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Keira Knightley
Bullied for dyslexia
Posted By: puddles
6/01/12 9:21 AM

In the interview, the daughter of actor Will Knightley and playwright Sharman Macdonald declared: "I kept my head down in school. I was very quiet. I had a few friends but not many. "I certainly wasn't one of the popular people. When I was very little kids called me stupid because I couldn't read. "Yeah, the dyslexia didn't help. But it's amazing what a child calling you stupid would do to make you read pretty quickly. I wasn't happy in school, partly...

Richard Hammond
Hamster bully boy torment
Posted By: Rocko
2/04/13 8:00 AM

The 5ft 7ins Top Gear host admitted years of torment made him “a very angry person”. ‘Ham ster’ Hammond, 43, said: “I didn’t enjoy school. “I’ve never thought of myself as having been bullied but lately I’ve been thinking maybe I was for being short.” His way of coping was “to deny it, say it was all just fun”. He added: “I was the older brother and it didn’t do to be picked on by anyone, so I think I tried to get in first,...
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