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California Launches New Way For “Revenge Porn” Victims To Strike Back
Article by: Buzzfeed.com
October 16, 2015
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Attorney General of California Kamala Harris announced Wednesday a multifaceted program to come down hard on “cyber exploitation” — explicit images or videos uploaded to shame or extort someone, often an ex, often called “revenge porn.”

The program was created with the help of a regularly-meeting task force comprised of representatives from some of the world’s leading internet companies – such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Yahoo, among others – as well as victim advocates, academics, and members of law enforcement, Harris said at a press conference.

“Something people don’t realize is that this is an issue of security,” Harris told BuzzFeed News shortly after the launch. “The victims of these crimes are no less victimized than someone who has been harmed physically – the toll it exacts on these women in terms of trauma, devastation, and violation is equal to any other crime.”

The task force met over the course of nine months, during which many of the companies, including Twitter, Google, and Facebook, have created and launched programs that enable users to remove explicit content from their sites that has been posted without the subject’s consent. A “research hub” website for victims of cyber exploitation was launched Wednesday and was the product of the collaboration between the internet superpowers and the Attorney General’s office.

The website contains links that can help victims remove the unwanted images or videos from the website they were posted on, tells them who to contact to seek help from victim advocacy groups, trauma centers, and law enforcement to help prosecute those who posted to pictures. The site also has resources for law enforcement, the tech industry, and anti-cyber exploitation activists to help combat the crime.

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