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Marvin Humes
Teased for his glasses
Posted By: ringy
12/12/12 10:01 AM

JLS star Marvin Humes has been opening up to teenagers about his experiences of bullying as part of a new campaign. The singer visited a school as part of ChildLine's recently launched Moodie campaign, and revealed how he himself has been the subject of bullying, the Press Association reports. "I think I was about 11, 12 when I got my first pair of glasses and people used to bully me for that," he said. He also gave the youngsters some advice on how...


Russell Howard
Bullied for lazy eye
Posted By: ringy
12/12/12 10:10 AM

Russell Howard got bullied at school because of his lazy eye. If you watch his DVD 'Live dingledodies' then you'll see that he made fun of his lazy eye, by saying that he used to cry a lot and looked like a Picasso in the rain... Just goes to show that you can always do better things with your life than the people who bullied you! He's one of the most sought after comedians now. http:/ / Why_was_Russell_Howa rd_bullied_at_school
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