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Sikh boy, five, has 'sacred hair cut by bullies' in shocking attack at his school
Article by: Mirror.co.uk
May 26, 2021
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A five-year-old Sikh boy has been left traumatized after 'bullies' cut his hair with scissors while at school, his parents say.

Alexandra McLeod Primary School in Abbey Wood, South East London, has launched an investigation into the alleged incident which is claimed to have left the youngster 'deeply hurt'.

The reception pupil has never had his hair cut due to his religion and his parents now say they are to scared to send their son to school, My London reports.

Speaking on social media, a parent of the boy said: "I am just posting this because we as parents are deeply hurt by this incident which happened today with my son in Alexandra McLeod School Abbey Wood.

"My son is only 5 years old, a Sikh boy and I never cut his hairs but someone in school today cut his hairs with scissors and my boy is really upset and saying 'I am not going to school now'.

"I don’t understand from where a reception student can get scissors and it’s shameful.

"It’s bullying which should not be accepted. We are really scared to send him to school. Don’t know what to do to secure him in future."

The school said it was aware of the incident last Friday, which is claimed to have happened when "most of the staff had left", and that the matter will be investigated.

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