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700-pound online bully transforms his life — with help from those he bullied
Article by: Today
November 11, 2015
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Weighing around 700 pounds, Jesse Shand could barely stand up, let alone leave his house.

So he spent his days and nights as an Internet bully, writing cruel messages to strangers on online forums, hidden behind his computer screen.

It sounds ironic — an obese recluse as the bully, not the bullied — but for Shand, 28, it was a "coping mechanism," a way to attack people before they attacked him.

"When you're actively trying to bring people down and get negative attention, it almost always reflects something in your own life," he told TODAY.com.

His attacks were random, from making offhand remarks to women on a feminist website to taunting gamers about being "too poor" afford the newest XBox or PlayStation console.

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