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Oskar and the Big Bully Battle! presented by TheatreWorks & PAUSD
TheatreWorks, in collaboration with the Palo Alto Unified School District, reaches out to K-5 students with an entertaining performance that helps kids understand how they can deal with the important issue of bullying, which has become epidemic in schools across the nation.
November 05, 2012 - Views: 3,466,868
New Jersey Mom Accused of Assaulting Her Daughter’s Alleged Bullies On Bus
A New Jersey woman and her mother are facing assault and trespassing charges after allegedly boarding a school bus and slapping grade school boys. Police said the two believed the students were picking on the mother’s 9-year-old daughter.
November 02, 2012 - Views: 3,472,782
Anti-Cyber Bullying Taylor Swift Message
Video message of love and support made by Nancy Aimola for Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing against cyber bullies.
November 02, 2012 - Views: 3,473,283
Local High School Student Addresses Bullying Issues
Experts have said each day thousands of students across the country skip school for fear of being bullied. The effects can last a lifetime. Two websites started by Las Vegas locals are shining a light on bullying.
November 01, 2012 - Views: 3,474,810
Parents and Bullied Teen Speak Out
Mims and Jim Driscoll and their son, Caspian, speak out about an assault that took place on a Fort Mill school bus. Caspian says he was bullied because of his Jewish heritage.
October 29, 2012 - Views: 3,478,187
Bullied Teen Amanda Todd's Video Passes 17M Views
Bullying Tragedy: Amanda Todd's Nightmare
October 26, 2012 - Views: 3,479,198
Bieber Anti-Bullying Video Ends NY Legal Case
Justin Bieber appears in a new anti-cyberbullying video released Wednesday by a New York prosecutor as part of a plea deal resolving misdemeanor charges against one the pop star's managers and a record executive, stemming from a mall fan frenzy in 2009.
October 11, 2012 - Views: 3,483,147
Maryland Teen Bullied While Taping News Segment About Bullying
As a local TV news crew prepared to talk to 15-year-old Preston Deener about his experiences being bullied, three boys started attacking him.
October 10, 2012 - Views: 3,483,689
Father Turns In Son for Viral Bullying Video
Michael Palomino made a tough decision when he saw video of a beating.
October 10, 2012 - Views: 3,483,640
Teen Goes From Bullied Athlete to Superstar Goalie
A high school in California rallied behind soccer player Daniel Cui after he was bullied on Facebook for allowing a game-losing goal against his team. The school’s support gave him the confidence to come back the next season a soccer beast. TODAY.com’s Kyle Michael Miller reports.
October 10, 2012 - Views: 3,483,374
Cruel CYBER-BULLY Mother INDICTED! After Megan Meier's Death
Prosecutors characterize the case as the nation's first cyber-bullying case, and the results from it could set legal precedents regarding online harassment.
October 09, 2012 - Views: 3,483,973
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