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Tamsin Egerton
Bullies knocked her teeth out
Posted By: bring4th
11/13/12 7:33 AM

British actress TAMSIN EGERTON was bullied so badly at school she was once blindfolded and had her teeth knocked out. The St Trinian's star spent lengthy periods away from the classroom after making her acting debut aged 11, and went on to star in several movies including 2001's The Mists of Avalon. Her success sparked jealousy among her school pals and she became the victim of bullies - but the experience made her toughen up. She says, "I think going away...

Cody Simpson
Cody Simpson Talks About Being Bullied
Posted By: SilverB52
11/20/12 6:35 AM

Cody Simpson may be a pop superstar today, but he had to fight through a lot of negativity to get to where he is. In a recent interview, Cody admits to have been bulled when he was in school. He says it started when he made the life altering decision to quit sports and pursue music. This was seen as a sign of weakness and as a result, Cody was bullied. However, Cody persevered and found comfort in his passion for music....
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