Richard Dilbeck
Bullying Survivor
Male | Jackson, TN   United States
Bullied because ADHD
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: radical13
9/04/12 7:11 PM
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when i was born, i was born with ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) and peroband syndrome! born with a hole in my mouth and no uvula, skipping to the 5th grad first time i remember being picked on! when i was younger i was a loner all to my self i would bring toy cars and play with them, the kids thought i was weird and would make fun of me for playing with my cars in the dirt but a 3 other kids saw how fun it was and we had made a little club we we would trade toy cars and bring our favorite one the 6th and 7th graders would always try to smash our cars into the dirt, and it was like that all through elementary school! middle school wasn't easier but it was only went to middle school for one year because of my age and i got called stupid and dumb because they said it was because i wouldn't pass 7th grade but it was because of my age! i wasn't playing in the dirt as much but i was still a weird child, keeping to my self and yet reaching out to any one who was nice, always trying to be cool and sit with the cool kids! that stayed with me into high school freshman year i got my butt whooped because i was trying to sit with my friend who was a junior and freshman are not supposed to sit together because we are freshman! any ways my leg was broken in two places, broken left arm, had a black eye and a few missing baby teeth and he hit me so hard i fell into a coma, came to school three days later on crutches still hurting and i was on crutches for 10 weeks at least my friends were there to help cause it was hard to to move and luckily i write with my right hand! the kids who ganged up on me were expelled and i put on a good fight from what i saw on the video they took and they didn't mess with for the rest of the year! Next year they came back and they were mad but i had back up this time when they confronted me this time, we were in the gym they confronted me and as soon as i stood up my friends stood up which there were 8 people including me sitting in my little group, and we all stood up and there were only 4 of them! i wasn't really bullied till junior year after that cause i always was in the same classes with my friends BUT before we get the that i want to say that there was always people who talk about my mom never really hit me till junior year cause on June 19th my mom passed away do to a heart attack, yes she passed away on farther's day! Junior Year was so horrible, you didn't want to mess with me, and the first guy who said the first yo mamma joke got the crap be*t out of him,i kinda blacked out and lost control and next thing i know is i am in the principles office and he is being put into an ambulance! My friends and even his friends had my back though saying he started by talking about my mom! it basically went like that through junior year and by senior year i was really bullied! and i was popular and i graduated and i was happy it was all over, and i been looking and still looking for a job since i graduated to this day! and that is my story!

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Posted By: JJknapp | 9/06/12 2:38 PM
Your mother would be really proud of you bud :)
Posted By: radical13 | 9/06/12 6:07 PM
:) thanks
Posted By: WhaleWhatcher | 9/10/12 3:17 PM
ADHD can be very difficult to deal with when you are trying to learn in a classroom it doesnt make it any easier when the kids are picking on you. You will have some rough patches throughout your life but it sounds like you have left the bulk of your problems in the past where they belong. You have a good attitude and that is what will make you successful!
Posted By: Brabus | 9/12/12 3:17 PM
How long were you in a coma for?
Posted By: radical13 | 9/12/12 7:24 PM
for about a day but they kept me for a day so they could keep an eye on me!
Posted By: GramsHappy | 9/21/12 2:14 PM
Dont ever forget that your mother would always want the best for you so don't accept anything less.
Posted By: radical13 | 9/21/12 7:36 PM
Posted By: Results | 10/01/12 4:20 PM
If you could give advice to someone that was just like you were in high school right now, what would it be?
Posted By: radical13 | 10/01/12 4:42 PM
Find some real friends, and find out who your real friends are! Don't try stick in with the cool crowd unless your really apart of the cool crowd. If your religious it helps to find a church with a youth group you can find some true friends there! Idk where I'd be without my church friends!
Posted By: radical13 | 10/03/12 9:43 PM
happy to let you know i finally found a job at a catering company
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Name: Richard Dilbeck
Age: 25
Country: United States
Location: Jackson, TN
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Maiden Name: N/A
Relationship Status: N/A
Profession: Other
Education level: High school
University: N/A
Ethnicity: White or Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6 ft 0 in
Weight: 150
Tattoos: No

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