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Judith Lucy
Terrified of her bully
Posted By: jalapeno
1/25/13 8:52 AM

Judith Mary Lucy is an Australian comedian, known primarily for her stand-up comedy. "I never went to kindergarten because Mum was under-confident socially, and kept me at home. She didn’t think it was important for me to socialise with kids, didn’t realise it was a big deal for me when I started school. I’d only ever mixed with adults, and when I was thrown into this environment of 26 girls and four boys, I had no idea how to relate to...

Jasmine Walsh
Bullied for red hair
Posted By: LoveLife
4/30/14 11:44 PM

Teenage actress Jasmine Walsh strikes fear in the heart of many as menacing bully Amanda Ryan in RTE’s Fair City, but in a new interview she opened up and said that she herself was bullied when she was younger for having red hair. “When I was in primary school I was bullied for being naturally ginger. When I moved into secondary school I decided to start out with the attitude, ‘I’m not going to be a pushover’, and I stood...
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