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Sophie Turner
Bullied as a teen
Posted By: Nifty
1/17/13 10:59 AM

There have been a lot of incredibly tragic stories in the media lately, about kids who have struggled so badly with bullying that they have resorted to suicide. Hearing these stories gives me the chills, puts a lump in my throat, fills my eyes with tears… It is just so terribly sad. I feel very strongly about bullying because I, myself, was bullied as a teen. The kids at my school used to tease me about everything. Being too...

Tim Ferguson
Bullied relentlessly
Posted By: Blues
1/18/13 10:23 AM

STEPHEN ''Stiffy'' Cooper should have kept his hands to himself. Boy, does he know that now. But he couldn't help himself. In the lunchtime and recess bearpit of his high school 20 or more years ago, there was a feather-light, nerdish kid with a weird, sort-of-pommy accent called Tim Ferguson. It was as if Tim had a ''Hit me'' sign on his back for the school bullies - and ''Stiffy'' was one of them. But Ferguson grew up to be a comedian, joined...
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