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Former Rep. Katie Hill ordered to pay $200,000 in revenge pornography case
Article by: Washington Examiner
June 04, 2021
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Former Rep. Katie Hill ordered to pay $200,000 in revenge pornography case.

Former Rep. Katie Hill was ordered to pay the attorney fees for a British tabloid and two of its reporters over her revenge pornography lawsuit.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yolanda Orozco on Wednesday ordered Hill to pay about $220,000 in attorneys’ fees, with $105,000 of it going to the parent company of the Daily Mail, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“A judge just ordered me to PAY the Daily Mail more than $100k for the privilege of them publishing nude photos of me obtained from an abuser,” Hill tweeted with a link to a fundraiser and a call to boycott the publication. “The justice system is broken for victims.”

The judge dismissed Hill’s lawsuit on April 7 on First Amendment grounds, concluding that the nude photos published of her were a matter of public interest. Hill argued that her ex-husband, who she said took the photos, sent them to the Daily Mail in order to inflict emotional harm.

She plans to appeal the rulings that dismissed the case, her spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times.

The photos that showed her naked while brushing another woman’s hair and holding a bong were published by the Daily Mail in 2019. Shortly before that, conservative website Red State published a story alleging the California congresswoman, who is openly bisexual, had an affair with a male congressional staffer and that she and her now ex-husband, Kenneth Heslep, had a previous relationship with a female campaign worker.

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