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Sir Elton John
Sir Elton John says he was bullied as an adult
Posted By: BullyVille
4/03/12 8:33 PM

Sir Elton John has opened up about the bullying he endured after shooting to fame, alleging he was tormented by three “very important people” in his professional life. The British singer refuses to name those involved, but he claims to have suffered nasty abuse at the hands of unscrupulous characters who took advantage of the superstar’s shyness. He tells E! News, “It was about control and them being able to keep me under their thumb. And I was the perfect candidate for...

Ye Shiwen
Cruel Taunts And Grueling Workouts, Tough Childhood Of Chinese Olympic Swim Cham
Posted By: Kris10
8/06/12 7:56 AM

She has been accused of doping her way to the Olympic gold medal podium after matching the times of male swimmers, and that is not the only time Ye Shiwen has had both her strength and her sexuality questioned. The Chinese swimmer who has bl*wn the competition out of the water to win two gold medals at the London Olympics had to endure a childhood of cruel taunts because people often mistook her for a boy. Ye's parents opened up after their...
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