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Article by: BullyVille Staff
March 07, 2013
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Dear Sir or Madam;

It has come to our attention that you have an existing business relationship with Cloudflare.com so we feel obligated to make sure you’re aware of the following facts.  One of the top priorities of BullyVille.com, which is anti-bullying social website and media platform, is to put an end to revenge porn websites.  Revenge porn is best described as a website where users can post sexually explicit images of former partners in order to humiliate them without the other parties consent or knowledge.  In many instances, these naked images are not only hacked but of underage victims.  One of the most notorious revenge porn websites was isanyoneup.com, which BullyVille aggressively went after and permanently shut down last year.

Unfortunately, quite a few copycat sites have taken the place of isanyoneup.com within the revenge porn industry, including isanybodydown.com and ugotposted.com.  While researching the hosting companies involved with these two sites in particular we noticed that they had one thing in common, each use the Cloudflare service.  We’ve reached out numerous times to Cloudflare and have even sent direct tweets to their CEO and co-founder Matthew Price @eastdakota, along with other Execs from Cloudflare, to date no response.  We even forwarded Mr. Price an email from a girl who is contemplating suicide because her naked image is being displayed on isanybodydown.com (exhibit A) and still no response.  We also sent information to @cloudflare and @eastdakoto about the fact that both aforementioned revenge porn websites are in clear violation of 18 USC § 2257 since neither site keeps age verification records, which are required by federal law to keep child porn out of circulation (exhibit b) and we received no response.  We found this very surprising since Mr. Price is a “recovering lawyer” as his bio indicated. You would think that an attorney would take these claims seriously, but apparently not.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that Cloudflare execs have completely ignored us, we have taken the following actions:

1.  We have contacted the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Attorney General since this involves possible Child Sexual Exploitation and distribution of child porn.

2.  We will be contacting every publically known client of Cloudflare to ensure that they are aware that Cloudflare openly supports the revenge porn industry.

3.  We will be contacting every known investor, including but not limited to their current Venture Capital and banking institutions so they are fully aware of the existing business practices that CloudFlare engages in.

4.  We are reaching out to our vast number of media contacts to ensure this gets national coverage. All PR is not good PR and we’re going to prove that over the next week.

In summation, it’s quite simple, Cloudflare is knowingly allowing revenge porn websites to route their traffic through their “intelligent global network.”  What’s even more disturbing is the fact that Cloudflare doesn’t even list child pornography distribution as a violation within their terms of service.  One can only hope that was just an oversight and not intentionally omitted.

Exhibit A

Here’s the actual email that we received from this poor girl whose naked photo ended up on isanybodydown.com. Imagine if this was your daughter and you will immediately be disgusted and repulsed with Cloudflare’s inexcusable behavior, they didn’t even respond.

Exhibit B

We hope that you will reconsider conducting any future business with ClouldFlare now that you are aware that they knowingly support the revenge porn industry. And what makes them even more dangerous is how they handle reported incidents of underage porn routing through their network.  When you fill out their abuse form guess what they do?  They contact the owner of the revenge porn site and point out the images that are currently being investigated as possible underage porn which immediately puts these girls in grave danger.  This is exactly why we have contacted the FBI directly. Go take one look at either site we’ve mentioned (isanybodydown.com & ugotposted.com) these are the type of customers that Cloudflare stands behind, are you going to stand behind that type of company as well? If you do, keep in mind you are indirectly supporting the revenge porn industry. This is one clear cut instance where morals should always come before money.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

One last new piece of evidence you will find shocking.  The company where isanybodydown.com Servers resided @webcare360 did the right thing and shut down Isanybodydown’s servers on 3/7/13.  However, because of CloudFlare, all of the content still remains 100% viewable on the Internet.  Per Cloudflare “This page http://isanybodydown.com is currently offline.  However, because the site uses CloudFlare’s Always Online technology you can continue to surf a snapshot of the site.” See Exhibit C for proof.  Yet just another example of how CloudFlare OPENLY supports the revenge porn industry.

Exhibit C

Exhibit C

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Posted By: CBStolls | 3/07/13 10:59 AM
Wow, That's amazingly scummy of this company. I'll stick with Amazon for my hosting!
Posted By: Anonop | 3/07/13 11:25 AM
You've got my respect James. #anonfam supports you.
Posted By: KlearX | 3/07/13 11:35 AM
Shame on you Matthew Price! How dare you make a living off child pornography!
Posted By: RedBandit | 3/07/13 12:42 PM
They won't be able to ignore the FBI
Posted By: MizCeeDub | 3/07/13 4:54 PM
It amazes me what scums would do to make a $... just gutt wrenching sleez balls! Get em James! You ALWAYS have support this way!
Posted By: Blackdress | 3/08/13 10:14 AM
This is nothing new for cloudscare. They have bestiality sites use their service as well, they don't care. Applause for what you're doing but they won't do a damn thing about it. They remind me of a comment Hunter the horrible once made, people are like avatars on a screen. These guys don't consider these girls as people just revenue.
Posted By: FrancinePollupsOO | 3/08/13 10:51 AM
Ha Ha... there going down - YOU SUCK Cloudflare
Posted By: DoraLynn | 3/12/13 8:17 PM
after an article I read about James winning a judgment against Hunter Moore and getting the site shut down, I have all the faith that he will get cloudflare to stop revenge porn and beastiality... isn't that illegal?! with the many others, im a supporter!
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