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November 27, 2017
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Court of Appeals Finds “Largest Anti-SLAPP Penalty Ever” was “Excessive”; Attorney’s Fees Awarded “Not Reasonable”; TCPA Does Not Authorize Non-Monetary Sanctions; Orders Appellee to Pay Costs of Appeal.  


SAN JOSE, CA – The “largest anti-SLAPP penalty ever awarded in United States History” (even larger than the SLAPP sanction levied against Barbra Streisand) is now the largest anti-SLAPP penalty ever reversed and remanded by a Texas Court of Appeals. The breathtaking decision, led by Chief Justice Bonnie Sudderth, out of the 2nd State Court of Appeals in Fort Worth, Texas (Case #02-16-00244-CV) found the 67th State District Court in Fort Worth had abused its discretion in awarding Hanszen Laporte client, Neal Rauhauser, more than $300,000, in attorney’s fees; $150,000 in sanctions (initial sanction award was $1,000,000), additional non-monetary sanctions not authorized by the Texas Citizen’s Participation Act (TCPA), and conditioning costs of appeal of fees and sanctions by Plaintiff on winning a complete reversal. The court further ordered Appellee Neal Rauhauser to pay all costs of the appeal to the prevailing parties, James McGibney and ViaView, Inc (Bullyville’s parent company.)


In a tersely worded opinion, where the court concluded the “amount of attorney’s fees awarded was not reasonable”, it excoriated Rauhauser’s attorney Jeffrey L. Dorrell, Partner at Hanszen Laporte, for having engaged in what they found to be “a troublesome pattern of heavy front-end loading of legal work.” The court noted “the fact that Appellee was never served in this lawsuit and, thus, was never under any compunction to appear in the lawsuit whatsoever” was particularly “troubling.”

“My clients are relieved and elated with the results of this appeal. We felt there were so many things wrong with the lower court's ruling: findings of willful and malicious conduct, $150,000 in sanctions, a grossly excessive award of attorney's fees, awards of non-monetary sanctions that violate due process, a 'conditional' appellate fee award that was structured to have only one possible outcome, we prevailed on all those issues,” said Appellant’s attorney E.F. Stone of Stone & Vaughan, PLLC.


BullyVille founder James McGibney stated, “it’s not an everyday occurrence that you see a fugitive, with four outstanding warrants for their arrest, win and then, in dramatic fashion, lose one million dollars, without ever stepping foot in a courtroom. That's exactly what happened to defendant Neal Rauhauser and we are grateful that the Second Court of Appeals found in our favor. We look forward to continuing our mission of helping victims of bullying, revenge pornography and online harassment.”



For media inquiries please contact ViaView Public Relations at: [email protected]




It appears that the days of BullyVille helping the victims of revenge pornography and pedophilia are coming to an end. Although BullyVille primarily focuses on exposing revenge pornographers and pedophiles who prey on innocent victims (primarily minors), we have unfortunately had to deal with a group of, for a lack of a better term, cyberterrorists, who have made it their mission to shut down BullyVille. We have been fighting back for nearly four years, however, traditional legal means have been useless. A few members of this cyberterrorist group ignore restraining orders and warrants for their arrest and are experts at using lawfare to their advantage. It is next to impossible to stop them, so we will continue to expose this group until justice prevails....one way or another. The list below highlights some of the main players within this group whom we refer to as "Team Felon." Due to an unbelievable judgment that was levied against us in Texas, where we were the Plaintiffs (currently on appeal, click here to read more) we're not sure just how much longer this site will be up and running. Please feel free to copy any content you see fit from this page and help us spread the word about what we consider to be the worst of the worst on the net.

To all the victims that we have helped over the years, it has been an honor to serve you. And to those who have supported us over the years, through thick and thin, thank you. Unfortunately in life, sometimes the bad guys win. The fate of BullyVille rests with the 2nd Court of Appeals in Fort Worth, Texas. We are hopeful that the wisdom of the three panel appellate judges who are reviewing this case will immediately see the unfathomable travesty that occurred within the Honorable Judge Donald Cosby's courtroom and reverse the judgment. That is the only way we can survive and continue to help the victims of revenge pornography and pedophilia.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the work of BullyVille, please feel free to read the following article published by Wired Magazine.



What this #teamfelon cyberterrorist group unleashed on BullyVille is the very definition of RICO. From the very beginning, certain members of this group issued death threats, instigated others, such as ISIS, to commit murder and clearly (and publicly) outlined their plan for the "Economic Destruction of James McGibney and ViaView."  It took them nearly four years, however it appears they have accomplished their goal, while helping pedophiles, rapists and convicted felons along the way. If you find yourself the target of anyone within this group, please contact your local police department immediately, especially if you have children. Furthermore, if anyone knows the physical location of fugitive from the law Neal Robert Rauhauser, please contact the FBI Cyber Crimes unit or your local police department immediately.

Without further ado, we present to you #TeamFelon


Fugitive Neal Rauhauser currently has four outstanding warrants for his arrest out of New Jersey and Nebraska for stalking and harassment. He has a prior conviction for the theft of radioactive material (Cesium) and has deep ties into an ISIS terrorist and Revenge Pornography website that has been attacking BullyVille (and minor children) for years. Neal is a known associate of convicted felon and domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin (Speedway bomber.) He is currently 15 years behind on child support payments (the number of years past due makes it rise to the level of a Federal crime) and has been on the run for over a decade. Neal's ex-wife and children were granted a restraining order against Neal for alleged physical violence, along with stalking and harassment. We sued Neal Rauhauser in Texas after he viciously attacked our advertisers, board members, employees, etc and even though he never appeared in the case, because he is a fugitive from the law, and even after the State of Nebraska filed a lien against the court for Neal's fifteen years of back child support payments due, Judge Donald Cosby out of Fort Worth, Texas awarded Neal $1.3 Million dollars (currently on appeal, click here to read more.) Besides his extensive history as a deadbeat dad, Mr. Rauhauser has multiple restraining orders filed against him and he openly supports his partner in crime, court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff.

Neal finally admitted that he is one of the "creative writers" of the ISIS terrorist and Revenge Pornography site that has viciously attacked women and children for years. He took it a step further by admitting that his partner in crime, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff, was co-authoring death threats against BullyVille founder James McGibney and his family.

To learn more about fugitive from the law Neal Robert Rauhauser, please click here: 




Thomas Christopher Retzlaff (one of the confirmed individuals who has been making death and rape threats towards BullyVille founder James McGibney, his wife and three young children) is a convicted felon who was sentenced to eight years in prison for possessing a concealed weapon on elementary school property while acting in a threatening manor. Retzlaff is also a court documented pedophile and rapist. He raped a woman (anally) and video taped the entire incident. His biological daughter confirmed, based off her own personal experience, that her father, Thomas Christopher Retzlaff, is a pedophile. A condition of his 2004 parole was that he register as a sex offender. Apparently he never complied with that directive and before the State of Texas could track him down, he went on the run, placing females and children of all ages at risk wherever Retzlaff may be (currently believed to be located in Phoenix, AZ.)

BullyVille founder, James McGibney, his wife and three young children, along with Retzlaff's biological daughter, Brittany Retzlaff, were granted a permanent restraining order against Thomas Retzlaff and a warrant was issued for his arrest for violating that restraining order over 1,000 times, a record in the State of California. On January 17, 2019, Retzlaff was hit with another permanent restraining order, this one protects not only Brittany Retzlaff, but also her husband. The FBI helped the Phoenix Police Department serve Retzlaff with this latest restraining order. Retzlaff is the very definition of a revenge pornographer. Via a hidden camera, he surreptitiously and illegally obtained nude images of his daughter and subsequently posted those images on a myriad of websites and file sharing platforms. BullyVille was responsible for taking down three of the revenge porn websites that Retzlaff used to post those illegally obtained naked images of his daughter and that enraged him. He began his attacks on BullyVille shortly thereafter with the help of fugitive Neal Rauhauser.  

Lastly, within the case in Texas where we sued Retzlaff and Rauhauser (the Honorable Donald Cosby out of Ft. Worth Texas awarded them $1.3 Million dollars), we submitted proof where Retzlaff admitted to the scam that these guys perpetrated against BullyVille and the Judge still awarded them the largest Anti-SLAPP judgment in United States History.

A warning to anyone in law enforcement who comes across Retzlaff, please use extreme caution. He has a prior arrest for assaulting a police officer.

UPDATE: On September 30th, 2020, Thomas Retzlaff was charged with four felonies (Case CR2020-136827-001) State of Arizona v Thomas Retzlaff which include, but may not be limited to:

Count 1 - Taking Identity of Another – Brittany Retzlaff

Count 2 - Forgery with a written instrument

Count 3 - Taking Identity of Another – M. Gill, Notary

Count 4 - Computer Tampering – Use to Threaten 

To learn more about convicted felon, pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff, please click here: 




Jeffrey Dorrell is currently a partner at the prestigious law firm of Hanszen Laporte out of Houston, Texas. Mr. Dorrell is "very close and personal friends" of convicted felon and pedophile Thomas Retzlaff. When BullyVille sued Neal Rauhauser and Thomas Retzlaff for viciously attacking our company after we successfully shut down the three largest revenge pornography websites in existence, Mr. Dorrell magically appeared and represented Rauhauser, a fugitive on the run, on contingency. Dorrell somehow convinced a Judge in Fort Worth, Texas (the Honorable Donald Cosby) to award his fugitive client, who never even appeared in the case, nor was he ever even served with the lawsuit, a whopping $1.3 Million dollar judgment against BullyVille. It is the largest Anti-SLAPP judgment in United States History and the largest sanction ever awarded in Texas history. There has been speculation that Mr. Dorrell's domestic partner/husband, convicted felon Michael Centeno, who also works for Hanszen Laporte, may have a hand within the ISIS terrorist and Revenge Pornography blog that has been attacking and issuing death and rape threats against BullyVille founder James McGibney, his wife and three minor children, for years. That blog was the primary reason why we sued Retzlaff and Rauhauser. It is astonishing that Mr. Dorrell, who has a prior arrest for DUI, would be such "close and personal friends" with one convicted felon (Thomas Retzlaff) and living with another (Michael Centeno, convictions include possession of crack cocaine, possession and distribution of METH, forgery and fraud.

There are numerous examples of Retzlaff attacking opposing counsel of anyone whom Dorrell faces within a court of law, and most end up withdrawing due to safety concerns. As a matter of fact, we had two separate law firms withdraw from representing us within our lawsuit against Retzlaff and Rauhauser due to safety concerns.

What we found most peculiar about Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell was when he submitted fabricated evidence within our case in Texas. According to Dorrell, and we quote, "Plaintiff James McGibney claims to have hacked into the system of Hanszen Laporte, LLP law firm for the stated purpose of inserting exogenous pedophilic pornography into it." McGibney never made that claim, however why would an Attorney (who is very close and personal friends with a pedophile) feel the need to proclaim that someone inserted "pedophilic pornography" onto his computer? Furthermore, why would an Attorney be such "close and personal friends" with a convicted felon who, amongst other despicable acts towards children, admitted to possessing such pedophilic material including, but not limited to: "Loving Daddy", "Hot and Naughty daughter", "Raped Daughter", "A Sister to Rape" and "Incest Daughter."

To learn more about Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell and his "very close and personal friend" convicted felon, pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff, please click here: 





Convicted felon Joseph Camp AKA "JoJo" is currently serving a three year stretch in Colorado for stalking and harassment. He was arrested after he allegedly choked a young girl. Camp is very close allies with convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff and has been helping Retzlaff and Rauhauser with their online stalking and harassment campaign against BullyVille since the beginning. Camp has a prior conviction for hacking and the recently released jailhouse calls between he and Attorney Sue Basko prove just how close this group truly is. Camp currently has an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Florida for stalking and harassing a female attorney and has numerous restraining orders in place against him throughout the United States.

To learn more about convicted felon and serial stalker Joseph "JoJo" camp, please click here: 




Attorney Sue Basko has been a long time supporter of convicted felon Joseph Camp AKA "JoJo" and convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff. She even submitted an affidavit in support of Retzlaff in a case in which his daughter was attempting to get a permanent restraining order against him. Even though Sue is not licensed to practice law in New York or Colorado, as the recently released and fully authenticated jail house recordings between her and Joseph Camp prove, she could care less. We'd imagine a disbarment proceeding against Sue Basko will be a strong possibility in the near future. Yet another example of an Attorney aligning herself with a known convicted felon whom she has claimed on numerous occasions that she does not represent.

To learn more about Attorney Sue Basko, who openly has supported convicted felons, pedophiles and rapists, please click here: 





Vincenza Leonelli -Spina aka Vinnie Spina was disbarred back in 2008 after it was confirmed that she stole client funds from a retired Police Officer. Although disbarred, Vincenza continues to practice law through the Spina Law Firm out of Totowa, New Jersey under the alias "Antonella Mollica." This fact was confirmed by a sworn affidavit submitted to the New Jersey Bar and Ethics Committee by former House Majority Leader, House Judiciary Chairman and Senator of Arkansas, Steve Harrelson. Vinnie is still and active Notary, even though New Jersey is one of three states where it is forbidden for a disbarred Attorney to be a notary. She is the boss of convicted felon Brandon King and represents some of the Real Housewives of New Jersey as their PR agent through "ADiamondPR" such as Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania. Ironically Dolores' husband, Frank Catania Jr. was just disbarred for the misappropriation of client funds. Just like vexatious litigants Thomas Retzlaff (Supreme Court has deemed Retzlaff a vexatious litigant) and Joseph Camp, Vincenza uses the legal system as a weapon.

To learn more about disbarred attorney Vincenza Leonelli-Spina, please click here: 



BullyVille has a very long and disturbing history with convicted felon and revenge pornographer Hunter Moore. We took over and immediately shut down Hunter's revenge porn website Isanyoneup a few years ago, which unfortunately is how we landed on the radar of convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff and fugitive Neal Rauhauser. It is true what they say, no good deed goes unpunished. Hunter was just released from prison and it appears that he has a new business venture on the horizon, which may be another revenge pornography website. BullyVille had to get a permanent restraining order against Hunter after he threatened to rape McGibney's wife while his children watched.

To learn more about convicted felon and notorious revenge pornographer Hunter Moore, please click here: 




Jennifer D'Alessandro comes across as your typical church going "holier than thou" woman, however that couldn't be further from the truth. Jen has a prior arrest out of New York for hacking into a blog (that was exposing her) and is currently an active contributor to Retzlaff and Rauhauser's ISIS terrorist and Revenge Pornography website. Her husband, William "Bill" D'Alessandro had a police report filed against him for alleged child abuse. When the police attempted to contact Jen to discuss the child abuse incident (against her son) she refused to cooperate. Jen openly supports fugitive from the law and alleged woman beater Neal Robert Rauhauser. As a matter of fact, Jen has referred to her buddy Neal, as a "co-conspirator" and she openly discuss numerous lawfare plots with him.

To learn more about Jennifer D'Alessandro, please click here: 





EXHIBIT #1 - Active warrants for the arrest of fugitive Neal Rauhauser:

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/Warrants_1.PNG

EXHIBIT #2 - Conviction of Neal Rauhauser for the theft of radioactive material:

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/NealRauhauseramers2_1


EXHIBIT #3 - Arrest and conviction of Rauhauser's known associate, domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin aka "The Speedway Bomber."

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brett_Kimberlin

EXHIBIT #4 - Sworn affidavit by Neal Rauhauser's ex-wife, Nancy Nogg, verifying that Neal is a deadbeat dad, a stalker and a woman beater:

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/Nanaff_1

EXHIBIT #5 - Proof offered up directly by Neal Rauhauser from his @nrauhauser twitter account (which is still active today) confirming his direct ties into an ISIS terrorist and revenge pornography website. He was taunting the FBI and State Department by posting their IP addresses after they visited his site.

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/NealTaunts_1

EXHIBIT #6 - One of the many ISIS terroristic death threats made against BullyVille founder James McGibney, his wife and minor children on the Blog that fugitive Neal Rauhauser helps run:

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/ISISRetzblog_1

EXHIBIT #7 - Numerous mugshots for convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist, Thomas Christopher Retzlaff:

Source: www.thomasretzlaff.com

EXHIBIT #8 - Affidavit from Denise Hollas Retzlaff confirming that convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff is one of the admins of the ISIS terrorist and Revenge pornography site that has posted naked images of his daughter: 

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/JoJoFilesDAFF_1

EXHIBIT #9 - Affidavit from Brittany Retzlaff confirming that her biological father, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff, took unauthorized pictures of her while she was naked and that he is a pedophile:

EXHIBIT #10 - The following instructions on how to make a car bomb, with the title "Fatwa of Death" (death sentence) was posted on Retzlaff and Rauhauser's blog:

Source:  https://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=1109

EXHIBIT #11 - Additional death threats made against BullyVille's founder children posted on Retzlaff and Rauhauser's ISIS terrorist website. Fascinating that a Judge in Texas awarded this crew $1.3 Million dollars isn't it?

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/dorfreespecx_1

EXHIBIT #12 - Within one of JoJo Camp's jailhouse calls, he mentions "Admin Mike" numerous times. Could Admin Mike be convicted felon Michael A. Centeno? Oddly enough, Mr. Centeno just happens to be the domestic partner of Thomas C Retzlaff's "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. Centeno has an extensive rap sheet, which includes, but is not limited to: possession of a controlled substance - crack cocaine (multiple arrests), possession of METH, forgery and fraud by use of illegal credit cards, etc. Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell also has a prior arrest for DUI.

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=1109

EXHIBIT #13 - Convicted felon Michael Centeno has even notarized legal documents on behalf of his domestic partner, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell, which have been used within numerous cases in Texas.

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=1109

EXHIBIT #14 - BullyVille founder James McGibney submitted the following affidavit refuting Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell's fabricating evidence that was submitted within our case in Texas. According to Dorrell, and we quote, "Plaintiff James McGibney claims to have hacked into the system of Hanszen Laporte, LLP law firm for the stated purpose of inserting exogenous pedophilic pornography into it."

McGibney never made that claim, however why would an Attorney (who is very close and personal friends with a pedophile) feel the need to proclaim that someone inserted "pedophilic pornography" onto his computer? Even more fascinating is the fact that Dorrell's "very close and personal friend" Thomas Retzlaff has a prior conviction for fabricating evidence and Dorrell's domestic partner, convicted felon Michael Centeno has a prior conviction for forgery.

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=1071

EXHIBIT #15 - Additional charges that were added against two time convicted felon Joseph Camp. His bond was increased to $150,000 and three additional restraining orders were granted in an effort to protect his victims from further stalking and harassment. He was sentenced to three years in prison shortly thereafter.

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=1109

EXHIBIT #16 - Outstanding warrant for convicted felon Joseph Camp's arrest out of Florida for the stalking and harassment of a female attorney. 

Source: https://tinyurl.com/y7yk7mmo

EXHIBIT #17 - Prior arrest and conviction of Joseph Camp for hacking.

Source: https://tinyurl.com/yb27nkrd

EXHIBIT #18 - Attorney Sue Basko was instructed by Joseph Camp within the following jailhouse call to post his inmate information on Retzlaff and Rauhauser's ISIS terroristic and revenge pornography website so he could receive financial support, and within a matter of hours, this post appeared:

EXHIBIT #19 - Convicted felon and dead beat dad, Brandon Charles King failed to make any child support payment for nearly 8 years, just like his buddy, fugitive Neal Robert Rauhauser.

EXHIBIT #20 - One of many domestic abuse police reports filed against convicted felon Brandon Charles King.

EXHIBIT #21 - Certified court transcript where convicted felon Brandon King admits, under oath, that he is an employee of the Spina Law firm out of New Jersey.

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/ContempthearingBrandonKing_1.pdf

EXHIBIT #22 - Brandon admitted that he was employed by Leann Rimes, through the Spina law firm, for the alleged purpose of trolling, stalking and harassing Leann's enemies on Twitter. It was such a shocking admission that sites such as Perez Hilton ran the story.

Source: http://perezhilton.com/2017-03-23-leann-rimes-brandi-glanville-harassment-report#.WNkrpmwm50m

EXHIBIT #23 - Order handed down from the Supreme Court of New Jersey disbarring Vincenza Leonelli Spina after she was caught embezzling funds from a retired New Jersey Police Officer.

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=1044


EXHIBIT #24 - Although disbarred from practicing law, Vincenza Leonelli Spina continues to practice law under the assumed (and possibly stolen) identity of New Jersey resident "Antonella Mollica." Her employee, convicted felon Brandon King, even registered antonellamollica .com.

EXHIBIT #25 - Sworn affidavit submitted to the New Jersey Bar and Ethics Committee by former House Majority Leader, House Judiciary Chairman and Senator of Arkansas, Steve Harrelson confirming that Vincenza Leonelli Spina is still practicing law.

EXHIBIT #26 - The following emails were sent by disbarred attorney Vincenza Leonelli Spina to the Attorney representing her employee, Brandon King, in Arkansas. She used the alias "Antonella Mollica."

Source: https://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=1044

EXHIBIT #27 - The day BullyVille shut down Hunter Moore's Revenge Pornography site and landed in the crosshairs of convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff and fugitive Neal Rauhauser.

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/money/isanyoneup-shuts-revenge-porn-forum-bought-anti-bullying-website-article-1.1064608

EXHIBIT #28 - The day Hunter Moore was arrested by the FBI.

Source: http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/fbi-arrests-revenge-porn-rogue-hunter-moore-for-conspiracy-20140123

EXHIBIT #29 - Partial arrest record for Jennifer D'Alessandro, who openly supports fugitive from the law, Neal Rauhauser.

EXHIBIT #30 - Police report filed against Jennifer D'Alessandro's husband, William "Bill" D'Alessandro for alleged child abuse.


EXHIBIT #31 - Tweet exchange between fugitive Neal Rauhauser and Jen where she refers to him as her "co-conspirator" and they openly discuss a potential lawfare plot (similar to the one hatched by Retzlaff and Rauhauser against BullyVille). 

EXHIBIT #32 - Here is just one of the many comments Jennifer D'Alessandro made on Retzlaff and Rauhauser's ISIS terrorist and Revenge Pornography site. She made this particular comment on November 10, 2015 from her Gravatar account. The "daughter" she is referring to is revenge pornography victim Brittany Retzlaff. Brittany's naked images (obtained with the use of a hidden camera) were posted all over the web by her father, convicted felon, pedophile and rapist, Thomas Christopher Retzlaff.

EXHIBIT #33 - Some additional death threats made against BullyVille founder and his underage children by pedophile Thomas Retzlaff on his ISIS terrorist and revenge pornography website:

EXHIBIT #34 - Verified email with IP address headers sent from Thomas Retzlaff to his biological daughter, discussing the murder of BullyVille founder James McGibney and his family.

EXHIBIT #35 - Affidavit by revenge pornography victim Brittany Retzlaff (at the hand of her biological father, pedophile Thomas Retzlaff) verifying the relationship that exists between Retzlaff and Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte.

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Posted By: Charmer | 11/30/17 9:48 AM
Just saw the tweet from irontroll. So sorry to hear this James. I was the victim of revenge porn and you saved my life. You will forever have a place in my heart.
Posted By: Brandontheabuser | 11/30/17 1:47 PM
Sad day
Posted By: WreckitRalph | 12/07/17 9:52 AM
I was one of the "anonymous" operatives that helped bullyville take out Hunter Moore. Complete and total bullshit what is happening to bv. Someone got to that judge, clear to anyone who reads the judgment.
Posted By: Godsend | 12/12/17 10:40 AM
So was I. The best day of my life was seeing Hunters site shut down. I emailed James that morning to thank him and he responded with words of encouragement and support. I have that email framed and read it often. Words cannot express how heartbroken I am to see what has happened to him.
Posted By: Brandontheabuser | 11/30/17 1:47 PM
Haven't had a revenge porn incident but have had to deal with child abusing shitbag Brandon King.
Posted By: BKingbeats | 12/07/17 1:35 PM
Nothin more entertaining than watching that child beating poor excuse for a father rage on Twitter. https://twitter.com/DlRTREYNOLDS
Posted By: realpags | 12/15/17 1:27 PM
Or watching his boss, New Jersey bully and disbarred lawyer Vincenza Spina run her fat yapper. https://twitter.com/Al_Buckwheat
Posted By: TheRealBKing | 1/03/18 7:17 AM
Don't you dare talk about my boss Vinnie Spina like that. I love her so much that I made sure a permanent record of my devotion for her was forever memorialized. Don't get me wrong, I love Heather Martin, but Vinnie is my one true love. http://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/ContempthearingBrandonKing_1.pdf
Posted By: 3L0V3 | 12/16/17 10:41 AM
If Brandon C. King cares for the welfare of his child so much, why then was he recklessly weaving in and out of traffic with his child in the car when he sideswiped that 18-wheeler?

Brandon C. King is no different than any other person who uses social media to present a false front, except that he is more obsessive and a bigger liar than most. And then there is his Spina Law Firm "security" work. Why would a financial institution place their sensitive data in the hands of a self-professed security consultant with no credentials? I think too many people waste their time confronting Brandon, when they should be relentlessly questioning that bank's judgement.
Posted By: CriminalMinds | 12/01/17 9:07 AM
I'm sad to hear this news. You've helped so many people. I don't think people even knew what revenge porn was until you shone a spot light on it. Now it's illegal in many states. Even places like twitter have stronger guidelines then they did just a few years ago. The internet is still the wild wild west. People get away with all kinds of crimes but I think because of some of the ground work you've helped to lay, law enforcement will eventually catch up.
Posted By: Cosmos | 12/04/17 12:58 PM
So many other people were trying to take credit for taking down the revenge porn industry but it was Mcgibney who did it. That was unfortunately what led to his downfall of Bullyville. He saved countless lives but became the target of people like retzlaff and rauhauser in the process. I wouldn't count bullyville out yet.
Posted By: MikeZigg | 12/04/17 8:25 AM
That Retzlaff guy is cringe-worthy. The Jeff Dorrell arrest photo looks like he was on meth. The meth arrests all look the same. Not sure why but meth users suck in their upper and lower lips when high. Keep on fighting bullyville.
Posted By: truefelons | 12/05/17 9:43 AM
Spent the past few hours reading the case in Texas. How can a fugitive evading justice be awarded money? If these guys threaten lawyers it would seem plausible that they'd threaten judges.
Posted By: TruthorDare | 12/15/17 10:43 AM
Posted By: TheGreatWhodini | 12/12/17 8:08 AM
Jesus Christ. There is a reason why every single person in this group has either a mugshot or prior conviction. This is the unfortunate state of our union, the legal system is irrevocably broken. Love you bullyville, at least you had the balls to fight back against this group. Your only mistake was trying to use the courts to do so, especially the Texas court system which is built for criminals like Retzlaff and Rauhauser to succeed.
Posted By: Godsend | 12/12/17 10:36 AM
May God bless you and your family James. These criminals may take your money and maybe even bullyville but they will never be able to take away the love and support that so many people that you've helped have towards you.
Posted By: Spearrain | 12/13/17 8:54 AM
I wouldn't shut down the website. The Second Court of appeals in Fort Worth is now under the helm of Chief Justice Bonnie Sudderth. Start praying that she's going to give the final opinion in your case. She will not put up with the skullduggery of Rauhauser, Retzlaff or Dorrell. Does anyone have the audio from the hearing? I looked on the Second courts website, but can't seem to locate it.
Posted By: FromAFriend | 12/13/17 12:58 PM
James - you are missing one MAJOR contributor to that ISIS blog. Go look up Wendell "Chip" Radford Jr out of Texas. He was a district attorney who was disbarred, connection to Dorrell and Sparks.
Posted By: FromAFriend | 12/13/17 1:01 PM
Link to Radford's disbarment - http://www.txboda.org/PDFs/Radford.pdf
Posted By: RadfordtheRat | 12/15/17 9:36 AM
Radford was disbarred for money laundering. Radford, Nelson and Knauth are all part owners of Cheddars Restaurant in Beaumont. Knauth is a big time supporter of Retzlaff and Dorrell. There was nothing you could do once you became their target James. One way or another, they were going to try and destroy you. Having made that disclaimer, I give you mad props, that Dorrell mugshot is priceless.
Posted By: 3L0V3 | 12/16/17 10:30 AM

I'm going to challenge you on a few things. Do not take that anyway other than me seeking accuracy. Accuracy is paramount if Bullyville is to overcome this adversity. Based on some previous research and in talking with some Beaumont area people, Radford would seem to be a fit in a support capacity for TeamFelon. People can have whatever opinions of Dorrell they want, but the guy does have a huge case load, and the sheer volume of Retzlaff's vexatious legal actions make Dorrell a poor fit as someone who is actively doing research and writing for Retzlaff. Also Radford's longtime "close and personal" friendship with Pat Knauth is something I had previously been unaware of. Given the ease at which TeamFelon and the VVF crew have obtained and published SSN's and Driver's License numbers, Retzlaff's oft made claim to having free and unfettered access to LN Accurint for LE database, Knauth becomes a fascinating datapoint. Now, Wendell CONn "Chip" Radford Jr.'s appears to have had some businesses he is involved in, but generally speaking, his suspension and disbarment meant he had a lot more free time over the past decade than most people, though important to note that he was re-admitted to the Bar in 2016. Radford was not, however, disbarred for "money laundering". He took a plea deal on one count of mail fraud. While it is still a felony, it is not "money laundering". Whether he willingly and knowingly engaged in that fraud, or whether he was played by the employee who initially contacted him we'll likely never know and we have to accept that. I'm inclined to believe he was not initially aware, eventually figured it out, but then subsequently failed to report it to authorities. That scenario makes more sense than an already financially secure DA waking up one day and deciding to engage in federal crimes. Finally, I can find nothing that supports your assertion that "Radford, Nelson and Knauth" are all part owners of Cheddar's Restaurant
Posted By: TruthorDare | 12/15/17 10:42 AM
Beyond comprehension that any judge would give these felons a dollar. If you have a mugshot in your past for breaking the law, apply at Hanszen laporte, they will hire you right away.
Posted By: Cannonier | 12/16/17 4:49 PM
Did you know that Patrick and Vincenza Spina have an open marriage? It's true, Patrick 'ratface" Spina has had many girlfriends over the years. Vincenza lures in men over the internet and has a police report filed against one of those men.
Posted By: 3L0V3 | 12/16/17 8:28 PM
THIS does NOT surprise me in the least! Do tell more!
Posted By: LaCostra | 12/18/17 2:18 PM
Al final, los buenos siempre ganan. Eres uno de los buenos chicos James.
Posted By: RealBrittanyRetzlaff | 12/19/17 9:25 AM
Thank you James for helping me get a restraining order against my dad. He has stalked me for years and as I wrote in my affidavit to the court he is a pedophile.
Posted By: braveheart | 12/20/17 8:29 AM
You are a brave and strong girl Brittany. Your dad is a hideous monster. May God have mercy on his soul.
Posted By: Mazer | 2/01/18 8:51 AM
A hideous monster doesn't even begin to describe Brittany's dad. His day will come, God will have no mercy on a pedophile of Retzlaff's magnitude.
Posted By: TheRealBKing | 1/03/18 7:15 AM
Hi everyone it's the real Brandon Charles King. This posting by bullyville is true. I even admitted that I work for the Spina law firm out of New Jersey during court testimony. I'm paid to stalk and harass whoever my employer tells me to. Don't believe me? Here is the transcript, order your own copy if you wish directly from the court to validate.

Posted By: FlashnDash | 1/03/18 12:54 PM
Once a felon always a felon. Keep throwing punches bullyville, don't let these criminal thugs win.
Posted By: Leighhaaa | 1/11/18 7:57 PM
Thomas Retzlaff is a pedophile.
Posted By: DellPermur | 1/26/18 8:22 AM
Retzlaff has made it well known that he is good friends with Jeffrey Dorrell. https://setexasrecord.com/stories/511313341-battle-to-seal-divisive-filing-erupts-in-suit-brought-by-klein-enterprises-fallout-surging-past-courtroom

They are a team, Dorrell handles the legal work and Retzlaff handles the stalking and harassment of opposing counsel, and their clients. When Dorrell gets hit with an adverse decision, Retzlaff immediately attacks the Judge. https://setexasrecord.com/stories/511320567-judge-sanderson-recuses-himself-from-volatile-case-may-be-under-investigation-for-misconduct
Posted By: Osbornethepedo | 1/30/18 2:28 PM
Whatever happened to that pedophile Matt Osborne? Another dead beat father who turned his back on his daughter so he could pursue a career in journalism. HA HA HA, how's that working out?
Posted By: Mazer | 2/01/18 8:46 AM
You need to add that fruitcake Joanne Joy to this page! The comments see made about bullyville are insanely hilarious.

Posted By: CrappenJack | 4/27/18 6:24 PM
BOOOOOOM BULLYVILLE!!!!!!! You won your appeal, that is AWWWEEESSSOMMMMEEEEEEE. So proud of you James.
Posted By: elmolo | 8/21/18 7:28 AM
Retzlaff promised Lora Lusher that bullyville would be gone back in 2013. I've been sitting on some emails and DM correspondence that will drop on a new and special website #soon.
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