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Convicted Felon Brandon Charles King
Article by: The Internet
March 25, 2018
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Convicted felon Brandon Charles King (one of his convictions was for dealing large amounts of LSD near school property) appears to have some serious anger management issues, especially towards women and children. In an effort to help the latest victims of Brandon, which are primarily defenseless women, we are compiling the following:

1. All verified police reports and restraining orders filed against Brandon Charles King for either domestic and/or child abuse.

2. Other forms of threatening communication by Brandon Charles King towards dozens of his victims.

**To any women or children who are currently the target of Brandon's relentless harassment, please feel free to use these documents when you file for a restraining order against him. There is a staggering amount of court records and police reports to add to this article, therefore, we will be making updates daily. If anyone has additional restraining orders that we're not aware of (that can be independently verified) please forward them to [email protected].

We challenge Brandon to provide us with just one "inaccuracy" within this article. Anyone can submit a Freedom of Information Request to any of the courts and Police departments listed below. The documents speak for themselves. We cannot stress this enough, if you are a woman or child being stalked and/or harassed by convicted felon Brandon Charles King, please go to your local police department immediately and file a report. DO NOT interact with him on Twitter or any other social media platform. Furthermore, highly consider getting a restraining order against him. If past events are any indicators of future events, why take the chance? Here is just one example of a tweet Brandon made on January 30, 2015.




Exhibit #1 - The following domestic abuse report was filed against Brandon Charles King with the Little Rock, AR Police department and the Pulaski County Court.

Exhibit #2 - The following restraining order against convicted felon Brandon King was granted based off the courts findings, which included; "there is an immediate and present danger of DOMESTIC ABUSE."

Exhibit #3 - The following petition for a restraining order was filed against convicted felon Brandon Charles King for alleged child abuse towards a three year old. We have the full report, which includes victim photos, hospital reports, police report, etc...however due to the victims age we will not be publishing them, and quite honestly, it's just too disturbing to do so.

Exhibit #4 - Court grants 2nd restraining order against Brandon Charles King (this one for alleged child abuse.)


Exhibit #5 - The following police report was filed against Brandon King for allegedly kidnapping a child.

Exhibit #6 - Brandon King's obsession with "hurting" and "killing" children is disturbing to say the least. Brandon sent the following emails to BullyVille founder, James McGibney.

Exhibit #7 - Before his arrest for contempt of court, it was discovered that Brandon hadn't paid a dime of child support since 2008.

Exhibit #8 - Yet another threat by Brandon King towards one of his perceived enemies children via Twitter. 

Exhibit #9 - Convicted felon Brandon King's alleged harassment and stalking of people online is so notorious that he's made national news (on more than one occasion.)

Exhibit #10 - No one is safe from Brandon King's online stalking and harassment, including Judges:

Source: https://www.arktimes.com/arkansas/profile?oid=3250530


Exhibit #11 - Here are four more women that convicted felon Brandon King is stalking and harassing online through his Twitter account.



Exhibit #12 - Brandon King's boss, disbarred attorney Vincenza Leonelli-Spina, convinced an Attorney in Arkansas to represent Brandon within a child custody case. Once the Attorney, who also happens to be the former House Majority Leader, House Judiciary Chairman and Senator of Arkansas, Steve Harrelson, realized that he was lied to by a disbarred attorney, he immediately cut ties with Brandon. Shortly thereafter, Brandon began attacking Mr. Harrelson online.

Exhibit #13 - The following Cease and Desist was sent to convicted felon Brandon King by yet another female victim whom he's been stalking and harassing for years.

Exhibit #14 - The following Affidavit was submitted by Brandon's ex girlfriend after his arrest for the sale and distribution of LSD. When it comes to Brandon, it's always "the last time" and "will never happen again."

Exhibit #15 - Convicted felon Brandon King launched a website that specifically targeted women, entitled "TrollDox." This wasn't other people posting women on Brandon's site, this was Brandon posting defamatory information about these innocent women (we've redacted their names and photos for their safety.)

Just in case Brandon tries to claim that he doesn't own the website (Brandon is a self proclaimed habitual victim) here's the proof:

Lastly here is an email exchange between Brandon King's boss, disbarred attorney Vincenza Leonelli-Spina and a former friend, confirming her involvement within TrollDox.

Exhibit #16 - Convicted felon Brandon King has been served with yet another cease and desist for his continuous stalking and harassment of others. This time, his target is an openly gay man.

Exhibit #17 - Convicted felon Brandon King's online bullying and harassment of women is so well known that Yahoo even ran a story about him entitled "Bully for Hire." 

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/apparently-bully-hire-job-leann-191600156.html

Exhibit #18 - Another incident report filed against convicted felon Brandon Charles King on July 25, 2015. 

Exhibit #19 - As previously outlined (extensively) within numerous police reports and court cases, convicted felon Brandon King has quite a history of alleged child abuse. It has come to our attention that a few women who are actively pursuing restraining orders against Brandon have grave (and very legitimate) concerns with respect to the safety of their children. Over the next few days we are going to be posting some details about these reported child abuse incidents. Due to the sensitive nature of these reports, we will be massively redacting any pertinent information to protect the privacy of the victims.

Exhibit #20Part #1 -There is a reason why convicted felon Brandon King hates BullyVille like no other. He knows how much we absolutely despise adults who victimize children and that we'll expose them at any and all costs. Brandon's comments over the years have been inconsistent (and in complete contradiction) with the massive amount of allegations, police and medical reports and court records about his alleged child abuse. "If I wasn't convicted than it's not true." According to Brandon, everyone is lying accept for him, including Doctors, it's just a big conspiracy. But you know who I'll believe every single time? An innocent child who has no reason to lie. We're just getting started, so much more to come.

Exhibit #20Part #2 - This is directly from the Doctor and from Brandon's son. "He reported biofather choked him. Child cried out to mother today, he did not want to visit father again. He reported to social worker having stones thrown @ him. Extensive history of abuse of child's mother."

Convicted felon Brandon King will now claim that the Doctor and his son were both lying. It says a lot about a grown man who chokes a 3 year old. There is very little difference between Brandon King and convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com), they are nearly interchangeable.

Exhibit #21 - For reasons we may never know, until it's too late, Brandon appears to have a deep hatred towards women. The following Tweet is just one of countless examples where he wishes a "painful death" towards a woman:

Exhibit #22 - Another Police report has been filed against Convicted Felon Brandon Charles King for stalking and harassing a woman online. It is our understanding that yet another restraining order is about to be levied against him. We heavily redacted this report to protect the victim and the police officers assigned to this case.

Exhibit #23 - Yet another female victim that convicted felon Brandon Charles King is stalking and harassing online.

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Posted By: lilrockthrower | 3/27/18 12:44 PM
What father throws rocks at their children? What a psychopath. This type of monster always ends up plastered all over the news for some horrific event against others.
Posted By: mursik | 3/27/18 1:18 PM
he's at least the 3rd sickest mf'er bullyville has exposed on here. wife beating child beating deadbeat felon. i cant imagine
Posted By: TheGreatBanno | 4/10/18 9:52 AM
Not to mention Brandon has been helping retzlaff with the viaviewfiles blog for a very long time.
Posted By: sickpup | 4/16/18 10:00 AM
100% VERIFIED! When Brandon's not smoking pot hidden in jars in his bathroom, he's helping his pedo pal Retzlaff. Wonder if Brandon's dealing again?
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