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Charity Boxing Event
Article by: 12rounds.org
March 29, 2018
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It has come to my attention that convicted felon Brandon Charles King has challenged me to a fight. This is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness for domestic violence, child abuse and anti-bullying, therefore, on behalf of all his victims, I accept his challenge. An anonymous donor contacted us late last night and offered $5,000 to the winner. We look forward to donating 100% of that winning purse to various children's hospitals and domestic abuse shelters throughout the United States.

We will work with our legal counsel to draft up contracts for all parties to review and execute. We want to ensure that this can be a fully sanctioned boxing match, therefore we will start investigating the feasibility of hosting this event in Las Vegas this summer. Safety is our top priority. We are working with a major production company to have this be a televised event, and the fight will be streaming live online as well. I'd like to personally commend Mr. King for thinking of alternative ways to pay back the massive amount of child support he decided to ignore for eight years (which landed him in jail, again.) Now all he has to do is win.

Ding Ding Ding, see you in the ring!





To learn more about each fighter, please see below:

Challenger - Convicted felon Brandon Charles King:




BullyVille Founder James McGibney:




Lastly, if anyone would like to simulate how they see this charity boxing event ending, feel free to play the following Bully Boxing Game created by BullyVille for your enjoyment!


UPDATE: Mr. King has made the following request and I'll agree to these terms. MMA fight with 12oz gloves. Both sides will sign a full release waiver. We will take care of all the legwork to get this fight fully sanctioned and each fighter must adhere to the rules set forth by the Nevada sanctioning commission. Furthermore, the rounds remain the same, 12 rounds, each round lasting 3 minutes. Lastly, win or lose, Brandon King is guaranteed to receive $5,000 for his effort from a third party donor (not Bullyville) who is anxious to see Bullyville raise awareness towards domestic violence and child abuse. #seriousmode



FINAL UPDATE: Great news to report, it appears that convicted felon Brandon King has fully committed to this charity event to raise awareness for domestic violence and child abuse. Our corporate counsel will work on the contract and send them to his bosses, disbarred attorney Vincenza Leonelli Spina and Patrick Spina at the Spina Law Firm in New Jersey. Apparently Vincenza is concerned about the insurance requirements for this sanctioned fight. A valid concern which is being addressed by the third party who will be helping to sanction this fight. We will not be posting any more of Brandon's Shakespearian tweets, although his grasp of the English language is very impressive (see tweet below.) He can continue talking trash as he wishes, we'll do all of our talking in the ring. The next post that will appear is the executed contract by Bullyville and, God willing, Brandon King.  



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Posted By: ZiLeO | 3/29/18 9:08 AM
Oh my goodness! This will be the fight of the century!
Bullyville versus the (former) drug dealer hacker with the jailhouse tattoos!
I put my money on Brandon being sick that day. He will provide a note from his mom.
Posted By: justiceseekr | 3/29/18 8:41 PM
if ur who i think u r, u should take good look at "samusaran2020" on twittr. defends vinnie spina and brandon king. look carefuly and you will see posts attacking bville.
Posted By: BullyDownIn1 | 3/29/18 9:10 AM
May the side bets begin. I have mcgibney knocking him out in the first round. Will there be a three knockdown rule? #teambullyville
Posted By: BrandonKingsMom | 3/29/18 9:35 AM
Hello! This is Brandon's mom.
Is there a way someone can put money on Bullyville without Brandon finding out?
I'm asking for a friend. Really.
Posted By: ZiLeO | 3/29/18 9:11 AM
Will biting be allowed? Brandon strikes me as a biter so James should cover his ears.
Posted By: BullyDownIn1 | 3/29/18 9:16 AM
Lol, Brandon will throw rocks at him like he did to his kid.
Posted By: ZiLeO | 3/29/18 9:22 AM
If rock throwing and biting are allowed it will make the fight more fair for Brandon.
Posted By: ZiLeO | 3/29/18 9:15 AM
Who has the popcorn concession for this epic event? My cat and I will be reserving ringside seats but there must be popcorn.
Posted By: ringgirl | 3/29/18 9:47 AM
If the fight is on a Saturday we can celebrate Caturday!
Posted By: DingDing | 3/29/18 9:52 AM
ha ha #caturday
Posted By: BullyH8er | 3/29/18 9:33 AM
The Bullyville vs B*tchboy Fight! Mad props to you my friend for doing this, tho I doubt Brandumb would take the challenge. The only place he’s accustomed to being a warrior is behind a keyboard fighting with women all day.
Posted By: BrandonKingsMom | 3/29/18 9:33 AM
Dear Mr Bullyville
Brandon is hiding under his bed and I cannot get him to come out. Please excuse him from this boxing match.
Posted By: FanGirl | 3/29/18 9:42 AM
He’s only tough behind a keyboard. No way he has the balls to show up! McGibney would take him down in two seconds!
Posted By: BullyDownIn1 | 3/29/18 9:44 AM
I don't know. The way Brandon sees it, $5,000 pays for a lot of pot and acid and he's been convicted of dealing both!
Posted By: ringgirl | 3/29/18 9:46 AM
Hoping that Antonella Mollica will be the ring girl!
Posted By: DingDing | 3/29/18 9:51 AM
"Ding Ding Ding see you in the ring." Bullyville you are a national treasure. #teambullyville #dingdingding
Posted By: Bigfun2play | 3/29/18 9:54 AM
C'mon brandy-girl. Step up to the ring and be a man for once
Posted By: ForestGump | 3/29/18 9:58 AM
Hi everyone, it's me Forest Gump. I'll be at the fight and plan on running with Brandon all the way back to Texas after he gets pulverized by Bullyville. Runnin and cryin, runnin and cryin.
Posted By: LogicPad | 3/29/18 10:20 AM
Yes Yes Yessssss! Bullyville once again stands up for women and children against scumbags like Brandon King. #downwithbullies
Posted By: Pitfall | 3/29/18 10:39 AM
BOOM. Will his boss Patrick Spina bring his harem of women with him to the fight? You know, Dana, Mary Ellen and Connie.
Posted By: trampstamp | 3/30/18 8:46 AM
I love you for your pink CADILLAC
Crushed velvet seats
Riding in the back Cruising down the street Waving to the girls Feeling out of sight Spending all my money On a Saturday night Honey I just wonder what you do there in back Of your pink CADILLAC Pink CADILLAC
Posted By: Chicken | 3/29/18 1:59 PM
Now there are no excuses Brandumb can give. Bullyville granted his request. Who's the coward now Brandon?
Posted By: FanGirl | 3/29/18 3:15 PM
Ever since McGibney accepted Brandon’s demands, all I’m hearing is crickets from Brandon.
Posted By: BullyH8er | 3/29/18 5:05 PM
Is Mrs. Spina aka ADiamondPr going to oversee the PR for this event?
Posted By: whereiswaldo | 3/30/18 7:02 AM
After seeing her spectacularly destroy Siggy Flicker's career I hope so.
Posted By: justiceseekr | 3/29/18 8:40 PM
hey. you need to check this guy out on gab. he's exposing this fkn b*tch that is now avidly defending vinnie spina and fkn brandon king. this exposed c*nt is also attackn bville
Posted By: justiceseekr | 3/29/18 8:44 PM
be aware on brandon kings new cheerleader! this fkn b*tch "samusaran2020" on twitter (samusaran on gab) has used her twitter page and even her periscope account 2 defend brandon king and vinnie spina. she even rants saying anyone who buys a web domain in someones name is a bully and deserve penalty. that is attacking bville here and his exposure of vinnie.
Posted By: whereiswaldo | 3/30/18 6:57 AM
Ever notice how Brandumb is never tweeting in the morning? What type of job would require you to be at work very early and have you home before noon in New Braunfels, Texas?
Posted By: trampstamp | 3/30/18 8:43 AM
OMG Brandon has an actual #trampstamp.

Posted By: AdminBrandon | 4/01/18 12:15 PM
Hey bv, you must be aware that Brandon and Vinnie have been helping retzlaff the pedo with that blog for years right? Keep applying pressure, the damn is about to break.
Posted By: ummmmmduh | 4/02/18 10:15 AM
Not anything new you're providing. Vinnie told that Lauren chick that she was helping pedo tom with his court stuff. Brandon is in so deep with Vinnie and Retzlaff that even if he wanted to bail on them he can't. What bv has done to expose Brandon is nothing compared to what those two could do to him, and Heather. I spoke to mcgibney once years ago, nice enough guy but when he said that Brandon used to be a really great guy I couldn't even continue the conversation. He was sticking up for Brandon and said that Vinnie is what ruined him. No way, Brandon's past ruined him and his toolish behavior.
Posted By: TheGreatBanno | 4/10/18 9:55 AM
100% Verified, right Tommy? BK is in for a big surprise. One hint: Heather.
Posted By: Trooolled | 4/03/18 10:09 AM
LOL. Did Brandy get ruthlessly trolled and that's why his DIRTREYNOLDS account got suspended? When you tweet about someone being a pedophile and make threats about destroying someone, that will get u suspended every single time. Love love love watching bullyville out troll you and that f*ggot doesn't even have a twitter account. Go back to debt collection for Patrick.
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