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Lora Lusher and Matthew Pace Lusher
Article by: Sonoma County
April 28, 2015
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Matthew Pace Lusher has 16 criminal court cases within Sonoma County. His violations are mostly for public intoxication, but other violations include battery, vandalism, driving with a suspended license and a weapons violation.

Partial arrest record for Matthew Lusher:





Matthew Lusher is the son of the infamous online stalker Lora Lusher of Petaluma, California.


What is Matthew's involvement within the ongoing harassment that dozens of people have endured at the hands of Lora Lynn Lusher for years? Big reveal coming soon. One small clue, he practically lives in that trailer with Lora.

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Posted By: TTBBTH | 5/01/15 5:10 AM
The other very strange thing about Lora Lusher is that Jack Bokin, her cousin, was a rapist and murderer and she claims he assaulted her when she was younger. He is in prison for the rest of his life. Yet, for some strange reason his name is associated with Lora's address in Petaluma, specifically with her current address, the trailer. Anyone can find this by searching for Lora Lusher in Petaluma CA and clicking on the 411.com website that comes up.

Why would Lora allow Bokin to use her address? Was he staying with her at some point? Was he using her address for mail that she in turn delivered to him? What possible reason would she have to allow him to use her address when she claims he sexually assaulted her all those years ago.
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