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Article by: The Internet
March 19, 2020
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Coming soon, the unbelievable story about one of the most prolific internet pedophiles the world has ever seen. Besides his well known pedophilia tendencies, this MONSTER is also a notorious internet stalker. It took the courage and persistence of law enforcement to finally bring this MONSTER to justice. 

As a democratic operative/mole, this MONSTER attempted to infiltrate the Republican party at the highest of levels. It took the intelligence of one woman to bring this man to his knees, literally. She proved once and for all that women are smarter than men. She made the Republican party proud.  

This MONSTER thought he would never get caught, until a little bit of luck and an advanced password cracking algorithm changed everything......more to come. This book will be published online and free to download. 

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Posted By: IBetcha | 3/20/20 7:02 AM
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who that pedophile is. Didn't he used to be a republican?
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