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June 13, 2015
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Hello Mr. Retzlaff,

As you were fully aware, YOUR SON, convicted felon, court documented PEDOPHILE and RAPIST (you know the truth, you testified against him) has been ruthlessly stalking and harassing your granddaughter, Brittany Retzlaff for her entire life. But Brittany isn’t his only victim, YOUR SON, Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com) has dozens of victims. Whether it’s rape, acts of pedophilia, stalking, harassment, death threats, the list goes on and on, yet you continue to financially support him. As a matter of fact, it is our understanding that you recently gave all of your children, including Thomas, their yearly check right before tax season. Do you know what Thomas does with that money? He uses it to continue his stalking and harassment of an ever growing list of victims, INCLUDING CHILDREN. Therefore, you are directly helping your son continue his reign of terror on women and children.

Thomas has gone out of his way to make sure everyone knows that you support him financially and send him money every month. I'm not going to stop exposing your son until he's back where he belongs, in prison. And I will have no mercy for anyone who openly supports a court documented pedophile and rapist who continues to attack WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

We have previously (and publically) pleaded with you to stop financially supporting Thomas, however for reasons only God knows, you continue to support your son as he continues to stalk and harass your own granddaughter and countless other women and CHILDREN.

Starting today, and continuing daily, we will be posting images of YOUR SONS VICTIMS, past and present, along with a synopsis of how he has victimized them. We are hopeful that once you look into the eyes of your sons countless victims, that you will finally have the strength and courage to stand up to the monster that you created and do what is right.

Ephesians 6:11 “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.”



This publically available court document only scratches the surface of what Denise Hollas Retzlaff, and her children, have had to deal with at the hands of convicted felon and court documented PEDOPHIILE and RAPIST Thomas Retzlaff.


What court documented pedophile Thomas Retzlaff did to your granddaughter is considered by most as one of the worst cases of revenge pornography ever documented. As a matter of fact, it is so horrific that a nationally syndicated media company is devoting an entire TV episode to it. Upon your son’s release from prison, Brittany went to visit Tom at his apartment in Texas. While she was taking a shower and getting ready in the bathroom, Tom used a hidden camera to take unauthorized naked photos of her and blasted them all over the web. You are fully aware of what he did, yet you continue to support him financially, even after he has sent numerous emails to your own granddaughter threatening to beat her, kill her and rape her. As a result of your son's ruthless harassment of your granddaughter, a warrant for his arrest was issued out of California, which is still active.


While attending the University of Texas – San Antonio, as a foreign exchange student, Lan Zhu was relentlessly stalked and harassed by YOUR SON, Thomas Retzlaff. His stalking and harassment of this woman was so severe that it was one of the primary reasons why YOUR SON was expelled from the University of Texas. She debated fleeing the Country, just like your granddaughter did, once she discovered that Thomas was a court documented rapist who recorded himself RAPING a woman anally. And typical of YOUR SON, once charges were formally filed against him for harassing and stalking Lan Zhu, what does he do? He started stalking and harassing Lan Zhu’s family and friends.


YOUR SON, RAPIST THOMAS RETZLAFF was a "private investigator" who lied his way into a job at a law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Once the law firm found out that Thomas lied about his credentials and was a convicted felon, they immediately fired him. Shortly after being fired, Thomas began sexually harassing and stalking Anna Katz who worked at the law firm. This was confirmed by the San Antonio Police Department.


YOUR SON, RAPIST THOMAS RETZLAFF, began to stalk and sexually harass Paula Stamm, who also worked at that law firm in Texas with victim #4, Anna Katz. Here is an example of the types of harassing emails he would send this poor girl. Imagine how terrifying it must be for any woman to find out that a court documented pedophile and rapist is stalking them. Even more disheartening to find out that the rapists father continues to fund their stalking and harassment activities.


YOUR SON, RAPIST THOMAS RETZLAFF, began to stalk and sexually harass Amy Bouzaglo through one of his many online aliases, “Johnny Swift”. There are three things that Thomas loves to talk about online more than anything else (1) raping women (2) murdering people (3) how much he loves child porn.


YOUR SON, RAPIST THOMAS RETZLAFF, began to stalk and harass Texas resident Carolyne Pillutla starting about two years ago. Carolyne has a long history with an online stalker, Jennifer D'Alessandro, who has an arrest record of her own, www.jendalessandro.com. Apparently Jen is a supporter of your son, which makes sense since her husband, Bill D'Alessandro has a reported history of child abuse. Jen seems to gravitate towards men who abuse children so your son is a natural fit for her. Here is the police report that Carolyne recently filed against your son.


YOUR SON, RAPIST AND PEDOPHILE THOMAS RETZLAFF, began to stalk and harass Brandi Passante, who is on the show "Storage Wars" on A&E. Brandi was the unfortunate victim of revenge porn and Thomas, being the despicable sociopathic predator that he is, started to stalk her online. Sound familiar? Of course it does, this is exactly what he did to your granddaughter Brittany. He posted her naked images online and continuing stalking and harassing her. He stalks and harasses her daily. You might not care about what he's done to these other women, but what about Brittany?

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Posted By: Jimmyistoast | 6/13/15 7:03 PM
Poor Jimmy. Hate to break it to you, but Bob isn't here right now. See he is in Europe for the next few weeks traveling. He had a very enjoyable time with his son traveling to Disneyland and throughout Arizona and Vegas before Collin left to Afghanistan. I even heard that brother Scott was there, too.

But I am sure that if Bob did happen to see this, he would tell you to GFY. See a guy who has been in the newspaper business for as long as he has doesn't give two shits about disgruntled losers like you. Clowns like you are a dime a dozen. Bob has been threatened by governors and United States Senators. Do you think he has time in his very busy scheduling of overseas travel to worry about a small speck of a bug like you? yeah, I don't think so, either. Funny how both Denise and Collin were sooo successful in SE'ing you these past 12 months. I wonder how much Brittany has done the same to you, too. Say have you found anyone who gives two shits about your restraining order? Guess the FBI are too busy to get after this TR guy. But they will any day now. Am I right? Nah, we both know that you are completely full of shit, Piss Boy. I spent about 2 minutes laughing hard when I saw your tax returns and financial documents. Then i went golfing and later to the rifle range with my dogs. See I'm not in this for the money (we both know you ain't got none). I just want to burn your fucking house and ViaView company to the ground. You know the nice thing about having a rich family? Its having a rich family! el oh el. I'm in Palm Springs today. guess what? Playing golf. i was in Disneyland a few weeks ago. We loved it (of course). Have you seen the prices for tickets? Your wife will have to suck an awful lot of nigger cock in order for you to afford to take your kids to Disney. Having seen YOUR bank account, you can hardly afford to keep the lights on. That PG & E bill can be a bitch, eh? Oh well. Sucks to be you, McBitchney. See
Posted By: CrazyBasko | 6/15/15 8:15 AM
What are the odds that the user "jimmyistoast" is pedophile rapist Thomas Retzlaff? Bob Retzlaff supports your stalking of women and underage girls, court documents don't lie Tommy.
Posted By: Enabler | 6/15/15 8:20 AM
Gross. This guy talks about having sex with his own daughter and raping her. What kind of a man allows their son to do this to his own granddaughter?
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