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Who Is Siggy Flicker AKA Soggy Flicker?
Article by: The Internet
May 13, 2019
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#SiggyFlicker #SoggyFlicker


Good Day Siggy and welcome to the wonderful world of Bullyville. I’d have to imagine you’re very familiar with our work, considering your very close relationship with ADiamondPR, aka Antonella Mollica, aka disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina.


Although we primarily go after scumbags who run revenge porn websites and pedophiles, every now and then we catch wind of an extreme case of bullying and stalking. And that’s exactly why Vincenza Leonelli-Spina and convicted felon Brandon Charles King are firmly on our radar. From what I can gather by the facts uncovered so far, you most certainly are worthy of our undivided attention for the work you’ve been doing in the background, away from the prying eyes of the media. We are going to explore that work, in great detail and will be adding content to this article daily. As a public figure, I’m sure you’re fully aware of how this will play out. Having said that, I most certainly can be reasoned with. Keep in mind, we’re not your average “lollipop and rainbows” and “hey everything’s going to be alright” type of anti-bullying site. As you can imagine, that never really goes over too well with a pedophile. Our tagline speaks for itself, “sometimes you need to be a bully to beat a bully” and believe me when I tell you, I live by that motto.


An offer was presented to Brandon and Vinnie, and they both refused and tweeted out a link to a well-known revenge porn website instead. The website administrator posted naked images of his daughter on that site. Calls for ISIS to behead my three children are on that blog. Instructions on how to make a car bomb with directions to my exact location are on that site. Brandon and Vinnie not only openly support that site, they post comments there on a daily basis. My offer was quite simple and very fair. I offered to take down all the articles on Bullyville about Vinnie, Patrick and Brandon, and in return, all I asked was that they (a) stop distributing a link to a known revenge porn site and (b) that they stop stalking and harassing people and go enjoy their lives. Brandon, being the self-perceived and perpetual victim, doesn’t care who he takes down in the process, including you.


For whatever reason, Vinnie values your friendship more than her own marriage. I can’t say that I blame her, you definitely have your shit more together than Patrick. He apparently spends his time having affairs, over and over again. We’re going to feature those affairs on Cheaterville.com shortly. From Connie, to Dana and even Danielle, all of their stories, from their perspective, will be posted. Maybe you can get Brandon and Vinnie to stop their reign of terror against so many victims? At this point, it appears you’re their only hope.

You can learn all about Vinnie and Brandon here. Although, it appears you know each of them very well, am I right? You know I am. Anyone who supports (especially financially) the stalking and harassment campaign of Brandon and Vinnie garner my undivided attention.  

Link #1 - Siggy Flicker, age 51, was born in Israel and grew up in New Jersey. She was a cast member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey for two years before getting fired. She tells anyone who will listen that she "left the show", however she was fired. It's been alleged that her association with disbarred attorney Vincenza Leonelli-Spina was the reason she was fired.


Link #2 - Siggy's main claim to D-List celebrity fame revolves around her "relationship advice" book that she's been peddling for years. Besides being absolutely unreadable, we noticed she never mentions her brief marriage to Nachum Baruch in 1994. Siggy's real name is Sigalit Paldiel and she was married to a very young man named Nachum Baruch in 1994. She claims to have only been married twice, but that, apparently, is a lie. You see, long before her first marriage to Nachum, Siggy was living at the same address in New York as Nachum, however at least according to Genealogy records we've obtained, he was a minor and Siggy ADMITTED to being an au pair during her time on 5th Avenue as well. So that begs the question, was Siggy having a relationship with a minor and once he turned of legal age, they became husband and wife? It sure looks that way. If anyone can track down Nachum, or a relative of his, it's BullyVille, so fear not, we'll get to the bottom of this. A quick shout-out to our dear friends over at Iron Troll for discovering this secret marriage that Siggy kept buried from the prying eyes of the media.....until now.


Link #3 - Employee #1 (who was allegedly on the payroll of Siggy Flicker) - Convicted felon Brandon Charles King has prior convictions for dealing drugs (LSD) near a school and has more police complaints filed against him than we could possibly cover within this article. Allegations include child abuse, stalking, harassment and physical abuse towards and innocent and defenseless female. Brandon even went as far as emailing BullyVille founder James McGibney, threatening to harm his underage children.

Thanks to Brandon's unwavering stupidity, it was discovered (by Iron Troll) that Brandon was the domain owner and administrator of siggy-flicker.com. He used the same Hotmail email address to register Siggy's website that he used to threaten kids. The site had Siggy's face plastered all over it, quality website design Brandon. You really knocked it out of the park with that one.

The irony of this is delicious at so many levels. For starters, this isn't the first "celebrity" that convicted felon Brandon King has a proven connection to.

"I have a contract with Leann Rimes, too." ~ Brandon Charles King.


Brandon was thrown in jail during this hearing, for failure to pay child support for eight years.

Link #4 - Employee #2 - Disbarred Attorney Vincenza Leonelli-Spina AKA Vinnie Spina was disbarred back in 2008 after it was discovered that she stole client funds from a retired New Jersey Police Officer. Apparently Siggy could care less about New Jersey Police Officers because she ignored this fact when she hired Vinnie to be her PR rep during her time on the real housewives of New Jersey (before Siggy was fired.) Convicted felon Brandon King is an employee of Vinnie's PR firm, ADiamondPR and their business model is repulsive. Vinnie and Brandon would stalk and harass anyone who said anything negative about Siggy. As you can imagine, that's a lot of people. Vinnie desperately wanted to be deeply tied into the real housewives of New Jersey. She would attend any and all events where Siggy was present, like this one:

If you're a disbarred attorney who screws over hard working Police Officers or a full blown convicted felon, chances are very good that Siggy Flicker will hire you to do her dirty work.

One of the most disturbing things about Vinnie is her deep relationship with convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff. Retzlaff raped one of his victims, anally, and recorded the entire attack. Vinnie surrounds herself with felons like Thomas Retzlaff and Brandon King and Siggy Flicker allegedly employs them. This mugshot of Retzlaff was obtained after his arrest by the Temple Police department for acts of pedophilia towards numerous children, including his own.

Here's Retzlaff's daughter's affidavit that was submitted within her restraining order against him (which was granted.) Vinnie did everything humanly possible to try and derail that hearing. "Based on my past personal experience with my father, there is no doubt that in my mind that my father, Thomas Retzlaff, is a pedophile." ~ Brittany Retzlaff.


Link #5 - Who is Michael Campanella?

Michael Campanella is Siggy Flicker's current husband. Now granted, there are most certainly tidbits of negative information that we can post about him within this article that we've discovered, however, here's an honest dose of truth. Michael Campanella is a good man and an amazing father. No matter what negativity he's had to deal with in his past, one constant remains. He loves his children and is an outstanding role model for anyone who is looking for ways to become a better Dad. A #hattip to Mr. Campanella, he's a good man with a very big heart.

Siggy's alleged employee, deadbeat Dad and convicted felon, Brandon Charles King could learn a thing or two from Mr. Campanella.

Link #6 - Legally obtained jailhouse calls between convicted felon Brandon King, disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina and habitual adulterer Patrick Spina. PENDING

Link #7 - Brandon loves to harass people's employers. Where is Brandon Charles King currently employed (for his daytime job in New Braunfels?) PENDING

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Posted By: ELSOCKO | 5/14/19 6:45 AM
Watched this unfold on twitter. Mcgibney being the california bleeding heart liberal that he is gave these idiots multiple chances.They blew it and now we are in for a treat.
Posted By: Siggylies | 5/15/19 12:27 PM
He can be overbearing at times and borderline psychotic, however bullyville is fair. FFS, he removed the article about Welna and Maibes which was shocked my senses. Still smh over that one.
Posted By: therealretzlaff | 5/14/19 10:47 AM
If Siggy has any children that need to be babysitted, count me in.
Posted By: Bladder | 5/14/19 12:59 PM
Soggy Flicker was fired from RHONJ. @andy was sick and tired of her nonsense and vinnie the viper. The tipping point was when Bravo learned that Soggy's publicist was directing a felon to verbally assault Soggy's twitter enemies. Reach out to Shira Hirschman Weiss and Tamara Tattles. They can add a mountain of info to this page.
Posted By: postlite | 5/15/19 2:14 PM
I want to know more about Patrick's affairs. You can bet the ranch he's made a pass at Soggy, and she probably cried in his arms.
Posted By: Siggyfan | 5/15/19 2:37 PM
I do love Siggy to pieces but she made a mistake by aligning herself with the Spina's. The Spina's made a mistake by aligning themselves with Brandon. All of them made a mistake by messing with bullyville.
Posted By: Nippleface | 5/18/19 12:31 PM
Siggy is not a bad person. Vinnie was so starstruck that she promised the moon through her new PR firm. Siggy is a forgiving person, but she must have her limits, no?
Posted By: Cordon | 5/20/19 9:59 AM
I more or less agree with you. Siggy was already a nutjob but when she teamed up with Vinnie, that was the beginning of the end for her. For someone who wants everyone to think she's smart, she sure made an idiotic decision teaming up with Vinnie and Brandon.
Posted By: GwenT | 5/22/19 2:50 PM
Vinnie running a PR firm is akin to Trump running our Country, both will run them right into the ground and could give two sh*ts who they destroy in the process. Vinnie and Brandon were the real reason why Siggy was fired from Bravo. Siggy was labeled "Soggy" long before Bullyville came along, yet each are so horrible at PR that neither of them even thought to get soggyflicker.com? And now their worst possible enemy owns it.
Posted By: Cordon | 5/20/19 9:57 AM
About time someone put this b*tch on blast. Her current husband damn near left her because she's such a raging psychopath.
Posted By: BKsraging | 5/21/19 1:09 PM
Watching brandon lose his mind on twitter is awesome. He's now accusing mcgibney of being a fake marine, lol. Brandon never served in the service because he's a felon but loves to tell everyone about his granddad, who did serve. His grandfather must be rolling in his grave thinking about how horrible of a piece of sh*t Brandon has become. As for Siggy, I have a keen interest in seeing whatever evidence bullyville provides about her current husband. Bet you didn't know that he has a prior arrest as well?
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