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Amy Studt
Developed disease from bullying
Posted By: English
4/19/12 3:04 PM

Amy Studt released her first album, False Smiles, when she was just 16. She attended a boarding school in Bournemouth and from the age of 13 and was bullied for being thin. People would call her 'sad loner' and 'anorexic smurf'. She wasn't anorexic, and isn't now, but naturally skinny. This name calling and constant bullying lead to Amy feeling depressed, which then lead to chronic fatigue syndrome, leaving her unable to concentrate on school work. If that wasn't enough,...

Jeff Stinco
Picked on for being small
Posted By: peanuts
12/18/12 10:07 AM

The Montreal based punk-pop group, Simple Plan, best known for their mega-hit, "I'm Just a Kid," had a lot to say on the topic. Lead guitarist, Jeff Stinco, remembers when he was bullied, "To get home from school I had to go through a rough neighbourhood and sometimes I got pushed or made fun of because I was such a small guy." Stinco eventually realized that the bullies were probably just frustrated with their own lives. "I don't think people should...
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