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Danny Devito
"I was plagued"
Posted By: Curtis
7/06/12 10:32 AM

Danny DeVito was born in New Jersey in 1944. Bullied as a child for his small stature, he had his big break when he starred in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. A diminutive 5-feet tall, DeVito says he longed to be taller as a youth. He recalls, "I was plagued; I couldn't slow-dance with the girls I wanted to because my face would be in a spot where I might be thought of as moving too fast." His height also...


Sandra Laing
Racially bullied
Posted By: pickME
4/26/13 10:21 AM

Sandra Laing (born 1955) is a woman who was born to white parents but reclassified as Coloured during the apartheid era in South Africa as she has dark skin. She is the subject of the 2008 biographical film Skin and is the feature of the documentaries In Search of Sandra Laing (1977), Sandra Laing: A Spiritual Journey (2000) and Skin Deep: The Story of Sandra Laing (2009). Sandra was born in Piet Retief, a small conservative town in apartheid South Africa....
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