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The ‘King Of Revenge Porn’ Will Serve A Disgustingly Short Prison Sentence
Article by: MTV
December 03, 2015
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Hunter Moore, 'the most hated man on the internet,' has finally been sentenced — to a slap on the wrist.

Earlier this year when we wrote about the horrors of revenge porn — the still-mostly-legal practice of posting nude photos or videos of someone online against their wishes — activists were thrilled that Hunter Moore, the creator of a massive revenge porn website who’d been dubbed the “King of Revenge Porn,” had recently been arrested by FBI officials.

Now, he’s been sentenced — and unfortunately, the punishment definitely does not fit the crime.

On his revenge porn website, IsAnyoneUp.com, Moore posted nude photos of women that were submitted without their consent by their spiteful exes to be mocked and degraded by other users. He also did something even worse: He included the victims’ full names, the cities they lived in, details their places of work or study and their social media profiles– so that the photos were sure to be found by bosses, teachers and family members and his victims were at serious risk of physical assault from strangers on the Internet. In short, he profited from ruining thousands of women’s lives.

But because the laws in the U.S. (and in most of the world) have yet to catch up to our digital realities, there are still no federal laws on the books that prohibit non-consensual porn. What Moore did is also still perfectly legal in many states that have yet to pass any laws that would criminalize revenge porn.

As a result, Moore’s indictment actually had nothing to do the lives he’d ruined — instead, it dealt with the fact that he paid an accomplice to regularly hack into people’s computers and actually steal naked photos that Moore then posted on the site.

In Los Angeles on Wednesday (Dec. 2), Moore, who has also been dubbed the “Most hated man on the internet” by Rolling Stone, was finally sentenced by a federal district judge after pleading guilty to charges of unauthorized access to a computer and aggravated identity theft — to a mere 2.5 years in federal prison and a $2,000 fine.

According to lawyer and legal blogger Adam Steinbaugh, who was present at the sentencing, Moore will also have to pay restitution to his victims…in the amount of $145.70.

Confoundingly, Steinbaugh also noted that Moore’s sentencing documents are sealed — for the sake of Moore’s privacy. It’s awfully reminiscent of that time Craig Brittain, another revenge porn boss, demanded that Google remove all of his “identity related” information from search results.

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