Wendy Collver
Someone Being Bullied
Female | Phoenix, AZ   United States
Bullied and stalked by Half Sister with Mental Issues...
Bullying Type: Physical / Emotional
Posted By: redirenUser Verified
5/16/15 6:05 PM
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My younger half sister, is twice my size has been "abusing", harassing, etc since she was a child, to both my brother and I. Then when my youngest daughter was 10, she physically abused her. Now, ten years later, she has started a bullying, stalking campaign against me and my family, since my father died a few months ago. He disowned her 12 years ago for horrible things that she did, but he and I were very close so she has been jealous of that.

I haven't had contact with her in years, except when I told her about my dad passing. Since that moment, she has done horrible things, most of it online. She started a Facebook page about me and my family...accusing us of horrible untrue things. Post after post after post...then she was able to hack into my oldest daughter's facebook account and stole personal photos of me, which she posted on this Horrible facebook page. She also began to post the link to the page everywhere, including the City page of where I live, past employers, anybody or anything that was related to me...she sent letters to people with this horrible garbage...Eventually Facebook removed the whole page, but Google+ wouldn't remove her posts from that because it wasn't illegal. She has found every blog, website, etc...that I work with and posted horrible stuff...I had to remove all traces of my career and profession, as well as personal pages from the web.

When I was pregnant in 1990 she assaulted me and caused me to give birth to a still born daughter,...5 years later she did the same thing when I was pregnant with my youngest, but luckily I had great medical care and I didn't loose her....my half sister is on disability for severe mental issues, which run on my mothers side of the family. Luckily they all seem to have skipped me and my children. lol...I don't even have any relationship with my mother because she felt that all of this, including the abuse to my daughter was somehow my fault...that I should try to work it out with my half sister. You can't work anything out with someone that is that mentally ill and a known addict.

Hey bullying has caused major issues for myself and my daughter, work and personally related... We have currently just obtained Order of Protections against her, as she has also stated online that she would hurt us...she is always saying that I stole my family photo albums and that they should go to her...This is what she says I the basis to her harassment and bullying. The albums were given to me, which btw are primarily before she was even born...by my mother and father, because family was more important to me, and they knew they would be safe. I had offered to give her some of the photos of herself when my father died but she then started telling the funeral home, and hospital that my father died because he was abused by me. My father died from complications of liver cancer....and she hadn't see or talked to him in over 10 years.

She has started two new pages about me...but not using my name this time...instead saying her sister or changing the first letter of my name...she is promoting herself as a victim and advocate...she has been telling people that it is myself and my family that have abused her, but I have 52 pages of emails, and posts as well as witness statements that the court saw and determined that (I hate this word) I was the victim... I have not responded to her crazy rants, her harassment, her threats or bullying....but we are now in limbo..never knowing what is the next thing she will put on the internet...or who she will email...or threaten, etc...

My oldest daughter's husband is in the Army and they have gotten Army Lawyers involved on their behalf as well...as she has been harassing them, etc... I was an advocate for anti-bullying...I worked with a large Anti-bullying organization, and even testified in State Senate to get laws changed...I've never seen anything like this, and I am scared...for myself, for my children... I don't know what else to do to stop her. We just want to be left alone...She has been committed a few times because of her mental instability, but people have been ignoring her issues most of her life...because I have not responded she has put so much garbage, rage and stories out there, even if I were to respond now, it would look like I was making stuff up...so she keeps at it...

What can I do??

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Posted By: redirenUser Verified | 6/11/15 6:02 PM
FYI...The photo and info on the side is of me...I didn't realize
that it was supposed to be of the bully...
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Name: Wendy Collver
Age: 47
Country: United States
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