanonnews accounts which included rape and murder threats.



LINK #29 - Deadbeat Dad Neal Rauhauser continues to ignore his children and the court ordered child support payments that were imposed upon him back in 2002. That's right, Neal Rauhauser, who currently has four outstanding warrants for his arrest, is 13 years behind on child support payments. As of today, Neal now owes $65,546.47 in back child support.

LINK #30 - Deadbeat Dad Neal Rauhauser made the following post on the blog that he co-admins with his partner in crime, convicted felon and court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com). Neal continues to mock Nebraska’s Health and Human Services.

LINK #31 – Press release sent out by BullyVille in an effort to help Nebraska’s Health and Human Services track down the physical Location of Neal Rauahuser.






SAN JOSE, CA – BullyVille Inc., http://www.BullyVille.com, the Internet's first anti-bullying social website and media platform needs your help locating deadbeat dad Neal Rauhauser.

Neal Rauhauser, who currently has at least four outstanding warrants for his arrest, as of today, is $65,546.47 behind on his child support payments. We are offering our assistance to the State of Nebraska in an effort to try and pinpoint the physical location of Neal Rauhauser. Over the past nine months, we have had private investigators, process servers and sheriffs attempt to locate Mr. Rauhauser within three States, plus the District of Columbia, to no avail. Neal Rauhauser prides himself in the fact that he simply cannot be located. Furthermore, we’ve attempted to serve his attorney of record (Jeffrey Dorrell, who works at Hanszen Laporte, in Texas), however Mr. Dorrell refused to accept service on behalf of his client. Mr. Rauhauser does not have a valid driver’s license and relies on public transportation. Normally, child support enforcement issues are handled by state and local authorities, however, since Neal Rauhauser is now $65,546.47 behind in child support payments, which were initiated back in 2002, this most certainly qualifies as a federal issue. Per 18 U.S.C. § 228 (Section 228 of Title 18, United States Code - Failure to pay legal child support obligations) it is illegal for an individual to willfully fail to pay child support in certain circumstances. For one, an individual is subject to federal prosecution if he or she willfully fails to pay child support that has been ordered by a court for a child who lives in another state, or if the payment is past due for longer than 1 year or exceeds the amount of $5,000.  A violation of this law is a criminal misdemeanor, and convicted offender face fines and up to 6 months in prison (See 18 U.S.C. § 228(a)(1)). If, under the same circumstances, the child support payment is overdue for longer than 2 years, or the amount exceeds $10,000, the violation is a criminal felony, and convicted offenders face fines and up to 2 years in prison (See 18 U.S.C.§ 228(a)(3)).

Lastly, this statute prohibits individuals obligated to pay child support from crossing state lines or fleeing the country with the intent to avoid paying child support that has either been past due for more than 1 year or exceeds $5,000. (See 18 U.S.C. § 228(a)(2)).  Any individual convicted of this crime may face up to 2 years in prison.

If you know the whereabouts of Neal Rauhauser, please contact the Nebraska Department of Health and Humans services at (402) 441-8715 or their toll free number 877 631-9973. You are more than welcome to email Bullyville with any tips you may have to [email protected]. We are going to do everything within our power to ensure that this issue receives the national attention it deserves. It is beyond a miscarriage of justice that a dead beat dad has so blatantly abused the system and accumulated over $65,546.47 in back child support. The time has come for Neal Rauhauser to be held accountable for his actions, or in this case, lack thereof, and take responsibility for his children. You can learn more about Neal Rauhauser at www.neal-rauhauser.com

LINK #32 – One of Neal Rauhauser’s closest friends and partners in crime is court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff. Convicted felon Retzlaff has a lot in common with Neal. For example, they both have outstanding warrants for their arrests, they both lost parental rights of their children and they both are prolific stalkers. Retzlaff anally raped (and videotaped) his ex-wife and beat her and Neal is also a woman beater. You can learn all about Neal’s buddy Thomas Retzlaff here:


LINK #33 – Besides all of the SWATtings that Neal has allegedly orchestrated, he also utilizes many other forms of harassment against his targets. One such tactic is blaming his target for something he has either done to them or is planning to do. This serves to confuse law enforcement as well as demoralize his target and allows Neal to go to his blog du jour and claim that it's he who is constantly the target of "retards". For example, Rauhauser harassed Jennifer Emick for days via social media, email and phone calls. Eventually Ms. Emick expressed her frustrations via social media with Rauhauser's targetted harassment of her, which Rauhauser then used as the basis of a false police report in which he indicated that Ms. Emick might be suicidal and that she may try to SWAT him.

LINK #34 – No one is immune to Rauhauser’s use of SWATting threats, not even BullyVille. Rauhauser sent the following message to BullyVille founder James McGibney. Rauhauser's participation in and leadership of a ceaseless stalking and threat campaign aimed at BullyVille’s advertisers, board members, their children, etc... eventually led to a lawsuit, which we will be covering in depth shortly. Over the past 6 years, Neal Rauhauser has committed himself to several tortious lawfare schemes in an effort to induce anyone but himself to pay off his now 13-year-old child support debt. To date he has been a miserable failure in these uncivil - possibly criminal schemes. Perhaps it's time Rauhauser finally consider getting a real job.

LINK #35 – The following is a perverse yet insightful example of how Rauhauser bends and distorts the truth until it represents the version of the story he wants to tell. In a Reddit discussion with former Obama Administration Information Officer and Harvard professor Cass Sunstein, Rauhauser brags about his "Conspiracy Brokers" "brand name"and the "special recognition" his SWATting efforts recieved in the form of a letter from 87 Congresspersons to the United States Attorney General. In his Reddit post, Rauhauser stated, “We had a great deal of fun at the expense of Breitbart.com, Michelle Bachmann, National Blogger’s Club, the Romney campaign team, the DOJ, Groundswell, and a number of of less notable conspiracy theory nests. At one point during the summer of 2012 a group of 87 House offices sent the DOJ a letter about some of our alleged doings.”

LINK #36 – And here is the letter which Congress sent to the US Attorney General with respect to a SWATting incident which Rauhauser boasted about being responsible for in a post to a former Obama advisor.

Here is a copy of the entire letter:


Lastly, this is the Eric Erickson incident which Congress referred to in its letter:



People who have followed Rauhauser's activities closely point out that the person who made the Erickson SWAT call, sounds like the same person who made the Frey call. 

LINK #37 – It is well established among those who have chronicled Rauhauser's reign of terror that he has ties to convicted domestic terrorist, Brett Kimberlin aka "The Speedway Bomber". Among Kimberlin’s convictions: felony perjury, manufacturing and possessing a destructive device, malicious damage by explosives with personal injury, impersonating a federal officer, illegal use of a Department of Defense insignia, illegal use of the Presidential Seal, receipt of explosives by a convicted felon, conspiracy to distribute marijuana.




LINK #38 – Neal has gone to great lengths to silence his critics, however since he is also a huge advocate of free speech, we’ve gone to great lengths to let his victims voice live on. The following article was posted on Screed Of Momus, entitled “A conversation with Nancy”. Here is the original link, which is now defunct:


And here is the actual article from June of 2012:


LINK #39 – If there’s one thing that anyone who has dealt with Neal first hand will tell you, it’s this. He will do whatever it takes to avoid taking care of his children, however he will always try to figure out ways to cleverly extort money out of others for his own personal gain.



LINK #40 – Neal’s perfected his schemes over the years, but the baseline has remained the same. Instead of getting a job like most father’s do in order to support their children, Neal has devised another tactic. He finds a target online that he can viciously attack and defame. And he will increase the level of his attacks until you react, in one way or another.  

LINK #41 – Neal knows that he can avoid those three arrest warrants out of New Jersey but being 13 years behind on Child Support payments is a Federal Crime that carries a substantial prison sentence. So while Neal is on the run from the law, he needs to figure out a way to get his scheme to work. And the scheme is consistent, find a target online and start ruthlessly attacking them, especially if they are tied into a business. Once they’ve had enough and sue him for defamation and various other torts, he springs into action! For example, here is a VERIFIED text message that Neal sent to his former wife, Nancy Nogg. And I quote, “my child support debts will be discharged by wiping out the principals of Vested Protection Systems in Clark, NJ. They have assets, this is already known.

LINK #42 – Another victim of Neal Rauhauser’s prolific stalking and harassment is Mike Stack. Back in May of 2012, Rauhauser entered into a mediation agreement with Mr. Stack, in which Neal agreed to never contact Mike directly or via third parties. Neal broke the agreement and two weeks later a warrant was issued for his arrest. And true to form, Neal ignored the warrant and instead focused on what he cares about the most, his victim’s assets. Yet another scheme by Rauhauser to try and get his 13 years of back child support paid. And the true sociopath emerges within these tweets, Neal was running both of these Twitter accounts, therefor, he was literally having this conversation with himself.

LINK #43 – We will be posting a mountain of evidence which clearly show a pattern of Neal “restraining” and causing physical harm towards women. Luckily, Neal’s ex wouldn’t put up with his abuse and wisely contacted the Police on multiple occasions and got a restraining order in place against this monster. As Neal puts it “if someone my size or larger approaches me in anger they’re likely to get hurt very, very badly. Her particular consequence was discovering a posture that was momentary quite painful.” #coward

Source: http://tinyurl.com/qa95ez7

LINK #44 – The following two criminal harassment complaints were filed against Neal Rauhauser by Attorney John Hoge.

LINK #45 – Yet another scheme by Neal Rauhauser to get someone else to pay for his 13 year of back child support. Neal, if nothing else, is very consistent. He will attack you viciously online and once you go after him legally he will quickly play the role of the victim.


LINK #46 – Various photos of Neal Rauhauser. He has been on the run for the past 13 years, has four outstanding warrants for his arrest and owes over $65,000 in back child support.

LINK #47 – Neal Rauhuaser, through his Twitter account @KidKenoma, threatens an attorney out of Florida, who happens to be a female.

LINK #48 – Neal has not only ignored multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest, numerous restraining orders and 13 years of back child support, he openly, and quite regularly, taunts the FBI. The following conversation occurred on December 3, 2013 via text between Neal Rauhauser, from his confirmed Google voice number at the time of 2026421717 and convicted felon Joseph “JoJo” Camp. Here is the entire conversation:


LINK #49 – “Some media outlets find it funny for cyber thugs to threaten Americans with death, rape, sexual abuse and violence while making incendiary racial & religious epithets motivated solely by their progressive agenda. But when the coordinating affront is an organization hired by National Candidates, it reveals an utter lack of respect for the very country those candidates seek to represent.” ~ Patrick Read


LINK #50 – TWITTERGATE - Neal is hired to do what he does best; smear, harass, defame, stalk and attempt to intimidate his targets.

LINK #51– Neal Just Can't Hold A Job ~ Neal Rauhauser managed to get a job writing for CryptoCoinsNews and was fired after less than two months.


LINK #52– Rauhauser is dilligent about scrubbing his various activities and profiles from the interwebs. After all, OpSec best practices demands that one not leave a trail of ones past transgressions available on the net for ones future targets to discover and figure out the scam one is attempting to perpetrate. When one claims responsibility for arrest of various Anonymous members, as Rauhauser has done, having an old 'Anonymous' profile floating around is the very definition of irony.

LINK #53– Speaking of irony, in the aftermath of activist Barrett Brown's arrest (which Rauhauser played a role in) he claimed to have sent a letter to Barrett Brown's father in which he was seeking Barrett's help as it pertained to the SWATting allegations against him! I wonder if Neal and his old friend from Chicago, Susan Basko, (www.suebasko.com) will ever come clean about their duplicitous efforts against Barrett Brown? Probably not, which is why Susan Basko's September 13th, 2012 email to attorney Jay Leiderman is included below. On the surface, the content of Basko's email seems innocent enough, until one recalls that it was Rauhauser whom relentlessly stoked Brown's drug induced paranoia to the point of breaking. This letter was an attempt by Basko to win Leiderman's confidence. A common tactic in all of Rauhauser's schemes and operations is to have a source on the inside.

LINK #54– Neal attempts to get others to do his dirty work. If Neal had his way, one of the recipients on this email would have called the police and asked them to carry out a “wellness check” like he did with Jen Emick. Aaron Walker is yet another Attorney that Neal Rauhauser has viciously stalked and harassed for years.

LINK #55– Jennifer Emick Profiles Neal Rauhauser ~ “Neal fixates on his victims, simultaneously complaining of being stalked or harassed while meticulously documenting the lives of his victims- posting everything from the names of their employers and children, to satellite photos of their homes and worse. He complains that he is being “talked about,” then goes on to meticulously document his calls to employers, landlords, and relatives of his victims. Despite claiming he is being harassed because the objects of his obsessions refuse to stop discussing it (even privately), he continues to stalk, contact and threaten those he accuses”.



LINK #56–  The founder and owner (Doug Spink) of the Cryptostorm VPN service which that Rauhauser has been such a vociferous advocate of has been arrested for the second time in three months. Doug Spink is just another in a long list of Rauhauser associates who can not comport to the very basic rules of civil society... rules like "Thou Shall Not Lay With Farm Animals". Yes, Rauhauser's mate, Doug Spink has been previously arrested and deported for running what amounted to an animal brothel for bestiality tourists. What is it about Rauhauser's lack of character which finds himself partnering with convicted deadbeats, pedophiles, rapists and even zoophiles?!


LINK #57– The following article will describe the three-pronged attack that Neal Rauhauser engaged in an effort to get BullyVille to have little choice but to sue him and his partners in crime, in particular Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com).


The First Prong (Assemble your team) – Neal knew that he couldn’t do this alone, and more importantly, Neal is a huge advocate of getting someone else to do his dirty work, and he didn’t have to look far. He teamed up with one of the most prolific online stalkers on the web, convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com). They also needed to make sure they had a lawyer on standby, and boy did they ever, we’ll get to that in a bit.


The Second Prong (attack, attack and attack some more) – BullyVille had a very active Twitter account @bullyville who relentlessly went after revenge porn website owners and pedophiles and had a tremendous amount of success and a strong follower base with thousands of supporters. Through his @occupyrebellion and @missanonnews account, Neal began his daily attacks. Here is just a small sampling.

Neal combined these attacks with other Twitter sock accounts (sound familiar?) he created and decided to order dozens of pizzas in my name and have them sent to my house. Normally this would be somewhat humorous except for the fact that he used two stolen credit card numbers to place the orders. Although this form of harassment was far from an original idea, Neal proved that he would do anything he needed to, including breaking the law, to carry out his consistent harassment of myself and my family. Apparently stalking his own family for over a decade wasn’t enough.

And Neal being Neal, he wanted to make sure everyone knew that he was responsible for the prank so what did he do? Like a narcissistic idiot, he posted on his own blog a screenshot of his file directory on his laptop. He quickly deleted it but we were fortunate enough to get a copy.

The Third Prong (attack any and all BullyVille-related business partners and associates) – Rauhauser and his TeamFelon cohorts apparently deduced that because I sued Hunter Moore for calling me a pedophile and threatening to rape my wife (which resulted in an award of $250,000 in damages) that I would do the same with him. We resisted suing Rauhauser for months. Doing so would prove to be difficult as he is difficult to serve having been on the run for the past 13 years. When we didn't bite on Rauhauser's initial bait, he and his partner-in-slime, Thomas C. Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com) focused their attack on our advertisers, board members, spokespeople, etc. One of Rauhauser's most loyal associates, Melissa Brewer, made a tweet at our Public Relations company that was intended to instill fear over Neal's past SWATting incidents.

Rauhauser has many aliases. From his “rattygenius” jabber account, he discussed his intention to “lay waste” to BullyVille. Incidentally, Rauhauser's declaration to destroy us was made over two years ago and yet, BullyVille is still here; and Rauhauser is still on the run from four outstanding warrants and is still more than a decade behind on his child support obligation.

Shortly thereafter Rauhauser revealed a screenshot from his "lay waste" directory which contained a few eye popping files. The harassment, stalking and threat making which Rauhauser, Retzlaff and their associates had leveled at our business associates could no longer be ignored.

The decision to file suit in Texas against Neal Rauhauser, Thomas Retzlaff and few known associates is mainly attributed to the fact that Retzlaff’s last known address had been in San Antonio, Texas. As it turns out Retzlaff had moved to Arizona and initially avoided being discovered by renting a house in his son's name. For that reason and others, we dismissed that initial Texas lawsuit - though not before Rauhauser filed a counterclaim. In the meantime, the harassment and threats continued, so we filed in a California Federal court since ViaView CEO James McGibney had moved to the Bay Area and Retzlaff's move from Texas to Arizona had been discovered. During this time, we made numerous attempts to locate Rauhauser in order to serve him, but to this day his whereabouts have remained elusive. Through still mysterious circumstances, Rauhauser managed to retain counsel in the form of Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte Law Firm in Houston, Texas. The unemployed Rauhauser who, at the time was more than $50,000 in the arrears on his child support obligation, somehow managed to submit a $1,500 retainer to Dorrell for his services - in a case for which Rauhauser had not been served, and which had been non-suited. It is believed to be the only case in the history of the American judicial system in which such a thing has occurred. In that regard, we concede that Rauhauser's characterization of the case as "precedent setting" is an accurate one. One of the first filings Neal submitted was a notarized Affidavit. Here it is:

Did Neal Rauhauser knowingly commit perjury? If not perjury per se, there is ample evidence to support the allegation that he knowingly and intentionally misled the court. In his notarized affidavit, Rauhauser claimed "I do not now -and never have- manufactured, rendered, or advertised any goods or services in the State of Texas." The operative phrase is "in the state of Texas". It is clear, however, that as a co-founder and owner of Progressive PST, Rauhauser had conducted business with Texas-based clients, on matters which relate to Texas residents.  




Neal Rauhauser's company, Progressive PST received $31,570 from Texas resident and Congressional Candidate David Cozad.


Progressive PST domain registration and ownership.

So just a quick recap. Neal was never served with our lawsuit because he is on the run. The case was non-suited and dismissed. However, the same day we dismissed the case so we could pursue Neal and his partner in crime Thomas Retzlaff in Federal court, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte filed a counterclaim on behalf of his client and shortly thereafter, filed a motion for fees and sanctions against us. When you take a DEFENSE CASE ON CONTIGENCY, you are fairly limited on your options to recoup expenses that you never needed to incur in the first place. Here is what Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanzsen Laporte filed.


Isn’t that something? The amount that Neal was trying to get in attorney fees for a case he was never served was $66,955.50. That is right around the amount that he owes in back child support, what an amazing coincidence.

Needless to say, the lower court did not grant Neal’s motion for sanctions and fees and the case in Texas was over…….so we thought.

Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell and his client Neal Rauhauser immediately appealed the decision and that’s when the Rauhauser/Retzlaff #teamfelon connection really kicked into high gear.

Neal Rauhauser and Thomas Retzlaff continued their relentless attacks from their blog that they co-admin. They started attacking BullyVille's lawyers and made it crystal what their intentions were:

During the appellate hearing in Texas, a few things became clear. Convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff had claimed on numerous occasions that he was “very close and personal friends” with Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell. Retzlaff, even though he was no longer a party to the case, attended the hearing and was even seen hanging out and joking around with his “very close and personal friend” Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. What’s even more fascinating, AND FACTUAL, is that we have identified at least seven cases where opposing counsel of Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell has been viciously attacked online by non-other than his “very close and personal friend” Thomas Retzlaff. Here is a picture that someone (most likely his very close and personal friend) took of court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff at the courthouse that day.

Retzlaff even submitted an affidavit for his partner in crime Neal Rauhauser. Within their final ruling, the Appellate court pointed out, with some irony, that Rauhauser “filed Retzlaff’s affidavit, in which Retzlaff denied involvement with Rauhauser”.

Nevertheless, what happened next, as Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte, stated in his press release, was stunning. “The Texas Second Court of Appeals handed a stunning victory to the appellants on December 11, 2014, unanimously reversing the 67 State District Court and dismissing claims against Neal Rauhauser”.

Isn’t that something? According to Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte, falsely calling someone a pedophile is “free speech”. He was so proud of his victory for his client (who has four outstanding warrants for his arrest and is 13 years behind on child support payments) that he published a press release.

Whether it's his client, Neal Rauhauser or his "very close and personal friend" Thomas Retzlaff making the following statements on their blog, as far as Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte is concerned, the following is free speech:


Neal had just pulled off one of the greatest scams of all time. And boy oh boy, both he and his partner in crime Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com) couldn’t help themselves and began their celebration!

Court documented pedophile and Rauhauser’s partner in crime, Thomas Retzlaff sent the following email to his daughter. Even though she has a restraining order in place against him, that’s not going to stop him from contacting her. Why in the world would Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte be such “close and personal friends” with a court documented pedophile and rapist who speaks to his daughter like this?

After violating the aforementioned restraining order over 1,000 times (a record in State of California) a warrant was issued for Neal’s partner in crime and Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell’s “very close and personal friend” Thomas Retzlaff.

Even though Neal had his blatant scam aka “stunning victory”, he still had that pesky child support issue out of Nebraska. Neal knew it was just a matter of time before Nebraska’s health and human services would contact the State's Attorney General about his 13 years of unpaid child support. He needed to get his $65,000 back child support payment paid as quickly as possible, so he began his “settlement campaign” aka baseless threats. He was hoping at the time that we would settle however BullyVille has made it clear that we will not negotiate with cyber-terrorists. And make no mistake about it, Neal Rauhauser is a cyber- terrorist.

Here’s Neal discussing his scam with one of his supporters, Jen D'Alessandro who was arrested in New York for hacking.

You would think that Neal would mention paying off his 13 years of back child support payments, however his children have never been one of his top priorities. A party in Vegas however…….

Getting desperate for his 13 years of back child support payments to get paid before the Feds get involved, Neal decided to reach out to BullyVille directly.

So where do we stand with respect to Texas? Here’s out latest response that was recently filed.

LINK #57– The following affidavit was submitted on our behalf by Neal Rauhauser's ex-wife.

LINK #58– The following video is of Neal Rauhauser. This is the only known video of Neal. If you see this man or know where he can be located, please contact law enforcement immediately.

Neal Super-Secret Agent from Legal on Vimeo.

LINK #59– A Telephone Call Between Kelly Hallissey and Neal Rauhauser. 


LINK #60– During our hearing in Texas yesterday concerning Neal's scam which resulted in a $1.3 million dollar judgment (not final) Nebraska's Health and Human services served a lien on any money that Neal was expected to receive from this case. He currently is $68,073.61 behind on child support payments spanning back 14 years.

LINK #61– Fugitive Neal Rauhauser is now $70,000 behind on child support payments to the State of Nebraska.

LINK #62– Fugitive Neal Rauhauser taunts the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Capital Police within the following Tweets. Neal is the co-admin of a blog that posts revenge porn and numerous social security numbers of enemies of Retzlaff and Rauhauser. Neal took it a step further by tweeting screenshots of the IP addresses of law enforcement who have visited the site.

LINK #63– Fugitive Neal Rauhauser now owes $73,204.45 in back child support (dating back to 2002). His plan almost worked and was quite simple. Harass, stalk and threaten a company and their employees (with his pedophile/rapist/convicted felon pal Thomas Retzlaff) until they had no recourse but to sue. Claim "free speech" and voila, your opponent will get hit with sanctions which you can use to pay off your child support and avoid federal prosecution. How *IS* that plan working out for you?

LINK #64– Fugitive Neal Robert Rauhauser gets caught (again) committing perjury in Texas.

LINK #65– The day fugitive Neal Robert Rauhauser admitted to taking a container of radioactive material from campus because he thought it would make a "neat doorstop."

LINK #66 – On March 22, 2017, Neal Rauhauser's son, Ari Rauhauser, was shot in the head and was in critical condition for an extended period of time. We are happy to report that he has been released from the hospital and is making a miraculous recovery. You can read about the shooting here:

One would assume that after your son was shot in the head, you would finally at least make one child support payment, but not Neal. Instead he spent days on end doing what he does best, stalking and harassing others. As of today, Neal is 15 years behind on child support payments and owes $78,542.72.

LINK #67 – The State of Iowa vs. Neal Robert Rauhauser for the crime of stealing radioactive material (cesium).

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Posted By: Catsrimportant | 11/02/13 11:10 AM
Fucking hilarious. Hunter Moore, Eric Chanson, Neal Rauhauser all have something in common. Bullyville kicked all of their asses.
Posted By: Klass12 | 12/10/13 2:32 PM
And they all have these inflated egos like they have dont something important but everyone is just laughing at them
Posted By: LongJohnSilver | 11/02/13 9:01 PM
I am simply amazed that this Bullyville guy, James McGibney, is still alive. If I was listed on his website I would put a bullet in his head. It's as simple as that. His home address has been posted online. And he makes scheduled public appearances. One of these days James is going to post the name of the wrong guy and it will cost him - and his family - their lives. Some people do not care about consequences or police or being arrested. James has enough enemies that it would be easy for a shooter to get away. The cops wouldn't know where to start looking. You walk up behind him at a Wal-mart or whatnot, you shot him and take off, dump the gun in Lake Mead or somewhere and you're go to go. So go ahead James, keep it up. Sooner or later you're going to step on the wrong set of toes and you're going to come across a real life tough guy, not an internet tough guy like a Hunter Moore, and it's gonna cost you and your family.
Posted By: Cowardly | 11/02/13 9:50 PM
Holy premeditated murder plan. What a dumb comment to make on a site that is monitored by the FBI for stupidity just like this. They'll find out who you are, they always find out.
Posted By: LongJohnSilver | 11/02/13 10:12 PM
No they don't. Did you know that over 40% of all murders each year go unsolved in the U.S.? Since I use TOR and a random person's open WiFi, I can't be tracked you nitwit. You don't think that this has been thought through? Besides, you need to remember something very, very important: CRAZY PEOPLE DO NOT CARE IF THEY GET CAUGHT. THEY WILL KILL YOU REGARDLESS AS TO THE CONSEQUENCES TO THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE CRAZY. So while it's all well and good that the FBI will eventually catch them (assuming they're not one of the 40% who literally do get away with murder), it does you little good if you're the dead guy or the dead family.
Posted By: MeWhoIsI | 11/07/13 11:23 PM
And you're a piece of shit coward to come on here with your empty threats. You think threatening people's lives is funny? You're not even man enough to take responsibility for your own children. You hide behind your Mom's basement wi-fi like the coward piece of shit you are.
Posted By: LowLife | 11/12/13 8:43 PM
heard they already know who you are nibbly tits
Posted By: MsTeeToo | 8/18/14 12:35 PM
Crazy people dont consider themselves crazy you idiot thats the point. You just want attention since nobody will give you the time of day since you have nothing going on so you can only get attention from doing bad things. A true loser
Posted By: Belief2 | 11/12/13 4:20 PM
LongJohnSilver you are a digusting person and you will get what is coming to you now that people finally have taken a second to see what you have been doing. The clock is ticking for you now and you should be scared
Posted By: GMJ1978 | 11/26/13 2:07 PM
this moron longjohnsilver thinks hes tough on the computer making threats like a pathetic fool, you would pee your pants in the presence of a real man
Posted By: EZduzIT | 12/10/13 2:01 PM
yeah right like you have the power to do anything to anyone you complete loser
Posted By: UpNaway | 7/30/14 10:40 AM
shut up you idiot you dont scare anyone you are nothing but a loser with a keyboard
Posted By: AngiesMom | 11/04/13 7:37 PM
I dont feel bad for this guy at all I think the FBI needs to find him fast!
Posted By: Gfloyd | 12/11/13 1:05 PM
Posted By: Thor87 | 11/05/13 10:51 AM
Total do*che He should be in a cell some place in the middle of nowhere
Posted By: LAbread | 11/05/13 12:29 PM
Its mind boggling that guys like him are allowed to continue to harass people with no consequences
Posted By: KIROson | 12/31/13 11:38 AM
Takes time to build a case then once it is he will look like a fool in the court room
Posted By: Recursive | 11/06/13 11:00 AM
We reposted a link to this article and added information regarding who Neal Rauhauser has been in contact with at the FBI that we know on this forum:

http://zandali.forumotion.com/t430-bullyville-receives-death-threats-after-publishing-article-on-neal-rauhauser This one won't be going away. If they want to play lawfare games, they can all show up before a judge and explain why this has been going on for 3 years and counting. SEMPER FI!
Posted By: 10bigs | 11/07/13 10:07 AM
If you turn your back on your wife and kids that proves what kind of a person you are, LOSER
Posted By: BCdust | 12/16/13 1:30 PM
Thats the thing that bothered me the most about him too
Posted By: AuroraCO | 11/08/13 11:19 AM
Posted By: TiiKa | 11/11/13 11:35 AM
People that only use social networking sites to hurt others should be banned from further use. Why is that so hard to make happen? He sounds like he should be investigated by some division out there so who is going to do something about him???
Posted By: bubblegum00 | 11/12/13 3:42 PM
I only had to read a few of those stories and my mind is made up on him he is a total internet terrorist. Too bold about bullying people and claiming there is no proof but if someone would actually criminally investigate this guy it would be clear that he deserves to never touch a computer again.
Posted By: LowLife | 11/12/13 8:41 PM
Even though I disagree with Mcgibneys methods of bullying back bullies I give the guy credit. He goes after the biggest ones and gives a good whoopin. He can be a prick at times but id still buy the bastard a beer.
Posted By: BillyBones | 11/13/13 1:59 PM
A smarter bet would be to buy him some health insurance in case someone, you know, SHOOTS him. After laughing at McGibney's lame doxing of James Duffy (a guy NO ONE cares about), maybe it's time to Dox McGibney. If I was Duffy (or some other person) he should take a photo of himself standing outside McGibney's home home late at night wearing a ski mask and holding a rifle and then post it. That'd be some max funny doxing! Did McGibney ever think that maybe Duffy will take his anger out on Janelle Evans and beat her to a pulp? Duffy seems like a crazy person and you never can tell what they will do.
Posted By: HorseLover | 11/13/13 12:29 PM
Bragging about using martial arts on women was the last thing I could read then I had to throw in my 2 cents. I think he belongs behind bars or on a criminal watch list so you can keep tabs on him. He is dangerous and vile and doesnt care who he hurts.
Posted By: Code9 | 11/13/13 2:25 PM
FYI only criminals dont like the FBI you moron so im glad Bullyville works with FBI so they can capture jerks like you!!!
Posted By: 33Blewski | 11/14/13 11:26 AM
He is a dirty rotten criminal
Posted By: HashTag | 11/14/13 3:11 PM
Posted By: Beautypink | 12/17/13 12:00 PM
His ex wife's lawyer should have already taken care of this deadbeat loser
Posted By: 247365MOM | 11/15/13 1:42 PM
Neal is just a little boy that didn't get enough attention growing up so now he is bitter and has to take it out on the world. Poor little baby who picks on people in the safety of his own home. Pathetic chump.
Posted By: HaloHelper | 11/15/13 2:32 PM
I will forward this story to my local reps and say I would like to see something done quickly
Posted By: Labby76Addy | 11/18/13 10:25 AM
Such a piece of garbage
Posted By: ElFlaco | 11/18/13 11:54 AM
Posted By: OjooyO | 7/24/14 11:16 AM
Posted By: rockkid94 | 11/19/13 11:50 AM
Why does he get to be so mean and do so many illegal things without being arrested like his terrorist friend
Posted By: lilWings | 2/25/14 10:26 AM
Time will tell
Posted By: RedFlare | 11/19/13 12:16 PM
you have to be really broken inside to get pleasure from other peoples misery
Posted By: MrHomer | 11/21/13 12:09 PM
I hate him and his stupid hat
Posted By: WallyUS8 | 11/22/13 12:09 PM
Here he is FBI bullyville is serving him to you on a silver platter
Posted By: MissVenus | 11/25/13 10:36 AM
Lets be proactive and take this bully out now before he breaks anymore laws
Posted By: CaliTyme | 3/05/14 11:47 AM
I am with MissVenus!
Posted By: CAIRO | 11/25/13 3:18 PM
Posted By: BigHornsTX | 11/26/13 9:58 AM
lol thanks for the morning laugh! I really hope he gets a huge man loving cell mate
Posted By: LvNvAmie | 11/27/13 1:44 PM
One word describes him "YUCK"
Posted By: Gmen7 | 11/27/13 2:53 PM
Oh Boy Oh Boy another target for Bullyville to crush
Posted By: JoyousDay | 1/02/14 12:09 PM
I know I love reading about his fights with these losers
Posted By: K12guard | 12/03/13 10:52 AM
What kind of a piece of sh*t harasses someone in the military WHITE TRASH
Posted By: DontBlink | 12/03/13 11:41 AM
What a pathetic man. Seriously to focus all of your attention on giving hell to everyone around in and even total strangers just makes me wish something like karma would come around and this guy would just drop dead of a disease
Posted By: chicoCA | 12/04/13 11:27 AM
You will burn in hell Neal, enjoy
Posted By: Cozzuy | 2/04/14 11:31 AM
Oh yeah he will!!
Posted By: MegaMan | 12/04/13 12:17 PM
He is worse than a pedo. At least a pedo hides what he is doing but this freak doesn't care who thinks he is trash
Posted By: LuvNoH8 | 12/05/13 2:14 PM
Just a cyber-bully and im glad he will lose this fight he picked with a anti bullying company
Posted By: Bob6755 | 12/06/13 12:04 PM
Send this loser to the moon away from this planet
Posted By: N2all | 3/18/14 1:14 PM
Lets fill that ship up with a few others too first
Posted By: MxTxSNAFU | 12/09/13 12:18 PM
The last guy who threatened the owners kids got in huge trouble so be ready for the hammer
Posted By: ActIII | 12/09/13 12:51 PM
Next time I check in with this article I hope I read that he is sitting in prison some place far away
Posted By: KrunK | 12/11/13 12:35 PM
You fight Bullyville and you will lose!!!!
Posted By: ScrappyDoo | 12/12/13 12:06 PM
How do you keep track of all these loser bullies spread across the world wide web. If these kind of people are allowed to cause so much havoc then the entire FBI internet division should be fired and they should bring in a new crop that actually wants to do work.
Posted By: Bilbo | 12/12/13 1:05 PM
My question is how anyone could every marry a piece of shit like this in the first place
Posted By: JimmerBYU | 1/03/14 2:42 PM
Conned a poor woman into it but she ran like hell when she found out what punk he is
Posted By: GagaMonster | 12/16/13 11:59 AM
Neal will go down in flames for this one
Posted By: Spiked | 12/17/13 11:31 AM
Time to put this guy away bullyville
Posted By: KraeKre | 12/19/13 1:49 PM
He is so ugly no wonder he sits at home and bothers people over the internet because nobody would ever talk to him in person
Posted By: Fly2Me | 12/20/13 10:44 AM
holy crap nobody is safe with guys like this free to harass people
Posted By: CouverBay | 12/20/13 10:59 AM
Posted By: RBskates | 12/23/13 11:31 AM
How can you owe your ex wife 30,000 and not have your wages garnished or arrested. Its guys like him that guve good Dads a bad name. Bottom of the barrel scum
Posted By: roTTen06 | 12/24/13 1:43 PM
I can always count on this website showing me the worst of the worst out there and he Rauhauser belongs in that category.
Posted By: royalroyal | 12/24/13 3:43 PM
Posted By: 2frontteeth | 12/26/13 12:28 PM
He should be the only prisoner at Alcatraz
Posted By: AntiBully90 | 12/27/13 11:11 AM
I hope within the next 5 years we create laws that will put away cyber terrorist like this guy
Posted By: DeeDooser | 12/27/13 12:00 PM
matter of time before you see a story about bullyville.com winning a court case against this guy
Posted By: DougFunny | 1/06/14 11:19 AM
They always win!!
Posted By: 100ways | 12/30/13 1:19 PM
Nothing to do but bother people all day long. What a sad life. He will piss off the wrong guy one day and get what is coming to him
Posted By: XXVIJHM | 12/30/13 2:51 PM
if he was so tough he wouldnt hide behind his computer id love to meet up with him and have a face to face talk
Posted By: Knight77 | 12/31/13 11:30 AM
I love reading these stories of the owner just destroying these idiots its hilarious
Posted By: BeatlesXX | 1/02/14 11:35 AM
his friends are terrorists and prostitutes umm yeah he sounds like a real winner
Posted By: ROOTS | 1/06/14 4:04 PM
Counterattack in full effect LOL
Posted By: SmH008 | 1/07/14 11:22 AM
Am I the only one who thinks that it should be illegal to attack a former military member. The stuff our American soldiers have to go through should make them exempt from assholes like Neal Rauhauser. He doesnt deserve his freedoms because he abuses them.
Posted By: Zmann | 1/07/14 12:00 PM
The masses will gather to sing a song once he is finally in a prison away from people and computers
Posted By: CincyBengalFan | 1/08/14 12:08 PM
if he wants to be a terrorist just ship him off to pakistan
Posted By: TNdoll | 1/09/14 12:30 PM
Hiding in his one bedroom apt surrounded by trash and roaches but he can be anyone he wants to be when he is on the computer. You are living in your own fantasy Neal wake up you are a worthless loser
Posted By: WWW2BLUV | 1/09/14 2:23 PM
Uberinsecure guys are online bullies
Posted By: Grizzly | 1/10/14 11:40 AM
Anonymous should go find him and get him
Posted By: WSUjohnson | 1/10/14 2:28 PM
HAHA pwned by bullyville
Posted By: QueenK | 1/13/14 11:25 AM
Ay yai yai lets put an end to all these Internet Trolls
Posted By: 09Bernie | 1/14/14 11:04 AM
So many stories proving what a horrible person he is but yet he still walks amongst us
Posted By: RunninRebs | 1/14/14 11:47 AM
He wants attention so bad and he knows he isnt good enough to do something great that would get him attention so he gave up and started being a jerk off
Posted By: JinxMelly | 1/15/14 4:15 PM
omg I hope he gets the karma he deserves
Posted By: chickenBone | 1/16/14 11:18 AM
Posted By: 2Bold | 1/16/14 11:49 AM
Why would it be a prank to send 25 pizzas that you paid for already?? I love pizza send me 25 pizzas that have already been paid for please
Posted By: DrLawson | 1/20/14 11:55 AM
He is living a sad existence almost in a fantasy world where he is the king and he cannot be caught but all "good" things must come to an end
Posted By: Jasper | 1/20/14 3:23 PM
Can we all join a petition to get him on a cyber watch list for the FBI
Posted By: SystemS | 1/21/14 11:30 AM
Hasnt he heard about what happened to Hunter Moore when he messed with McGibney? What an idiot
Posted By: USofA | 1/21/14 1:30 PM
Posted By: Seaside | 1/22/14 12:05 PM
Neal is nothing but a coward!!
Posted By: WUZZO | 1/22/14 1:23 PM
Posted By: FutbolMama | 1/27/14 10:46 AM
You can share a cell with Hunter Moore you loser!
Posted By: TexasHorns | 1/28/14 1:28 PM
Im grossed out reading about these crazy guys I cant believe people are allowed to be so mean to people on the internet.
Posted By: Pumba | 2/14/14 1:16 PM
Him dying of Lyme disease is Karma at its finest
Posted By: WarByrd | 2/17/14 12:27 PM
Add another loser to the wall of shame
Posted By: missionYES | 2/28/14 11:58 AM
Did this guy take a nude photo shoot???? LOL Oh man
Posted By: Class70 | 3/10/14 12:57 PM
It takes a real big loser to ignore your child support payments
Posted By: Kured | 3/13/14 11:23 AM
Who is Neal Rauhauser? A total freak of nature that doesnt deserve oxygen
Posted By: Late902 | 3/27/14 2:29 PM
He should get a cell with his name on the door
Posted By: JeanetteVictoria | 4/11/14 5:12 PM
My sister Ondrea Tye (@geogoldstein on twitter) has jumped on the Neal Rauhauser bandwagon. Because of my work with McCain exposing the #freeKate pervert lies I have some unhappy folks stalking me. And my sister has been stalking me by proxy for 8 years Here she is following a Neal Rauhauser sock https://twitter.com/anebloo/following
Posted By: JeanetteVictoria | 4/15/14 5:00 AM
Ondrea Tye is now @Varangian000 ·
Posted By: FCpremiere | 7/14/14 11:04 AM
Only pure garbage stalks members of the armed services. He deserves a vip section in hell
Posted By: JanuarySnow | 7/15/14 10:56 AM
Do we have a shortage of marshals or something why cant we go arrest these guys who have outstanding warrants
Posted By: VoxWei | 7/17/14 11:19 AM
Another do*che we can throw in a cell and forget
Posted By: AshleyP | 7/18/14 11:10 AM
How does he function in life? Does he have a job because if he does he should be fired
Posted By: 14Badgers14 | 7/22/14 1:24 PM
He is right because he is nothing but a coward hiding behind his computer
Posted By: HogwartsXpress | 7/23/14 11:24 AM
These Low-life punks will never learn
Posted By: BuckShot | 7/25/14 11:02 AM
I would like to meet him in person and see how tough he is
Posted By: slimshady | 11/20/15 10:14 AM
he beats up women
Posted By: OREGON | 7/29/14 12:27 PM
I cant wait to read that he is been charged with dozens of crimes and cries when he hears the verdict
Posted By: Woombah | 7/31/14 10:30 AM
He looks like a rat
Posted By: KnicksFan22 | 8/19/14 1:21 PM
I hate homophobic people you need to progress like the rest of the country
Posted By: slimshady | 11/20/15 10:13 AM
heard that Jeff Dorrell swaps pedopics with retzlaff?
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