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Naomie Harris
Bond girl Harris bullied at school
Posted By: Kris10
10/22/12 7:21 AM

Naomie Harris has revealed she was bullied at school and cried every day at university. The British actress is a Bond girl in new 007 film Skyfall, but she admitted her life hasn't always been so charmed because she struggled with being a "target" for bullies when she was younger, and felt alienated when she attended university. Naomi e, who started acting as a child, told the Daily Mirror: "I hated school. I didn't want to go. I don't know why I was...

John Cena
Bulked up after bullying
Posted By: PolyLOVE
12/09/13 10:24 PM

John Cena recently revealed that he was once a victim of bullying. The former WWE Heavyweight champ says, as a kid, he was picked on because he liked rap and hip-hop duds in a town where it wasn’t popular. Cena began to lift weights to bulk up and be in a position to protect himself. “By the time I was 15, I was a built kid, and the comments didn’t come so often, and the people making fun of me sort...
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