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BullyVille’s statement about the domains nealrauhauser.com, .net, .org and .info
Article by: BullyVille
June 28, 2016
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It has come to our attention that Thomas Retzlaff www.thomasretzlaff.com has fraudulently obtained the domains nealrauhauser.com, .net, .org and .info which we rightfully own through GoDaddy.

The domains all tied into the following article which outlines Neal Rauhauser's four outstanding warrants, restraining orders and other stalking and harassment victims of Neal:


We have contacted GoDaddy and they are fully aware of the situation and the domains will remain locked until further notice.

Unfortunately it appears that GoDaddy has been yet another victim in Retzlaff's continued spree of fraudulent activity.  

On a positive note, Retzlaff's latest restraining order violation has most certainly paved the way for computer crime charges, most likely even Federal. And since he and GoDaddy are both located in Arizona, jurisdiction most certainly won't be an issue.

We are working with law enforcement and GoDaddy and look forward to getting this fraudulent issue resolved as quickly as possible.

As always, thank you to all of our Bullyville fans for all of your support.

UPDATE 1 - 10-6-16 - We have obtained the results of a subpoena request made to GoDaddy which reveals the connection between cyberstalker Thomas C. Retzlaff and Neal Rauhauser's Attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. A connection which underscores and amplifies previous incidents (www.bullyville.com) involving Dorrell and Retzlaff which have occurred during the course of our case. Mr. Dorrell has gone to great lengths to deny this connection in the form of multiple affidavits within the various court cases in which Retzlaff has menaced and intimidated opposing counsel, their clients and their friends and family.

Scroll down to see the results of the subpoena and listen to audio of Retzlaff threatening to show up at GoDaddy's headquarters if they don't comply with his demands.

UPDATE 2:  On October 4, 2016, Attorney John Morgan filed the following documents within a lawsuit in Texas (Bullyville is not a party to the case). Mr. Morgan served a legally issued subpoena to Godaddy in an effort to prove the relationship that exists between Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte and Convicted felon and court documented pedophile/rapist Thomas Retzlaff (which Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte has denied over and over again). Due to the veiled threats that Retzlaff made towards numerous GoDaddy employees, we have redacted their names to protect their identity and for their safety.

And here is a recent notarized affidavit that Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell submitted in a case in Texas (before Attorney John Morgan filed the results of his GoDaddy subpoena).

And just in case Serial Stalker Thomas Retzlaff tries to falsely claim that BullyVille "fabricated evidence" as he so often does, here is a call that he had with GoDaddy tech support.


We will continue to update this article as information/additional evidence becomes available. To this day, we cannot seem to put our finger on why a prominent Attorney such as Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte would have "a close and personal" relationship with a convicted felon/pedophile/rapist such as Thomas Retzlaff?

UPDATE 3:  Here is yet another call that convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff made to GoDaddy. Once again, please keep in mind, he was making these veiled threats towards GoDaddy employees while acting on behalf of Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell and Hanszen Laporte.


UPDATE 4:  Pedophile and Rapist Thomas Retzlaff calls GoDaddy again, while acting on behalf of his very close and personal friend, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte.


UPDATE 5:  Additional emails sent by Thomas Retzlaff to GoDaddy in a desperate attempt to stop the production of the undisputable evidence that Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell authorized a convicted felon to act on his behalf for the purpose of committing fraud. He even tried to convince GoDaddy that the subpoena was "fake". Why did we wait to release this second wave of emails to the public? #ticktock.......more to come shortly.

UPDATE 6:  Retzlaff was so desperate to conceal the correspondence between himself, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte and GoDaddy that he threatened to sue them. And in his typical, and cowardly fashion, he made a veiled threat of someone getting "hurt". He also pretended to be a lawyer by affixing "esq" to his signature at the end of his letter.

UPDATE 7:  How long has Retzlaff been trying to scam GoDaddy in an effort to help his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte? Since at least 2014, but most likely even earlier than that. Just when you think we've posted all of the communications between Retzlaff, Dorrell and GoDaddy, more find there way to the people who need them the most. Maybe one day we'll all find out why a prominent Attorney such as Jeffrey Lee Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte is such close and personal friends with a court documented pedophile.



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Posted By: ghostarmor | 6/28/16 12:41 PM
Retzlaff hacked godaddy? How did he get them to turn over the domains to him? Lesson kiddies don't use godaddy they are the worst registrar on the web.
Posted By: tubbytommy | 6/28/16 12:48 PM
Tubby Tommy strikes again. You should be happy bullyville, retzlaff finally did something that the feds can nab him for with a fed charge. So much for retzlaff and neal not working together.
Posted By: Coconut | 6/28/16 1:01 PM
That is retztarded. Like godaddy isn't going to headsmash him in court for this?
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