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Scottish bully picks on young girl in brutal attack in Cowdenbeath
Article by: Yahoo
August 19, 2015
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Police have launched an investigation into a sickening video showing a school bully attacking a young girl which was posted on social media and has since been viewed by over five million people.

The horrific attack, believed to have been filmed in Cowdenbeath, Fife, was watched by a number of youngsters, as one bully brutally picks on a young girl, shouting at her, hitting her over the head and dragging her around by her hair.

During the sickening four minute video the bully also appears to hold the youngster’s head to the ground, punch the girl in the face and bang her head on the road several times, while the victim tries to fight back tears.

Understandably the video has been met with outrage and disgust on social media, while Police Scotland have confirmed that they are looking into the incident and trying to track down those responsible.

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