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Mischa Barton is the latest celebrity to become the victim of revenge porn
Article by: Mashable
March 15, 2017
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You might have seen a story going around celebrity gossip sites over the past couple days suggesting that Mischa Barton is "shopping around" a "sex tape," but her lawyer stepped in to set the record straight. 

"Ms. Barton does not consent to any disclosure of any such images," reads a statement from Lisa Bloom. "She believes that she was recorded without her consent by someone she was seeing at the time."

The statement goes on to clarify that this is a case of revenge porn, "a form of sexual assault." Barton lives in California, the first state to make the practice illegal, which Bloom notes. 

After clarifying the issue at hand, Bloom made a pretty badass warning to anyone looking to exploit Barton. 

"I have a message for anyone who attempts to traffic in these photos or videos of Ms. Marton: we will find you, and we will come after you. We will fully prosecute you under every available criminal and civil law," reads the statement. "You proceed at your peril."

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