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Article by: Realitywithoutapologies
January 04, 2014
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#OpRWA was started with one goal in mind, giving vile online bullies a taste of their own medicine.  If you are going to spew your hatred online there's always the chance that someone might come along and expose your true identity. The links below are for some users who posted on a blog called "Realitywithoutapologizes.blogspot.com." The data was obtained LEGALLY by BullyVille and HAS NOT been altered in any way. These are the actual words of people who were convinced their identity would never be discovered.

RWA posts for Sheri Drumheller AKA "[email protected]" IP http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=777

RWA posts for & "No worry, Beef curry" http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=1030

RWA posts for Kristin Brunnworth AKA "monrovia" http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=775

RWA posts for Sandra M. Keaton AKA @chancertheboxer http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=773

RWA posts for @chablis4u "Marijoe" AKA Terry Mc http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=770

RWA posts for Teresa Shaw AKA @frknatr CC: @alfredococozza http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=768

RWA posts for Sue May Wong AKA @dwts_participan http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=755

RWA posts for Pimp My Kids Part1 http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=748

RWA posts for Pimp My Kids Part2 http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=752

RWA posts for Emerald City Jazz AKA Lora Lusher @emeraldcityjazz http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=743

RWA posts for "SalleyWinner" AKA IP http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=779

RWA posts for Ann E. Fegley AKA @Berksgr IP http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=780

RWA posts for DY AKA shortnsaszy @NoMoreMe_60 http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=781 (Archived)

RWA posts for **** AKA @genuine10doll http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=783 (Archived)

RWA posts for Christina & Rick Henderson AKA Hugiegramma AKA @beauxiemomma http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=784

RWA posts for Jen Wheeler AKA Towanda @jenwheeler http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=782 

RWA posts for Stephanie Bryan Tinnin AKA @gokingdaddy88 http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=787

RWA posts for "Amy_Anderson" AKA Jennifer Ivkovich http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=788

RWA posts for Nwabcan AKA @Nwabcan http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=789

RWA posts for AsIseeit AKA Ellen T MC http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=791

RWA posts for Pat Nicoll AKA @beach_lover http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=792

RWA posts for Deanna Holtz AKA @PrincessDH

RWA posts for IP Australia http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=801

RWA posts for IP Australia "Lulu

RWA posts for Melanie Clarkson - Australia http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=804

RWA posts for Andi Luck AKA @bettybakesbunts http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=805

RWA posts for Andi AKA "MissHanna." http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=806

RWA posts for IP BlackBerry device http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=807

RWA posts for Lisa Knight AKA "lisakn" (Archived)

RWA Posts for IP & 

RWA Posts for Kristine Jensen AKA "kristi~" @kutekristi

RWA Posts for Kelly Miller AKA @underwalt http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=831

RWA Posts for Tami Vaher AKA @ashymama2 http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=832

RWA Posts for Carol Murphy - the graphic artist for RWA

RWA Posts for "Native1111" Cheryl Davidson IP

RWA Comments posted on Realitywithoutapolgies for Jennifer D'Alessandro http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=838

RWA Comments posted on Realitywithoutapologies for Susan Patenaude http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=840

RWA Comments posted on Realitywithoutapologies [email protected] IP http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=842

RWA Comments posted on Realitywithoutapologies for April Werling @aprilwerling http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=845

RWA Comments posted on Realitywithoutapologies for Ashley Hutchinson http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=858

RWA Comments posted on Realitywithoutapologies for Nobody likes a narcissist "Samantha Maxwell" http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=859

RWA Comments posted on Realitywithoutapologies for Preesi http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=860

RWA Comments posted on Realitywithoutapologies for Tamara (Tammy) Czechanski AKA Katie Kreider Lies http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=862

RWA posts for IP







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