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Cyber Bully Teresa Shaw
Article by: Bullyville
July 17, 2015
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Ohai Teresa Shaw! I hope you are continuing to enjoy supporting a court documented pedophile and rapist. I really don't have to much to say right meow, I'm getting all of the evidence together which proves just how deep your involvement has been with this group of cyber terrorists. Like always, I merely provide the bullies own words as proof. For example, does this look familiar? It should, you wrote it. I will be releasing everything you've authored shortly, including all of your tweets. And no Teresa, I did not "hack" to get this information, I just happen to be really good at what I do, which is exposing people like you.

Link #1 - complaint form submitted by Teresa Shaw.

Link #2 - posts created by Teresa Shaw on hate blog RWA.

Link #3 - Nerium's star continues to rise!


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