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Dear Bully
Article by: BullyVille Staff
May 29, 2012
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Dear Bully

Poems have long been an effective means to reach deep into our souls and really spark something from inside of us.  This week, a husband wrote the staff at BullyVille and wanted to share a poem about bullying that his wife had written.  

Mary Mansfield is part of a poetry club called Poetry Jam that has many members posting in their “blogosphere” about various topics.  Last week, they were asked to write on the very hot topic of bullying.  

Poetry Jam wrote on their site, “I considered a lot of topics before I decided on a topic for this week. It is a serious topic, more serious than most you will find here, but I hope many of you will give it a try; as it is a topic that is so very relevant in today's society.  And we all CAN make a difference!”

They were given instructions to write about a time when they were bullied (or their kids or someone they knew).  Mary Mansfield came up with the following poem:

Dear Bully, 

Actions have consequences…
I’m a shadow from your past, 
Faceless and forgotten, 
But I remember you.
You turned that playground
Into your own private torture chamber, 
Acid words thrown in the faces of the weaker, 
Indelible scars time can never erase.
I was no threat to you. 
I had no control over how I looked, 
The neighborhood where I lived, 
The money my family didn’t have. 

Actions have consequences…
Do you even realize the havoc you caused?
Your voice echoed through my mind for years, 
Leaving me damaged and vulnerable, 
Easy prey for a much more vicious type of bully, 
Whose brand of psychological terror
Made you seem like an amateur.

Actions have consequences…
I know the price I’ve paid for yours.
It would be easy to hate you, 
To wish you the kind of anguish
I’ve lived with all these years, 
To continue the circle of cruelty, 
But I won’t. 
This ends now. 

Actions have consequences…
I know I can sleep peacefully tonight.
What about you?

This poem is very touching and we are very happy that Mary’s husband shared it with us.  Like Poetry Jam’s stated in the assignment, bullying is very relevant in today’s society and more and more people are coming together to help put an end to it.  They were right, “we all CAN make a difference”.  

Thank you Mary for sharing your poem with BullyVille.

To see Mary’s Blog where her poem is located: http://marybmansfield.blogspot.com/2012/05/dear-bully.html

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