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Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler Was BULLIED As A Kid!!
Posted By: Kris10
2/26/13 10:30 AM

Steven Tyler not only had a major drug problem — but he was also bullied as a kid growing up! Now that he's both successful AND sober, it looks like he's getting the last laugh!! Here's what he said about the bullies: “I was called terrible names when I was a kid. Pinhead, and n***er-lips, for a white boy who grew up in the Bronx, that’s terrible. Now I’m honored by that. (I was) beaten up, spit at, (called) queer. So we got...

Megan Elizabeth
Bullied for being bi-racial
Posted By: respected
2/26/13 11:19 AM

Meet Playboy Cybergirl Megan Elizabeth, a bartender from Los Angeles, California. She’s Spanish, Italian and African-American, with brown eyes, black hair and a petite frame that her natural D cups threaten to tip over. Outgoing Megan spends her nights tending bar, but how does she spend her days? “I love all of the different restaurants in LA,” she says. “I like the gun range, theme parks, the beach…and happy hour!” “I was born and raised in Houston, Texas,” she says....
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