Tim Ribberink
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Tim Ribberink bullied also online
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: Kris10
11/06/12 6:58 AM
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20-year-old Tim Ribberink from Tilligte, Twente, fell victim of bullying on the Internet as well. ” I work here and I’m a loser and gay” reads one of the online hatred messages addressed to the student, who was so tired of the bullying attacks that he saw no other way out than suicide.

On DinnerJudge.nl, a review site for restaurants, there are several mocking messages aimed at embarrassing and intimidating the student. Tim worked alongside his studies at the ice cafe Happy Days in Denekamp and the bullies tried to make his life harder through the review website.

Tim Ribberink’s death broke out in the news on Monday, when his parents revealed part of his farewell letter in a shocking obituary: “Dear Mom and Dad, I’ve spent my whole life mocked, harassed, bullied and ostracized. You are fantastic. I hope you are not angry at me. Goodbye, Tim.”

According to Director Koopman from the Twente’s Carmel College de Thij in Oldenzaal nobody noticed that Tim Ribberink, who took his own life last Thursday, was living an overwhelming sufferance caused by some wicked people around.

Tim attended the high-school (Havo) for two years and came back later as an intern from his follow-up History Teaching Education in Zwolle. Director Koopman said he was a “hardworking and enthusiastic student”, and they [teachers, colleagues] never noticed that he was feeling bad in his own skin. Several teachers on the school have cut the ad and hung it up in the classroom. In this way they want to emphasize what the consequences of mockery and harassement are.

This tragic situation raised controversial questions about bullying cases in the Netherlands and sparked heated debates on the Internet.

Source: http://www.foxcrawl.com/2012/11/05/tim-ribberink-bullied-also-online/

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Posted By: radioflyer | 11/07/12 3:07 PM
I get so upset every time I hear one of these stories...those poor parents to have to burry their child
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