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Albino woman defies bullies who branded her a ghost to become model
Article by: MSN
June 01, 2017
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Nontobeko Mbuyazi, 20, was born with albinism – resulting in very pale skin and visual impairment.

She claims she faces discrimination on her social media for her unusual looks and is often targeted by cyber bullies.

Although she is studying to be a Criminologist at University - Nontobeko has also been modelling, and frequently shares her images on social media.

Despite her self-confident captions and hashtags of being proud of her skin, people have tormented the 20-year-old, branding her a 'ghost.'

However she is determined not to let any bullies bring her down, and wants other albino people to love themselves too.

Nontobeko said: "I am an albino and despite my differences, I have found the confidence to start modelling.

"People online tell me I look like a ghost online, asking where my eyebrows are, and why am I so pale.

"In real life I have never experienced that kind of bullying before, it's only ever online.

"Cyber bullying has made me doubt myself at times, it's made me question whether I am beautiful or not.

"But instead of bringing me down, it's actually ended up doing the opposite.

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