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Heather Brewer
Recalls her bullied childhood
Posted By: North40
11/30/12 12:15 PM

In a interview about her book "The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod" Heather explains her personal struggle with her own childhood bullies and how to make change. IML: The idea of being an outcast or outsider is central to your story. Vlad is terribly bullied at school. Did this come from your own experience? Heath er: Actually, I think I had it worse that Vlad. I was picked on from Kindergarten all the way through my senior year. I was pinched, and punched, and...

Danny Kid
Laughed at by teachers
Posted By: LifeFeed
12/26/13 11:16 PM

Danny Kid grew up being told that he wouldn't go anywhere in life. He was even laughed at by teachers when he told them he dreamed of being a radio host in his small home town in Nova Scotia. His family wasn't well off, so between hand-me-down clothes and the fact that he failed his grade 10 public speaking class, the word 'LOSER' became very common in Danny's life. For the past eight years Danny has been the #1 radio personality...
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