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Jailhouse recorded calls between Convicted Felon Joseph Camp and Attorney Sue Basko
Article by: BullyVille
October 24, 2017
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Convicted felon Joseph Camp was arrested in Colorado back in August of 2016. Charges included Assault, Menacing with a deadly weapon, violation of a restraining order and allegedly choking a young high school girl. He was sentenced to three years in prison. You can learn all about Joseph "JoJo" Camp here: www.jojocamp.com.

One of Joseph Camp's strongest allies and closest friends is Attorney Sue Basko. Sue has an unfortunate habit of supporting convicted felons, court documented pedophiles and rapists, well beyond legal representation. For example, she filed an affidavit in support of convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff within a case where his daughter was attempting to get a restraining order against him for stalking and harassment. You can learn all about Thomas Retzlaff here: www.thomasretzlaff.com

You can learn all about Attorney Sue Basko here:


We have (by legal means) received and reviewed 100s of calls made by Joseph Camp while in prison. There are dozens of calls between Sue Basko and Joseph Camp which are shocking and extremely informative! For example, and believe us when we tell you, this is just the tip of the iceberg, who is Attorney Marshall Jacobini out of Ft. Worth, Texas and why does convicted felon Joseph Camp instruct Sue Basko to contact him about the ViaView Files blog? More importantly, why does JoJo state that Attorney Marshall Jacobini has been a part of the blog "since the very first day?" That blog, which Retzlaff is the main admin of, posts people's Social Security numbers and makes terroristic death threats, towards children. For example:

Furthermore, why was JoJo trying to contact Mr. Jacobini so many times from prison?

We've redacted the entire number, however we made sure to verify its authenticity before posting, the number links back to "Frank Jacobini" who is the father of Marshall Jacobini. JoJo sure does love talking about his friend Marshall Jacobini, A LOT as future recordings will reveal.

Here is the first recorded call between Camp and Basko. We will be posting a new recording every single day, each recording more harrowing than the last. A big thank you goes out to Attorney Sue Basko and Joseph Camp, without you, none of this would be possible. Sure glad Basko isn't licensed to practice law in Colorado or these calls would have been protected under Attorney/Client privilege.

As a side note, law enforcement already has every recorded call, it's a little to late to cover your tracks. I guess it's true what they say, loose lips sink ships and Joseph Camp is the equivalent of the Titanic. Make sure to check back in daily for new, fully authenticated recordings!

**We will do our best to redact the names of any victims of Joseph Camp within each of these recordings.  Joseph Camp's partner in crime, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff has a prior arrest for assaulting a police officer, therefore we will attempt to take the necessary steps to ensure that the names of police officers and/or detectives are redacted.



JAILHOUSE RECORDING #2: - the PO Box JoJo is referring to belongs to convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff. Was Attorney Sue Basko tampering with a witness? Future recordings will definitely answer that question.


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #3: - JoJo can't stop talking about convicted felon, pedophile and Rapist, Thomas Retzlaff's PO Box in Phoenix. His reference to "ECJ" is the infamous Emerald City Jazz aka Lora Lusher.


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #4: - The "Dean Guy" that Sue Basko is referring to is Thomas Retzlaff, the main admin of the ViaView Files blog that issues death threats towards children and encourages ISIS to commit terroristic crimes, such as the beheading of children. Retzlaff has even posted naked images of his own daughter (that he obtained via a hidden camera in his apartment shortly after being released from prison) on that blog. As a matter of fact, Denise Retzlaff, the former wife of pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff, even submitted an affidavit confirming that "Dean" is none other than Thomas Retzlaff.


EXHIBIT - The following Affidavit was submitted by Denise Retzlaff within a restraining order hearing in San Jose, CA. Brittany Retzlaff (daughter of pedophile Thomas Retzlaff) requested and received a three year restraining order against her dad. BullyVille's parent company, ViaView, Inc was also granted a three year restraining order against Thomas Retzlaff, as were the founder of BullyVille, James McGibney, along with his wife and three minor children.

JAILHOUSE RECORDING #5: - According to Sue Basko, the victim contacted her. You sure about that Sue? Based off the evidence we've seen, that's not the case, at all. Listening to this recording was a stark reminder of why we launched www.disbarbasko.com so many years ago. If you're not already in agreement that Attorney Sue Basko should be disbarred, you will be within the next few recordings we post. Without further ado:


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #6: - Once convicted felon Joseph Camp is released from prison, he should hire Sue Basko for his "talent agency" as a magician. During this brief call, Joseph Camp gives Sue his prison ID number and instructions on how people can send him money and voila it appears on Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff's blog.


EXHIBIT - Shortly after Joseph Camp instructed Sue Basko to distribute his Inmate information so he could receive financial support, this post appeared on Thomas Retzlaff''s ViaView Files blog.

EXHIBIT - Why on earth would Attorney Sue Basko be providing any information to a blog that posts ISIS terroristic death threats towards women and children? The following instructions on how to make a car bomb, with the title "Fatwa of Death" (death sentence) was posted on Retzlaff's blog.

EXHIBIT - Why would Attorney Sue Basko, or for that matter, at least according to Joseph Camp, Attorney Marshall Jacobini, have ANY connection to Retzlaff's blog? A blog that not only posts revenge pornography but also rape and murder threats towards women and children.

JAILHOUSE RECORDING #7: - Attorney Sue Basko (who IS NOT licensed to practice law in Colorado) is instructing Joseph Camp not to take a plea deal and to "sue the jail." She sure seems worried about those text messages between herself and the victim in JoJo's case.


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #8: - Sue Basko continues to give JoJo legal advice. Camp instructs Basko to keep representing the victim the best she can. Sue sure is worried about that search warrant. Rightfully so, just imagine what evidence could have been preserved from JoJo's laptop, cellphone and thumb drives? Wonder what ever happened to that evidence? Maybe a future recording will answer that question.


EXHIBIT - Shortly after the call, the following comment appeared on Retzlaff's "ViaView files" revenge pornography and ISIS terrorist site:

And here is the actual phone log between Convicted felon Joseph Camp and Sue Basko which lasted nearly seven minutes. It matches up perfectly with Jailhouse recording #8.

*There is a time zone difference since Camp is in Colorado and Sue Basko is allegedly located in California.

JAILHOUSE RECORDING #9: - JoJo begins to realize that Basko is indeed tampering with a witness and now accuses Basko of representing the victim. Sue admits that she gave legal advice to JoJo's victim. Idle hands are the devil's workshop, right Sue?


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #10: - Basko informs JoJo that law enforcement is listening to their calls. Trying to outsmart the detectives assigned to the case, Sue claims her "daughter" is doing just fine, however Sue doesn't have a daughter. The word "daughter" is code for the female victim in this assault, stalking and harassment case. Most importantly, Basko finally admits that she was JoJo's attorney while he was living in New York. Basko is not licensed to practice law in New York, nor Colorado.


EXHIBIT - Here is a copy of the Paypal invoice Attorney Sue Basko submitted to Joseph Camp while he was living in New York. You'll notice at the bottom of the invoice Sue states, "many items billed at a deep discount. This is in thanks for Joseph's assistance." The "assistance" Basko is referring to most likely coincides with the massive stalking and harassment campaign that Camp embarked on, primarily towards Basko's online enemies (which are in the hundreds.)

EXHIBIT - JoJo's stalking and harassment of Basko's enemies was so severe that, besides the multiple restraining orders filed across the country, a warrant (which is still active) was issued for Camp's arrest out of Florida. This warrant stemmed from Camp's harassment of an Attorney in Florida who Basko despises.

SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/y7yk7mmo

JAILHOUSE RECORDING #11: - Basko and Camp continue to discuss convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist, Thomas Retzlaff's ViaView Files ISIS terrorist blog. Sue continues to give JoJo legal advice and is conducting research on his behalf. She once again admits that she is tampering with multiple witnesses within this case. JoJo once again mentions the text messages between Sue and the victim. Apparently JoJo is writing a book and needs help from the "English Teacher." Wonder who he is referring to?  Maybe a future recording will reveal who that "English teacher" is? We can offer up one clue. That "English teacher" has been featured on BullyVille multiple times.


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #12: - JoJo doesn't have any weapons Sue? Really? You should have listened to JoJo's legal advice Sue, but you didn't, and that's why we have LEGALLY obtained all of these recorded calls. According to JoJo, he is "high profile." This is all one big conspiracy, everyone is guilty except JoJo, he's always the victim. It's everyone else's fault that he is a two time convicted felon. JoJo claims his relationship with the victim is a "Romeo and Juliet love story." We don't remember Romeo choking, stalking and harassing Juliet, but hey what do we know....we're sure Shakespeare would agree, the only tragedy in this "love story" is that JoJo was only sentenced to three years in prison.


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #13: - The relationship between JoJo and Basko continues to decline. JoJo has a ton of secrets about Basko, which is the only reason why she continues to accept his calls. JoJo briefly discusses "Mary" who is Mary Furlong and "Jeannette" who is Jeannette Franks. Basko informs JoJo that she has a duty to report any crimes she observes to authorities. I wonder how many times she reported the ViaView Files ISIS blog to authorities? Since she was an active contributor to that revenge pornography/ISIS terrorist site run by her pal Thomas Retzlaff, our guess would be zero times. At the very end of the call JoJo finally realizes that Basko is "wacky."


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #14: - What's the connection between two-time convicted felon Joseph Camp and Justin Bieber? Well, according to Camp, he was Bieber's "private security" while Justin was in Denver for his Purpose World Tour.

At the very beginning of the call, Sue states to JoJo, "I will not publish what you send out." What blog was Sue planning on publishing Camp's documents on? Was it Retzlaff's ISIS and Revenge Pornography blog, ViaView Files?

Sue briefly discusses "Lora" who is the infamous Lora Lusher. She also discusses the conversation she had with Joseph Haupers father.

Sue once again admits her continued communication with one of JoJo's victims within this case. Pretty surprising that the public defender was working so closely with Basko. Did the public defender know that Basko was tampering with witnesses who were preparing to testify against his client? The fact of the matter is pretty clear. She was texting the victim and, per her own words, turned over those text messages to the public defender aka Joseph Camp's attorney.


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #15: - JoJo informs Sue about the additional charges added against him for witness tampering and stalking. Sue clearly knows what witness tampering is, as she explains it to him. Sue continues to give JoJo legal counsel and JoJo reiterates his plans to write a book when he gets out of prison. Maybe Professor Jennifer D'Alessandro can help him write it? After reviewing some of her comments she made on Retzlaff's ISIS terrorist and Revenge Pornography site, she seems like a perfect fit.

EXHIBIT - Here are some of the additional charges that were added against two time convicted felon Joseph Camp. His bond was increased to $150,000 and three additional restraining orders were granted in an effort to protect his victims from further stalking and harassment. Just like his partner in crime, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff, JoJo completely ignores restraining orders, which is why there is still an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Florida.

EXHIBIT - Here is just one of the many comments Jennifer D'Alessandro made on Thomas Retzlaff's revenge pornography and ISIS Terrorist site. She made this particular comment on November 10, 2015 from her Gravatar account. The "daughter" she is referring to is revenge pornography victim Brittany Retzlaff. Brittany's naked images (obtained with the use of a hidden camera) were posted all over the web by her father, convicted felon, pedophile and rapist, Thomas Christopher Retzlaff.

EXHIBIT - Jennifer D'Alessandro was arrested on September 9, 2012 for computer hacking. Besides routinely making comments on Retzlaff's revenge pornography blog, she openly supports fugitive from the law, Neal Rauhauser. Neal has four outstanding warrants for his arrest for stalking and harassment and has a prior conviction for the theft of radioactive material. Neal will be making a cameo appearance within a future JoJo recording that will be posted shortly.

JAILHOUSE RECORDING #16: - Sue Basko continues her obsession with Lauren Becker. JoJo tells attorney Sue Basko that he sent "Dean and Mike" (the aliases of ViaViewFiles Admins) plus his "attorney in Texas", a copy of the police report of JoJo allegedly getting jumped in jail. At first, Basko indicates she doesn't know what "Dean and Mike" have. However, in her very next breath, she informs JoJo that "Dean and Mike" are "real busy" with "their filing down in Texas", then adds that she will inform "Dean and Mike" about court motions JoJo had filed. Attorney Sue Basko acknowledged her ability to have DIRECT communication with ViaViewFiles admins "Dean and Mike."

The "attorney in Texas" JoJo references is apparently Marshall Jacobini. We have yet to find an instance of Marshall Jacobini being listed as the attorney of record within any of JoJo's cases - so why is Jacobini, according to JoJo, involved with him and the ISIS terrorist and revenge pornography website operated by an individual who is a convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist?

One of BullyVille's many supporters forwarded us the following (see exhibit below.) Whenever this person made mention of Marshall Jacobini's name on the ViaViewFiles Blog, "Dean and Mike" would redact Jacobini's name. The only other name "Dean and Mike" have made a practice of redacting from comments is that of Thomas C. Retzlaff. Isn't that something? All will be revealed soon enough. Right, Marshall?

Later in the call, JoJo mentions yet another Attorney (Professor Andrea Mooney), his "New York Attorney" who JoJo has also alleged helps (more like "enables") him.

Could "Admin Mike" be convicted felon Michael A. Centeno? Oddly enough, Mr. Centeno just happens to be the husband of Thomas C. Retzlaff's "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. What a small world it is, eh?

Centeno has an extensive rap sheet, which includes, but is not limited to: possession of a controlled substance - crack cocaine (multiple arrests), possession of METH, forgery and fraud by use of illegal credit cards, etc. Apparently the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas (and even more so when you're high on crack cocaine, we'd imagine.)

In yet another startling revelation, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte had been arrested and charged with Driving under the Influence.

With all that in mind, it might surprise some to find and view instances in which convicted felon Michael Centeno notarized legal documents for Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell within his cases in Texas. But then again, after four years of being subjected to the dirty tricks, civil rights violations and potential criminal acts committed by this crew, very little they do  (or have done) surprises us anymore.


EXHIBIT - Partial arrest record for Michael Centeno and his husband, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte.

EXHIBIT - Proof of the redaction of Attorney Marshall Jacobini's name from the ISIS terrorist and Revenge Pornography site, ViaView Files:

Click here for larger image:


EXHIBIT - Convicted felon Michael Centeno notarized the following court document (we have plenty more) for his husband, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell.

EXHIBIT - Here is one of at least two dozen examples where convicted felon, pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff references Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte as his "very close and personal friend. Retzlaff usually copies Dorrell on the stalking and harassment emails he sends to others.

JAILHOUSE RECORDING #17: - Fugitive from the law Neal Rauhauser (four outstanding warrants for his arrest for stalking and harassment) made the following comment on the ViaViewFiles ISIS terrorist and Revenge Pornography site on November 5, 2017. (Neal apparently has a fetish for "grown men crying.")

We normally don't entertain requests from wife beating, deadbeatdads or fugitives from the law, however we will make this one exception and provide Neal with an "audio clip of a grown ass man crying."

Some people might find it insensitive that we're posting a legally obtained recording of cyberstalker and two-time convicted felon Joseph Camp crying for ten minutes. Considering what Camp put BullyVille's founders wife and three minor children through (who have a permanent restraining order in place against him), we have absolutely no sympathy for him whatsoever. Cry us a river JoJo so we may bathe in your tears.


EXHIBIT - Convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff, Convicted Felon Joseph Camp and fugitive from the law Neal Rauhauser, all have an administrative hand within the ISIS terrorist and revenge pornography blog that posts death threats towards children.

EXHIBIT - Fugitive Neal Rauhauser has even posted the IP addresses of FBI agents, the State Department, the DOJ, etc when they visit the ViaViewFiles ISIS terrorist website and he even taunts them. And guess who represents fugitive Neal Rauhauser within one of the biggest scams orchestrated in United States History? None other than Thomas Retzlaff's "close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte.

JAILHOUSE RECORDING #18: - JoJo is "really scared" and "really sad". Wonder how scared that young girl was while JoJo was allegedly choking her? Wonder how scared all of  his female victims are of him? Might explain why at least four women have active restraining orders against him. JoJo pitches a "live from prison" radio show with Basko, who expresses interest. JoJo instructs Sue to contact one of the potential witnesses in his case and Sue agrees to do so.

JoJo claims he doesn't know what happened to his computer. You should have just asked us JoJo, we know exactly what happened to your computer, and your cellphone.....and your thumb-drives. Need proof?


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #19: - Attorney Sue Basko is concerned that these jailhouse recorded calls with JoJo might get her in trouble. Sue once again instructs JoJo to sue the Wheatridge Police Department. Sue gives JoJo a new nickname, "The Denver Strangler." JoJo considers himself a "big fish."

According to Sue, BullyVille founder James McGibney is a "retarded idiot." How are you liking these jailhouse recordings so far Sue? Your laughter is intoxicating, lol.


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #20: - Attorney Sue Basko accuses the Wheatridge Police Department and Prosecutor of getting "kickbacks" through a government fund. Sue continues to give JoJo legal advice and instructs him not to take a plea deal. Twitter user "Small Affair", who was ruthlessly stalked and harassed by Camp, is discussed at length.

Sue informs JoJo that she was recently sworn in as a member of the bar within the United States Supreme Court. Wonder who were the two attorney's who "sponsored" her? If only there was a way to find out, oh wait, there is.

JoJo discusses another attorney who is helping him, "Mike" who is Federal Attorney Michael Gross out of St. Louis. We will be posting a very illuminating article about Mr. Gross shortly.

Sue accuses the WheatRidge Police Department of destroying JoJo's "life" and his "family" and his "business." Hey Sue, remember when JoJo made this tweet while he was working for you and attacking one of your many enemies?


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #21: - Vexatious litigant and stalker Joseph Camp informs Attorney Sue Basko that he's filed 150 Pro Se Motions within his case, which Basko finds hilarious. JoJo finally admits that law enforcement searched all of his electronic devices. JoJo reminds Sue of his "connections" with Justin Beiber and Saturday Night Live.....seriously.

Sue continues to self incriminate by admitting that she is communicating with the victim in JoJo's stalking and harassment case.


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #22: - According to convicted felon Joseph Camp, his attorney in St. Louis (Michael A. Gross) contacted the FBI and JoJo is an outstanding citizen! Keep in mind, JoJo's first conviction was back in 2013 when he was sentenced to three years in Federal prison for attempting to sell stolen credit card numbers to an undercover agent.

Sue is acutely aware that law enforcement is listening to their jailhouse calls. JoJo continues to come to the realization that Basko has turned her back on him.


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #23: - Federal Attorney Michael Gross informs JoJo that he tried to get the US Attorney's Office to cut a deal by making JoJo a "hacking expert."

Apparently, the US Attorney's office had zero interest. Probably has something to do with the fact that JoJo has a prior arrest and conviction for hacking. JoJo claims to have a "two for one" deal for the US Attorney's Office. Who is the second "hacker" willing to help JoJo? Maybe he will unveil the identity of that person within a future call?

In yet another bit of irony, Attorney Michael Gross is licensed to practice law in Missouri and Arizona (based out of Phoenix.) Guess who else is based out of Phoenix? JoJo's partner in crime, convicted felon and court documented pedophile and rapist, Thomas Christopher Retzlaff. What a small world.


JAILHOUSE RECORDING #24: - Sue discusses Attorney Jay Leiderman and the bar compliant she filed against him, which was dismissed, because she appears to be insane. She states numerous times that the California Bar ordered Jay to get "mental help." After listening to these jailhouse recordings, it's painfully obvious who needs "mental help" Sue.

Sue and JoJo discuss "that guy" in Phoenix and Texas, who is their partner in crime, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff.

Sue continues to give Camp legal counsel and once again admits that she spoke to the victim (witness tampering.)

Sue falsely accuses BullyVille founder James McGibney of being "Catty Idiot." Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell made the same mistake years ago and went as far as submitting a filing within a case in Texas, falsely accusing McGibney of being the twitter handle "Catty Idiot" and maliciously misled to the court (which he has done and has been caught doing numerous times) which left McGibney with no choice but to submit a sworn affidavit vigorously denying those false allegations.


EXHIBIT - BullyVille Founder James McGibney submitted the following affidavit denying that he made the following statements about Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell.

EXHIBIT - Within a subsequent hearing, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell instructs the court to disregard the accusation he made that McGibney is the user "Catty Idiot" who allegedly accused him of being a "monster" and a "violent pedophile" with an "insatiable appetite for young hairless boys".

EXHIBIT - Within the same case, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell, who is "very close and personal friends" with court documented pedophile Thomas Retzlaff, once again submitted false claims against BullyVille founder James McGibney. According to Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell, "Plaintiff James McGibney claims to have hacked into the system of Hanszen Laporte, LLP law firm for the stated purpose of inserting exogenous pedophilic pornography into it." 

McGibney never made that claim however it is very peculiar that Mr. Dorrell felt the need to make a statement that someone had "inserted exogenous pedophilic pornography" onto his computer.

JAILHOUSE RECORDING #25: - JoJo asks Sue Basko if "TR" (short for Thomas Retzlaff) could do some "ghost writing" for his "civil stuff" or help with his bond or bail. Later within the call, JoJo asks if "Dean Anderson" (also Retzlaff) can author an article about the victim on his ViaView Files ISIS terrorist and Revenge Pornography website.

That's exactly what these guys do. They post "articles" on their ISIS Terrorist site and unethical lawyers like Retzlaff's "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell use those postings as "evidence" or reference points within their case.


EXHIBIT - Within Texas Case No. 126,841, out of Jefferson County, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell submitted a motion in which he used the exact same verbiage of a comment/post that was made by his "very close and personal friend" convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff, on his ISIS terrorist and Revenge Pornography site.

In summation.....we have Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte, submitting motions that include "evidence" from a blog run by his "very close and personal friend", convicted felon, court documented pedophile and rapist, Thomas Retzlaff (who ironically has a prior conviction for fabricating physical evidence). Furthermore, if we are to believe that "admin Mike" is none other than the current husband of Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell, convicted felon Mike Centeno (who ironically has a prior conviction for forgery yet somehow still managed to become a licensed Notary in the State of Texas), well we would most certainly be getting dangerously close to a RICO charge now wouldn't we?

JAILHOUSE RECORDING #26: - The following call between Lindsay Romo and Convicted Felon Joseph Camp is fascinating to say the least. According to JoJo, he doesn't have to worry about the FBI. It appears Lindsay was acting as a mouthpiece for Camp, however we'd have to imagine that Lindsay, at the time, had no idea about JoJo's extensive history of stalking and harassment of innocent women. We'd assume that the following holds true for the following people mentioned within the call:

Justyn Brodsky

Donte Demarco

Kevan Corrias (working on update of correct spelling and association to Joseph Camp)

JoJo refers to his mother, Artletta Christlieb as a "crack whore." Such a nasty and continuous disrespect for women.


Here is just one example of an email that Joseph sent to a female lawyer in Florida whom he was viciously stalking and harassing. A warrant for his arrest is still active out of Florida for his continuous stalkerish behavior:

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Good job bullyville! Long time fan keep us the good work.
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He is so brutal it's fun to watch.
Posted By: MediaSue | 11/08/17 12:25 PM
Posted By: Baskobatshitcrazy | 10/26/17 9:58 AM
Sue Basko is #batshitcrazy. Nauseating to hear a woman consoling a man who strangled an innocent young high school girl. Isn't Camp in his mid to late 30's?
Posted By: Pincher | 10/27/17 9:37 AM
Sue Basko is going to have more bar complaints filed against her. Witness tampering, practicing law within a state she's not licensed to practice in. Why is she so obsessed with Lauren Becker? The only person who is insane is Basko. #disbarbasko
Posted By: byebyebasko | 10/31/17 12:55 PM
Bye Bye Basko!
Posted By: EveryoneisInsane | 10/29/17 12:04 AM
What a cluster f*ck these two are.

Here's a summary of what we know so far.... Sue Basko hates poor liddle JoJo but he has apparently done some weird sh*t for her so she is worried he will expose her bad deeds so she lets him call her so she can abuse him and say "this is the last time we can talk" every single time. As sad is that is she appears to be all JoJo has because everyone he helped has left him high and dry. Basko thinks everyone is mentally ill but HER and JoJo I assume. Basko attempted to tamper with a witness, I believe that is a felony. Basko is really bad actress especially when she is trying to pretend she doesn't know Retzlaf. Basko also provides info to the admin of a website that has ties to Isis and regularly calls for the death of women and children. Anyone want to make a bet in the next call she will tell JoJo that "this is the last time we can talk"?
Posted By: therealspongebob | 10/29/17 8:00 AM
What an asskicking! The bullyville legend grows. Post MOAR tapes NOW. Is there a phonesex tape?
Posted By: EveryoneisInsane | 10/29/17 12:58 PM
If there is a phone sex tape between Basko and JoJo I may just have to wash my ears out with acid.

The latest tape confirms that Basko was certainly tampering with a witness and trying to intimidate her so she wouldn't testify.
Posted By: Scotch | 10/30/17 11:46 AM
I'm super duper sugar on top fingers crossed hoping there is a sex tape. If there is, moral fag mcgibney probably won't post it.
Posted By: byebyebasko | 10/31/17 12:54 PM
Bye Bye Basko! Vegas odds are 100 to 1 that you will be disbarred and brought up on criminal charges for witness tampering. BV was right about you all along, you are a snake in the grass. You can hear the manipulative tone in your voice.
Posted By: Bascoville | 11/01/17 9:19 AM
Thank you bullyville. Hard for her to deny the authenticity of these calls. That's what she gets for messin with the bull. Putting Camp aside for a moment, her support for Retzlaff shows the world how sick and demented she is. Praise the lord she doesn't have a daughter, she'd probably let that pedophile molest her. Hell she'd probably even send him an invoice for the molestation.
Posted By: Baskocase | 11/02/17 10:54 PM
Hey Bullyville it appears recording #11 was posted for #10 as well in error. Also, could you please post the date of each jailhouse recording to make it easier for the Bar complaints against Basko? It's interesting how she tries to push Camp into taking action or place blame at people SHE is mad at, still trying to use Camp as a pawn. Does anyone have an address where Basko can be served with a Complaint for defamation? Asking for a friend...
Posted By: bigbank | 11/03/17 1:01 PM
Appears to be resolved. Basko is either in Cali or Chicago, thinking Cali.
Posted By: bigbank | 11/03/17 1:03 PM
Romeo and Juliet? Camp continues to entertain us. Batshit Basko lives up to her well earned nickname.
Posted By: CriminalMinds | 11/03/17 6:02 PM
It's very interesting to hear two criminals conversing. I say two because Basko was most definitely trying to intimidate a witness.
Posted By: LMFAO | 11/06/17 8:22 AM
My god this is some epic sh*t. LMFAO basko is done for. Anonymous and Rustle League taught you well bullyville but the FBI took you to another level. Who provided you these voice recordings bv? Was it RL, Anonymous or the FBI or did you hack into the their phone system and do it yourself?
Posted By: XOLife3 | 11/07/17 1:02 PM
Words will not thoroughly convey how much I heart you bullyville.
Posted By: Uzizert | 11/07/17 2:34 PM
Man alive! A felon was notarizing docs for Dorrell? How does a felon with a conviction for forgery get to become a notary?
Posted By: MediaSue | 11/08/17 12:24 PM
"Get this in the media Sue" cry cry cry cry Sue help me. #priceless thx bullyville!
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