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Justin Marchesa
Justin Bartha: 'Bully' PSA
Posted By: Gracey52
4/16/12 11:26 AM

Justin Bartha and Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman discuss the issue of bullying in two new PSAs in conjunction with the documentary Bully, out March 30. “I was bullied in high school. The bullying was so bad that I didn’t want to go back to school. What I did was tell my parents. My parents sought help from my teachers and that stopped the bullying,” the 33-year-old actor says in his video. “Now it can be very scary to stand up to bullies,”...

Bruce Willis
Stuttered in school
Posted By: backupplan
6/29/12 11:35 AM

Bruce Willis was bullied as a child because he stuttered. The 'Die Hard 4.0' actor developed a stutter at the age of eight and was teased as a result. Bruce said: "I could barely talk sometimes. I still had friends but I was bullied a lot. The bullying meant I also learned how to fight. Everyone knew not to f**k with me because they knew they'd get their ass kicked." Bruce discovered joining a drama club allowed him to express...
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