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Tips for Kids and Parents for Dealing With Bullies
Article by: Huffington Post
July 23, 2015
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Many kids will be headed back to school in a few weeks. Most will be happy to see their friends but some are dreading the end of summer because it means they will have to face bullying. Bullying can start very early and can even be seen among kids who are still in pre-k.

According to Dr. Craig Bach, VP of Education for The Goddard School, bullying can have long-term consequences but the earlier children learn to respond to it the less likely it is to have long-term consequences.

Here are some tips from Dr. Bach about what children and parents can do to addressing bullying:

Encourage children to take bullying seriously and work to make it stop when they see it occurring. Tell children not to ignore it because it usually won't just go away. With your child, use creative intellect to find ways to make it stop. Think of it as a problem-solving opportunity.

Don't wait until a bullying incident happens to talk to about bullying with your child. Get used to discussing it so it is not so strange when it does occur. Let your child know it's okay to talk to friends and parents, teachers, and other adults about anything that concerns them.

Let children know they can talk to the bully if they feel comfortable. The can look the bully in the eye and tell them to stop.

If talking to a bully doesn't work, walk away from the bully. Don't run, act scared or angry -- things that often encourage a bully -- just walk away calm and steady.

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