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Jay Baruchel
Seriously Bullied
Posted By: spoons
7/04/12 10:46 AM

The revealing, intimate, and often funny conversation was held at the conference centre and led by Steven Gaydos, Executive Editor of Variety (a major festival sponsor). Baruchel opened up about everything from his humble family life in Montreal to being seriously bullied at school as a kid. The fiercely patriotic actor, who despite the Hollywood fame opts to reside in Montreal, spoke with great zeal about his passion for Canada and Canadian film, and told the audience how he “wanted...

Kate MacHugh
Bullies assaulted her
Posted By: LeeLee
4/17/13 11:32 AM

Kate MacHugh is 24 years old and lives in Barnegat, NJ. She is an author and professional speaker on girl bullying. Kate authored the book; Ugly: The Story of a Bullied Girl available through YouthLight Inc. She travels all over the country to speak at schools and has spoken at two national conferences on bullying. Kate has spoken to over 15, 000 students, educators, and law enforcement personnel. Kate holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Work from Alvernia University and will...
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