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May 30, 2018
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For the past three years, BullyVille has been dealing with the notorious internet bully, disbarred attorney Vincenza Leonelli Spina and her employee, convicted felon Brandon Charles King. However, make no mistake about it, the true mastermind and financier behind this dynamic duo appears to be none other than Attorney Patrick Spina out of Totowa, New Jersey. The time has come for Mr. Spina to have his very own page on BullyVille and he can thank his lovely wife Vincenza and his felon employee/consultant, Brandon Charles King for his SEO spike in popularity. We will be updating this article daily, so please feel free to stop by often! #TacoMcGibs


The following tweet (and dozens just like it) was sent from the Twitter account allegedly run by Vincenza Spina. "Tacomcgibs" refers to BullyVille founder's 3 bi-racial, Mexican children and his Mexican wife.



SOURCE: https://twitter.com/A1_Buckwheat/status/994573274142126081


The following photo was taken the moment someone allegedly asked Patrick what happened to his wedding ring?




Link #1 - According to AVVO, Attorney Patrick Spina has been a licensed Attorney for the past 27 years. He graduated from Seton Hall and is married to disbarred attorney Vincenza Leonelli-Spina.


SOURCE: https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/07512-nj-patrick-spina-1616740.html#contact


Link #2 - Patrick Spina is a trustee for the Passaic County Bar Association. One of Patrick's fellow PCBA trustees is an individual by the name of Michael J. Pasquale, who serves as the PCBA's Secretary. Perhaps not so ironically, Mr. Pasquale is the current Chairperson of the District Ethics Committee for Passaic County - the organization which is charged with investigating, evaluating and ruling on attorney ethics complaints for that County. Why is that so important? More to come!
*Michael J. Pasquale is a member of the Hawthorne Republican Club. Here he is at dinner with Joe Gorga.
Link #3 - Patrick and Vinnie recently ran for the Republican Committee in Fort Lee, NJ. They both lost, however, as the blog IronTroll.com pointed out, disbarred attorney Vincenza Spina was the fundraising chair for the Fort Lee GOP. Once it was discovered that she was disbarred for stealing the retirement funds from a hard working New Jersey Police Officer, she was immediately removed from this position. What's even more fascinating is that Vinnie Spina use to raise money for Congressman Robert Torricelli, who was a Democrat.
Just how big of a scandal was this for the Fort Lee GOP? Shortly after they verified that Vinnie Spina was disbarred for stealing funds from a client, the Municipal Chair of the Fort Lee GOP, Judith Fisher, deleted her Twitter account. But one question still remained. Why would Judith Fisher and her husband, Eric Fisher, who is the President of the Fort Lee GOP, allow a disbarred attorney to be their fundraising chair?
Maybe the Fort Lee GOP was enamored with Patrick Spina's Mustang?
Even City Council candidate John Damato made an official statement concerning Vinnie Spina:
Link #4 - Back in 2012, Patrick Spina ran for the Ft. Lee School Board President (and lost.) To this day, no one knows exactly why an attorney with no qualifications would run for school board president, especially considering the fact that he doesn't have any children of his own.
Link #5 - Disgraced disbarred attorney Vincenza "Vinnie" Leonelli-Spina, and her husband, Patrick J. Spina were sued in 2015 by Patrick's former partner, Attorney Gregg S. Sodini for Breach of Fiduciary Obligations, Breach of Contract, Breach of Good faith and Fair dealing, FRAUD, Conspiracy, Conversion, Unjust enrichment and RICO. Sadly, those allegations sound like an all too familiar tune as Vincenza was found guilty of Common-Law Fraud, Tortious Conversion of Client Funds, Failure to Pay Client Taxes, Breach of Contract and Breach of fiduciary duties by a New Jersey Court. She committed those offenses, which led directly to her disbarment, and did so towards a retired New Jersey Police Officer. The Trustees of the New Jersey Lawyer's fund filed suit against Vinnie seeking repayment of the funds she embezzled.
Link #6 - After reading the following excerpt from Link #5 (lawsuit filed against Patrick and Vinnie Spina), the question still remains. Is the former fundraising chair for the Republican Club of Fort Lee, New Jersey still practicing law within her husband's law firm even though she's been disbarred? Furthermore, even if Vinnie isn't practicing law within Patrick's law firm, is she still practicing law at all and does Patrick know about it?
"Although Mr. Spina was aware of her disbarment, he continued to allow Ms. Leonelli-Spina to occupy space in the Totowa Office since she was disbarred and after Mr. Sodini specifically advised him she could not share any space with S&S."
The following declaration, supporting the fact that Vincenza Spina is still practicing law, was submitted to the Bergen County Prosecutors office, the New Jersey's lawyer's fund (currently suing Vinnie for fraud), the New Jersey Bar and Michael J. Pasquale. This declaration was made by Former House Majority Leader, House Judiciary Chairman and Senator of Arkansas, Steve Harrelson. It confirms that Vincenza Leonelli-Spina was indeed conducting legal and financial transactions for the Spina Law Firm under the alias "Antonella Mollica."
And here is the video that Senator Harreslon is referring too. Vinnie and Patrick appear at the following minute marks:
1:05 - 1:31
3:24 - 3:38
22:45 - 23:45
25:28 - 25:53
26:00 - 26:05
Link #7 - Not only does it appear that disbarred Attorney Vincenza Spina is still practicing law within the Spina law firm, it has been confirmed that Patrick has at least one convicted felon as an employee/consultant on his payroll. Convicted felon Brandon Charles King has prior arrests for, amongst other crimes, selling LSD near a school and has had numerous restraining orders against him for allegedly beating at least one woman and a defenseless child. You can learn all about convicted felon Brandon Charles King by visiting www.restrainingorders.org
Link #8 - The following transcript is from convicted felon Brandon King's contempt of court hearing (he was arrested, yet again, at the end of this hearing for failing to pay a dime in child support for nearly eight years.) According to his SWORN TESTIMONY, he works for the Spina Law Firm and they pay him $33,000 per year.
Link #9 - When convicted felon and Spina Law firm employee Brandon Charles King was arrested, the transcript from that hearing made national news. Did Attorney Patrick Spina hire a convicted felon to stalk and harass celebrities online? 
Link #10 - We'd have to imagine that Attorney Patrick Spina was very worried what his convicted felon employee, Brandon Charles King, might disclose to authorities while being locked up. So how did Patrick solve that problem? According the following court transcript, Patrick posted Brandon's bail to ensure his release from jail.
Link #11 - So the question still remains. Why did Patrick and Vinnie Spina go through such great lengths to ensure convicted felon Brandon King was released from jail? The Spina Law firm is located in Totowa, New Jersey and Brandon King resides in Texas and was arrested in Arkansas. Upon review of Brandon King's sworn testimony, it becomes clear why Patrick was so concerned.
Patrick Spina knowingly hired a convicted felon to help one of his clients, Wawel Bank, with data retrieval. Can you imagine how surprised Wawel Bank would have been if they discovered that a convicted felon had access to their customers financial data? Once discovered, did Wawel Bank inform their customers that a convicted felon had access to their financial information?
What's even more concerning is that Wawel Bank's message to shareholders specifically stated that "our legal counsel, Mr. Patrick Spina, has been actively pursuing collection of these loans (non-performing loans.) Was Patrick Spina utilizing a convicted felon to help with the collection process?
Link #12 - Spencer Savings Bank recently announced its merger with Wawel Bank. Was Spencer Savings aware that Wawel Bank had a convicted felon allegedly handling customers financial data?
Link #13 - Besides Patrick's highly questionable decisions with respect to having a convicted felon working with one of his clients, Wawel National Bank, did Patrick allow Brandon King to work directly for other financial institutions? Did Brandon conduct any work for Valley National Bank? If so, was Dana Marsalisa, Vice President and Anti-Fraud Officer of Valley National Bank aware of this?



Link #14 - Within the YouTube video located above (Link #13), Dana Marsalisa, Vice President and Anti-Fraud Officer of Valley National Bank discusses identity theft and fraud, along with the steps you can take to protect yourself. She is a very intelligent woman to say the least.


I wonder if Vinnie Spina has ever watched this video? As pointed out within the affidavit of Senator Steve Harrelson (Link #6), Vinnie Spina appears to have assumed the identity of "Antonella Mollica" and is continuing to practice law through the Patrick Spina law firm under the alias "Antonella Mollica."




Here is a copy of the complaint that was filed against disbarred attorney Vincenza Leonelli-Spina, which outlines the apparent identity fraud she is committing.





Link #15 - Not only does it appear that disbarred attorney Vincenza Leonelli-Spina was using the identity of "Antonella Mollica" to commit fraud, apparently Spina Law Firm employee, CONVICTED FELON Brandon Charles King joined in on the action. Guess who owns the domain antonellamollica.com? That's right, none other than Brandon Charles King.


SOURCE: www.a1buckwheat.com


Link #16 - New Jersey is only 1 of 6 States that prohibit disbarred attorney's from being employed as Paralegals. While serving as the fundraising chair for the Fort Lee GOP, did Vincenza Spina notarize any documents on behalf of either the Fort Lee GOP or directly for the Municipal Chair of the Fort Lee GOP, Judith Fisher or her husband, Eric Fisher, who is the President of the Fort Lee GOP?


Source: http://www.nj.gov/cgi-bin/treas/revenue/search.pl




Link #17 - Patrick Spina has sent out many letters from his law firm, specifically targeted towards alleged stalking victims of his wife, disbarred attorney Vincenza Spina and his employee, convicted felon Brandon Charles King. For example, within the following letter, Patrick Spina confidently claims that neither he nor his wife "own" the nasty website fauxrealityentertainment. The fact of the matter is that Spina Law Firm employee, Brandon Charles King, owns the website fauxrealityentertainment.


When you, at least according to Brandon's own sworn testimony, make $3,000 a month as a convicted felon, you'll do just about anything for your boss, apparently including, but not limited to, being their fall guy.


**As previously offered to Brandon King and Vinnie Spina, the following offer still stands. BullyVille is more than willing to take down any/all articles that reference either of them and all we ask in return is that they stop bullying, stalking and harassing people online. That offer has been in place for nearly four years (see disbarredattorney.com) but their apparent sickness insures that they'll never stop......so we won't stop exposing them.

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Posted By: cheaterspina | 5/30/18 10:54 AM
You should relaunch cheaterville and put Patrick's photo front and center. He has so many affairs under his belt. Ask Dana Marsalisi and Mary Ellen Doyle.
Posted By: BrandonKingsMom | 5/31/18 9:48 AM
Why are you posting the last names of these women and using an Anonymous account to do it?
Making public allegations without proof is pretty shady. The bad guy is Patrick, who doesn't wear a wedding ring. Leave the women out of this.
Posted By: freespeech | 5/31/18 9:58 AM
Pretty shady you say? I'm one of Patrick's victims and even though I have zero clue who 'cheaterspina' is, nor do I care, I have 'proof' that he is a cheating two timing scumbag. Their are plenty of women who are fully aware of this story on bullyville, it was even posted on a private FB Page by one of his former mistresses.
Posted By: FanGirl | 5/31/18 10:12 AM
The least of my concern is last names being outed. That, and much worse has been done at the hands of him and his wife, so don't bother crying me a river. I am one of the victims too.
Posted By: freespeech | 5/31/18 10:17 AM
I would take the comment from 'BrandonKingsMom' as a laughable joke. If Dana and Mary have an issue with their names being posted in the comments section they should contact bv directly. They redact crap all the time and I wish they wouldn't, it's kinda annoying.
Posted By: BrandonKingsMom | 5/31/18 10:16 AM
I'm also one of the Spina's victims. I don't think that entitles me to name his mistresses publicly. Their only crime is bad taste.
Doxing people is what the Spina's do. Being a "victim" is not an excuse to victimize others.
Posted By: freespeech | 5/31/18 10:21 AM
That sucks youre a victim of him as well. Maybe bv will redact the info, no idea.
Posted By: Shebesmokin | 5/31/18 12:57 PM
Why would you be complaining about someone commenting and posting Dana's name? Did she not know Patrick was a married man? She's an investigator for God's sake, even works with the FBI and CIA. Can you blame Patrick for pursuing Dana? She's extremely pretty compared to Vinnie and undoubtedly far more intelligent.

Posted By: FanGirl | 5/31/18 1:37 PM
Dana knew what she was doing. I have better things to do than worry about her. And yes, she is very pretty.
Posted By: mrsbastoni | 5/31/18 2:44 PM
I'm a friend of Dana's, she is the sweetest person. It is true that she was aware Patrick was married but he lied to her for years, he strung her along. Why he decided to stay with Mrs. Spina is a puzzle that will never be solved. She is the gatekeeper to all his secrets and most of those secrets would land him in prison.
Posted By: FanGirl | 5/31/18 3:20 PM
I'd say he is the gatekeeper to all of her secrets too. They are probably stuck with each other.
Posted By: Squiby | 5/30/18 5:43 PM
About time this creep got posted on bv. Patrick & Vinnie are in deep with some of the real housewives of new jersey. He helps with some legal crap and vinnie started adiamondpr to work for siggy flicker. After iron troll began to expose siggy and vinnie, Patrick helped Vinnie file that laughable complaint in new jersey. Wasn't filed in their jurisdiction because everyone in Ft. Lee hates them, including judges and lawyers alike.
Posted By: MRCorruption | 5/31/18 9:24 AM
You haven't even scratched the surface. Patrick is as crooked as they come.
Posted By: Mitie | 6/01/18 8:18 AM
Patrick is still driving around town in his truck like it's no big deal what he has done to so many women.
Posted By: devotion | 6/05/18 9:28 AM
What about Connie? She was another victim of Patrick's. Didn't he pay for her breast implants? This article is missing valuable information. People who are in the know, Tony Pierano, Joselin Santana, Marlo Palmisano.
Posted By: theredpill | 6/06/18 11:18 AM
Brandon was handling skip tracing for at least one bank on behalf of the Spina firm.
Posted By: SheKeepsThisGoing | 6/08/18 10:39 AM
Patrick & Vinnie have too much on each other to ever separate. She doesnt care about the affairs because she's has claimed to have another Boyfriend online before. Women who are happily married dont claim to have boyfriends. Although, maybe they have that kind of understanding about having other partners.
The women Patrick have had affairs with are obviously not afraid of Vinnie/Toni.
I think its time another complaint was filed by yet another victim. Traveling isnt normally my thing. But this situation is very different. If the eithics committee doesnt assign a special investigator to look into the bar complaint that was filed, I will push for public notification of having a serious conflict of interest that they have refused to recuse themselves from. They cant investigate one of their own. A position he shouldn't have ever been given based upon his background of fraud such as transfering Vinnies interest in the house during an active bankruptsy. Just for starters. Slso did they 1099 Brandon.
Posted By: SheKeepsThisGoing | 6/08/18 10:41 AM
Its Friday, what's the status of Patricks bar complaint?
Posted By: SheKeepsThisGoing | 6/08/18 10:50 AM
BTW, If no one else has said so, thank you for all the work you've put into these CRIMINALS. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION. But I implore you to please help us by continuing help the victims get legal justice. Their are msny of us willing to take the stand. Please get a prosecuter assigned and I will spearhead making sure his or her name is announced announces to all the victims willing to step forward.
Posted By: SheKeepsThisGoing | 6/08/18 10:52 AM
Or give us the info on who the contact is and we will take it from here.
Posted By: MandyNostra | 6/11/18 9:35 AM
Did everyone know that two Patrick J Spina's exist in New Jersey? For a quick moment in time, I thought Patrick had children from another relationship. Out of Atlantic County, two sealed child custody cases exist for a Patrick J Spina, but it appears to not be our beloved and cherished Patrick from Totowa New Jersey. The cases are FJ0169510 FJ01137810. That falsified rape case that Patrick handled in the Supreme Court of New Jersey for 'VLS' has links back to Vinnie, you just aren't researching between the lines like you should be.
Posted By: Gabrial | 6/27/18 8:28 AM
John Palmisano, who died in 2016, hasn't been with the law offices of Patrick Spina for over a decade. Why does Patrick still have his name on his letterhead? John hated Patrick.
Posted By: wethepeople | 6/28/18 2:41 PM
Palmisano stopped practicing law in 2003. Patrick is a FRAUD.
Posted By: TheRealTruther | 6/28/18 8:40 AM
It surely is no coincidence that Brandon has some of the Spina assets in his name. The Faux website is one example but there are others. The claims people are making about Patrick cheating are not accurate. Patrick and Vinnie have an open marriage and she knows all about the other women. It's a marriage of convenience and now Brandon King and Heather Martin King make it a foursome for the rest of their lives. To many secrets but it's just a matter of time before either Brandon or Heather will have no choice but to tell the truth. People might not like Brandon however he's proven before, when put on the stand he always tells the truth. You'll see, you'll all see.
Posted By: mipide | 7/03/18 12:14 PM
Lol at the stupid ass disclaimer at the end of this article. R U really this retarded? I know from first hand knowledge that Brandon would take the offer if he could. Straight forward to most but not for Brandon. If he said yes that he would stop harassing people on Twitter he would be out of a job. Vinnie, Patrick and Stephanie have all given Brandon and Heather money. He's stuck and that's not gonna change. They run a handful of sock accounts on Twitter and that is why Brandon keeps coming back when those accounts get suspended. He has no choice. Mcgibny you need to reach out to Brandon directly. He will never stop defending Vinnie or Steph but on good authority I can tell you that if you take down any articles about him, it will go a long way.
Posted By: FanGirl | 7/05/18 8:16 AM
You lost all credibility when you said Stephanie gives Brandon money. Have you seen her house and neighborhood?! She has no money to be giving away. Thems the facts.
Posted By: FanGirl | 7/06/18 8:34 AM
You lost me at "Stephanie has given them money." She has no money. The other way around sounds more believable, based on her online behavior.
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