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Carson Kressley
Bullied in school
Posted By: granolas
3/14/13 10:46 AM

Carson Lee Kressley was the fashion expert on the American television program Queer Eye, where he was one of the show's "Fab Five". He was also the motivational host of the TV show How to Look Good Naked and OWN's Carson Nation. He was a fan favorite on season 13 of the world wide hit Dancing with the Stars. “I grew up filled with grief, worry and despair because I had this big dark dirty secret, and I thought the people...

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj On Being Bullied In Her Youth: "Girls Made My Life A Living Hell!"
Posted By: LaffyTaffy
3/14/13 1:27 PM

The 'Super Bass' rapper says she was teased for her accent while growing up in the US. Nicki Minaj has revealed she suffered a lot of bullying during her childhood days and put up a "wall" as a way to deal with the abuse from other children. The 'Freedom' rapper, who moved to the US early on in her younger days, says she found it "tough" growing up in school because she and her brother were often bullied for their accents. "I went...
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