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Rauhauser v McGibney
Article by: BullyVille
May 03, 2016
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If you simply Google “Rauhauser V. McGibney” you will see just how hard fugitive and deadbeat dad Neal Rauhauser has tried to control the narrative of this case. And to his credit, he’s actually done a pretty good job of it (lying), but that’s all about to change. Unfortunately for Neal, he can’t control the media, just like he, nor his partner in crime, court documented pedophile and rapist, Thomas Retzlaff www.thomasretzlaff.com couldn’t prevent Wired Magazine from publishing an article about Bullyville founder James McGibney and his fight against pedophiles, rapists, cyberbullies and deadbeatdads. We're excited, and grateful, for the upcoming media coverage about this case and a restraining order case in California against Thomas Retzlaff and applaud the media outlets who have the courage to take on such a complex and disturbing story:



You can learn all about Neal Rauhauser by going to www.neal-rauhauser.com. There is an extensive, and very factual background on Neal, which includes current outstanding warrants for his arrest.


With respect to what has happened in a Fort Worth Courtroom in Texas; we invite everyone to go check out www.bullyville.com to see the extensive history of what has transpired to date.


Here is the latest affidavit that was submitted by BullyVille’s founder James McGibney on April 4th, 2016. We have also included links to the affidavit in its entirety which includes numerous exhibits including an affidavit from Neal Rauhauser’s ex-wife in which she confirms, under oath, that Neal is a deadbeat dad, a fugitive from the law with four outstanding warrants for his arrest, and a coward who physically abuses women. You know you’ve failed as a father when your own children have to get restraining orders in place against you.

Link #1 - Full Affidavit of BullyVille founder James McGibney with Exhibits:


Link #2 - Plaintiffs' Response to Defendant Rauhauser's Motion for Fees and Sanctions:


Link #3 - To learn more about the scam that Neal Rauhauser and Thomas Retzlaff pulled off (for now) in Texas, please feel free to check it out here:


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