Laurie White
Bullying Survivor
Female | Chattanooga, TN   United States
Bullied by a teacher
Bullying Type: Emotional
Posted By: LaurieUser Verified
8/21/12 5:12 PM
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I was a victim of emotional bullying from fifth through eighth grade, at different schools. The worst bullier of them all was not a student, but my 7th grade PE teacher. Since I was small, shy and not athletic, it seemed she singled me out. Because of this horrible woman and a few others at the school I dreaded each day. My 8th grade PE teacher wasn't much better. Finally one day I let both her and the 7th grade teacher have it, and the looks on both their faces was priceless. I had no further trouble with them after that. Then I began to stand up for myself with other students who saw me as a target because I was quiet and my dad was a local TV celebrity. And it worked. My school life improved a LOT after that. If I could give one piece of advice to someone being bullied, it would be to stand up to your bully. After all, deep down bullies are cowards.

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Posted By: Camels | 8/23/12 2:08 PM
Bullies are cowards and thats why they left you alone once you stood up for yourself!
Posted By: WaitAminute | 8/27/12 3:04 PM
Its too common for PE teachers to pick on the kid that hasnt developed yet and tell them they need to eat their wheaties or something along those lines. Its like the jocks who picked on people in school are now back to pick on the weak students again.
Posted By: WhaleWhatcher | 9/10/12 3:21 PM
They should make it mandatory for PE teachers to take sensitivity training classes because a lot of them are just too nasty to the kids that are not athletic.
Posted By: EnoughIsEnough | 9/24/12 4:55 PM
Awesome to you!!! Great job for standing up for yourself, I wish I had that courage back then to say HEY LEAVE ME ALONE IM JUST LIKE YOU!!!! You are an inspiration to me!!!
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