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Hazem El Masri
Bullied for not speaking English
Posted By: rugby
8/08/12 10:26 AM

Hazem El Masri, he never spoke a word of English on his first day of school, and was bullied from day one because of this. But he fought the bullies and stood up for himself. “I was luckier than a lot of kids who get picked on as I was able to preform on the sports field and that saved me a little bit.” Although he did not want to, he did stand up for himself and this helped him...

Michael Copon
Bullied for being chubby
Posted By: Piped
7/09/13 10:33 AM

The teasing started when Michael Copon was in elementary school. He was a chubby child, and classmates called him "Egg Roll" and "Hawaiian Punch" because of his Asian appearance. "I was always the heaviest," Copon said. "The last to make it on the mile. The one who couldn't do a pushup or pullup." He's 30 now, a hunk with bulging biceps. An actor, Copon is a former Power Ranger who also appeared on the teen TV drama "One Tree Hill",...
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