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Alstonville teenage runaway Clancy Ellis was a victim of cyber bullying on Ask.fm
Article by: smh.com
June 15, 2015
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A teenage girl who has gone missing on the NSW north coast was bullied on a social networking website that has been linked to teen suicides overseas.

Clancy Ellis, 15, was last seen on Wednesday morning walking down the street after leaving her school in Alstonville, which is inland from Ballina on the far north coast.

She left a note that indicated she would be away for several months, and was heading north.

Sifting through her last movements before she left, Clancy's family have uncovered the extent of the bullying to which she was subjected on the website Ask.fm, which encourages users to say anonymously what they really think of one another.

Mother Michelle Ellis said reading through the comments about Clancy made her feel physically ill.

"Anonymous people were saying awful things about Clancy, just gross," Ms Ellis said.

"And they threatened, 'We know where you are, we know where your school is, we're going to set up a Facebook page about you'.

"She suffered it all alone."

Clancy had been deeply unhappy in the months before she disappeared, plugged constantly into social media, and had stopped reading books, which had previously been her passion.

"She adores good writing, but over the last six months she's just stopped," her mother said. "The books have just been stacking up.

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