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Elle Varner
Bullied for being heavy
Posted By: partly
8/09/12 11:37 AM

Elle Varner, who's getting a lot of attention for her fashion sense and music, gets very candid and reveals it wasn't that way when she was "larger." During a very revealing interview with the Urban Daily, the "Only Wanna Give It To You" singer reveals she grew up "heavy," was very awkward, wasn't popular and had very low self esteem. She says even her friends were mean to her and she had no social life! Wow. http://theyb f.com/2011/12/23/int erview-fab-paula-pat ton-reveals-holiday- plans-to-jimmy-fallo n-elle-varner-opens- up-abo

Amardeep Singh
Racially bullied
Posted By: LooptyLoop
7/12/13 9:29 AM

Amardeep Singh is the co-founder of the Sikh Coalition, the largest Sikh civil rights organization in the United States. He currently serves as its Director of Programs where he oversees the Coalition's use of litigation, advocacy, and community organizing to advance social justice goals. Amar has represented dozens of Sikh victims of airport profiling, employment discrimination, and hate crimes since the organization's inception after 9/11. Along with Department of Homeland Security officials, he helped to formulate guidelines governing the searches of...
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