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An open letter to Denise Retzlaff Hollas from BullyVille founder James McGibney.
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June 10, 2016
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An open letter to Denise Retzlaff Hollas from BullyVille founder James McGibney.


Hello Denise,


Yesterday, I finally got around to listening to the blog talk radio interview you gave to Mike Arpey which can be found here:


I have been receiving emails and phone calls all week urging me to go on the offensive and dispute the numerous factual fabrications which you eloquently spun on behalf of your ex-husband. However, I will not be going on the offensive against you, and my reasoning is simple. Denise, I believe that you are just as much a victim of Thomas Christopher Retzlaff as your daughter Brittany is. In fact, in many ways, Thomas has victimized you worse. At least Brittany doesn’t have to physically see Thomas on a daily basis. Brittany literally fled the Country in order to evade his criminally obsessive stalking and harassment. You know exactly what Thomas has done to Brittany. Because of your strength and courage, Denise, you were the key factor in helping us to successfully serve Thomas with a restraining order which has helped to protect your daughter from this court documented pedophile and rapist. This is the affidavit you submitted to the court on our behalf at the July 29, 2014 permanent restraining order hearing, these are your words:



Back to that blog talk radio interview. There is only one thing that bothers me about what was said on that show, and it wasn’t Mike Arpey slamming me, nor was it the mountain of lies and deception being told while Thomas was whispering in your ear... rather, it was the comments you made about how the nude images of your daughter ended up all over the web. You have previously stated on several occasions that you know it was Thomas who obtained (without your daughter's knowledge or consent) and posted the nude images of Brittany. If you have not yet read the Texas Ranger report detailing the investigation initiated by your daughter's complaint, here it is for your review:



Denise, you are well aware of just how vicious Thomas has been toward your daughter since you were CC'ed on many of the emails he sent her:



Denise, the most disturbing aspect of all of this is that the sum of your statements amount to you calling Brittany a liar. Why would she lie about something as horrific as the numerous harms which Thomas has committed against her?

She is emphatic that Thomas recorded those images of her, IN HIS APARTMENT IN TEXAS and posted them all over the web. She was so certain of it that she reported him to the El Paso Police Department, the Texas Rangers and the FBI. Why have you suddenly and publicly reversed your support of her? Look what Thomas has done to you, Denise. Is it that hard for you to believe that he’s victimized your daughter in the same manner in which he has victimized you?

Brittany is telling the truth and you know it and only God knows why you are now willing to lie in order to help that monster.

Where do you think Brittany gets all of her strength and courage from Denise? It certainly isn’t from her coward father - it’s from you. She gets that strength and courage from you, Denise. You – not Thomas - taught her right from wrong. You -not Thomas - taught her how to defend herself. Most importantly, you showed her through your actions that not even a violent sexual predator can or should stop her from living her life.

I urge you to find that courage to stand up for your daughter once again and protect her from this monster. Put an end to the decades worth of abuse he has terrorized her with. Your strength is Thomas Retzlaff’s weakness. Thomas is using you in his attempt to gain control over Brittany. Follow Brittany's lead and stop letting Thomas control you. Take back your life, take back your freedom and most importantly, protect your daughter before Thomas makes good on his promise to kill her.


Exhibit #84 – January 26, 2015: Email sent to protected party Brittany Retzlaff by Thomas Retzlaff.


---------- Forwarded message ----------


From: Tom Retzlaff <[email protected]>
Date: January 26, 2015 at 12:39:42 AM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <
[email protected]>

Dear Stupid Bitch,

Yes, you really are stupid. Why are you begging for $500 to get your water fixed, yet I am such a terrible person who you want locked up? You know exactly that your mom doesn't have the money, that Rick isn't going to give it to her, so you know she comes to me. Just like always. 

And your picture on my dresser is evidence of what? those faggots are trying to spin it how?

Oh I guess you conveniently "forgot" that the reason why that picture, and a bunch of your others, got online is because.... I emailed them to you to the email account you and that spic shared. so that photo and many others you and I took were on his computer that he kept after your divorce. You know this because you and I had a specific conversation about it five years ago at your mom's house during thanksgiving. 

But those niggers on twitter are trying to make it sound otherwise. So obviously you are a motherfucking liar. 

So what's going to happen on February 2nd? Not a fucking thing. I'm not going to be there and they can't make me. I see all Leiderman's claim about how I supposedly committed this crime or that crime and stuff like that. But the funny thing is, if the police and FBI really felt that, why haven't I been arrested? "Oh, well those things take time" your stalker friends say. NO THEY DON'T!!

This shit has been going on (according to Piss Boy McGibney) for over a year!

So how much longer do the police need?  

Your life is in danger, and you will likely be seriously hurt or killed if u come back to the US. But not from me. From all these Internet weirdos, that's who! A shit load of people hate your stalker friend and he has harmed many more. You are seen as supporting him, which makes you a serious target. 


You will always be a target. No matter what happens to me, there will ALWAYS be people coming after you in the years to come. 

Which is why I warned you to stay out of this shit. All of these people, on all sides, are nuts. Which is why I don't have any contact with anyone. People who live online and twitter are weird. Seriously. 

If I had actually done any of the things this stalker claims, i'd done be locked up long long ago. You know that. Think butt-head. 


So why doesn't that spic you married pay his ownself to fix the fucking water pipes? Don't his family own that slum building? You claim to us how well you guys are doing and shit, right? I know what you mean and how you are trying to put a smiley face on things. But you need to acknowledge the reality of your situation. You don't have a job. That boy doesn't have a job. Neither of you have an education or any job skills. Neither of you seem to want any. 

So this is how your life will be. 

And you being a lying Bitch isn't going to help your situation any. 

Any danger that you are in right now has nothing to do with me. It has to do with your association with a person who so many people hate and who has hurt so many others. 



I’ll leave you with this, Denise. Because ViaViewFiles is Thomas Retzlaff's blog, he is responsible for every last article and comment on that blog concerning Brittany. He published and re-published her naked images on his blog because he is mentally disturbed and does not observe nor respect boundaries. Nor does he care to protect you when he manipulates you into helping him. The following photo should look familiar to you. You took it outside of your house in Phoenix. We acquired this photo from ViaViewFiles:


We are occasionally surprised on how sloppy a prolific stalker such as Thomas can be. Over the past two-plus years we have analyzed and cataloged dozens of images that he has uploaded and published on his blog. These images contain data which are consistent with Thomas Retzlaff being the creator and/or editor of said media. We’re comfortable disclosing this now because we have compiled more than enough digital evidence (uploaded and stored on third-party servers) to put him away for a very long time once his criminal trial begins in California.

Do you remember when you took possession of that iPhone 6 that you recently used to take that photo of Thomas on that motorcycle? Thomas sent the following picture to Brittany on the day he purchased that iPhone 6 for you.

Exhibit #21 – October 30, 2014: Email sent to protected party Brittany Retzlaff by Thomas Retzlaff which includes a photo Mr. Retzlaff took of his ex-wife, Denise Hollas.


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Tom Retzlaff <[email protected]>
Date: October 30, 2014 at 9:24:02 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff <
[email protected]>

Oh no! I am harassing and threatening your mother sooo much right now that I bought her a new I Phone 6. Oh I am such a horrible person Brittany. I hope the California restraining order police don't get me! Hahahahahahaha. 


You silly girl. Say didn't you want an I Phone 6, too? Yeah I remember you saying that. Oh well. Sucks to be you. Maybe your Internet stalker friend will get you one. Oh. Wait. He has no money. Oh no! Poor brittany. 


Well I got to go and harass and threaten your mom some more. This time with some birthday cake and presents. Yeah I'm bad. 




Tom Retzlaff

Sent via Encrypted BlackBerry Network


Denise, I sincerely wish upon you the strength and courage required to purge Thomas Retzlaff from your life once and for all. I pray that you will find peace and I am hopeful that peace will become a reality once Retzlaff is back where he belongs, behind bars. Rest assured, I will continue to do everything in my power to make that a reality, and there are plenty of other people who are doing the same. May God bless and protect you and your loved ones. 

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Posted By: Rapist | 6/11/16 2:26 PM
What a horrible mother. What mother in her right mind would ever let a man, especially the father of your child, speak to a woman like this? She's a pedophile enabler.
Posted By: Flippin | 6/11/16 2:57 PM
Awful. Denise lost my respect once I read those emails. A mother should protect their children, not let a molester continue to torment them.
Posted By: barbetude | 6/12/16 10:19 AM
Did you see the email Denise was copied on where Retzlaff says 'do you think I want u to f*ck me or something? Yeah like I am going to trade $20,000 or so for a piece of p*ssy. Get real!! You may think ur hot stuff and the best p*ssy ever, but I guarantee u it isn't worth $20k. Not even close kid'.

What kind of mother would allow any man to speak that way towards her flesh and blood?
Posted By: gross | 6/12/16 12:59 PM
If anyone ever spoke those words to my daughter I would cut off their d*ck and spoon feed it to them.
Posted By: barbetude | 6/12/16 10:13 AM
Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. Unfortunately this is what Denise has. Mr. Retzlaff has kept her in his mental prison for the majority of her life. She will do and say whatever he wants just to avoid any sort of trouble or confrontation, even to the point of failing to protect Brittany.
Posted By: twoten | 6/12/16 11:35 AM
That house was up for auction and it mysteriously was removed at the last minute. Pulling all of the documents now, will send to bv soon. Bet the farm that Tom helped pay to get Denise's house out of auction. He is buying her off and she is supporting him in return. Guess the house is more important to her then Brittany is.
Posted By: Torxx | 6/13/16 10:27 AM
I hate when you do this bullyville. Denise lets this pedophile attack her daughter and you give her a pass? Why not post her bankruptcy filing?
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