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Craig Charles
Bullied by street gang
Posted By: Razor
9/27/12 10:00 AM

When I was about 14 or 15, there was a gang called the Lawrence Road Loonies. They had LRL on the backs of their jackets and polished heads and big boots with buttons. They used to come to the local disco. I had to leave before the disco was over, because otherwise they all started piling out, wanting to jump up and down on me and my brother's head. So we'd leave about half an hour before it ended. As...

Louis Walsh
Bullied at school
Posted By: KnowYou
9/30/13 2:31 AM

Michael Louis Vincent Walsh is an Irish entertainment manager and judge on British television talent show The X Factor. Originall y from Kiltimagh, County Mayo, Walsh moved to Dublin to get a start in the music industry. He managed Johnny Logan, Boyzone and Westlife, three of Ireland's most successful pop artists in recent decades. In later life, Walsh began an alternative career as a TV talent pundit and personality. He has been a judge on The X Factor since the show's inception...
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