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October 10, 2015
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The following excerpt is from the incredible Kristen Johnston’s website, www.kjosbigmouth.com.

“Over seven years ago, I co-founded SLAM (Sobriety, Learning And Motivation) with a group of other passionate and diverse New Yorkers who were sick of watching children suffer & die due to addiction.So many have worked tirelessly for years to make this happen. Not just the board itself, but 100's of generous souls who've volunteered their time, money or both. Addiction specialists, psychiatrists, recovery advocates, educators, politicians, entertainers, CEOs, lawyers, journalists, parents, kids, people in recovery, people who wish to be, their loved ones, fans of GUTS, friends, those who know me from social media, the list goes on & on & on & on.

Brick by brick, year by year, we've each slowly, painstakingly built this program. Finally SLAM became a reality, and our program of education and support has been up and running since August. We're very proud & happy to report that it's already positively impacting many young lives at Lavelle Prep, a public high school on Staten Island.

Let's be honest here… For better or worse, when it comes to SLAM, I get most of the attention because I'm in the public eye.  I know nothing I ever do in my life will ever matter more than this, and I'm so goddamn proud to be a part of it. 

But it's the people you DONT see, the ones who work 60 hours a week at their day jobs, raise their families and STILL manage to spend every free second they have working to make SLAM a success... Those are the people no one hears about. People like the lovely lady who created our website simply because she was moved by what we were trying to do… Or my neighbor, who happens to do press for charities & last week shared that he finally has time and would love to donate his considerable efforts to help us out… all the people from City Hall. My artist friend who created SLAM's logo. The extraordinary people from the teachers union. Parents who've lost their children to addiction. So so many.  

THEY are the heart & soul of SLAM.

YOU are the heart & soul of SLAM. There are far too many to list. But I wanted to make sure people understand that while people associate me with SLAM, I'm only one small cog in an ever-growing wheel.”


PLEASE GO CHECK OUT Kristen Johnston’s website to find out more about an amazing SLAM contest that ends on Monday, it is for a very good cause. After almost a decade of work, SLAM has established a recovery education and training program in a NYC public high school, the first of it’s kind.



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