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January 12, 2017
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William Welna and Leigh Belk Marcotte Maibes.

William Welna aka Sanguinarious was born on August 7, 1988. He is an unemployed troll who takes odd jobs from time to time, like when he administered (poorly at that) a blog for resident psychopath Marcie Wogan. For years we've watched William torment and harass countless victims, with the majority being women. When he decided to come after BullyVille, we in turn, decided to fight back. This page is not only dedicated to William Welna, but also to his countless victims, may this website provide them with the solace of knowing that their tormentor will be repeatedly exposed for what he has done to so many others. Sometimes you need to be a bully to beat a bully and William Welna is one of the biggest bullies around.

Article #1 - Upon hearing that BullyVille planned on exposing William for the stalker/harasser that he is, Mr. Welna sent the following email to BullyVille, and copied the FBI. We promptly responded and truly hope that we didn't hurt his feelings in the process. (did the FBI ever respond to you William? LOL)

Article #2 - Publically available link from Encylopedia Dramatica about William Welna: 


Article #3 - The Rage of William Welna!


Article #4 - Sabu and Sang, the Big Boys Chat.


Article #5 - Vince In The Bay chats with William Welna.


Article #6 - William Welna decides to go after well known activist "C1tyofFlint", who was one of the first people to expose the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.


Article #7 - William Welna and his buddy, fugitive from the law Neal Rauhauser (https://www.neal-rauhauser.com) are the two best friends anyone could ever have!


Article #8 - Many have tried to understand why William Welna ruthlessly stalks and harasses people online. At some point we'd expect to see a full blown psychological profile, but until that time.......according to publicly available information, William's father, Henry Welna, allegedly set their house on fire, with William inside of it. (image sourced from Encyclopedia Dramatica)



Article #9 - While reviewing the following emails that Henry Welna sent to his son, William, we started to get a sense as to why William is the way he is. There is no doubt that he had a very difficult childhood, nevertheless, one should never let their past dictate their future. Unfortunately William has done just that. The image is rather small, so here is the full sized version as well:


(images sourced from Encyclopedia Dramatica)

Article #10 - The following email was allegedly sent from William to his father. You can definitely feel the anger within his words. Here is the source file since the image is rather small.


(images sourced from Encyclopedia Dramatica)

Article #11 - We are assuming that the "certificate" that William is referencing in the aforementioned email is his GED Certificate, which is a publicly available document. Considering how tough his life was growing up, William should be proud of the fact that he earned his GED, we here at BullyVille commend him for this accomplishment.

(image sourced from Encyclopedia Dramatica)

Article #12 - Here are some publicly available images of William Welna. It is always helpful to have a face with the name of someone who is allegedly stalking and harassing you.

Article #13 - Who is Leigh Maibes and why was Marcie Wogan sending her money? From what we can gather, Leigh is William Welna's girlfriend and allegedly helps him with various online "activities". We are currently in the process of gathering information about her, and will post everything we find shortly. At some point, like every other woman who William has used, she too, will realize that she's merely a pawn in his psychotic game that he's never going to win, but unfortunately, like every woman before her, she will lose.

Article #14 - Interesting article entitled "Protesters Exposed" which has quite a bit of information on Leigh.


Article #15 - St. Louis Police Officer Called the Boss of Leigh Maibes.


Article #16 - Fascinating alleged email exchange between William Welna's Dad and Willy's ex-girlfriend. Due to the size of the emails, we have uploaded them here:


Article #17 - The Manifesto of Sanguinarious, AKA William Welna.


Article #18 - Sanguinarious, AKA William Welna publically plans hacking Gab.ai.


Article #19 - A few more emails sent from Henry Welna to his son, internet stalker William Welna. The image is rather small, so here is the source file:


Article #20 - Court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff (http://www.thomasretzlaff.com) comes to the aid of William Welna. Being the pedophile that Retzlaff is, he just can't help himself but to immediately target children. William is so lucky to have someone like Retzlaff on his side. Oh, Tommy, before I forget, I actually have "learned a single thing over the past three years" and within the next 48 hours you're going to find out exactly what that is.

Article #21 - Ferguson Activist dislikes the taste of her own medicine:


Article #22 - True to his word, William Welna "hacked" Gab.ai, however it was FAR from a hack. Everything the Welna posted is public data, the links are shareable and indexed. He simply used an aggregator to accomplish this.

What's fascinating is the day after he posts his "hack" he is now trying to justify his actions by playing the victim card. GAB had nothing to do with us creating this page, and we've owned www.williamwelna.com for years. William has stalked and harassed people for years, and he'll never stop, and we will never stop exposing him. Henry Welna summed it up best in describing William, "it is easy to blame others for your choices especially when they are not there. Someday you may realize that what you are is a result of choices you have made".

We have offered to take this page down and even return www.williamwelna.com back to him (for free, so he can take those "extortion" claims and shove them up his ass) and all we've asked in return is that he stops stalking and harassing people. He has refused to take us up on this offer for one simple reason, he can't stop stalking and harassing people, he'll never stop, he needs help.

Article #23 - We are slightly offended that Leigh Belk Maibes (maiden name Belk) would categorize our journalistic integrity as "BS". We simply expose pedophiles, rapists, revenge pornographers, stalkers, deadbeat dads, etc. with FACTUAL information.

When we start our investigations, it is always warranted and the target in question has done everything possible to garner our full and undivided attention. Leigh Belk Maibes has decided to aid and abet William Welna within his stalking and harassment campaign. We hope he was worth it. We have a plethora (I love using that word) of documents in our possession and look forward to you trying to discredit them as "propaganda and BS".

Article #24 - Why was child support terminated for Leigh B Marcotte? More to come.....

Full size image can be found here:



Article #25 - Pretty brutal when you don't even get mentioned in your Grandfather's obituary. It's worth mentioning, William's grandfather was really bad ass! Nothing but respect for that man. Easy to understand why they completely omitted William.

Article #26 - What is this upcoming trial (2-27-2017) about involving Leigh Maibes and Quest Diagnostics? More to come:

Article #27 - Why in the world would Leigh Maibes involve herself with such a racist and hateful man is beyond comprehension. She lives with this guy?


Article #28 - William Welna AKACHARLESWADE is lying. His Dad was cleared of all wrongdoing. William blames everyone else (but himself) for the fact that he's a worthless POS who has accomplished absolutely nothing in his pathetic life.

Article #29 - William Welna's girlfriend, Leigh Belk Marcotte Maibes always seems to be asking for money. Whether it's for her real estate license or for her medical insurance payment, she always needs money. After conducting some extensive research, we have discovered what Liegh really does with the money she receives online and will be posting our findings shortly. 

Article #30 - Leigh Belk Marcotte Maibes is a self admitted drug user, including previous bouts with heroin. Is she using the money that she receives from online solicitations to fuel her alleged drug use?

Article #31 - We are hopeful that Leigh Belk Marcotte Maibes is not back to using heroin and that her business as a Psychic helps her to stay clean. Healthy mind, healthy body, right Leigh?

Article #32 - We are discovering all sorts of interesting secrets about Leigh Belk Marcotte Maibes. We will be releasing some shocking information we discovered about Leigh, AKA "YaYaYilo" shortly.

Source: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/NMCCM/conversations/messages/184

Article #33 - What is the real reason why Leigh Belk Marcotte Maibes is involved with the "Forum Mondial des Medias Libres"? It's definitely not what she's been telling people. Her "journalism" angle is just that, an angle. More to come:

**Click here to watch a video of Leigh at one of her Forum Mondial des Medias Libres meetings:


Article #34 - William Welna and Leigh Belk Marcotte Maibes publically plan an attack, including a DDoS, of the social networking platform Gab.ai.

Article #35 - Fascinating article, including log dumps, about the very dark side of William Welna.


Article #36 - William Welna continues to cry (to anyone who will listen) about a website being created in his name, yet he did the exact same thing to someone else. #freespeechpurchase

Article #37 - William Welna prides himself as being "a master troll" so it was, by far, one of the funniest stories ever to hit the interwebz when it was discovered that a woman trolled the ever loving shit out of William. She got him to move clear across the country and sent his pathetic ass back home, but not before he "left his computer at her house". And what ever became of the contents of that hard drive you ask? Well it was quite a task trying to track that data down but after much due diligence, lol. You think what Encyclopedia Dramatica exposed about you was bad William? My oh my, what a wonderful day.

Article #38 - As previously mentioned within Article #26, Leigh Belk Marcottte Maibes is suing Quest Diagnostics. According to self admitted alleged drug user Leigh, here's what happened: (and keep in mind, this incident occurred on April 14, 2014. What was Leigh doing shortly before and immediately after April 14, 2014? More to come.....

Article #39 - It is pretty ironic that Leigh Belk Marcotte Maibes decided to out someone for being a recovering heroin addict when she, herself, is a self admitted heroin addict.  



Article #40 - Just a few months after Leigh Belk Marcotte Maibes had injuries that were "permanent and progressive" according to her lawsuit filed against Quest Diagnostic, she was raising money so she could live stream the Ferguson protests. She raised at least $2,906 dollars (from what we've been told, it was much more). Now, per article #39, we can see why she was doing everything humanly possible to discredit anyone else trying to raise money so they could livestream the Ferguson protests.

Source: https://fundrazr.com/dtDi5

Article #41 - The "permanent and progressive" injury to Leigh Belk Marcotte Maibes "fractured" left ankle appears to have completely healed. Starting at the 9:00 minute mark of the following video (that she recorded and uploaded) she is running.

Article #42 - This family tree has quite a story to tell and we're more than happy to be their voice, more to come.

Source: http://tinyurl.com/hjkm5t7

Article #43 - According to the infinite wisdom of William Welna, we "don't have the skill" here at BullyVille to SEO someone into infamy. We respectfully disagree.

Out of 42,800 search results for William Welna we hold the #1 position.....and we're just getting started.  

Article #44 - It appears Leigh Maibes is being sued by Discover Card:

Article #45 - William Welna and Leigh Maibes unwavering support of convicted felon Brandon Charles King have all but guaranteed that this article will never come down. As a matter of fact, we'll be adding new content shortly.

***We have received so much information about both William and Leigh that it is going to take some time to attempt to authenticate and post, where warranted. We will continue posting to this article daily until we get caught up. For example, we now have copies of the documents from Henry Welna's divorce, which include, but are not limited to, the Protective order and multiple affidavits submitted within that case. 

In our opinion, Leigh, like so many women, was approached by Sang and he immediately began to manipulate her. He has quite a history of that. Although he will never change, we are optimistically hopeful that she will come to realize what a manipulative POS William Welna is and when that time comes (which it will) we here at BullyVille will help her in any way we can.

If anyone has anything pertinent to this article that they'd like posted, please forward it to [email protected]

As always, we will make the same offer to William that we've made to others posted on BullyVille. Simply stop stalking and harassing people online and we would be more than happy to remove this article.

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He is one!
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