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June 11, 2015
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"Attorney Sue Basko paints a very polarizing picture of herself as a humanitarian. While she crafts the image of herself as a hero for anyone who feels they're a victim of stalking, copyright violation, or harassment, she takes a very questionable stance toward supportive parents of children with serious mental diseases". ~Encyclopedia Dramatica

Click the link below to listen to the fully authenticated prison calls between Attorney Sue Basko and convicted felon Joseph Camp:


Link # 1 - Attorney Sue Basko is a big supporter of convicted felon, court documented rapist and alleged pedophile Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com). She went as far as submitting a declaration on his behalf in a restraining order hearing. This hearing was to determine whether or not Thomas Retzlaff’s daughter (whom he posted naked images of all over the web) would be protected from this monster. Attorney Sue Basko went out of her way to try and derail this victim’s ability to be protected.


Link #2 - One of MANY declarations filed by Attorney Sue Basko in support of her friend, court documented rapist Thomas Retzlaff:


Link #3 - Attorney Sue Basko is also a big supporter of convicted felon Joseph Camp. She has a thing for convicted felons apparently. Especially felons who relentlessly stalk and threaten women.


Link #4 - Why is a convicted felon, who currently has a warrant for his arrest (www.thomasretzlaff.com), filing anything on behalf of attorney Sue Basko? Sue Basko doesn't represent felon Thomas Retzlaff. It's as if they are working together. Is Attorney Sue Basko actively helping a convicted felon stalk his own daughter? Is Attorney Sue Basko ghost writing motions and pleading for Thomas Retzlaff?


Link #5 - Yet another declaration by Attorney Sue Basko defending her two favorite convicted felons, JoJo Camp and Thomas Retzlaff:


Link #6 - Have we mentioned that Attorney Sue Basko has a VERY CLOSE relationship with convicted felon, court documented rapist and alleged pedophile Thomas Retzlaff?


Link #7 - For the record, when we say that court documented rapist Thomas Retzlaff is an “alleged” pedophile, here is what we really mean:

The following court document was submitted by the Texas Department of Protective Services. Convicted Felon Thomas Retzlaff admitted to masturbating, using a can of Crisco, in front of his children. He also allegedly raped his ex-wife, anally, and videotaped the entire rape. Read the entire court filing and decide for yourself whether or not Thomas Retzlaff is a pedophile and a rapist. Lastly, keep in mind as you’re reading this, Attorney Sue Basko openly supports this monster and has submitted at least four affidavits on his behalf.



Link #8 - The following affidavit is from Brittany Retzlaff, the daughter of convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff. Within this affidavit she states the following "based on my past personal experiences with my father, there is no doubt in my mind, that my father, Thomas Retzlaff, is a pedophile". Attorney Sue Basko did everything she could to ensure that this girl would continue to be attacked by Thomas Retzlaff.


Link #9 - Attorney Sue Basko loves filing declarations. Now granted, each declaration contradicts the other, but she is a very “ethical lawyer”. Just like Thomas Retzlaff is a very ethical babysitter. Sue Basko has a nasty habit of committing perjury, over and over and over again.


Link #10 - I mean Attorney Sue Basko REALLY loves to file declarations.


Link #11 - Attorney Sue Basko made the majority of the following Blog posts directly from her Facebook account (in case she tries to deny that she made these posts). This blog was run by her buddy and partner in crime, court documented rapist Thomas Retzlaff. Sue Basko allegedly has a hand with the day to day administrivia duties, however we find that hard to believe because, as she puts it, she’s a “perfectly ethical, very mentally healthy, highly intelligent, very strong, and very knowledgeable lawyer”.


Link #12 - Attorney Sue Basko (www.disbarbasko.com), a California and Illinois attorney (who is not licensed to practice law in New York) invoices her “client” Joseph Camp. Sue Basko is very close to Mr. Camp and Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com) some even speculate that they are partners in crime. Attorney Sue Basko has stated numerous times that she represented convicted felon Joseph Camp in New York. She DOES NOT have a license to practice law in New York (www.disbarbasko.com). Just in case she tries to deny this fact (which she is notorious for doing) here is a copy of the invoice she submitted to her client in New York, Joseph Camp.


Link #13 - Attorney Sue Basko recently committed perjury within a federal filing. If I’m wrong (which I’m not), than maybe she’ll put on her big boy pants and sue me. Here is just a small sampling of emails that have been sent from Sue Basko, which of course, she will either claim that (a) she was “hacked” and someone sent those emails from her computer pretending to be her or (b) aliens abducted her and forced her to send those emails. Considering how absolutely insane she is, option (b) is plausible. Nevertheless, I digress, check out the email that Sue sent on April 25th, 2014, and I quote, “I have been given access to Joe’s website. If there is something on there that you think endangers you, please let me know and I will delete it. That is if I can get on there and figure it out. Please just let me know”.


Link #14 - Yet within a recent filing that Sue felt compelled to submit within the Federal lawsuit against Thomas Retzlaff (www.thomasretzlaff.com) she stated that she has NEVER had access to Camp’s site and hasn’t even viewed more than a “couple of pages” on Camp’s site. Attorney Sue Basko has ONCE AGAIN committed perjury, can’t wait to see how she tries to bullshit her way out of this one. BAR complaints are already in the works, hopefully those aliens that abducted her will testify on her behalf.



Link #15 - Attorney Sue Basko made Twitter aware that she wants to make a movie about the life of Joseph Camp. #seriously




Link #16 – The first of many Bar Complaints filed against Attorney Sue Basko:




Link #17 - Bar Complaint filed against Attorney Sue Basko by Attorney Jay Leiderman:


Link #18 - I HIGHLY urge everyone to read this fascinating and very well researched (and meticulously documented) article about cyber stalker Sue Basko:


Link #19 - “For the record, I'm criticizing Ms. Basko's words, her "so-called" proficiency with Internet Law.  I'm doing so because she purports to be an entertainment lawyer who I would think is supposed to KNOW something about the law and the Internet, while also understanding basic facts about the Internet - namely "The Streisand Effect":



Link #20 - How not to defame someone, a lesson in viciousness by Sue Basko. All these tweets were taken from the timeline of one @suebasko, who claims - as you can see - to be stalked, threatened and bullied by Liz Ditz. This claim comes from a person who took over 10 hours to send inflammatory tweets to as many of Liz's contacts as possible. 


Link #21 - “Here at the Internet Chronicle we rarely, if ever, receive hate-mail thanks to our impeccable human rights record. It seems, however, that two articles have upset a famous lawyer who is widely known for being a “highly intelligent, highly educated, very personable, very caring, good person,” or at least that’s how Sue Basko characterized herself after sending us a battery of insulting e-mails”.



Link #22 - “Sue Basko constantly complains about her stalkers and the defamation they spew, yet she has been known to contact the employers and family members of people who get in her way. She will also lie incessantly about anyone she doesn't like at the moment, in order to further her own agenda. She is also incredibly insensitive towards those who suffer from autism. Don't trust this un-medicated psychopath with your case”!




Link #23 - Attorney Sue Basko is the queen of accusing other people of stalking and harassing her, yet it is ALWAYS the other way around:



Link #24 - Attorney Sue Basko’s current CA Bar info:



Link #25 - Attorney Sue Basko filed a complaint to Amazon about BullyVille. Apparently she doesn’t like to have HER OWN WORDS posted on our site:



Link #26 - Attorney Sue Basko allegedly made the following comments after reading an article published on latimes.com about Autism. Once confronted, she claimed that someone hacked her Facebook page and posted the comments.



Link #27 - Attorney Sue Basko sends Attorney Jay Leiderman a “cease and desist” email.


Link #28 - Other threatening/harassing emails by psychopath Internet Bully and alleged pedophile supporter Attorney Sue Basko:



Link #29 - Attorney Jay Leiderman filed a Rule 11 motion against Sue Basko in Federal Court. For reasons still unknown, Attorney Sue Basko has been a rabid supporter/defender of court documented rapist and alleged pedophile Thomas Retzlaff. She has gone as far as submitting multiple false declarations on his behalf.





Link #30 - Some of the cases that Attorney Sue Basko has been involved in:

Link #31 - Attorney Sue Basko giving sound legal advice:

Link #32 - Maybe Attorney Sue Basko will finally come clean and tell everyone what her real motivation was with respect to Barrett Brown? Hey Sue, are you going to tell the truth about YOUR involvement with getting Barrett Brown V8nd? #ticktock



Link #33 - Come on Attorney Sue Basko, I’m sure the guilt is just eating you up inside. Now tell all of Barrett Brown’s supporters what you did to him. Tell them about all of your correspondence with the FBI.



Link #34 - The following was found on pastebin. It's a letter written by attorney Susan Basko with a critique by the person who posted the letter.


Link #35 - Attorney Sue Basko has a history of sending people completely crazy emails because Attorney Sue Basko is crazy.


Link #36 - What is one word to define an unstable histrionic narcissist? Basko!:




Link #37 - The litigation privilege and a crazy person threatening you to not file papers about them:




Link #38 - How not to make a fool of yourself on the Internet – Sue Basko:




Link #39 - Did Sue Basko Brag About Making Child Porn on “Live Radio Show”? We cannot verify the authenticity of this recording nor whether Attorney Sue Basko made these comments.




Link #40 - We are going to do everything in our power to get one of the most unethical lawyers in existence disbarred. And we will be exposing her very deep and personal relationship with convicted felon and court documented rapist Thomas Retzlaff soon…….very soon and in a VERY PUBLIC way.

Link #41 - Attorney Sue Basko was recently sued in United States District Court (Northern District of Illinois). We will post those documents shortly, however it is the plethora of other documents that Attorney Sue Basko attempted to have sealed which really tell the story of what she's been up to as of late. When you support a court documented pedophile and rapist and his partner in crime in a campaign to cause harm to others, you can be certain that it will garner BullyVille's undivided attention. 

Link #42 - Recent affidavit submitted by Attorney Sue Basko.

Link #43 - Here is the initial decision that was served upon Defendant/Attorney Sue Basko with a default judgment against her.

Link #44 - Now why in the world would Attorney Sue Basko refuse to accept service in this case? Is she in California physically checking her PO box or does she have someone else check it for her and forward the mail to her alleged mailing address in Illinois? Did she lie in the affidavit she submitted in this case? Did she lie in the affidavit she submitted in California supporting her pedophile/rapist/convicted felon buddy www.thomasretzlaff.com ? More to come shortly. One hint. There is a reason why we own www.disbarbasko.com.

Link #45 - Attorney Sue Basko, just like her friends, Thomas Retzlaff, Neal Rauhauser and Joseph "JoJo" Camp, will do whatever it takes to avoid service within lawsuits and/or restraining orders. For example in Case #1:15-cv-08405 (Link #44) Attorney and Defendant Sue Basko avoided service. Once a default judgment was levied against her, she finally made an appearance.

This is not the first time Attorney Sue Basko has avoided service. We will now take a look at Case #2004LM526 where Attorney Sue Basko was once again a defendant.



Here is a copy of the original complaint filed against Defendant/Attorney Sue Basko:

As in every other case where Attorney Sue Basko is a defendant, she avoided service:

And just like Attorney Sue Basko did within Case #1:15-cv-08405 (Link #44), once a judgment was levied against her, she makes a "special appearance".

The Judge saw right through the games that Attorney/Defendant Sue Basko was playing and ruled against her:

Link #46 - Attorney Sue Basko, who IS NOT licensed to practice law in the State of Colorado, is providing legal assistance to felon Joseph Camp. Mr. Camp is currently awaiting trial for viciously strangling a young, defenseless girl. 

Link #47 - Fascinating article from The Chronicle entitled, "Internet Attorney Sue Basko deletes Internet Chronicle Accusations".  While the article itself is very interesting, it's the photo that accompanied the article which has our undivided attention. Things are definitely as they appear, more to come.


Link #48 - One of the only known videos in existence of Attorney Sue Basko. This was recorded during a "World Indie Media Event" back in 2013.



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Posted By: antichrist | 6/13/15 7:19 AM
“Sue Basko constantly complains about her stalkers and the defamation they spew, yet she has been known to contact the employers and family members of people who get in her way. She will also lie incessantly about anyone she doesn't like at the moment, in order to further her own agenda. She is also incredibly insensitive towards those who suffer from autism. Don't trust this un-medicated psychopath with your case”!

Posted By: LOLHAHAHAHA | 9/27/15 12:35 PM
Basketcase Basko is very upset with this Captien Obvious person who filed a bar complaint she insists was thrown in the trash yet she continues to display her chapped ass butt hurt over. More LOLs from the libel blog she runs with CONVICTED FELON AND RAPIST TOM RETZLAFF. She needs to call the waaahmbulance.

Sunday, September 27, 2015 2:46 PM Jay Leiderman is in league with Captien Obvious. Captien Obvious wrote a filthy, lying "Bar Complaint" about a female lawyer, based entirely on Captien Obvious's lies, defamation, paranoid delusions, and filth. This female lawyer is someone with whom this Captien Obvious person has never had any dealings of any kind. Jay Leiderman filed it, and yet claims not to know who Captien Obvious is. This means Jay Leiderman has no morals or ethics or honesty. But everyone already knew this.
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