Jamie Brouhard
Bullying Survivor
Female | Phoenix, AZ   United States
The Defamation Made Me Stronger
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: JamieBroUser Verified
1/19/15 9:45 AM
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I am a grown woman, can't believe I am here...I am not a teen...cyber bullying, harassment and defamation can happen to anyone...just never thought I would be here.

I am a very big hearted person; I have forgiven my cyber bully. I find forgiving my bully makes me feel better.

I am in the automotive industry. I work with several men. To remain a classy woman is very important in my field.
A very insecure person has gone on a rampage to defame me maliciously:

August 23, 2013 a day that changed my life...I was visiting my family in another state and I receive a phone call from a coworker. He said "everyone got a picture from the bully last night...a total of 17 people ....The picture was a woman in a porno. You could barely see her face...but the face you could see looked like me. The picture was VERY graphic. I was numb...I didn’t know what this picture looked like only hearing a description over the phone.

Later that day I get an email from a previous customer in my Facebook inbox. The email said "some person out there hates you" "you are posted on a liars and cheaters website. Nice picture though!” MORTIFIED…WHAT HAS THIS BULLY DONE!!!

I was shaking; I couldn't type my name fast enough in the search engine of my iPhone.
I never will forget this moment. In the back seat of my dad's truck with my sister and my son on his birthday, a time with my family I should have enjoyed. I was trying to stay calm as my son sits next to me. I saw the picture of my face...a familiar picture...My Facebook profile picture. Relief...No naughty picture...But wait…….It doesn’t stop here…

As the day moves on I started Googling myself. A total of 16 defaming websites...A blog defaming me, calling me a wh*re, a sl*t. Attaching all my personal information. The Bully posted many of my modeling photos, along with cropped pictures of the porn star Jessica M. who looks like me. All posts include my REAL NAME.

I can't tell you how I felt. I was numb and anxious all at once. My life has changed...

I have been put in a place I never imagined to be in. Did I think about killing myself...many times. If it wasn't for God and my son I probably would have.

I don't want This Bully to win. THEY WON'T WIN.

My life has changed. I can't sleep at night, I fear everyone around me, I fear if people have Googled me. I fear losing my job. I fear finding more posts, I fear the bully hurting me, I fear dating anyone, I fear almost everything....

Contacting the websites has been useless and my safety has been jeopardized. I paid an attorney a lot of money to have everything removed from the web.. Cyber Bullying needs to STOP.

One person can hide behind their computer screen, one click of the submit button can change someone’s life forever. Think about it before you post it!

Defamation is illegal in 17 states. More laws are being passed to protect people from Cyber Bullying.

Jamie Brouhard

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Posted By: BullyDefender | 2/19/15 7:33 AM
Keep your head up stay classy. don't let them win it is very easy to fall into despair don't do it. The people who know you know the person you are. Please give Men a chance we are not all bad.
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Name: Jamie Brouhard
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Country: United States
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
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Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 108
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