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Kim Ha Neul
Reveals she was bullied
Posted By: 5stars
11/14/12 9:52 AM

Actress Kim Ha Neul stated that she was a victim of bullying, for the first time on air. On the episode of SBS 'Healing Camp' that aired on the 3rd, there was a preview of Kim Ha Neul's episode that is to air on the 10th. On this episode, Kim Ha Neul difficulty opened up about how she was bullied in the past. Kim Ha Neul confessed, "this is the first time I'm saying this on air, but I was...

Amazon Eve
Bullied for being tall
Posted By: EnergiZed
11/29/13 12:40 AM

One of the world's tallest models says she was called names and sank into depression before realising her true calling. Amazon Eve, who is travelling in Australia ahead of a Guinness Book of World Records attempt, opened up about her difficult teenage years in an interview with ninemsn. "By the time I was 14 years old I started to notice that I was really tall," the American model said. "I wasn’t taller than just other girls, I was becoming taller than everyone." Eve's body...
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