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Thomas Retzlaff - Multiple Restraining Orders
Article by: The Internet
June 12, 2019
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Retzlaff's "very close and personal friend" and his Attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte:

UPDATE: It is fairly safe to say that convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist, Thomas Christopher Retzlaff, has at least one restraining order served upon him each year. In order to keep up with his continuous stalking and harassment campaign against so many victims, we have decided to catalog all of his restraining orders here at restrainingorders.org. The following restraining orders were granted on behalf of Thomas Retzlaff's daughter, Brittany Retzlaff. Under oath, Brittany has detailed the harrowing experiences she's had to deal with throughout the years at the hands of Thomas Retzlaff. Those experiences include Thomas taking naked photos of Brittany without her knowledge and posting them all over the web. Thomas Retzlaff is a revenge pornography kingpin. 

We have done our best to redact any sensitive information, such as Drivers license numbers and home addresses. We are so proud of Brittany for having the courage to file a restraining order against this MONSTER. From what we've been told, at least two more women will be filing restraining orders against Thomas as well.

To learn more about Thomas Retzlaff, please feel free to check out www.thomasretzlaff.com.


This restraining order was granted on September 4th, 2018. Here is a sworn deposition given by Thomas Retzlaff on October 25th, 2018. According to Thomas, who lies literally every time he opens his mouth, Brittany and he were playing golf together, going to the gun range together, etc. Retzlaff committed perjury, repeatedly, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise. He has a prior conviction for tampering with evidence and submitting forged court documents. When you're sick enough to rape a woman, anally, and record the rape, there really isn't a line you wouldn't cross, which Retzlaff does every single day.

Here is a copy of the entire deposition. Retzlaff continues to revictimize his biological daughter.



UPDATE: Convicted Felon Thomas Retzlaff was served with TWO RESTRAINING ORDERS. This service was carried out with the assistance of the FBI. Upon information and belief, the FBI is actively attempting to locate Retzlaff's alleged partner in crime, fugitive Neal Rauhauser as well. Will post additional information as it becomes available, more to come! *Note, we have done our best to redact personal information such as physical addresses.


Not only did Brittany and her husband receive a restraining order against serial stalker Thomas Retzlaff, her cats were also listed as protective parties. Apparently Thomas really hates cats.


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Posted By: Okama | 6/13/19 10:58 AM
Brittany left the country to try and escape this rapist but he still stalked her. He will continue stalking her until he's locked away for good. Texas made a big mistake by releasing him from prison. We can only pray that Arizona won't make the same mistake.
Posted By: Conspiracy | 6/14/19 1:10 PM
You missed one restraining order tied into this case. Her husband Daniel was granted a restraining order to. Tom was served at Denise's house in El Mirage.
Posted By: TickTockMFers | 7/23/19 9:56 AM
Holy crap! The FBI is involved? About time, now Neal, Tom and Brandon can finally be held accountable for the stalking and harassment of so many women and children. #FBIFTW
Posted By: AZCastingDirector | 8/03/19 10:26 AM
I operate an adult video studio out here in Scottsdale. We're extra vigilante when it comes to verifying our performer's ages. We shoot a lot of a particular 'niche' which requires supplemental local talent. Well, this Retzlaff guy is always trying to talk his way into our local casting calls, but would leave if the girl looked older than 18. The few times he stuck around we had to cut his part because he kept yelling out a girl's name during the performance. Just know, we ended up banning him because he creeped out our talent. Imagine that! And thanks to this website, we now know who "Brittney" is.
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