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January 03, 2016
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SAN JOSE, CA, Jan. 27, 2016 – BullyVille Inc., http://www.bullyville.com, the company responsible for the dismantling of the most infamous revenge porn websites (IsAnyoneUp, IsAnyoneDown and YouGotPosted) has been hit with a 1.3 million dollar judgment in Fort Worth, TX. This is the largest anti-SLAPP award in U.S. history and is the largest sanction ever awarded in the state of Texas (Cause No. 067-270669-14).


The two individuals who stand to gain financially from this historic judgment are both fugitives from the law with multiple outstanding warrants for their arrest. One is a convicted felon and a court documented pedophile and rapist who posted naked images of his daughter all over the web with the use of a hidden camera (www.thomasretzlaff.com) and the other has four outstanding warrants for his arrest for stalking and harassment and is 14 years behind on child support payments (www.neal-rauhauser.com). Additionally, Neal Rauhauser has a prior conviction for the theft of radioactive material.


BullyVille.com founder and former United States Marine, James McGibney, is confident that the decision will be overturned on appeal and vows to continue to fight until these men are behind bars. Besides going after and permanently shutting down numerous revenge porn websites, Bullyville has been instrumental in identifying and exposing some of the most prolific stalkers and pedophiles on the web. To learn more about this unfathomable miscarriage of justice, please visit www.bullyville.com.


For media inquiries please contact BullyVille at [email protected].


Our tale is both cautionary and bizarre. It is cautionary because this is a story of how two criminals, practiced and well-versed in exploiting Internet Law and the legal system, can wreak havoc upon so many lives (especially when they have a “prominent” attorney as a willing and engaged partner). Bizarre because there are aspects of this tale (such as Thomas C. Retzlaff's criminal past and present) which defy belief. The following only scratches the surface of what we have endured over the past 27-30 months.


BullyVille was launched in early 2013 and is responsible for shutting down three of the most infamous revenge porn websites (IsAnyoneUp, IsAnyoneDown and YouGotPosted). We have also been instrumental in identifying numerous sex offenders and serial stalkers who exploit social media platforms such as Twitter to victimize their targets. Our founder, James McGibney, is a former United States Marine (http://www.bullyville.com/?page=aboutus) who served two tours of duty with Third Surveillance Reconnaissance Intelligence group and Marine Security Guard Battalion, and the majority of our volunteers are former military. BullyVille has been featured on Yahoo, BBC, Wired Magazine, Late Night with Jimmy Falon, ABC Nightline, Forbes, Extra TV and Dr. Phil for our fight against pedophiles and revenge porn website operators.

Our Statement

Starting in the fall of 2013, McGibney and his family were being tormented with near daily threats to rape his wife and the murder of he and his wife and their young children. A few months’ prior, a Twitter account known as @MissAnonNews had begun to engage in a non-stop defamation campaign against McGibney by, among other things, falsely labeling him a pedophile. With the help of law enforcement, an investigation was conducted and it became apparent that two individuals with separate yet intersecting agendas had led and were primarily responsible for the barrage of defamation, threats and harassment:


Thomas C. Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com) and Neal Rauhauser (www.neal-rauhauser.com).

Thomas Retzlaff (one of the confirmed individuals who had been making the death threats) is a convicted felon who was sentenced to eight years in prison for possessing a concealed weapon on elementary school property while acting in a threatening manner. Retzlaff is also a court documented pedophile and rapist. A condition of his 2004 parole was that he register as a sex offender. Apparently he never complied with that directive and before the State of Texas could track him down, he went on the run, placing females and children of all ages at risk wherever Retzlaff may be (currently believed to be Phoenix, AZ). There is an outstanding warrant for his arrest for contempt of a California court – a state in which there are multiple restraining orders in place against him, including one his biological daughter has against him. BullyVille employees and Mr. McGibney's family have a permanent restraining order in place against Retzlaff as well. Retzlaff has set a record in the State of California, having violated a lawfully issued restraining order over 1,045 times. Retzlaff is a poster boy for revenge porn offenders. Via a hidden camera, Retzlaff surreptitiously and illegally obtained nude images of his biological daughter and subsequently posted those images on a myriad of websites and file sharing platforms.  BullyVille was responsible for taking down three of the revenge porn websites that Retzlaff used to post those illegally obtained naked images of his daughter and that enraged him. He began his attacks on BullyVille shortly thereafter.

Neal Rauhauser (the individual believed to be responsible for the @MissAnonNews Twitter account) has four outstanding warrants for his arrest for Internet harassment and stalking and is 15-years behind on child support payments (the number of years past due makes it rise to the level of a Federal crime). He has been on the run from law enforcement and child protective services for nearly a decade. Besides his extensive history as a deadbeat dad, Mr. Rauhauser has multiple restraining orders filed against him and he openly supports his partner in crime, court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff. Mr. Rauhauser has a prior conviction for stealing radioactive material (Cesium) and is a known associate of convicted felon Brett Kimberlin (Speedway bomber).


In early 2014, (apparently frustrated by the fact that neither McGibney nor ViaView - the parent company of Bullyville - had backed down from the intimidation tactics of Retzlaff, Rauhauser and their confederates) the threats intensified to include, for example, a promise to hang McGibney’s children from a tree while going over them with a blowtorch. Personally identifiable private information - such as McGibney and his wife's Driver’s License and Social Security numbers and home address - were posted on a blog administered by Thomas Retzlaff and his partner in crime, Neal Rauhauser. Retzlaff, who is a self-admitted member of the KKK and Aryan Brotherhood, took it a step further and posted McGibney's SSN and home address on a large racism-friendly website which included the directive: “here’s BullyVille’s home address, let’s go rape and murder his spic wife and half spic kids”. Eventually, they focused their attacks on our board members, investors (and their minor children), advertisers, celebrity spokespersons and even Warner Brothers - with which BullyVille had had a lucrative TV deal. Among the dirtier tactics, Retzlaff falsely accused one of our investors of being a pedophile who “rapes his own children” by having maliciously sent an email to that investor's child's entire school. Retzlaff, Rauhauser and their confederates made it clear via direct emails and internet published comments that the attacks would continue until and unless McGibney committed suicide. We had considered litigation to be a last resort, but were left with few options. After much discussion, we elected to file a civil suit against Retzlaff and his confederates (including Rauhauser) in Texas, alleging defamation and tortious interference with business relations. We chose Texas because it was Retzlaff's last known State of residence and was where he had served a lengthy prison sentence. Upon information and belief, we would soon discover that just a few months prior to our filing in Texas, Retzlaff had fled the State once it had been uncovered that he never bothered to comply with that aforementioned provision of his 2004 parole requiring him to register as a sex offender.

Likewise, soon after filing in Texas we discovered that Rauhauser had also been evading the pursuit of law enforcement. Despite Rauhauser having previously conducted business in Texas, we had further determined that neither individual was in Texas which ultimately led to the decision to withdraw our lawsuit there and refile it in the Federal district court in California, where McGibney is based. Meanwhile, Rauhauser had retained Texas counsel and just hours before our attorney withdrew, Rauhauser’s new lawyer, Houston-based Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte, filed a counterclaim demanding that attorney fees and sanctions be awarded. The counterclaim seemed opportunistic and bizarre for the following reasons:

(1) Rauhauser had not been served because he was (and still is) on the run.
(2) The case was 'non-suited', meaning it had been withdrawn from the court in Texas.
(3) Perhaps strangest of all was the revelation that Jeffrey Dorrell had accepted Rauhauser's case on contingency. We believe it is the first case in the history of the United States judicial system in which an attorney defended a client with outstanding warrants for similar behavior in a non-suited civil case - on contingency.


It was later discovered that Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanzsen Laporte is "very close and personal friends" with court documented pedophile and rapist Thomas Retzlaff. But don't take our word for it, here are some verified emails from Thomas Retzlaff's confirmed email address [email protected].


We were thankful when the lower court, by operation of law, denied Rauhauser's counterclaim and were hopeful that the Texas litigation had been concluded so that we may turn our attention to developing the Federal case against these two fugitives and their confederates. We thought wrong. Rauhauser and Dorrell persisted by filing an appeal based on the well-intentioned, but deeply flawed Texas Citizens Participation Act. We were shocked when the Texas Second District Court of Appeals ruled in Rauhauser's favor (and apparently based a portion of their opinion on an Amicus Brief filed by none other than Rauhauser's partner in crime, Thomas C. Retzlaff – whom also holds the distinction of being an officially designated 'vexatious litigant' by the State of Texas). The case was then remanded to the trial court for determination of fees and sanctions “as justice and equity may require”.


On December 30th, 2015, the same Judge (honorable Donald Cosby) whom had initially ruled in our favor inexplicably awarded the Defendant (deadbeat dad and fugitive from the law, Neal Rauhauser) $1,000,000 in sanctions and $300,000 in Attorney’s fees for a grand total of $1.3 million dollars. The $1,000,000 in sanctions is the largest ever awarded against a company in Texas.  The largest previous Texas sanctions amount was $250,000 against Schlumberger Ltd. who reported $96 BILLION in annual revenue. The Schlumberger sanction of $250,000 is 384,000 times smaller than their total annual revenue (they are the world’s largest oilfield services company). Conversely, BullyVille had revenues of $7,500 and the $1,000,000 sanction levied against us is more than 133 times larger than our annual revenue. How is “justice and equity” adequately served when a large multi-national $96 BILLION company is ordered to pay just $250,000 in sanctions and a small $7,500 company is ordered to pay $1,000,000? If the Shlumberger formula were applied to our case, we would owe $0.02 in sanctions. 

Additionally, the total sanctions and fees of $1,300,000 is the largest ever anti-SLAPP award in the United States. The results of this decision gives new life to the old adage that crime pays... and it certainly pays well.

We have requested a new trial and a hearing on that motion has been scheduled to be heard by the Honorable Judge Donald Cosby on January 29, 2016. The following are our latest filings within this case. Please pay special attention to the second link “compiled exhibits”, these fugitives openly admit their scam:




Furthermore, we have been ordered to issue an apology to Rauhauser for having characterized him as a “woman beater” (based on this restraining order and this sworn affidavit submitted by his ex-wife, Nancy Nogg.) We were also ordered to apologize to Neal for labeling him a “pedophile supporter” (based on the many affirming statements which he has made in defense and in support of Retzlaff, a court documented pedophile). We feel that there is nothing to apologize for and pleaded that point to the Judge in our Emergency Stay motion. The notarized affidavit by Rauhauser’s ex-wife (who bravely survived two bouts against cancer while raising two children and enduring Rauhauser's ongoing abuse and harassment) clearly affirms that Rauhauser physically abused her. She also made a statement affirming Rauhauser's 'deadbeat dad' status. Rauhauser himself admitted that he physically abused and restrained her. He also acknowledges the fact that he's ignored the $65,000 in back child-support payments, but now, thanks to his well orchestrated scam, is convinced that we'll pay it for him. The twisted irony from this sordid affair is that as a law-abiding former United States Marine (BullyVille founder) defending himself and the people who surround him, Mr. McGibney's fundamental First Amendment right to free (fact supported) speech has been railroaded by two fugitives from the law who freely admit that they engage in character assassination and harassment for personal amusement and the hopes of financial enrichment. And now their incessant false accusations and stalkerish behavior has been rewarded to the tune of $1,300,000.

And a stern warning to anyone who is opposing counsel of Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanzsen Laporte. If past history is any indicator of future events, there is a strong possibility that you and your family (especially children) will be viciously stalked and harassed by Jeffrey Dorrell’s “very close and personal friend” Thomas Retzlaff. We have confirmed numerous and fully documented cases where this has occurred. The fate of attorneys and litigants who oppose Dorrell has become so infamous that an insurance carrier involved in a recent case in Texas that had Jeffrey Dorrell as opposing counsel was unable to find new counsel to represent their client. Their previous counsel withdrew after Retzlaff brutally stalked and harassed his wife and children. Per Retzlaff's own admission, he even went to the lawyer's house and allegedly threatened his wife. This is what could happen to you if you're opposing counsel of Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte. You'll most likely have a convicted felon, who is also a court documented pedophile and rapist, attack your entire family.

Some Attorneys will do whatever it takes to win a case, even if it means outright lying within a filing to the court. Within a recent filing, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte, FALSELY accused BullyVille's founder of "hacking into the email system of Hanszen Laporte, LLP law firm for the stated purpose of inserting exogenous pedophilic pornography into it". Why an attorney who is "very close and personal friends" with a court documented pedophile felt the need to put such a malicious and unprovable lie within a court filing is anyone's guess. What we do know is that Retzlaff left the following voicemail message making the exact same false claim that Bullyville "hacked into the email accounts of the attorney representing me in Houston, claiming that he's put child porn on this man's computers".

Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell's own client Neal Rauhauser even admits that he knows Bullyville never hacked into Dorrell's email or Servers to insert "exogenous pedophilic pornography into it" and that Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell confirmed that fact but it didn't matter. Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte still lied to the court and made a completely false accusation. This is the second time that Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell outright LIED to the court within a filing in this case. Back in June of 2014, Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell FALSELY accused BullyVille founder James McGibney of calling Mr. Dorrell a "violent pedophile with an insatiable appetite for young hairless boys". Once again, there wasn't a shred of evidence to support this claim however Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell, an officer of the court, submitted it as an absolute fact. What is factual is that court documented pedophile Thomas Retzlaff has submitted numerous filings stating that he and Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell are "very close and personal friends".

Just how "close and personal friends" are Thomas Retzlaff and Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte? At the outset of our July 29, 2014 restraining order hearing against Retzlaff in the Santa Clara Superior Court in California, the special appearance attorney, which Retzlaff had retained (at the 11th hour apparently) made a very peculiar statement. Retzlaff's attorney stated that, in order to be brought up to speed on the details of the case, that she had spoken with Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte the night before. Why on earth would the Director of Corporate Litigation for one of the biggest law firms in Texas have taken such a PERSONAL interest in a restraining order trial in California against a known felon with a lengthy documented history of stalking and harassment? Furthermore, why would attorney Jeffrey Dorrell seek to derail a victim of revenge pornography, Brittany Retzlaff, from receiving a permanent restraining order against a court documented pedophile and rapist? Thankfully the Judge issued a permanent restraining order to protect Brittany Retzlaff and Mr. McGibney's family. 

We are so grateful for the outpouring of support we have received and we're doing everything legally possible to ensure that justice prevails in this case. We will also continue to help and support all of the victims of revenge porn who come to BullyVille for help on a daily basis.

Neal Rauhauser and Thomas Retzlaff need to be held accountable for their actions. Let’s provide these newly crowned “millionaires” the national scrutiny they so justly deserve. Since both men are still on the run, if anyone knows the physical location of either Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com) or Neal Rauhauser (www.neal-rauhauser.com) please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

For all media inquiries, please contact [email protected].


Press release from Stone & Vaughan, who is the law firm currently representing us in this case:


UPDATE: Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte was granted an extension to reply to our motion for a new trial. Our hearing for a new trial will now be on February 4, 2016 with the Honorable Judge Cosby. We submitted the following supplemental evidence in support of our motion for a new trial. This exhibit is an additional declaration filed by Brittany Retzlaff. Within one email, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff admits what we already knew, "Yeah, we totally set McGibney up. Not to put a fine point on it but so what?"


Retzlaff also continues to confirm the "very close and personal" relationship that exists between he and Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell. The second exhibit is yet another example of Retzlaff's contemptuous attitude towards a lawfully issued restraining order protecting McGibney. Even though the judgment of $1.3 million is not yet final, Retzlaff left the following voicemail message with McGibney's HR department in an effort to start wage garnishment proceedings on behalf of his partner in crime Neal Rauhauser and his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell.


UPDATE #2 - On February 4th, 2016, both parties had a hearing with the Honorable Judge Cosby in FT. Worth, Texas. After hearing arguments from both sides, the Judge stated that he would issue a new ruling by the end of next week. In the very beginning of the hearing Neal Rauhauser's Attorney, Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte, was served with a lien from the State of Nebraska for Neal's $68,000 in back child support payments which span over 14 years. This is part of the reason why Rauhauser has been on the run for over a decade, the four outstanding warrants for his arrest are the other reason. 

UPDATE #3 - On February 25, 2016 the honorable Judge Donald Cosby ordered a new trial which vacates the previous ruling of 1.3 million dollars.

COURTHOUSE NEWS - Record $1.3 Million Anti-SLAPP Award Rescinded -


WIRED MAGAZINE - The following WIRED article discusses our fight against pedophiles, rapists and deadbeat dads -


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Source #11 – Order requiring Thomas Retzlaff to register as a sex offender within the State of Texas. Section 2250 of Title 18, United States Code, makes it a federal offense for sex offenders required to register pursuant to the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA), to knowingly fail to register or update a registration as required. 



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Source #17 - A second affidavit by Brittany Retzlaff in which she testifies, under oath, about the hundreds of emails Thomas Retzlaff sent her where he admits the elaborate scam that he and Rauhauser have orchestrated with the help of his "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte.

Source #18 - The following document gives some background of the history of this case and how the scam was executed by Thomas Retzlaff and Neal Rauhauser with the help of Retzlaff's "very close and personal friend" Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte.

Source #19 - The following email will leave you asking yourself two questions. (1) How could a father ever speak this way towards his own daughter and (2) Why is Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell of Hanszen Laporte such "close and personal friends" with this MONSTER?

Neal Rauhauser "applauds" Retzlaff for the hundreds of despicable and disturbing emails that he has sent his daughter. Yet another thing Neal Rauhauser and Thomas Retzlaff have in common, they both hate and relentlessly stalk women.

Source #20 - One of the conditions within Judge Cosby's ruling out of Ft. Worth Texas is that we apologize for calling Neal Rauhauser a "woman beater" (which he is) and a "pedophile supporter" (which he is). Rauhauser made the following tweet which further proves why he wanted to make sure that apology was included in the final order. The @BlameJenD account that he is communicating with is Jennifer D'Alessandro, who was arrested in 2012 for hacking.

Source #21 - Fugitive Neal Rauhauser finally admits what we've been stating to Judge Cosby for two years. This was a scam, a well orchestrated trap concocted by Neal Rauhauser and Thomas Retzlaff.

To learn more about fugitive Thomas Retzlaff, please click here: www.thomasretzlff.com

To learn more about fugitive Neal Rauhauser, please click here: www.neal-rauhauser.com

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Posted By: LOLHAHAHAHA | 1/04/16 1:19 PM
Since the order included a requirement to post an apology to Neal Rauhauser, I wanted to let James know he can outsource this task to me. The apology to Neal is as follows:

Dear Neal, I am sorry. Sorry that my words hurt your feelings and caused you pain in the echo chamber of cognative dissonance. I understand that there is a lot of that going around amongst fathers who abuse their ex wives and who do not pay their child support. They lose sleep. They can’t eat. Their penis shrivels up into nothingness. That’s very sad, so it’s no wonder you were so deeply wounded by the truth. I am sorry that you left whatever you were doing before you decided to become a stalking cyber harasser only to find that whatever failure you encountered in your life remained with you as you sought to become more than the sniveling weasel you were before. It’s hard to go through life as a desperate failure. I feel your pain. I am sorry you thought you found a way around your miserable existence by soliciting lawyers and others to facilitate your cyber stalking and law-fare harassment schemes. It probably seemed like such a good idea at first, as people with avarice in their hearts assume everyone else is similarly unethical and happy to engage with violent felons and unethical lawyers to make a buck any way they can.
Posted By: CrimePays | 1/06/16 8:49 AM
The biggest scam in Texas brought to you by Neal Rauhauser.
Posted By: WhatTheF | 1/13/16 8:44 PM
The guy has four warrants for his arrest for harassment and stalking and a judge awards him a million dollars. This decision is an embarrassment to anyone involved in the legal profession.
Posted By: superninja | 1/20/16 3:14 PM
Rauhauser is no different then herpes. He goes away for a while and when he comes back it's a reminder that he's one disease that there ain't no cure for. The shocking part of this whole saga is that these guys have been admitting this scam publicly for almost two years and the Judge still awarded them a million bucks.
Posted By: Majorhue | 1/13/16 2:33 PM
Rauhausers ex submitted an affidavit stating that he physically abused her and has been avoiding law enforcement for 10 years and the judge still made this ruling? This is precisely why some people take the law into their own hands, YOU CANNOT TRUST THE LEGAL SYSTEM SINCE IT IS THERE FOR CRIMINALS NOT VICTIMS.
Posted By: TheFedsarecoming | 1/24/16 11:24 AM
Neal Rauhauser is a wife beating dead beat dad. We all need to help out his wife and children. Report this POS Dead beat here -

Posted By: Hogwash | 1/06/16 8:24 AM
Go read the comments section about this injustice over at http://hogewash.com/2016/01/03/bullyville-speaks/

One interesting comment by BigSkyBob: I would suggest that the final chapter of this saga has yet to written. When it is, Rauhauser’s attorney might have to answer to the Texas Bar for among other things, 1) Signing his name to a pleading pledging that the factual assertions within have an evidentiary basis when by all appearances they are cut from whole cloth, and, are sourced from people diagnosed with mental illnesses; 2) Signing his name to work product produced by a non-attorney designated by Texas as a vexatious litigant; 3) Apparently, entering into fee-sharing arrangement with non-attorney designated by Texas as a vexatious litigant; 4) Structuring a fee arrangement with the purpose of attempting to recover attorney fees for work product produced by a non-attorney designated as a vexatious litigant and filed by a pro se litigant.; and 5) Asking for fees amounting to tens of thousands of dollars for each hour he actually worked on the case.
Posted By: CrimePays | 1/06/16 8:47 AM
WOW!!!!! Crime does pay, it pays 1,300,000 in Texas. Felons know how to work the system and Dorrell knows how to work the felons. What a crock of bullshit, the company that singlehandedly took down the revenge porn industry gets legally f*cked in the ass by the trio of Retzlaff, Dorrell and Rauhauser. Justice is deaf dumb and blind. Stay strong #teambullyville.
Posted By: tossedonappeal | 1/06/16 2:33 PM
This will get tossed on appeal. Dorrell took that defense case on contingency because he knew he could run up the bill. He exploited the law. I can't think of any attorneys who are good friends with pedophiles. Not hard to figure out why he's good friends with Retzlaff.
Posted By: Sp00n3r | 1/07/16 6:49 AM
Sending prayers your way bullyville. I cannot believe retzlaff and rauhauser were rewarded for this behavior.
Posted By: Injustice | 1/07/16 9:37 AM
Posted By: Scaryshit | 1/09/16 7:57 PM
Posted By: Antec | 1/13/16 10:41 AM
Posted By: bananabread | 1/14/16 12:46 PM
Posted By: Lindsey | 1/16/16 7:10 PM
Posted By: blueblood | 1/18/16 1:49 PM
Posted By: Americanbeauty | 1/22/16 7:09 AM
Posted By: Austin | 1/23/16 3:42 PM
Posted By: opuniteblue | 1/23/16 6:47 PM
Posted By: TheFedsarecoming | 1/24/16 11:24 AM
Posted By: weareteambrittany | 1/26/16 11:28 AM
Posted By: Whisky | 1/30/16 3:20 PM
Posted By: 178305 | 2/06/16 8:14 AM
Posted By: GotFaith | 1/09/16 7:02 AM
I lost all faith in our legal system after OJ was found innocent of murdering two innocent people. I will completely renounce my faith in God if the judgment doesn't get overturned.
Posted By: annielewis | 6/26/17 11:28 PM
Posted By: Injustice | 1/07/16 9:36 AM
Sad to say but you will not be this groups last victim. There were victims before you and there will be victims after you. Keep your head up James. You have helped so many people and this experience will only make you stronger my friend.
Posted By: blind | 1/08/16 12:54 PM
2 thoughts on this absurd judgment. You will win on appeal and you need to get this into the mainstream media's hands. I have some contacts and am forwarding this link now. Surprised Retzlaff and Dorrell didn't ask the Judge to turn over ownership of your kids to them. This has got to be one of the most insane and bullsh*t judgments EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: therealsuebasko | 1/08/16 1:36 PM
This is the real Sue Basko. I am a very ethical lawyer and this is not a very ethical decision. Rauhauser and Retzlaff should be in jail and Jeffrey Dorrell should be disbarred. He is a pathologic liar who submits fabricated evidence in case after case. Justice will prevail in the end. #teambullyville
Posted By: pedohunters | 1/09/16 3:46 PM
Attorney Sue Basko proudly supports pedophile Thomas Retzlaff. www.suebasko.com
Posted By: Saywhat | 1/08/16 3:38 PM
It is unbelievable that these con artists are able to play the court the way they have. What the hell was Dorell's motivation in accepting this case on contingency in the first place??? Either Retzalf has something on him or Dorell was some how hoping to manipulating slapp law in hIs favor. He knew his clients were working to destroy BV's business so he there would be little chance in recovering money.

Something stinks in the state of Texas. I pray BV will end up finding justice in this mess.
Posted By: Th3J0k3r | 1/08/16 5:01 PM
Neal has been plotting this for years. Retzlaff was a godsend for him. Still can't believe a judge would reward this type of behavior.
Posted By: Th3J0k3r | 1/08/16 4:58 PM
Is this a f*cking joke? Deadbeat dad and WIDELY KNOWN WIFE BEATER Neal Rauhauser was rewarded for his behavior with one million three hundred thousand dollars? GTF out of here. Anyone taking bets on how soon it will be before the FBI finally tracks down Neal and kicks his front door in?
Posted By: pachocio | 1/08/16 5:20 PM
Just did some research on the Judge in this case. Judge Cosby is a big time child advocate and does a ton of chartable work for kids. There is no way in hell he will allow this judgment to stick. Retzlaff is a pedophile and Rauhauser is a dead beat dad. They victimize children, Cosby saves children from sick predators. http://www.eventbrite.com/e/byu-ms-luncheon-with-judge-don-cosby-friday-march-23-2012-tickets-3043584443
Posted By: papasmurf | 1/09/16 9:07 AM
Tarrant County is tightknit when it comes to our legal due process. Judge Cosby is bright and equally thorough. He will analyze a case no differently than playing chess. This judgment has been discussed amongst the brightest minds in our legal community and the consensus is unanimous. The Appellate court ordered that Bullyville pay sanctions and fees as justice and equity may require. If the Judge executed an order of $10,000 in attorney fees and $1,000 in sanctions, Dorrell would have immediately appealed it. By awarding defendants the highest anti-slapp and sanctions, coupled with ordering the Plaintiff to issue an apology to Rauhauser, it all but guaranteed that the appellate court would toss the entire judgment, it’s that outrageous. Might be hard to grasp but Judge Cosby did Bullyville a favor.
Posted By: ChipReese | 1/12/16 6:06 PM
Did bullyville a favor? LOL, I don't think so. This judge completely and utterly destroyed bullyville and sided with felons on the run. The entire situation is B*LLSHIT, this decision proves how corrupt our court systems in this country are.
Posted By: Gladiat0r | 1/21/16 7:54 AM
I sorta agree with papasmurf. This judge might be a full blown genius. I personally wouldn't have even cared about this story if bullyville was slapped with a judgment of 100,000, who cares right? A 1,300,000 judgment on the other hand, that brings the curiosity out of anyone. Now Rauhauser and Retzlaff have gained notoriety but not in a good way. This is one of those rare occasions where you wish you weren't just made a millionaire.
Posted By: DoesCrimePay | 1/08/16 9:49 PM
This is completely shocking. How can two worthless excuses for humans get this far in a so called court of law? I guess the one good thing in all of this is the fact that these two asshats have been so preoccupied with BV countless numbers of other innocent people have been spared from Tom and Neil's other criminal activities.

If this decision stands. I will have lost all faith in the criminal justice system. One thing I am sure of is Bullyville will live to fight another day while Neil and Retzlaf have destroyed anything good they may have had in their sad pathetic lives.
Posted By: teamfelon | 1/09/16 6:51 AM
You can just taste the irony of this judgment. I have been a fan of bullyville since they hit the scene like a bull in a china shop in 2013. My private, somewhat naked snapshots ended up on Hunter Moore's site because my ex posted them there without me even knowing. Hunter refused to take them down. I became severely depressed and I'm ashamed to say that suicide crossed my mind. Then out of the blue, Bullyville comes along and shoves his horns right up hunters ass and the website vanishes into oblivion. I've watched bullyville try to get the media's attention about retzlaf and rauhauser for over a year for what they've done to so many victims, nobody cared. Now BV gets hit with a massive judgment and everyone cares. If BVs goal was to draw attention to these pieces of garbage, then I'm willing to wager a bet that they will have the media's and law enforcements full attention within the upcoming weeks. #teambullyville forever! Stay strong James, keep your chin up and your horns down, we love and support you.
Posted By: retzhauser | 1/09/16 7:45 AM
LOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL. #RETZHAUSER strikes again! This is quite possibly the best video ever made to describe these two pieces of human excrement. http://www.bullyville.com/?page=videos&id=300
Posted By: ZiLeO | 1/09/16 8:05 AM
It's hard to believe that a career criminal like Retzlaff exists. It's even harder to believe that he's getting away with committing more crimes.
Posted By: Oilers | 1/09/16 5:30 PM
His reign of terror is coming to an end. When you win a million dollar judgment you get all of the attention that comes along with it.
Posted By: TeresaCramer | 1/09/16 10:42 AM
Bullyville has come to the defense of SO MANY including myself. James has also provided me and so many others with the tools needed to turn the tables on bullys. So for Thomas and his idiots to come out and do everything they could to take this organization down is nothing more then a jealous tantrum.
So listen up Thomas. I dont give a shit if James was in the military or if he was the flipping President of the United States. What James did for a living has absolutely NOTHING to do with all the GOOD that he is bringing to the world NOW. The Judge in this case didn't follow the law. This is why James WILL win his request for a new trial. How dare you sue him for the very thing YOU YOURSELF are guilty of.
Posted By: Warriors8898 | 1/09/16 11:39 AM
How is it possible to win a lawsuit when you are a fugitive from the law??? Why would a judge ever award a fugitive 1.3 million??? If this is the future of our justice system we are all in trouble. Retzlaff, Rauhauser, and the lawyer representing have abused the system long enough!!! Who is going to help the McGibney family so they don't have to suffer any longer???!!!
Posted By: Kramer | 1/09/16 12:25 PM
I was not familiar with Neal Rauhauser until I goggled him. Seems he has been involved in all kinds of nasty stuff on line for years that had nothing to do with Bullyville. Seems that Bullyville is just another in a long line of his targets. He has apparently been involved in swatting and other criminal activities on line. Not to mention the fact he is a dead beat dad who doesn't care for his own kids. How can a guy in hiding from the law, win in a criminal case? That's f*cked up.

How can a guy who is documented as a vexatious litigant work as a not-so-silent party in a Texas lawsuit? Surely if Tom Retzlaff and Dorrell are "close personal friends" Dorrell would be well aware of his vexatious litigant status. Seems both the lawyer and the client want to make a mockery of Texas rulings? I also want to know why the hell Texas orders someone to register as a sex offender then does nothing when the person doesn't do it. Again that's f*cked up. Come on Texas, do the right thing here or do you want to be known as the state who's laws don't matter to criminals like Retzlaff and Dorrell?
Posted By: Mozilla | 1/11/16 8:56 PM
Rauhauser is a God damn terrorist. He supports Brett Kimberlin who is a convicted terrorist and now he supports yet another pedophile. Oh, and he beat the shit out of his ex-wife. Neal if youre reading this, guess what? This 1 million dollar judgment makes you a public figure. Guess what's gonna happen next?
Posted By: backfire | 1/13/16 8:25 PM
spent an hour of my life on www.nealrauhauser.com what a degenerate piece of white trash.
Posted By: melissabrewer | 1/26/16 10:18 AM
Guess this means that I'm a pedophile supporter and not to put a fine point on it but so what?
Posted By: Corruption | 1/09/16 12:26 PM
I wonder if Neal Rauhauser used bribery or threats with this judge.
It has to be one or the other...
Its just how Neal Rauhauser rolls. I'm leaning towards threats toward his family... Or found some shameful information on the judge and promised to expose him....
Posted By: Popcorntime | 1/09/16 1:39 PM
As a longtime fan of @bullyville I can already predict how this is going to turn out. James is going to embark on an epic rampage against dorrell, retzlaf and rauhauser and we're all going to cheer him on. Mcgibney used to say that sometimes you need to be a bully to beat a bully. My guess is that he's about to show the world exactly what that means. Stock up on popcorn.
Posted By: pedohunters | 1/09/16 3:43 PM
Brittany's affidavit where she calls her dad a pedophile is powerful and sad. I've gone after pedophiles who are just like Retzlaff. They think they are smarter than everyone especially law enforcement. He very well may be the first pedo in history to be rewarded for molesting children. His email is [email protected]?
Posted By: Suppabase | 1/09/16 8:45 PM
Will she ever get justice for what Tom has done to her?
Posted By: deaththreats | 1/09/16 3:49 PM
Those are some pretty f*cked up death threats. What a great business model, threaten to hang kids from a tree and collect 1 million dollars. I'm creating my LLC in Texas immediately.
Posted By: sailsafe | 1/09/16 3:52 PM
No matter what happens Neal can never change the fact that his kids hate his guts.
Posted By: therealali | 1/09/16 3:56 PM
Bullyville has to apologize to Neal for calling him a pedo supporter? Why, it's the truth and very easy to prove. Besides supporting Retzlaff the pedo he supports Brett Kimberlin who is a pedophile. Google "Brett Kimberlin pedophile"
Posted By: Oilers | 1/09/16 5:28 PM
I have uncovered some interesting information about Jeffrey Dorrell's husband that you need to know. Right out of the gate I pulled existing dockets that have his husband as a notary for Dorrell submissions. A bit of a conflict of interest eh? For years private investigators and cops have been trying to solve the mystery of why Dorrell and Retzlaff are so close. I have the answer. Will email you the info, was sent to the FBI last week. All I want in return is a bullyville hockey jersey and a front seat at these scumbags criminal trial.
Posted By: centenosecrets | 1/14/16 3:18 PM
Hit me up in a chat session Oilers. Would like to see if you found what I found because what I found is monumental. LOOOOOOOL ¯\_(ツ)_ ...
Posted By: KellyWu | 1/09/16 5:49 PM
Hello everyone, my name is Kelly Wu and I have been the victim of identity theft by Thomas Retzlaff. He uses my name in his many social media profiles and makes rape threats against innocent women and children. My name is listed as one of the alias accounts that Tom uses. http://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/RETZLAFF%20VERIFIEDIP%20ADDRESSES_1.pdf
Posted By: Scaryshit | 1/09/16 7:56 PM
This story scares the shit out of me. Those death threats send chills down my spine. Sending thoughts and prayers your way Mr. Mcgibney.
Posted By: semper | 1/09/16 8:30 PM
F*ck these guys Marine, you just keep throwing punches. Semper Fi brother.
Posted By: Suppabase | 1/09/16 8:43 PM
Those pedophile magazines that Retzlaff owned tell the complete story. Titles like 'Loving daddy, hot n naughty daughter, family orgy, raped daughter, incest poker. Shame on Texas for letting this pedophile out of prison in the first place.
Posted By: h0rns | 1/10/16 9:46 AM
No matter what happens there is one constant value that never changes with retzlaf and rauhauser. Their children will always hate them and they cause nothing but destruction and devastation within anyone's life who they decide to stalk and harass.
Posted By: anonchimp | 1/10/16 10:52 AM
After reading that Al Jazeera article about you bullyville there is little doubt in my mind that you will be victorious in the end. #chinuphornsdown #teambullyville
Posted By: quicksilver | 1/10/16 12:06 PM
I just read it, no wonder why mcgibney hates pedophiles so much. He had one very f*cked up childhood.
Posted By: qbert | 1/11/16 7:18 AM
WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!! I love the concept. This Dorrel guy is a genius and yet its so simple. Have your pedophile thug buddy attack a company with his friend until they sue. Don't worry about paying Dorrel because he will take the case on contingency. Exploit the holes within the TCPA and anti-SLAPP laws to your advantage while running up a massive bill for a case that was non suited AND your client was never served because he is a fugitive. But most importantly make sure you lie to the judge so you are all but guaranteed your 300,000 in fees and just for shits and giggles 1,000,000 in sanctions. This is the best business model ever and it proves how smart criminals can be when they work together for the common purpose of the "Economic Destruction of James McGibney and Bullyville" as Retzlaff loves to put it.
Posted By: Mozilla | 1/11/16 8:52 PM
My precise thoughts @qbert. What makes this 10x worse is that these guys openly admitted the scam and their actions echoed their brazen admissions. How much more proof does the Judge or the Attorney General need? Dorrell ran up over $300,000 in legal fees, on a case he took on contingency! I've filed complaints to the appropriate agencies, this isn't a 1.3 million dollar win, this is 1.3 million worth of fraud upon the court.
Posted By: chopsticks | 1/11/16 11:48 AM
Is the order final? The Judge has 30 days I believe before he makes any ruling final. Did he have all of this evidence before he made this decision? This may go down as one of the most notorious scams ever perpetrated in a court of law, absolutely disgraceful.
Posted By: tehh0bbit | 1/11/16 12:34 PM
Did u guys see this story on TMZ? That guy from scarface was arrested for being 5k behind on child support. Rauhauser is 65k behind. http://www.tmz.com/2016/01/11/angel-salazar-child-support-arrest-mug-shot/
Posted By: TheGoldenChild | 1/12/16 7:44 AM
Gotta hand it to Jeffrey Dorrell, he has built a dream team. If you are in the crosshairs of Retzlaff Rauhauser and Dorrell its lights out. They are professional stalkers and what makes these guys so scary is that they don't care. Retzlaff has stated many times, he doesn't give two shits about restraining orders, outstanding warrants or the police, neither does Rauhauser. With Dorrell on their team it will be impossible to beat these guys in court. And to think this all started because Retzlaff was pissed that Bullyville took down his beloved revenge porn sites where he uploaded images of his poor daughter. #teambrittany #teambullyville
Posted By: X3n0ph0n | 1/12/16 8:23 AM
Matt Osborne admitted he was the persona X3n0ph0n on Twitter. I found this comment from a x3n0ph0n who goes to a community college an hour away from where Osborne supposedly lives, taking computer and law enforcement classes. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/502105/cis-student-questions-about-classes/

I've tracked down the info on his girlfriend, she has no clue as to how evil Matt is, but she's about too. Matt is helping Neal and Tom with those blogs. Go figure, Osborne is a dead beat dad who abandoned his daughter so he could become a 'journalist'
Posted By: deadbeatosborne | 1/12/16 9:48 AM
Posted By: mrsbendo | 1/12/16 2:55 PM
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - MLK
Posted By: ChipReese | 1/12/16 6:04 PM
This doesn't make any sense whatsoever. If you have outstanding warrants for your arrest how on earth can you be awarded anything? And if you haven't paid child support in over a decade you should be in jail, not rewarded. Did the Judge not know about this? Yet another example of our country going to the shitter. Judges now reward felons.
Posted By: Chairman | 1/12/16 6:17 PM
Was reading James' affidavit, it is very telling. Why would Dorrell say that James hacked his computer and put pedophilic material on it? Did the Judge not ask for any proof? Those are some very serious allegations. It appears Dorrell lied to the court, he should be held accountable. Why is Dorrell friends with a convicted sex offending pedophile pig like Retzlaff?
Posted By: p0werpuff | 1/13/16 7:32 AM
This case will be the catalyst that gets the entire TCPA overhauled. It has been modified once already, that is where the "as justice and equity may require" came from. Obviously neither justice nor equity was properly considered in this ruling.
Posted By: Antec | 1/13/16 10:39 AM
Why doesn't bullyville ask for sanctions against Dorrell? When you accuse someone of hacking your system and inserted pedophilic material on it, you'd better have some irrefutable proof. I know Bullyville enough to know that this incident never happened and Dorrell lied to the court. Just a matter of time before we all find out why Jeffrey Dorrell and Thomas Retzlaff are such close friends.
Posted By: Chickenhead | 1/13/16 7:29 PM
Hey bv, did you guys see Hanszen Laporte's press release today? They should have made the title "Hey World, look at the scam me and my pedophile and wife beating fugitive pals pulled off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jeffrey Dorrell is a pompous power bottom queen.
Posted By: backfire | 1/13/16 8:24 PM
Just googled Neal Rauhauer and he has a site dedicated to him that has 1,553,000 views. On what planet would a judge award this dead beat dad a penny? The guy has evaded law enforcement for years for failure to pay child support and he gets rewarded with 1,300,000 dollars? F*CK TEXAS.
Posted By: Feona | 1/13/16 8:49 PM
My ex hasn't paid a dime in six years and we have 5 kids together. The Judge sent his sorry ass to jail and he's still there. My question is this. If the judge knew that this guy didn't pay child support for the past ten years and he has warrants for his arrest, why not order him to appear? How can you win a million dollars and never go to court?
Posted By: bananabread | 1/14/16 12:45 PM
Disheartening to see a Judge award anyone, especially these guys anything other than a swift kick in their ass after what they have done. Will join in prayers that this gets overturned.
Posted By: Castillo | 1/14/16 1:08 PM
Hey James, semper fi my brother from another mother. I've been pondering what words I could possibly say that would encourage you to keep fighting these douchebags. Instead I'd like you to watch this from start to finish. You are Diego Corrales. Do you understand me Marine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0vSpewcMx4

Posted By: purrz | 1/14/16 2:30 PM
I need to take a shower after reading this. So much scummyness these guys should be sentenced to life in jail. On a brighter note, bullyville your back tattoo makes we swooooooooon. So sexy.
Posted By: centenosecrets | 1/14/16 3:15 PM
A million dollar judgment sure does get a lot of attention. How well does Dorrell know his husband Michael Centeno? His skeletons are about to be brushed off so they can make a leaping appearance out of the closet.
Posted By: boobalert | 1/14/16 7:39 PM
Rauhauser will never collect a penny and now he's nationally known for being a dead beat dad with multiple outstanding warrants. Bravo Rauhauser now go beat up another woman YOU WOMAN BEATER!
Posted By: liarpanstonfire | 1/14/16 7:50 PM
Jeffrey Dorrell lies and breathes at the same rate. Dorrell's claim of THREE lawsuits is pure bullshit. The restraining order case is different (and only similar in that Retzlaff is the one and only Defendant in that one). McGibney and Retzlaff's daughter Brittany won that case!!!! The permanent restraining order was granted and Retzlaff was ordered to pay 10,000 in fees.
Posted By: texasjustice | 1/14/16 8:29 PM
Only in Texas would a lawyer like Dorrell be close friends with a felon who failed to register as a sex offender. And only in Texas would a dead beat dad fugitive and his pedophile felon pal be awarded 1.3 million.
Posted By: J1mmy | 1/14/16 10:01 PM
Congratulations to Mr. Dorrell for successfully exploiting the TCPA to obtain a payday for this client. To say that in his final pleading to the court on the matter of the amount of sanctions and fees to be awarded that the defense attorney made fabricated allegations against the Plaintiff would be far to kind of a characterization. It's one thing to offer a "vigorous defense" for you client it's another thing entirely to adversely influence the court by way of the attorney abusing his "absolute immunity" in making FABRICATED allegations of criminal acts against the Plaintiff when $1.3 MILLION is on the line, and that attorney had taken that defense case ON CONTINGENCY on behalf of a Defendant who was never served, has warrants for his arrest (for previous acts of cyber-harassment against a different set of victims) and never set foot in the courtroom. THAT IS FRAUD.
Posted By: Fraud | 1/15/16 7:30 AM
100% VERIFIED. Dorrell, Retzlaff and Rauhauser have committed fraud upon the court.
Posted By: superninja | 1/20/16 3:17 PM
And published a press release to make sure they were recognized for committing the highest recorded sanctions scam in Texas history.
Posted By: Hurley | 1/16/16 3:57 PM
Posted By: Lindsey | 1/16/16 7:09 PM
I need to make sure I've got this straight. These guys attack Bullyville's founder and attack his family and business. Bullyville fights back and sues them. The judge awards these guys a million dollars for attacking Bullyville and his family and doesn't even give Bullyville a day in court to discuss the fees and sanctions. Once they win, they start celebrating and admit their scam. Awful, just awful.
Posted By: t3hthuglife | 1/16/16 7:29 PM
r u guys f*cking retarded? Retzlaff is Jeffrey Dorrell's hired thug. Rauhauser joined their team in 2013.
Posted By: Texas | 1/16/16 7:36 PM
This confirms why Texas should be allowed to secede from the Union. #byebyetexas
Posted By: Lynch | 1/17/16 9:42 AM
Don't even think about apologizing Marine. Why apologize for telling the truth?
Posted By: Petrino | 1/17/16 1:59 PM
LOL, is this Jeffrey Dorrell's sister? Jessica Dorrell, the 25-year-old employee of the football program who was a passenger on Petrino's bike when they got into an accident. She was having an affair with a married man. Was she posted on Cheaterville? That would explain a lot.

Posted By: horsesass | 1/18/16 12:50 PM
Even if the judge ignores the affidavits of these poor women he can't ignore bullyville's right to a hearing. It is his constitutional right to a hearing, which is defined as including anything from a party's simple presentation of oral or written argument to a full scale judicial-type trial in which a party has the right to cross-examine witnesses and have a decision on the record.
Posted By: blueblood | 1/18/16 1:48 PM
I've added you to our prayer group Bullyville. You have helped so many people, including my daughter. I'm sorry this happened to you. James, you have a beautiful family and three healthy and happy boys. Money will come and go, family is what matters the most.
Posted By: LutherKing | 1/18/16 1:53 PM
“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” -----Martin Luther King Jr.
Posted By: MCurrY | 1/18/16 5:14 PM
You won't find a person in the world who has ever considered Retzlaff Rauhauser or Dorrell a hero. You James, are a hero and we love you for everything you've done and everything you've yet to do. You will forever have the support of #teambullyville. Love ya bully.
Posted By: TopGear | 1/18/16 7:34 PM
Posted By: superninja | 1/20/16 3:15 PM
Posted By: boygeorge | 1/19/16 7:07 AM
Outrageous miscarriage of justice. Keep plowing forward Marine.
Posted By: Kettle | 1/20/16 1:02 PM
Dorrell just validated a very dangerous and lucrative business model. What this article proves to me is that Retzlaff n Rauhauser aren't skilled criminals but their attorney is well versed when it comes to exploiting loopholes in the law.
Posted By: pokemon | 1/21/16 7:43 AM
Best quote of this entire aritcle "Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell FALSELY accused BullyVille founder James McGibney of calling Mr. Dorrell a "violent pedophile with an insatiable appetite for young hairless boys". What attorney in their right mind would submit an accusation like that without bulletproof supporting material?
Posted By: Picklechop | 1/21/16 10:27 AM
This couldn't be more ironic. Texas passed a revenge porn law in September of 2015 and in December of 2015 a Tarrant County Judge in Texas effectively shuts down Bullyville who was responsible for shutting down all of these revenge porn websites in the first place. It is because of Bullyville's hard work that states like Texas passed the revenge porn law. #irony #teambullyville
Posted By: headstrong | 1/21/16 2:47 PM
Hey James. I can only imagine how you must be feeling. People are on the losing side of lawsuits all the time, but this is truly shocking and impossible for anyone to comprehend. Please hang in there sweetie, you've helped countless victims over the years fight demons like Neal and Tom. This is a sad day for me to read this post but you will survive. Its times like this when you are down that you need to look around and see who is there to support you. Those are your true friends.
Posted By: Americanbeauty | 1/22/16 7:08 AM
My dearest James. I've been cheering you on for a long time. You are the very definition of bullyville. These guys tried like hell to bully you and your family just like they've bullied their own families. Look at what they've done to their own children. I remember you tweeted a quote from American Beauty years ago to a revenge porn victim giving her words of encouragement and not a week later that revenge porn website was shut down. It was shut down because of you and the person you tweeted to was me. I speak these words back to you James. With love and admiration - Beth.

"I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me, but it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst. And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life. You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure. But don't worry, you will someday."
Posted By: b00lien | 1/22/16 12:52 PM
Can anyone think of a legitimate reason why a lawyer would be close friends with a pedophile?
Posted By: mugshot | 1/23/16 9:58 AM
That mugshot of JENNIFER D'ALESSANDRO is priceless. Any woman who is stupid enough to support a pedophile and a woman beater deserves to be exposed. She goes on and on about her grandson yet supports a deadbeat dad and a pedophile. Hypocrisy at its finest.
Posted By: Rufus | 1/25/16 9:04 PM
Posted By: Austin | 1/23/16 3:41 PM
Good Lord if this decision doesn't get overturned I'm going to dig up George Washington from the grave so he can see how the US Constitution was just pissed on in Texas.
Posted By: bulld0g | 1/23/16 6:37 PM
I know McG better than he knows himself and believe me when I tell you this. You could hit him with a BILLION DOLLARS in sanctions and his mindset remains the same. He is going to continue going after these pedophile wife beating faggots for the rest of his life, or theirs. McG will show up at their funerals and piss on their graves in front of everyone. Once you're his enemy you're his enemy for life and he is f*cking ruthless. I'll forever have your back McG. #teambullyville #marinebrothersforlife
Posted By: opuniteblue | 1/23/16 6:46 PM
UPDATE: Disorder In The Court - AS IF PEOPLE READING THIS ARTICLE NEEDED MORE PROOF OF WHAT A POS NEAL RAUHAUSER IS - http://www.opuniteblue.com/2016/01/disorder-in-court-rauhauser-emails.html
Posted By: dontbeatyourwife | 1/24/16 7:52 AM
See Neal, even the Afghans know that you shouldn't beat your wife. They've even started a campaign - Don't Beat Your Wife: Afghans Flip #BeLikeBill Meme http://cyber1news.com/news/226677/don-t-beat-your-wife-afghans-flip-belikebill-meme
Posted By: th3pillar | 1/24/16 11:19 AM
This judgment is a slap in the face to the judges who issued warrants for Retzlaff and Rauhauser's arrests in other states. In what world does a judge reward fugitives for the same behavior that resulted in warrants for their arrest in California and New Jersey? What an obnoxious abuse of the judicial system in Texas.
Posted By: pedobearretzlaff | 1/24/16 12:12 PM
Thomas Christopher Retzlaff is well known throughout the court system in Texas for being a pedophile. http://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/TexasDeptProtectiveServices_1.pdf
Posted By: darthchocolate | 1/24/16 2:21 PM
Appeal should be as follows:

Thee court may kiss my hairy ass. Everything I said was true, and if you refuse to overturn on appeal, it will be a cold day in hell when either of those two jackasses collects.
Posted By: Breitbart | 1/24/16 5:36 PM
Neal Rauhauser loves to tell anyone who will listen that he is the reason why Andrew Breitbart died of a heart attack. Neal and his part time lover Matt Osborne have made plenty of enemies and rest assured those enemies are contacting bullyville to help out. Rauhauser knows this judgment is nothing but bad news for him, it puts his fuckery in the national spotlight. Mcgibney and Bullyville can get this judgment discharged or delayed for a long time but Neal can't get fourteen years of back child support discharged. Good job Neal you are such a genius.
Posted By: Lifequotes | 1/25/16 6:42 AM
I heard about this on my way into work this morning. I remember bullyville from years ago when they smashed Hunter Moore to pieces. As a women's rights advocate I am so proud of bullyville for helping Brittany and Nancy. Neal and Tom should not be considered men and are poor examples of what being a father is all about. I'm proud of Brittany and Nancy for having the courage to not back down. Remember, you have what it takes to successfully get through this minute, and then to get through the next minute, and the next. One moment at a time, one hour at a time, one day, one week, one month at a time, you can move forward.
Posted By: Aquateens | 1/25/16 2:48 PM
Get ready for Dorrell's response to your motion for a new trial to be granddaddy of all his lies. Here is a preview of what you will see. "I hardly even know Mr. Retzlaff, this is a grand conspiracy. I can't help it that Retzlaff is a fan boy of mine who stalks and harasses opposing counsel and their families."
Posted By: IGotRetzlaffEvicted | 1/25/16 8:35 PM
So, why did Rauhauser prevail? Well, he used his long established relationships in Texas to connect him to Jeffrey Dorrell. Some of the best attorneys are sociopathic narcissists. When a SN who is highly skilled and practised in using the internet to stalk, harass and frame people combines forces with a SN attorney with an equal level of skill in the legal system - watch out!

Dorrell's motivations in being involved with this case go far beyond a vigorous defence for his client. A few years back his adult niece made some incredibly poor choices which hurt a lot of people, cost people their jobs, broke up homes, and caused enormous and unrelenting embarrassment and shame for the Dorrell and Morgan families. Neither McGibney nor ViaView were involved in any way, but in early 2014, the wounds from his niece's scandal had not fully healed. You won't find Jeffrey's name in any of the countless news stories, but his fingerprints are all over the clean-up. See... Jeffrey believes its OK for *him* to be the bully when millions of unknown people are saying horrifically mean things about *his* family. But Jeffrey does NOT think its OK for someone like McGibney to fight back against two *known* people who have said equally horrific things, and have taken many malicious actions against him to boot.
Posted By: motomadness | 1/26/16 6:08 AM
The Jessica Dorrell story was highly publicized. You make an interesting point @IGotRetzlaffEvicted. Why have all the blog posts about her vanished? Did the Dorrell's hire Retzlaff to help fight off the trolls that were having a field day with this cheating scandal? http://www.draftcountdown.com/forum/showthread.php?s=11cb58711537633402fec44385195df9&p=2936693&#post2936693
Posted By: bobbyp | 1/26/16 7:34 AM
Bobby Petrino Mistress Reportedly Still Engaged, Heading to South Carolina - http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1305802-bobby-petrino-mistress-reportedly-still-engaged-heading-to-south-carolina
Posted By: Rufus | 1/25/16 9:01 PM
Posted By: MrEds | 1/26/16 9:37 AM
What a big steaming pile of horseshit this ruling is!
Posted By: melissabrewer | 1/26/16 10:15 AM
Hello Bullyville, my name is Melissa Brewer and I need to confess. I've been supporting wife beating dead beat dad Neal Rauhauser for a looooong time. I lend my support whenever needed to pedophile Thomas Retzlaff too. I'm a freelance writer working in Washington DC and I write A LOT, ask Tom and Neal. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) When I'm not helping my criminal cohorts believe it or not I'm actually a prostitute. Hard to imagine but you have an article about me on bullyville. I wanted to apologize and would appreciate it if you could take those warrants for my arrest for prostitution down. http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=1065
Posted By: weareteambrittany | 1/26/16 11:27 AM
Posted By: OceanSpray | 1/26/16 2:20 PM
How can fugitives be awarded anything? If they're on the run or in hiding why wouldn't the Judge require them to appear in person? There has to be some sort of federal or even state law that would forbid a fugitive from receiving any sort of judgment while they are on the run from the law. If there's not a law someone needs to get one in place. What a goddamn outrage.
Posted By: Blindjustice | 1/26/16 2:51 PM
This is from an article Neal Rauhauser wrote called Organized Intimidation Ambush Time:

"the potential for a pro se litigant to force them into expensive, long distance, lengthy, discovery laden litigation doesn't seem to cross their minds. The reality of travel, or frightful expenses, or summary judgments needs to be made real. We probably need to make a very visible example of at least one of them before the rest understand." The full article is here http://www.opuniteblue.com/2014/09/organized-intimidation-ambush-time-blog.html
Posted By: shroud | 1/26/16 8:31 PM
Allow me to shed some light on why Jeffrey Dorrell was compelled to file that "I've been hacked and bullyville inserted child porn on my machine" statement with the court. Take a hard look at Brittany's affidavits in this case and in the restraining order case out of California She points out that she forwards every email she receives from Retzlaff to bullyville AND the FBI. Now go look at any of McGibney's affidavits, he has offered to provide under seal the current FBI case file investigation number to the Judge in Texas. It is no secret at this point that Dorrell is good friends with Retzlaff, who has a documented history of pedophilia related offenses. Dorrell has been accused by others of sharing child porn between his husband and Retzlaff. His filing basically tipped off the FBI that if they find pedophilia related material on his machine or Hanszen Laporte Servers that bullyville put it there. The problem for Dorrell, besides lying to the court is that the FBI can easily figure out where those purported pedophilia images came from, and everyone on the planet damn well knows bullyville didn't put them there. Bullyville take my word for it, you will be vindicated. These guys are going down and going down hard. By the way, thank you for your service marine.
Posted By: Lifetime | 1/27/16 9:01 PM
Please tell me that someone is making a movie about this? One of the wildest stalking stories I have ever read.
Posted By: MOSAIC | 1/30/16 2:19 PM
Posted By: Whisky | 1/30/16 3:18 PM
The bullshit will pass and I feel the sanction order violates your first amendment so it can't be enforced as is. And you didn't get a chance to present a $ amount for tortious damage caused by Neal and friends. At this point I'm thinking if they hold you to account for what another party says, you can hold Neal to account for what Retzlaff, Basko, JoJo, Marcie and the K8 H8ers have done.
Posted By: Tornado | 2/01/16 9:21 AM
"Yeah, we totally set McGibney up. Not to put a fine point on it but so what?" Talk about a smoking gun! The guy admits that they set Mcgibney up. How can a judge ignore that?
Posted By: fad3d | 2/02/16 6:19 PM
Ashamed to be a resident of the great state of Texas after hearing about this ruling.
Posted By: Coaster | 2/05/16 8:57 AM
Keep fightin the good fight mate, cheers.
Posted By: 178305 | 2/06/16 8:10 AM
Just read about your escapades in Wired, love what you do and what you stand for.
Posted By: xoxoxo | 2/06/16 8:37 AM
love love love what you do!
Posted By: th3h0neybad3r | 2/16/16 12:32 PM
After 14 years the state of Nebraska finally serves rauhauser. Neal sure is getting famous for his HUGE victory against bullyville. LOL!
Posted By: nealsbeenserved | 2/20/16 5:34 PM
Posted By: Matlock | 2/25/16 8:00 AM
Great story in wired. You really do need to be a bully to beat some bullies. These blokes are bullies and the mindset of pedophiles make them ripe for the bullying.
Posted By: trueguts | 9/13/16 10:09 AM
Be safe and be strong Bullyville. #guts
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