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Dad fights back against daughters' bullies ... with body-positive rap
Article by: today.com
September 10, 2015
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After witnessing the effects of bullying on his daughters, spoken word poet Khari Touré says he was heartbroken and looking for a way to put an end to the body image issues both of his girls were dealing with. So the Oakland, California, dad penned the lyrics to Love Yourself — a song dedicated to daughters Ashé, 15, Nia, 6, and Maya, 2.

"Seeing both my (older) daughters bullied, it made me want to write a song of affirmation for children that they could repeat to themselves," Touré told TODAY Parents. "It was a love letter not only to my daughters, but to every child who's been bullied, made fun of, and made to feel less-than, unworthy or unattractive."

In the video for Love Yourself, several children from his community join Touré, as he raps about the importance of self-love and confidence. Touré says he chose a diverse group of children, ranging from his own daughters to children with autism, ADHD and down syndrome, as he wanted to show that children with disabilities often get bullied most of all.

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