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From bullied teen to 17-year-old CEO
Article by: CNN
October 30, 2015
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Valerie Weisler came to this realization at age 14. Weisler, now a 17-year-old senior, had a rough start to high school. Her parents divorced just four days before her freshman year. Weisler internalized this, coming off as painfully shy to her classmates.

"Kids would call me mute, make up rumors that I didn't have the physical capability to speak," Weisler told me. "It would take me 10 minutes just to talk back to you."

Today, there isn't a trace of this shyness in Weisler. She is CEO of a global movement called The Validation Project, which is based on the premise that a little positive affirmation goes a long way.

The Validation Project matches teens from 100 countries with a mentor at companies like Google (GOOG) or Seventeen Magazine. Mentors are paired with teens who share similar passions or skills. They work together for a minimum of four hours per week for two months.

Roughly 6,000 teens around the world have participated so far.

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