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June 17, 2015
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OHAI Vincenza AKA Vinnie, I would like to formally welcome you to the wonderful world of BullyVille. I’m sure you’re very familiar with our work, if not, no need to worry you will be mystified and amazed at how extremely proficient we are. Although we primarily go after scumbags who run revenge porn websites and pedophiles, every now and then we catch wind of an extreme case of bullying and stalking. From what I can gather by the facts uncovered so far, you most certainly are worthy of our undivided attention. Having said that, I most certainly can be reasoned with. Keep in mind, we’re not your average “lollipop and rainbows” and “hey everything’s going to be alright” type of anti-bullying site. As I’m sure you can imagine, that never really goes over to well with a pedophile. Our tagline speaks for itself, “sometimes you need to be a bully to beat a bully” and believe me when I tell you, I live by that motto.

I’d be more than happy to stop building out the websites in your name and would even give the domains back to you for free and all I ask in return is this. Stop stalking, harassing and threatening people. Go enjoy your life, or better yet, use your intelligence to make a POSITIVE difference in this world. My offer also applies to Brandon King. No one is quite sure what happened to Brandon however I can tell you this. He kicked ass and was highly respected before he teamed up with you. There is no doubt in my mind that Brandon can be great again. So there you have it Vinnie, the choice is yours. I will continue to build out these sites, however I'm hopeful that you will come to your senses and do the right thing, for everyone involved. I've made this offer to others in the past and some have agreed and really turned things around. As a matter of fact, I know of at least 4 cases where the stalker/bully has helped us to go after and expose some really nasty pedophiles. They are really making a difference. And, of course, there are those cases of people who will never change. People like:

Oh before I forget, I can assure you that I give zero fux about my twitter accounts getting suspended. I know that's your thing and your world revolves around Twitter. Mine revolves right here, within websites that I create, that I build. I don't have to worry about suspending myself or my websites for exercising my right to free speech. And now your victims have a platform to freely exercise their right to free speech without worrying about you reporting them over and over again until they're suspended. Fact of the matter is I violated Twitter's Terms of Service and I deserved to be suspended. @Bullyville for example violated Twitter's terms of service over 400 times. But you know what, it was worth it. We wrecked numerous pedophiles and revenge porn website owners, I have no regrets. Well actually I do have one regret. I regret that I didn't go after you and your partners in crime sooner. But I can assure you I'm about to make up for lost time in a major way.

Link #1 - In The Matter of Vincenza Leonelli Spina – here is the video from the day that Attorney Vincenza Leonelli Spina was disbarred.

And here is the link as to why Vincenza Leonelli Spina was disbarred.


Link #2 – A very thorough article on Vincenza Leonelli Spina. “Disbarred Lawyer Turns Into Most Dangerous Troll On Social Media”.


Link #3 – Well there’s usually at least one lawyer at the bottom of these rabbit holes. By the time I was finished with this article/website, it was apparent why so many people hate Vincenza Leonelli. With respect to these cease and desist letters that I’m seeing all over the place from Attorney Patrick Spina, they are……peculiar. We’ll get into that a little later.



Link #4 – Oh Vincenza Leonelli Spina. As a full blown narcissist I must admit I’m impressed with your “it’s all about me” approach. However, Attorney Patrick Spina is really turning me on……mentally that is. He’s just so smart, I bet he drives a really fast car huh? You guys are quite the dynamic duo #huehuehue. If I don’t get a cease and desist within 24 hours then I’ll know what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Link #5 – I like to go to that "special place" sometimes, usually right when I'm in the middle of completely exposing the sh*t out of a bully/stalker, it pleases me. For example, how often have you used the word "vagina" and "boob" within the same sentence? How about back to back? #vaginaboob.


Link #6 – Enough about me Vinnie, I want to hear all about you. Let's start with some of the harassing calls you made. You attack people online and when they fight back you immediately play the role of the victim. Vinnie, there are so many police reports that involve you that I'm having an FOIA overload, seriously!

http://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/the call_293.mp3

Link #7 – So many victims are starting to come forward Vincenza. Do you have any idea who this report was filed against? Asking for a friend.

Link #8 – Publicly available video of Vincenza Leonelli giving an interview. It's baffling that this is the same woman who allegedly viciously stalks and harasses people. She seems really nice and actually friendly. #baffled

Vinnie appears (for more than a few seconds) at the following minute marks:

1:05 - 1:31

3:24 - 3:38

22:45 - 23:45

25:28 - 25:53

26:00 - 26:05


Link #9 – The Law Offices of Patrick J. Spina submits a DMCA request to Twitter......to remove a picture of his car. #seriously #seriousmode

Link #10 – One of Vinnie Spina's (and her sidekick Brandon) biggest targets for cyberbullying, stalking and harassment is actress Kristen Johnson.

And here's where Vinnie and Brandon ALLEGEDLY try to extort $10,000 out of Kristen to "buy back" a hate blog they created about her. In a future article we will be discussing how much of this activity Attorney Patrick Spina may or may not have been aware of. We have sent out all of those "cease and desist" letters to a neutral third party to analyze and compare the signatures affixed to each.

Link #11 – Having had enough of Vinnie Spina's and Brandon King's non-stop harassment, stalking and bullying, Kristen's law firm sent off a cease and desist letter to them.

Vinnie, you know what a law firm is right? It's a place where you go to practice law, unless you were disbarred. Gosh golly gee, could you imagine what would happen to a disbarred attorney if it were discovered that they were sending out cease and desist letters and forging the signature of the law firm's principal attorney?

The following is the response that Kristen's lawyers received from what can only be gathered, based on factually information, Vinnie Spina.

Okay, I'm going to take a break for a bit to review the results of the FOIA requests we sent out for Brandon "I only got arrested for pot possession and don't beat women" King.


Link #12 – Interesting article about Vinnie allegedly helping Leann Rimes. We don't know, nor quite honestly, do we care about whatever feud is going on with Leann Rimes, we have no dog in that fight. Nevertheless the article itself led us down another very lulzy rabbit hole filled with cease and desist letters. Will post those in a bit.

"Exposarazzi's inbox has been flooded with reports that allege she is in bed with a very unsavory character, a disbarred attorney named Vincenza Spina of Fort Lee New Jersey. It appears and is alleged that Ms. Spina operates under the twitter name @fauxrealityE and harasses twitter peeps who do not like Leann Rimes".

Link #13 – It is unbelievable how many emails we are getting from victims of Vinnie, Brandon, and possibly Patrick. Here is a synopsis of "the day the Spina's were served". Apparently there is a hidden video that will be accompanying this as well, will post it once we have verified its authenticity.

Link #14 – The letters from Patrick's law firm continue to fascinate me. He must be ambidextrous because these signatures are coming from two different hands.

Link #15 – "His attorney at the time, Vincenza Leonelli-Spina could not be reached for comment. Court documents indicate that Leonelli-Spina, who has since been disbarred, missed numerous filing deadlines, and the case was dismissed when Amendola's request for summary judgment was denied." 


Link #16 – The following emails were sent to Bullyville from Vinnie Spina. They are self explanatory as to how manipulative and sneaky she can be. She tried her little heart out to get us to go after her enemies.

Link #17 – The insanity just keeps on coming. Is Vinnie Spina now supporting this man? We have proof they she very well might be. This man is a court documented rapist, an alleged pedophile and a convicted felon who served eight years in prison. Vinnie, I want to make sure I'm crystal clear with you. As of this very moment, you and your sidekicks are about to find out just how brutally ruthless I am towards pedophiles and scumbags who support them.

Link #18 – Vinnie Spina's partner in crime, Brandon King has a history of "controlled substance" abuse. Makes you wonder if he is using a "controlled substance" when he starts posting and attacking children? How about death threats? #boychat #seriousmode #meth

Link #19 – Well Vinnie, I guess when you are a #disbarredattorney it's really not a big deal to partner up with someone who ALLEGEDLY beats the shit out of women right?


Link #20 – How much of a nasty bully is disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina? She attacked someone who had cancer simply because she doesn't like them. She went out of her way to destroy his life.

Link #21 – Kristen Johnston has decided to fight back against Vinnie Spina, hence our point, sometimes you need to be a bully to beat a bully. #chinuphornsdown

Link #22 –Vincenza Leonelli-Spina Takes Social Media Harassment To New Levels.

Link #23It is ORDERED that VINCENZA LEONELLI-SPINA be disbarred, effective immediately, and that her name be stricken from the roll of attorneys. It is ORDERED that VINCENZA LEONELLI-SPINA be and hereby is permanently restrained and enjoined from practicing law; and it is further ORDERED that respondent comply with Rule 1:20-20 dealing with disbarred attorneys.

Link #24 –Vincenza Leonelli-Spina verified as Faux Reality aka @bw_media.


Link #25 – How to report a New Jersey Lawyer for Misconduct. To File an official complaint against a New Jersey lawyer, you need to fill out a grievance form and send 3 copies to the Office of Attorney Ethics. Further instructions can be found here:


Link #26 – Vinnie Spina speaking at a school board meeting. If anyone has the rest of this video, please feel free to forward it to us.



Link #27– JAMES R. ALBRO, Plaintiff-Respondent, v. VINCENZA LEONELLI-SPINA, Defendant-Appellant.


Link #28 – "The Assignment Judge found that Spina's testimony "completely lacked credibility" for three reasons: inconsistencies between Spina's testimony and the Albros, acknowledged violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct, and blatant misstatements of fact".


Link #29 – Not sure about the phone number however the comment seems to be accurate. "Yes, that's my attorney Patrick Spina's wife Vinnie's security guard Brandon's cell phone number".


Link #30 – Vinnie Spina's own words, and I quote: "I have never posted a child's photograph. I have never called an employer to harass anyone. I have never stalked a funeral. I have never harassed anyone using my account and I have never created TROLL ACCOUNTS for any reason - including for purposes to harass. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar."

Link #31 – If we didn't know any better, we'd be convinced that Brandon King is a spokesperson for a well known pedophilia site. Brandon repeatedly claimed that serious mode posted his child on that pedophile website. Shortly after that, the most peculiar thing happened. Brandon King started attacking people who were actively going after and exposing pedophiles. And to top it off, he starting attacking children and posted their info/pics online.


Link #32 – Hey Brandon, real talk here for a second. I was just informed about your Mom, sorry to hear about that. I hope she recovers, cancer can be beat, and putting all this bullshit aside, may the grace of God bless and heal her. Brandon, I'm not sure what happened with you man. You were one of the good guys. Very intelligent with a big heart that would do anything for anyone. Vinnie somehow got her fangs into you and everything changed. You know how to get a hold of me. I'm willing to drop this feud with you because I'm confident that you are realizing what a reckless path Ms. Spina has led you down. Get back to what you're good at Brandon. I'll leave this link up (link #32 for 24 hours). The choice is yours. Vinnie has destroyed countless lives, you can literally be the one person who puts an end to it.

Link #33 – We have dealt with thousands of trolls over the years, however Vinnie Spina is in a class all of her own. And for the record, I don't think anyone would want to have their "dick cut off", although I can name a few pedophiles who should.


Link #34 – Giving credit where credit is due, and please correct me if I'm wrong, however it looks like "Gracetheevil" was the first person to d0x Vinnie. #hattip


Link #35 – Vinnie reminds me of the honey badger.

"Oh, little does the honey badger know, FYI: it's been stung! It's been bitten by the snake, so while it's eating the snake -- eew, that's disgusting -- all the poisonous venom is seeping through the honey badger's body, and it passes out. Look at that sleepy fuck."

Link #36 – Mental note to self, don't ever piss off Grace.



http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx. Make sure you indicate that the email you received was from Thomas Retzlaff.

Link #38 – Wrongdoing of 10 Attorneys Costs N.J. Lawyers fund for client protection $646,727.


Link #39 – "Blogging is @Fauxrealitye way of intimidating and silencing people. It doesn’t work with me. Put out whatever you want, but this is the ONLY blog you’ll get from me".


Link #40 – Hello Brandon, it has been 24 hours, have you made your decision? As you can imagine, I'm catching a ton of shit for trying to get through to you, everyone is convinced you are to far gone. I know you bro, I know the REAL YOU. Brandon, this is your moment in life........this is your #stairwaytoheaven don't force me to drag you through the depths of hell.

"Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there's still time to change the road you're on......

And it makes me wonder.....

Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know. The piper's calling you to join him....
And as we wind on down the road, our shadows taller than our soul....."

Link #41 – Brandon King has made his decision. He chose poorly. We will leave link #32 & link #40 up as a stark reminder of what could have been.

Link #42 – Publicly available website dedicated to Brandon King. "Brandon Charles King, paid employee of a disbarred attorney (real name Vincenza Leonelli Spina) is an evil creep (she goes by FAUX, Fox, Buckwheat & many related aliases )".


Link #43 – Brandon Charles King has decided to team up with and support convicted felon Joseph "JoJo" Camp. Mr. Camp has multiple restraining orders against him throughout the Country. JoJo loves to stalk and harass women so it's a match made in heaven for Brandon.

Link #44 – Brandon King loves to make veiled threats towards women. And as we all know, he has a history of it (see Link #19 Domestic abuse).

Link #45 – The State of Texas vs. Brandon Charles King. Any guesses what the "controlled substance" was? Based off of Brandon's continuous erratic and manic behavior it most certainly couldn't be heroin, cocaine or crystal meth. Ain't nobody got time for that! 




Link #46 – Well isn't this some shit right here Vinne! For a site that is "so unpopular" as you state, Bullyville sure seems to be awfully successful getting your name out there. In just one week, we are now the #3 result when you Google your name, out of 35,900 search results.




Link #48 – Holy #stalkerville, it is becoming very apparent that disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina has a dangerous and psychotic obsession with Kristen Johnston.

Link #48 – Disbarred Attorney Vinnie Spina addresses her fan (yes, her one fan Brandon King) on her blog about the recent suspension of her beloved Twitter account. She continues to display her OBSESSION with Kristen.


@crazibuttrue's response to Vinnie Spina:


Just because people are tweeting out the link to this article shouldn't automatically mean that they’re “associated” with Bullyville. The fact of the matter is that Bullyville is like honey to bullies. If a celebrity posts their story on Bullyville or even mentions Bullyville they usually get attacked on twitter or other social media by their existing (and sometimes new) bullies. And when I decide to go after a bully it’s because I’ve decided to do it, not because a celebrity asked me to do it. I have never been paid or received donations from a celebrity for doing this, nor would I ever accept one. Bottom line is, I hate bullies but ignoring them doesn’t make them stop, therefore, we bully them back, in the most brutal way possible, with our minds…….and their words. #brainsoverbullies. You and Brandon are on my radar because you openly support a convicted felon, who is also a court documented rapist and pedophile who posted naked images of his daughter all over the web. Therefore, you each support revenge porn as well.

Link #49 – I love the dirty things you do......I HAVE CONTROL OF YOU.......

Link #50 – BREAKING NEWS!! Is disgraced and disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina having a full blown extramarital affair with Brandon King? #cheaterville

Link #51 – When Vinnie Spina and Brandon King tweet the link to that defamatory blog run by convicted felon and court documented rapist Thomas Retzlaff, this is who they are supporting.

Link #52 – Who is Attorney Patrick Spina and what is his involvement (and knowledge) with respect to his wife's relentless stalking and harassment of others?

Over the next few weeks we will be answering those questions and much, much more.

Link #53 – Looks like disbarred and disgraced former Attorney Vinnie Spina is being sued. Click here to read more:


Link #54 – Vinnie's sidekick and faithful servant Brandon King has been arrested (again). Click here to read more:



Link #55 – Disgraced disbarred attorney Vincenza "Vinnie" Leonelli-Spina and her husband, attorney Patrick J. Spina were sued in 2015 by Patrick's former practice partner for Breach of Fiduciary Obligations, Breach of Contract, Breach of Good Faith And Fair Dealing, Fraud, Conspiracy, Conversion, Unjust Enrichment, and RICO. Sadly, those allegations sound like an all too familiar tune as Vinnie  was found guilty of Common-law Fraud, Tortious Conversion of Client Funds, Failure to Pay Client Taxes, Breach of Contract, and Breach of Fiduciary Duty by a New Jersey court in 2007. She committed those offenses, which directly led to her 2008 disbarment, against a retired New York City police officer. In May of this year, and related to that 2007 judgement, the Trustees of the New Jersey Lawyer's Fund filed suit against Vinnie seeking repayment of the funds she embezzled.

Please click here for the remainder of the filing:


Link #56 – After being found guilty of committing fraud and swindling a hard working police officer out of his life savings, Vinnie decided to file bankruptcy. It was determined that she could not discharge the fraudulent debt, which is why the Trustees of the New Jersey Lawyer's Fund filed suit against Vinnie seeking repayment of the funds she embezzled. After reading the following document, it has become apparent why she was helping court documented pedophile and rapist, www.thomasretzlaff.com. When it comes to delay tactics within the court of law, while bombarding the court with filings, Vinnie Spina and Thomas Retzlaff are cut from the same cloth.

Link #57 – Disbarred Attorney Vinnie Spina just can't seem to catch a break. The following lawsuit has led to something much more dire for Vinnie. This was merely a springboard for the New Jersey Lawyer's Fund. Will post more information shortly. I wonder what Vinnie regrets more (1) supporting pedophile and rapist www.thomasretzlaff.com which has permanently landed her on our radar (2) defrauding a retired police officer who spent his entire life protecting others or (3) not leaving her husband to be with her true love, Brandon Charles King, aka www.seriousmode.com?


Link #58 – Disbarred and Disgraced Attorney Vinnie Spina has been found GUILTY of embezzling funds yet again! Might be time for Vinnie to hire #seriousmode for some good ole fashion crisis management. #huehuehue

Link #59 – When an Attorney is disbarred, they are obviously no longer authorized to practice law, nor can they share office space with a practicing Attorney. For example, Vinnie Spina is forbidden to share office space with practicing Attorney, Patrick Spina. So what happens when it can be proven that a disbarred attorney has violated this order? Well, we're all going to find out together shortly.

Link #60 – The following article was authored by the New Jersey Law Journal and outlines other victims of Disbarred Attorney Vinnie Spina's fraud.

Link #61 – While reviewing the following document that Vinnie Spina filed within her bankruptcy appeal, we noticed the email address: [email protected]. Why is that email address, along with her signature important to us? Her digital footprint continues to grow, where will it stop? Nobody knows......except BullyVille. Don't believe us? Just ask Vinnie's new BFF, http://www.jendalessandro.com/

Link #62 – Another article that mentions disbarred Attorney Vinnie Spina and her incompetence, which still holds true today.

Link #63 – In an effort to avoid paying off her judgment to the retired cop, whom she scammed, Vinnie Spina filed bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Judge ruled that Vinnie could not discharge that judgment through bankruptcy. Vinnie appealed that decision and lost. Here is the Opinion rendered by the Appellate Court.

Here is the entire court document which details why Vinnie Spina was denied. What's most notable is that the fact that she gave her husband, Attorney Patrick 'the rat' Spina $65,000 of the funds she stole from that retired police officer.


Link #64 – Here are the court documents filed against Brandon King for the alleged crime of KIDNAPPING.


Link #65 – Brandon King's obsession with "hurting" and "killing" children is disturbing to say the least. I'd have to imagine that once his ex (and her lawyer) sees these emails, Brandon's visitation rights with his son will become dramatically modified.

Link #66 – Vinnie Spina and Brandon King have been caught stealing the identity of another person. At first we thought Vinnie was just using the name "Antonella Mollica" as an alias, but we have recently discovered that Antonella Mollica lives not to far from Vinnie Spina in New Jersey, and that Vinnie has assumed her identity. It is our understanding that Mrs. Mollica has contacted Vinnie and told her to cease and desist immediately and local authorities have been notified.

Vinnie's sidekick, convicted felon Brandon Charles King, even went as far as registering a domain in this woman's name. From what we've been told the real Antonella Mollica is very concerned that a convicted felon and a disbarred attorney stole her identity.

Vinnie and Brandon used the stolen identity (a crime in the State of New Jersey) Antonella Mollica to register (and get verified) a gab.ai account in her name:

And Brandon, being the convicted felon that he is, even took it one step further by admitting the crime right from his Twitter account. Now the biggest question is what method of payment did Brandon and Vinnie use to donate funds to gab.ai in order to get the Antonella Mollica account verified? We're going to take a wild guess and say that they used Paypal, but hey what do we know, that's for Law enforcement to figure out via a couple subpoena's. Stealing one's identity is a very serious crime in New Jersey, Texas, and Arkansas.

Link #67 – Convicted felon, dead beat dad and alleged child kidnapper Brandon Charles King sent out the following tweets (can no longer claim DMCA infringement) which include yet another "story" of how the picture of himself kissing his son on his head, within a public bathroom, ended up online. First it was Serious Mode who "hacked" his private Facebook page and took the photo. Now Marcie Wogan got the photo from his private Facebook page, however both allegations are 100% false. Brandon knows EXACTLY how that photo originally ended up online (and by online we are implying that it ended up as a imgur link on a pedophilia site) because he put it there. It's amazing to see how stupid and irresponsible someone becomes once they get D0xed, AMIRITE BRANDON?

Link #68 – Hey Brandon King, did you ever figure out who d0xed you? That was one hell of a d0x and allegedly occurred because it was discovered that you weren't the "anti-pedo hunter" everyone thought you were. Was it #seriousmode who d0xed you? Gosh, maybe Seriousmode will tell their side of the story one of these days. Where art thou Serious Mode? Lol, Brandon, you got d0xed so hard. #harderdaddy

You're #nothingdarling and I will treat you the same way I treat pedophile and rapist www.thomasretzlaff.com.

Now let's have a moment of silence so we can listen to some great angry music together.


Link #69 – Apparently disbarred attorney and internet stalker Vinnie Spina runs a PR firm called "A Diamond PR" and even represents a couple of women from the show 'Housewives of New Jersey." We don't know anything about Siggy Flicker nor Dolores Catania, however, do they not realize what Vinnie did to numerous New Jersey Police Officers? Do they not care that she screwed a New Jersey Policer Officer out of his pension and was even disbarred for it? Do they not care what she did to the hard working Police Officers of New Jersey? Are any of their relatives Police Officers?

Link #70 – Here is the letter of admonishment that was issued against disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina by the Supreme Court of New Jersey after she screwed over 11 police officers. Are we to believe that Siggy Flicker nor Dolores Catania care about what Vinnie Spina did to these hard working Police Officers?

Link #71 – Brandon King continues to vocalize his sick and very disturbing obsession with children.

Link #72 – Brandon King is so desperate for people to forget that he's a convicted felon, an alleged child kidnapper and a deadbeat dad, that he's now going as far as to take credit for something he had ABSOLUTELY nothing do with.

Link #73 – Brandon King wanted Twitter to give revenge pornographer Craig Brittain his twitter account back:

Here is just a small sampling of who Brandon King is supporting:     


Link #74 – Doctor Doom's open letter to Brandon Charles King after his identity was made public. Maybe one day Brandon will figure out who d0xed him and why? Maybe it has something to do with Brandon pretending he was outing pedophiles when he was actually helping them? Brandon has A LOT in common with Thomas Retzlaff, for example, they are both convicted felons, amongst other things, which explains why Brandon King supports him.

SOURCE: http://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/kingbkdoomdox_1.JPG

Link #75 – Before being arrested for Contempt, Brandon Charles King hadn't paid a dime in child support since 2008.

Link #76 – Even though Brandon King hadn't paid child support since 2008, when he was thrown in jail in 2015, he magically came up with $5,000. Where did that $5,000 payment come from?


Link #77 – After #deadbeatdad Brandon King was released from jail, he still owed $20,192.00 in back child support payments and was ordered to pay $350.40 per month. Where is convicted felon Brandon King getting $350.40 per month? More to come.....

Link #78 – It appears that the Trustees New Jersey Lawyers fund are going after disbarred Attorney Vinnie Spina again!

Link #79 – Brandon King's Lawyer submitted (and was granted) a motion to withdraw as counsel for his convicted felon client.

Link #80 – It took a lot due diligence to track down the plethora of court documents pertaining to Brandon Charles King, but we remain committed to ensuring that he doesn't threaten another child.

Link #81 – Mark our words Brandon Charles King, one way or another, we're going to do everything possible to get you back where you belong, behind bars.

Link #82 – Hey Vincenza Leonelli-Spina, did you know that New Jersey in only 1 of 6 States that prohibit disbarred attorney's from being employed as paralegals? If you notarized just one document from 2008 - 2016, BullyVille is going to find it. #ticktock

Link #83 – Brandon King continues his sick obsession with kids:

Link #84 – Vinnie and Patrick Spina helped raise money to bail Brandon out of jail (for his failure to pay child support):

Link #85 – Yet another lawsuit involving disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina. Within this lawsuit, Vinnie allegedly screwed over a cop who was nearly killed by a scumbag wielding an AK-47.

Link #86 – Convicted felon and alleged child kidnapper Brandon Charles King continues to focus his hatred towards children:

Link #87 – The following domestic abuse report was filed against Brandon Charles King with the Little Rock, AR Police Department and the Pulaski County Circuit Court. We will be posting additional documents shortly.


Link #88 – Restraining order against Brandon King granted. "The Court finds sufficient evidence to establish that there is an immediate and present danger of DOMESTIC ABUSE". 

Link #89 – The following petition for a restraining order was filed against Brandon King for alleged child abuse towards a 3 year old child. We have the full report, which includes victim photos, hospital report, police report, etc...however, due to the victims age we will not be publishing them, and quite honestly, it's just too disturbing. May God bless and continue to protect Brandon King's victims.

Link #90 – Court grants 2nd restraining order against Brandon King (this one for alleged child abuse).  "The Court finds sufficient evidence to establish that there is an immediate and present danger of DOMESTIC ABUSE". 

Link #91 – The following story is from the October 20th, 1996 edition of the Sequin Gazette Enterprise, that details a field operation in and around Seguin, Texas that resulted in 61 arrests, including that of Brandon King:


And here is the sourced image of that Newspaper article:


Link #92 – The following transcript is from Brandon King's contempt of court hearing (he was arrested at the end of the hearing). According to his sworn testimony, he works for the Spina Law firm in New Jersey and they pay him $33,000 per year.


Link #93 – The truth about the Spina Law firm's relationship with convicted felon Brandon King is exposed:


Link #94 – Proof that the Spina Law Firm owns FR Entertainment, LLC.

Link #95 – Disbarred Attorney Vincenza Leonelli Spina continues to work at the Spina Law Firm (as a paralegal). She was acting on behalf of Brandon Charles King and conducted both legal and financial transactions on his behalf under the alias "Antonella Mollica".

Link #96 – The following emails were sent by disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina to the attorney representing Brandon King in Arkansas. She used the alias "Antonella Mollica". These emails have been turned over to the New Jersey's Lawyers Fund (currently suing Vinnie for fraud) and the New Jersey Bar.

Link #97 – The following declaration was submitted to the New Jersey's Lawyers Fund (currently suing Vinnie for fraud) and the New Jersey Bar. This declaration was made by Former House Majority Leader, House Judiciary Chairman and Senator of Arkansas, Steve Harrelson, confirming that disbarred attorney Vincenza Leonelli Spina was indeed conducting legal and financial transactions for the Spina Law Firm under the alias "Antonella Mollica".

Link #98 – Once it was revealed that the State Bar and the New Jersey's lawyers fund had received the irrefutable evidence that disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina was acting on behalf of Brandon King under the alias "Antonella Mollica", Brandon King began attacking Mr. Harrelson online. 

Link #99 – BullyVille has confirmed that convicted felon Brandon Charles King was arrested for possession of the controlled substance Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD).

Link #100 – Convicted Felon Brandon King's First Indictment for the Delivery of Marijuana to an undercover police officer.

Link #101 – Convicted Felon Brandon King desperately tried to suppress all of the evidence in his case but the judge denied his motion. We will be posting that information shortly.

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Posted By: BozoB | 6/17/15 1:44 PM
What does the Faux say? Ding ding ding ding ding ding! Muchas gracias for busting this ditch pig. She has harassed the lovely Queenz and the late Skylar for too long and this needs to STOP. Thank you for taking this step to END the needless harassment.
Posted By: abouttime | 6/17/15 3:32 PM
Ding ding ding ding ding ding!
Posted By: Wontbackdown | 6/17/15 9:22 PM
Ditto. She is scum. And deflects like no one I've EVER seen. Throws big ass boulders from her glass rental trailer
Posted By: Piglet | 6/17/15 2:48 PM
Why are you offering her a way out BV? Even if she agrees she will just create more accounts and continue attacking people. Vinnie and Brandon attack kids and we know you won't put up with that.
Posted By: abouttime | 6/17/15 3:31 PM
Popcorn, get your free popcorn. So long overdue, this duo intimates people to the point of thoughts of suicide, I should know. Bullyville you are a blessing, we love u.
Posted By: Starr | 6/17/15 4:05 PM
I have patiently waited for this day. The day where all the lies and manipulation unfold and Vinnie and Brandon are finally forced to answer for exploiting my children because I had a different opinion than they did and chose to voice it. I will be keeping a close eye on the website and THANK YOU for putting the truth on blast!!
Posted By: Wontbackdown | 6/17/15 9:23 PM
Revenge is a dish best served chilled/Cold....Glad your Karma is boarding her train of a**holes...
Posted By: thetapout | 6/21/15 8:51 PM
LOL just made a similar comment. Vincenza just got hit by the bullyville freight train.
Posted By: loveandmarriage | 6/17/15 6:00 PM
I loved what you did to Hunter cumface moore and got super dupa excited when u railed the balls out of Brittian. Now I just want to have all your babies and jew gold mr. james mcgibney
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/18/15 9:09 AM
I am going to name my 4th born after him. James is a good biblical name.
Thank you so much James. This has been over 3 years of hell & mine started with Lauren Sykulski over a disagreement with someone else entirely over NOTHING.
The only part of that call to my husband that was true is the part where Vincenza says she's never interacted or spoken to me. The ONLY time I ever communicated with Vincenza was when I sent her a private text telling her to never contact my husband again and that was via TEXT MESSAGE.
Posted By: Garland | 6/17/15 7:58 PM
Happy to supply the names of people she conspires with!! Thanks for the page!!! Way over due!
Posted By: noshit | 6/20/15 8:46 PM
Brandon King, Patrick Spina, Thomas Retzlaff. Just sent Bullyville more proof. FU BRANDON YOU F*CKING C*NT, I HOPE U DIE IN A FIRE.
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/17/15 11:33 PM
I think that the only "out or exit" she should get is if she had her busband send out letters of apology to all of her victims that he has written to AND she should not only need to post those letters publically on her twitter acct Faux should also write very public letters of apologizies to all her victims as well.
Posted By: CuriousOne | 6/18/15 5:25 PM
Thank you for finally taking this bully and her cohorts on it will be glorious to see her demise. For 3 years I've watched her wreck havoc on Twitter mocking people for their looks and life status when all the time she's been living on ill gotten money she stole. I'm curious tho, anyone see the difference in signatures on all these letters they don't look like they've been signed by the same person.. #Askingforafriend
Posted By: Garland | 6/18/15 7:39 PM
She started her reign of terror on Twitter with that Rozisback11 chick. That was really bad! I felt so sorry for that group they targeted. Really great people it seemed. She probably started way before that but that's what I saw
Posted By: Whirlybird | 6/19/15 9:58 AM
You have no clue, do you? Roz is as much of a victim of this scumbag as everyone else on here. Get a grip, Trump. Or Ruger. Your obsession w/Roz is obvious to everyone & very pathetic.
Posted By: BullyHaterAlways | 6/19/15 1:20 PM
You are very wrong Roz. Roz, you brought faux into the mix and enjoyed every moment of her reign of terror. You and faux made up an account using your parents address and a picture of there home to claim that you were victimized. All along it was you. Oh, you were smart. You let Vinnie do all your dirty work. Post people's work address, childrens name, grandchildren's name. So year Roz, you are not and never have been a victim. Nice try though. None of us would know who Vinnie was except for you and your constant need for attention.
Posted By: Garland | 6/19/15 2:44 PM
Poor Roz is ALWAYS the victim! Just like Vinnie it seems! Screenshots galore of their sh*tty bullying. Can't wait.
Posted By: Garland | 6/19/15 4:49 PM
@bullyhaterakwYs- bingo, you nailed it . Many people on here will give Bullyvilles the SS of them going after innocent peeps. It's not just a few people. It's MANY. And YES- all the horrible fighting and putting if info started directly with Roz booking up with Faux, 100%
Posted By: BullyHaterAlways | 6/19/15 9:32 PM
Wish i could post pics.
Posted By: Enoughalready | 6/20/15 7:17 AM
Enough already. Roz might not have known exactly what she was getting into with Vinnie but she was elbow deep in the shit. She knew exactly what vinnie did and how she did it when she asked for her help. Right before roz took her break, she posted pics of kids and her reasoning, because she could. That whole little group wrecked havoc on people and joined in with vinnie, cheering her on. Marymac, now jenninthehouse, BlueMonday, honnie, they all cheered vinnie on as she posted personal info on moms simply because she could. Vicee is still vinnie's sidekick and still jumps into the fray and not one one of her followers who claim to not be associated with vinnie any longer say a word to her. Not when she rts shit about Kjo, Ed, Queenz, So that little group can all claim they were duped but everyone knows that is false. They are all a little worried because tiredmama has the dms to prove just how deep roz, jenninthehouse, blue, oh and let's not forget augusta. Bunch of hypocrites the whole lot. After almost a year of joining vinnie in her bullying, outing personal info, posting pics of kids, now you claim victimhood? That's laughable.
Posted By: MysticMary | 6/20/15 4:48 PM
Roz, bluemoonmonday, augustageorgia1. They may not associate publicly on Twitter now, but they got schooled by Vinnie. They constantly make parodies now to out people's personal info. Don't be surprised when they start popping up on Twitter very soon since they've been called out here. When they do pop up, we'll share those too. Vinnie taught them well how to screw with people and look like innocent victims.
I'm truly sorry for all of you good people that have been victimized by that whole gang.
Posted By: BullyHaterAlways | 6/29/15 3:01 PM
You sure called this one right. They were just attacking Ruger last night. They've been planning it for a while from what I've heard. Caro "suddenly" appeared. (she's never left). Ruger shouldn't have unlocked. They were waiting. All of them. Now the parodies will start again. Faux taught roz and friends real well. 2 years of this crap and they can't let it go.
Posted By: KristenJ | 6/19/15 8:39 AM
James & Bullyville, thank you. I wanted to add that the tweets above were merely a brief conversation. Ms.Spina, (and eventually Mr. King) attacked me for years. I blocked & ignored all until Ms. Spina wrote a blog stating I was a bipolar drunk (I've been in recovery 81/2 years), a bully (wha???), and calling into question my charity.
All because I wouldn't block someone she hated.
I honestly wish neither of them ill, I just want them to stop hurting people. At any rate, they've carried on too long without even a slap on the wrist, so I appreciate a site like this finally addressing this problem. Kristen J PS. Your 'Sticks and Stones' program is SO cool! I know so many kids who are being cyberbullied, can't wait to tell them they finally have a voice! Keep up the great work!
Posted By: SKUZA | 6/19/15 10:14 AM
Hello Kristen I don't want to say who I am in a public forum but I am a big fan of your work. I sent you a tweet some time ago and was attacked by Vinnnie and King. I was scared for my life and left twitter for good. A dear friend told me about this page so I took a look. You have inspired me and I'm going to come back to twitter. Don't know much about bullyville but I love the site and he has some sexy tats, good enough for me.
Posted By: KristenJ | 6/21/15 6:42 PM
Hey SKUZA…This makes me sick. I just can't believe these people would attack someone who's simply a fan of mine. I'm just beyond sorry. I hope you do come back to twitter, and I apologize that simply by supporting me you were run off.
Thanks again,
Love, KJo
Posted By: HolyJebus | 6/19/15 1:04 PM
We love you KJ.
Posted By: seriousmode | 6/19/15 1:12 PM
Posted By: HolyJebus | 6/19/15 1:03 PM
holy bejebus bullyville is ruthless. bking and faux yap yap yapped at bullyville for almost a year before he responded. What king did to priest and anonchip proves what a methed out piece of crap he is.
Posted By: seriousmode | 6/19/15 1:09 PM
Posted By: FuckYouVinnie | 6/19/15 1:48 PM
If vinnie were to *** tomorrow I would literally do the happy dance and have my dog sh*t on her grave. Vinnie you have stalked and harassed my children long enough you old frumpy waste of sperm. I wish the worst in life for you F*CKING C*NT
Posted By: Trustandbelieve | 6/19/15 1:56 PM
I've watched ALL of this unfold over the years. I've been an acquaintance of inmdareal, trial, and fox, unaware of what the REAL story was. Now I know, & am grateful the truth is finally being told. I consider myself an extremely intuitive person, & am angry w/myself 4 being fooled by the last 2 named above. I've watched them terrorize so many & always thought they were the victims,boy was I wrong! I now fear saying anything on Twitter & becomng another victim of their bullying,but I support this site & those speaking the truth here & on Twitter. As an eye witness I can say w/out a doubt that fox is a lying,manipulative scammer who deserves all she's receiving now. I do have a question & hope some1can answer. All the correspondence from pats "law" office, is vinnie as his "secretary" intercepting the correspondence & using pats law firm as her own personal tool w/ out pats knowledge? I'm just having a hard time believing that any credited law firm would waste it's the w/ a Twitter war? Also,is it just me or do all the signatures shown above appear to be different albeit in the slightest way? Personally, I can imagine vinnie opening the mail,hiding all pertaining to this,then "working late" in order to play "lawyer". Has anyone ever just walked into pats office,handed him all the correspondence & discussed the issue personally? Does pat know the truth?
Posted By: FuckYouVinnie | 6/19/15 3:17 PM
see queenzofmedia latest tweets, she just answered your questions
Posted By: LittleRudeShosh | 6/19/15 3:50 PM
I haven't been on Twitter in a while. When did Brandon become this bad guy? I thought he was a good guy like James? I thought he and I were cool. But I guess I am sadly mistaken.
I will say this, I have always had a weird feeling about Faux. I saw someone call her Vincenza and I asked Brandon if she really was this person as he seemed to be getting close to her. At that point, it was the beginning of their "relationship". He said that he knows for a fact that Faux is not Vencenza. So I guess, he was either misled or really didn't know at the time??
I am not trying to stick up for either of them. I am just kinda shocked at how they are acting. Especially Brandon. SMH.
Posted By: MysticMary | 6/19/15 7:31 PM
Been watching this as well for a few years. And yes things really amped up when Roz brought Vinne into our corner of Twitter. She appealed to another anti bully site to help her. I believe that group realized SHE was the actually bully, and decided to not help her. Smart move. Then Roz enlisted Vinnie to terrorize that group, and boy did she!! Roz made a parody account using her own parents address and accused a number of people of doing it, causing all kinds of grief. Roz also used that super trollNaryMac , now Jenninthehouse, to harass people as well. It was disgusting. So to see Roz cry victim?! Hardly. She conspired with Vinnie and probably still does. I also have many SS of them n Twitter and Dms sent to me by people that left that group. I'm HAPPY that this garbage is being taken to the curb. Those 2 have caused so much damage and dissention that I hope legally, it can now be handled as it should be. Thank you James!!!
Posted By: timeaftertime | 6/19/15 9:19 PM
Bullyville took far to long to unleash his wrath on chinchenza and methking. They were attacking him for a year. What finally got his attention? If it was queenzofmedia who made this happen that verifies how amazing she is. Queenz you are our diamond in the rough.
Posted By: Intel4U | 6/20/15 8:04 AM
I don’t have any background on the Roz situation but I know there were a lot of people who used to be in Vincenza Spina and Brandon King’s corner who finally realized what they were really doing and walked away. Vinny fooled a lot of people and blackmailed others by getting them to reveal personal things to her or to do her dirty work so she could hold it over their heads later. I for one hope everyone will wake up and apologize and that those harmed can find forgiveness for those that were lied to and misled by Vinny. It’s sad that Vinny’s behavior drove so many people off of Twitter. She sucked the fun right out of it.

I know more than one person previously on Vinny’s side has publicly apologized to the individuals Vinny attacked. I applaud them standing up acknowledging their mistake and publicly apologizing. That took guts. Even more amazing is the individuals who were so viciously attacked graciously accepting those apologies. It says a lot about those individuals that they can all realize the truth and come together as a team to fight Vincenza and Brandon publicly so they can’t victimize anyone else. Brandon was asked more than once if Faux was Vinny his response was no. He is either a liar or literally the stupidest idiot on the internet. Vinny told more than one person who she really was in DMs. She has been on the phone with others who have confirmed the person they spoke with matched the voice of Vincenza on the YouTube videos of her. Additionally the excellent Wordpress site put together by QueenzofMedia provides indisputable proof that Faux is in fact Vincenza Spina. It is my opinion, and I say opinion because I don’t yet have proof, that she illicitly used her husband Patrick Spina’s access as a lawyer into databases to obtain confidential information on her targets . It is my opinion that she then passed this information to those working with her, Brandon King being the primary, letting them take credit for doxing or providing this information
Posted By: Garland | 6/20/15 10:18 AM
Maybe Roz did not know the depths of Vinnies depravity... At first. But she continued to engage with Her when it became blaringly obvious the depths to which Vinne would go to ruin people. There are many many SS to prove this. They have been sent to BV to use as they wish. Roz knew exactly what she was dealing with and continued to push Vinnie to publish people personal info to hurt them. It was so gross. So no, Roz is NO victim. And I agree, I applaud those that wised up and apologized, that is commendable! Hopefully BV will publish those SS showing the lengths Roz went to, and STILL DOES To hurt people. People on Twitter need to know what they are dealing with.
Posted By: Enoughalready | 6/20/15 7:20 AM
James, thank you so much for finally putting vinnie on blast. She has hurt so many people, stalked a funeral, called child services, called jobs. She even had a teacher fired from his job. All behind the anonymity of her keyboard. After all this is posted, she can't claim she is not vinnie. After all, wouldn't Pat demand that his employee clear his wife's good, cough-cough, name? I'm so happy to finally see her get her just rewards.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/20/15 12:50 PM
James I have some info I need to give you off Twitter. can you see my email address? I need to show you a letter I wrote that needs to go to various sources and I have some Ip addresses to give you that I think you need to see. I am so sick of Vinnie the pig and her vile fat midget ass. She is the lowest form of scum. She better thank her lucky stars she doesn't live closer to me. I would thunder her fat pig ass. She thinks its funny to keep getting us suspended when we don't even tweet her. She has now started harassing me on ask.fm off of Twitter. last night she started making references to an obvious lie that was made up saying I take my child to hotel rooms while I have sex with men and she was going around saying I let men molest my child. Shit like that is going to get her messed up one of these days. What she doesn't realize is I don't give a sh*t. I have bail money and I guarantee her it would never make it to court no matter how much her lawyer husband threw his weight around. I cant say much more without sounding conceited or bragging but I will say I have never been convicted of any case that's been tried against me knock on wood lets just say money makes the world go around. so Im saying she better watch where she steps with me. Ive been somewhat patient with her. I will be quite willing to take her pastebins down as long as she takes carrie, queenz, Star, dory ext information down of her blog and leave me the hell alone. Leave my accounts alone too. If she keeps getting me suspended then I will make more pastebins and hell I may start my own blog and throw up all her information on it. Try Me. I may go off my meds on purpose and turn into the old Shelly just to be a b*tch. if u think im crazy now think of me with no meds. #ShiversAtTheThought
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/20/15 12:52 PM
Also Vinnie If I ever got ahold of you, I would wipe the floor with you. You wouldn't stand a chance with me. 3 years of holed up rage being unleashed. you need to think about these things before you stalk people. Someone's going to seriously hurt you one day
Posted By: MysticMary | 6/20/15 4:29 PM
I'm really sorry to hear this Yomamasec, truly. What a horrible excuse for a human being Vincenza is.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/20/15 5:01 PM
somebody needs to give Vinnie a brush and some shampoo
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/20/15 5:23 PM
Look at the signature. Very interesting. Thank you so much Patrick as I have the Who is documents that show that the original website was REGISTERED TO VINCENZA.

The FBI also has determined your ownership of that website. so you can run but you cannot hide Vinnie
Posted By: Intel4U | 6/21/15 11:24 AM
Has anyone pulled and printed a screen of the domain ownership via domaintools.com? Did the transfer to Patrick occur at the same time as transfer of other assets to avoid paying the judgement in the pension fraud case? If so, that's an interesting data point.
Posted By: noshit | 6/20/15 8:34 PM
Hiya James told you her and king were posting on retzlaffs blog. Wish we could post images here, will email you all of their posts. Patrick has been pulling your info and giving it to Vinnie and Brandon and they post it on Retzs blog. You still going to ignore Brandon because he was your friend James?
Posted By: CraziButTrue | 6/20/15 11:30 PM
My 2 cents "HELL'S YEAH" in your face Vinnie ~ don't want to forget to give some of your friends the "honor" of their names mentioned who RT your sh*t, lol at your sh*t and think its OK to #bully people & IMO are really really STUPID for believing you and not the FACTS or are just downright simply STUPID ~ @evsmom @Bonnie_Milton ‏@TheWittyKitten @lisa6654 @@ViveeLCR @mrawiper @MCM0NA007 @chickencounter @Bitte__B and EVEN #AFTER being told what you were about @LoveMajewskiVH1, her RTing our children's info on your trolldox.com site that you and Brandon created ~ I say to all of you "f*ck you" TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS
Lastly, THANK YOU VERY MUCH #Bullyville for blasting these CYBERBULLIES!!!! #StandUpToBullies
Posted By: SueBu | 6/21/15 9:05 AM
Thank you James for joining with others, in putting vinnie on blast. She wanted twitter popularity, and she has it now. Over 11,000 views in just over three days. Her days of hurting people, I hope are numbered.
Posted By: smooshsmoosh | 6/21/15 10:42 AM
#vinniewantsmooshsmoosh Now post a video for #brandonwantmethmeth
Posted By: MysticMary | 6/21/15 3:38 PM
Well. Lo and behold.. There's Roz again, friends with 1shot1kill.
Kjo is the NICEST person, going after her is going to smack ol Thunderthighs right in her ugly face. BRAVO KJO!
Posted By: thetapout | 6/21/15 8:50 PM
LOL @ all of this. Vincenza go read the second paragraph on this page. Bullyville gave you a chance, gave you an out. Regret not taking it? As a long time fan girl of James I have seen how these ops of his end. Best way to describe it? A train wreck with the bullies wishing they jumped off the train right before he tied them to the track.
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/21/15 10:20 PM
Wow, you certainly have a way with words. You painted a HD visual. Figurtively!!! Be careful now LMAFO. She's making a list of everyone who posts here.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/22/15 7:25 AM
I wonder what fat Danielle would think of Faux putting her and her family in jeopardy. I'm not coming back to Twitter until Faux gets what's coming to her.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/22/15 7:26 AM
James answer your email. I have info for you.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/22/15 7:28 AM
Faux needs to leave me a message on my pastebin if she wants me to go away. I won't be a d*ck and post it either
Posted By: Intel4U | 6/22/15 12:06 PM
Link #30 – Vinnie Spina's own words, and I quote: "I have never posted a child's photograph."

Nah......she just asks OTHER people to do it for her. Yeah Vinny we have proof of that so......ya know....suck it #LIAR
Posted By: ZileOHai2 | 6/22/15 8:05 AM
oHai Zile! Nice to see that James found enough money in his couch cushions to pay you for blogging. Since he lost all his lawsuits against Neal and Tom, all he has had $$ for is MadDog2020. How you didn't quit your other job in Florida!!
Posted By: ZiLeO | 6/23/15 7:01 PM
Ohai fake zile! If you look up at your address bar you'll see the url is Bullyville.com. James runs Bullyville.com, I run opuniteblue. They are different websites...that's why they have different names. If I was being paid to blog I'd have posts up every day.
And the lawsuits aren't over so nothing has been won or lost yet but there should be some interesting outcomes so do stay tuned.
I don't understand your last sentence. Please post it again once you've sobered up. Thanks so much for messaging me tho. I am always happy to hear from my many admirers and fans! xoxoxo ZiLe
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/22/15 11:23 AM
BULLYVILE, you really should add up vote abilities to these comments. I think the numbers would go thru the roof
Posted By: BullyHaterAlways | 6/22/15 12:15 PM
Patrick belongs to both New Jersey and New York Bar Associations. Don't forget to report him to New York, also.
:Attorney may not aid non-lawyer, including disbarred or suspended attorney, in unauthorized practice of law. It is improper for lawyer or law firm to employ disbarred or suspended attorney in any capacity related to practice of law. What acts constitute unauthorized practice is question of law for Appellate Division.
Posted By: RugersAngryOvary | 6/22/15 3:19 PM
Vinne dear I hope you're enjoying getting curb stomped by BV
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/22/15 4:20 PM
for the three people who called me and asked,me to update my pastebin here you go www.pastebin.com/u/duffymamasboy I stop when you stop Vinny. you were the one that asked for a truce and I gave it to you and I shut up. then you started attacking me from the horseman account. I would never have made those taste bins had it not been for you breaking the truc. I think you like this shit. once again my offer still stands stop your s*** and I'll take the pastebins down and I'll leave you be. its pretty bad that you think you own Twitter and thank you have the say so on who stays and who goes. you really need to grow up and act like an adult
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/22/15 4:26 PM
James I respect you so much for what you said about his mother I almost cried when I saw him tweet that his mom was in surgery for cancer honestly felt so helpless and sorry for him it's true what you say he was an awesome guy until she sunk her fangs in him. I haven't quite given up on him yet I know its crazy in weird to think that but I honestly think that he's a good person who is going to end up getting the short end of the stick. if he would just realize what's going on and what she's doing to him and take a stand against it I would respect him so much more I'm literally bawling as I'm typing this. do you guys think that maybe Brandon scared that if he stands up to her but she will turn on him I would be fearful of that if I was him. I will take out my rosary now and say a prayer for Brandon's mother and I will say a prayer that he sees what he's doing to him
Posted By: LittleRudeShosh | 6/22/15 6:35 PM
James, I love that you wrote Link #32. I agree with everything that you said.
I feel for Brandon as well. It is hard to watch some one you love fight for their life. Especially if it is your own flesh and blood. I know what he is going through on that aspect because my mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, this last Christmas. See, my mother and I haven't had a great relationship for the past couple of years, so this news got me thinking about how much longer I may have with her. Since she told me, I have been trying my hardest to have a good relationship with her.
As I read about what he and Vinny have done, and since I know how Brandon used to be, I can't stop thinking about what she has over his head. Not saying that she does have anything, but you know what I mean. She must be darn good in the sack. Lolol
Posted By: Intel4U | 6/23/15 5:14 AM
The best thing, literally the very best thing Brandon can do (not for everyone else but for himself), is to close his accounts, walk away, and spend time with his family away from this drama and to cut all ties with Vinny before she drags him down further. Seriously why is he promoting felon Joseph A. Camp. Why is Vinny promoting the blog of a known rapist and felon www.thomasretzlaff.com? This has zero possible hope of turning out well for him, or for Vinny, who seems determined to put Patrick Spina's license on the line to salvage what little pride she must have left.

I don't know if Vinny is holding something over Brandon's head or if she has some how social engineered him, but I hope he realizes he has zero respect from anyone on Twitter. There is nothing left for him there except more problems. If he walks away and cuts all ties with Vinny what can she really do to him? It's in his best interest and he should be focusing on his family right now since that's far more important than this internet drama.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/22/15 4:29 PM
I just prayed to God for Brandon's mother and I prayed that God would open his eyes so he can see what then is doing to him I would be very willing to forgive and forget what brandon has said or done to me
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/22/15 6:27 PM
hey everybody I'm not really that illiterate I'm using speech to text my bad
Posted By: Garland | 6/22/15 10:01 PM
That's sad about Brandins mom, you'd think he'd have some compassion in his soul. Somewhere
Posted By: KristenJ | 6/22/15 10:31 PM
James...I very much respect what you said about Brandon's mother and I agree. You have shown him compassion, grace & respect. Sadly, the same can't be said about either of these two. Queenz dearest friend Skylar died suddenly last month, and they were relentless. That's but one example of so many.

Today Brandon King (who, once again, I'VE NEVER INTERACTED WITH, nor have I had anything to do with) complained about no compassion shown while his mom was sick…yet within hours he was tweeting truly horrific insults about me. (Bummer? I now think they're funny. Try harder.) But the truth is, I wish this would stop. I sincerely do. Brandon, if you read this: so many have told me what a decent person you used to be. That you'd help anyone who asked, and did so much good. I want you to know it's not too late. There are many who miss their old friend. I hope you do the right thing. I'm not holding my breath. Kristen Johnston
Posted By: LittleRudeShosh | 6/23/15 10:37 AM
Miss Johnston,
I want to start by saying that I am truly very sorry that you had to go through this. You seem like a very good person. I used to know Brandon before he and Faux became friends. He really was one of my favorite people to talk to on Twitter. He was one of only a handful of people that I trusted. I agree, there are a lot of us that would like our friend back.
I also want to say, in case none of you know yet, but I just heard that Faux's BWMedia account is suspended. I hope since it is suspended, that you have some peace, if even for a few hours.
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/23/15 11:48 AM
Ding dong the Witches Acct IS SUSPENDED.
Sing with me...
Faux Faux is a fool. She wasted her time in school. Faux committed Fraud Now shes disbarred oh Faux Faux is a fool
Posted By: Umpire | 6/23/15 12:42 PM
She'll be back, witches be witches.
Posted By: yupBKing | 6/23/15 12:02 PM
mmmk... not going to even address the massive amount of complete lies and manipulation of the truth here, I don't expect most visiting her to have the mental competence to understand and I KNOW you James, KNOW, all the pedo, meth, woman beating implications aren't true. You can't and simply won't make a direct statement of fact concerning any of what you claim. Your fan boys n blind followers may not realize you never make a direct allegation, but it's quite obvious why you don't do those with an IQ above 80. Also Kristen if you want to pretend to be sincere about me, lying that I've harassed u for years belies honesty and morality at any level. It's simply a lie. I'm an honest person. I do help anyone who asks me if I can. The very first contact I ever had with "Grace" Queenzofmedia was her threatening me that if I didn't stop being frineds with the faux account she was coming after me and my son. before i even responded to her once, she and Bethwalt were tweeting I was a meth addict probably with aids and used my son to lure pedos. That was their hello to me. I responded in kind, they then got KJO to tweet that I was a meth addict, she subsequently wrote a blog saying the same thing. for over a year now James and "Grace" and all ur trolls have been claiming I have meth arrests/charges/convictions/records. All lies. But none of you even at this point, with ZERO evidence I've ever been involved with meth or been an addict cuz I never have and am not, a fucking drug counselor and antibully advocate are still lying about it. How about we start off with a tiny little smidgeon of f*cking honesty rather than false meth/pedo/addict FULL ON LIES. maybe that's a start? Whether any of you as*holes can admit it, I'm still the honest decent person in all this BS. You can't attribute everything the people you dont like do, to me, just to justify your attacks on me. it was bullshit when queens started it and it's bs now, I'm not even going to address the SM boychat craziness, Th
Posted By: Umpire | 6/23/15 12:40 PM
mmmmmmmk, I have but 1 question for you Mr. King. Do you run the @TheUmpireLestat twitter account? Yes or No?
Posted By: zerocred | 6/23/15 12:53 PM
Posted By: zerocred | 6/23/15 12:52 PM
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/23/15 1:02 PM
Here here....
Posted By: Starr | 6/23/15 12:54 PM
Brandon, what was your reasoning for attacking me and my children?
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/23/15 1:06 PM
What they did to you Starr and Continue to do to you is just part of their psychosis. I am so saddened by everything that you have been through.
Posted By: Starr | 6/23/15 1:17 PM
Since you seem to have no reply... Let me tell you why you attacked me and then my friends, family, and children. I DISAGREED with Vinnie over the Kim Smiley tweets she was putting out. YOU came to me with your pissed off tweets because I dared question WHY she was starting up a smear campaign. You made the statement to me that if a teacher took your Son's photo CROPPED HIS HEAD OFF THE PICTURE & ridiculed him that you would be in jail for knocking out their teeth (or something close to this).... I called you out on your ridiculous statement and replied " Brandon I find that very hard to believe when your Son was put on boychat and you're not in jail".... You then switched over with Vinnie to the HorsemenofDeath & 1shot1kill sock accounts and proceeded to r*pe my online life. You posted my friends names, my families names (and accused them of being pedos) and then posted my children's pictures and personal information. You also posted all of this later on your trolldox.com site. So... Brandon... Grab what little balls you have and step up. APOLOGIZE! Stop this absolutely disgusting behavior and MOVE ON!! It's time to stop your f*ckery and find your lost soul. Mean words on Twitter are one thing. Stalking someone's entire life out to harass them, their friends, their family, their own children... That's borderline pedophile behavior in my opinion. STOP helping Vinnie terrorize people because she's too ego driven to accept criticism. It is time for her to answer for all the things SHE set into motion and played you into doing for her. JUST STOP!!!
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/23/15 1:00 PM
Really, you claim to be innocent. do tell us you lying b*stard why is all of my information put up on your website DOXTROLL.C. Furthermore let's talk about the WordPress that you and Vinny put up that had my son listed and pictured. also let's discuss the harassment that my minor child received by someone claiming to be you and Vinny. And last but not least, let's discuss the telephone call and the letter that was sent to my husband's job. furthermore I have a text message excuse me a tweet where Faux admits that she owns the cell phone that called my husband at work oops, busted. I never did anything to anyone. The only part of that recording that was the truth was when Vinny said that she had never spoken to me and that she did not know me, but claims that not only did I identify the bitch and called her at work that I further attempted to get her fired. This would mean that I had identified who she was. So she can't have it BOTH ways by then claiming she isnt VINNIE.
sit the f*** down Brandon. maybe if you began telling the truth you would receive a much warmer reception. Stupid fool
Posted By: GraceQueenzofMedia | 6/23/15 1:07 PM
Brandon, as you know, and everyone knows, you are loose with the truth and it seems incapable of being honest. my first tweets to you were asking you for help put the truce back in to place .
tweet 1. https://twitter.com/QueenzOfMedia/statuses/536701514761256960
tweet 2. https://twitter.com/QueenzOfMedia/status/536706505588748291 I have never threatened you, or your child or anyone.... That's not my style, and considering there are thousands of witnesses to the history, everyone knows you're lying and i'm telling the truth. I asked you for help to put the truce back into place.... that's the facts, and there's the proof.
Posted By: yupBKing | 6/23/15 1:57 PM
"Grace" and I ignored those tweets correct? ignored you? Do you deny, you and Bethwalt and many others continued to subtweet I was a meth addict, likely had aids, used my child for to lure pedophiles, etc. etc. ad infintium, ad nauseum simply because I wouldn't respond to you? Then cried "bully" when I finally addressed your blatant lies? which you're still lying about I might add... *blank stare
Posted By: yupBKing | 6/23/15 2:20 PM
as to whit regarding truth "Grace" (if that is your real name)
Marijuana convictions = Methamphetamine convictions
Marijuana convictions = Drug addict DISMISSED domestic civil ALLEGATIONS = wife beater Seriousmode threatens my child = I'm a pedophile you and James standard of truth seems a bit skewed, if honesty is what you're after...
Posted By: GraceQueenzofMedia | 6/23/15 2:50 PM
1. you don't get to change "grace threatened me and my son" to .. 'grace made mean subtweets about me" ....
YOU subtweeted plenty of shit brandon.
1. you weren't just arrested for Marijuana... that's a fact... pg1 is not Weed. 2. you don't get to be the only person who engages in hyperbole , i played your game, and vinnie's game by the rules YOU both set. .... now you CORRECT the record and admit that i have never threatened you or your child.
Posted By: CraziButTrue | 6/23/15 3:56 PM
I am writing this because these ppl are pissed that Vinnie got suspended and defending this #BULLY.

These people @evsmom @TheWittyKitten @lisa6654 @ViveeLCR @mrawiper @MCM0NA007 @chickencounter @Bitte__B simply amaze me. Do you all know what 1+1 = ? How in the world do you NOT believe w/all the #proof that has been posted re: Faux being Vincenza Spina? Think about it for a minute ~ don't u "honestly" believe that the Spina's would have been "BY NOW" defending themselves #clearingtheirnames (Fox has admitted they are aware of this Twitter shit), believe that the "Spina's (a business) haven't #FIRED Fox by now w/all this bullsh*t? Come on!! I admit/own that I lowered myself to Fox's level cuz of what she has done to me/others, YEP I called/spoke w/Patrick's MOTHER (I honestly liked the feisty woman LOL) & the same day FOX tweeted abt me calling & I confronted her w/how did she know w/her replying she knew abt it because she ASKED when investigators showed up to the office and she asked them ~ LMAO #really??? Again, how in the world you ALL don't see the #truth!?! Something I have asked before and NEVER get an answer from ANY OF YOU ~ Do you all think it was OK for Fox/Brandon to post my PRIVATE cell phone # NOT LISTED ANYWHERE (Vinnie got my # when I tried calling to talk with her to STOP THIS SHIT) & then I received threatening phone calls w/r*pe & murder? AND YOU @evsmom ok w/Fox and her friends (Trial/Lauren) using the "R" word because of my two sisters who are "special needs" when YOU YOURSELF said you have a "special needs" grandchild? All I can say is "WTF is wrong with all you people?" IMO you ALL know WTF has been going on and are as "GUILTY" as Fox is!! You ALL are #BULLIES!! FOX is the leader but you all do some of her dirty work and that is bullsh*t!! #SHAMEONYOU all. IMO you ALL are just as "GUILTY" as Fox is for defending this type of bullsh*t!!
Posted By: Starr | 6/23/15 4:29 PM
Spit that gospel Crazi!!! (Love you)
Posted By: DrButthurtPHD | 6/23/15 1:40 PM
If you took the time to READ Ms Johnston, she states CLEARLY that Vinnie has harassed her for years. You, as she states, joined in much later (November, if I recall) and I remember Ms. Johnston's retort about your "tiny meth dick." This was after MONTHS of terrible harassment by you. As far as I'm aware, it was HER ONLY remark to you, after you wished she'd overdosed, Accused her of gang-banging trans gendered aids-ridden prostitutes, & on & on. I for one, was amazed at her restraint. Everyone knows you're a wife-beating meth addict and your reaction to KJos ONE & ONLY comment to you proves that the medical community is correct: a
Tiny penis you have.
Signed, Bite me
Posted By: CraziButTrue | 6/23/15 2:04 PM
GOOD QUESTION Starr ~ you also posted my personal information/family members on the trolldox site that you created, WHY? I didn't even know u existed until then. So tell me what reason you had to blast my information (obviously given to you by Vinnie)? It amazes me how u r reacting to ppl who have said something abt you/your family BUT yet YOU blasted mine/other's CHILDRENS info and SPECIAL NEEDS info that had NOTHING to do with any of this CRAP! So Brandon you are a #hypocrite. Last question ~ is Vinnie really worth all this bullshit? I'm hearing from ppl you are a nice guy PLEASE PROVE IT
Posted By: CuriousOne | 6/23/15 2:48 PM
Brandon just curious how much is Vinny paying you? Is it worth your humility and integrity? If you have any left after aligning yourself with her? #AskingForAFriend
Posted By: KristenJ | 6/23/15 2:58 PM
Mr. King,
I'm sorry, but did I read this correctly? Did you just say you're a DRUG COUNSELOR? And an ANTI-BULLY ADVOCATE?
Thank you, sincerely, for giving me the best laughs I've had in MONTHS. No drug counselor would say the despicable things you've said about me for months (all in black & white, above). No anti-bully advocate would engage in tormenting people RELENTLESSLY. Just yesterday you wrote: ""I'm your huckleberry, you whackjob, addict, with the big mouth n tiny, drug addled brain, yes, u, Kristen Johnston" Oh, and are you claiming that those multitude of drug arrests & domestic violence charges listed above are WRONG? Once I actually had sympathy for you. I even shared with many that I felt you were an innocent pawn in this whole sordid mess. Now, I truly feel sorry for you. There's a huge difference. Whoever you once were said bye bye a long time ago. Do me a favor, wouldja? Say hi to all the bully victims you're helping today, and all those addicts you're counseling. Kristen Johnston PS. https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=meth+and+penis+size&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8#q=meth+and+penis+size&start=20 There are 118,000 stories on how methampetamines cause ones penis to shrink. Not referring to yours, of course. But you might want to warn all the addicts you counsel.
Posted By: yupBKing | 6/23/15 3:37 PM
I was referring to you and James, are you daft? you claim to be an addiction counselor, hello? James is an anti-bully advocate, reading comprehension much? You claimed I'm a meth addict correct? You claim I'm an addict? put your money where your big mouth is an have james or you lolyer prove that allegation, also have him explain the difference between dismissed civil allegations and "domestic violence charges", I would have expected you to have that minimal a breadth of knowledge but obviously gave you too much credit. I do, in fact, as do many, many others think you're a "whackjob addict" that's an opinion you idiot, you claiming someone is a meth addict to belittle them, that's criminal and reprehensible. Learn the difference or it's not just right to assume your mind is drug addled, you're proving it out.
also have someone read this and explain it to you in non crazy speak. mmmk?
Posted By: KristenJ | 6/23/15 4:54 PM
Yes, Brandon I'm daft.

Except I'm not a drug counselor, you idiot. I wrote a book about my addiction. There's a HUGE difference. Here's what you wrote: "for over a year now James and "Grace" and all ur trolls have been claiming I have meth arrests/charges/convictions/records. All lies. But none of you even at this point, with ZERO evidence I've ever been involved with meth or been an addict cuz I never have and am not, a fucking drug counselor and antibully advocate are still lying about it. How about we start off with a tiny little smidgeon of f*cking honesty rather than false meth/pedo/addict FULL ON LIES." I apologize, but punctuation is your friend. I don't "claim" you're a meth addict. Absolutely everyone on twitter who has ever had any dealings with you says this REPEATEDLY. You claim your arrests were for pot. We all know this is a lie. At any rate, I am an addiction advocate. I fight for addiction reform in Washington DC. I fight to provide teens with a sober education. However, I am no counselor. I try to help all addicts, meth addicted or otherwise. However, when that person bullies & belittles me relentlessly, for months on end….and I finally retort with ONE tweet (the truth) which is that meth is well known to shrink one's penis size. The truth is: I fight for all addicts (YOU included). I fight AGAINST bullies (YOU especially) Just because one is an alleged addict does not give you a free pass to set up multiple hate accounts, trash my character, or destroy my friends lives. This is my final comment on the matter. Besides, shouldn't you be with your mother at such a difficult time? With zero respect Kristen
Posted By: MethDickMomma | 6/24/15 2:52 PM
Brandon this is your momma. You think because I have cancer that you would atone for all your harassing and pedophile allegations. What you are doing is despicable and I am avoiding acknowledging your my son. Your KARMA is affecting my health. I'm sorry I was freebasing crack when I was pregnant with you. Don't be angry. I'm sorry I told everyone at the family reunion that you put on my dresses and play tea time with dolls. It was funny then. Your father is sorry he would smash beer cans on your head for fun. You grandfather is sorry he peed on your head when you were picking daisies. Grandma says she sorry for putting spit in your Ovaltine. Uncle Larry is sorry for all those wedgies he gave you last year. Your aunt Tilly is sorry that she took your temperature with a thermometer in your butt then in your mouth without wiping it clean. You are a product of your upbringing and no one deserves your uneducated methout rages. You father is also sorry for cutting down your weed plant but the cops were snooping around when you were arrested. We worked too hard for our things to let you take it away by your constant drug abuse and arrests. Cousin Sharon said she's sorry for putting super glue on the toilet paper. The doctor said your butt wouldn't scar. Did it? NO. See how easy it is t apologize? Now atone for ALL the BS and keep my health out of your mentions to garner sympathy so you're not forced to apologize.

Love your Momma Ps Vinnie D1E fat pig
Posted By: SueBu | 6/24/15 7:41 AM
Brandon, you claim you never made troll accounts but you lie. You gave yourself away. You tweeted that all you did was ask Kjo a question and she called you a addict with a meth dick. You quickly deleted the tweet but not before a ss were taken. The only person Kjo gave that response to was whomever was behind the troll account, NevergofullMarcie. Vinnie also tweeted that Kjo called her "friend" a methdick, again; only time Kjo called someone that was in response to an attack by the troll account NevergofullMarcie.
Posted By: yupBKing | 6/23/15 2:48 PM
The actual true story in how this all begun with me is rather juvenile, if you ask me, but alas, it is what it is.
An anon named Honeypot liked an anon named Hazeanon, another anon at the time, Pinkonediaries liked haze too, haze liked honeypot more so pinkonediaries aka Patricia Gonzalez got butthurt and gave personal info to Seriousmode who then doxxed Honeypot, Hazeanon/Danny, AnonymousJaye and myself.
Seriousmode and Patricia spent the next year threatening to r*pe my son, to put his info on pedo sites, etc etc. I reacted and doxxed Patricia, that completely rustled their jimmies and yada yada yada, We all were anons doing anti-bully and anti-pedo ops with Anonymous and James. None of us were or are criminals/ pedos/ addicts or anything of the such. We helped peeps and took a lot of bad peeps off the web. period. I've never been a "bully" or "Troll" or "stalker" I identified people with information publicly available on the web. usually from the shadows for Anon, James, etc. that's it. Truth isn't as exciting or salacious huh? sorry to disappoint. Cheers
Posted By: acceptorreject | 6/23/15 3:40 PM
I can add to this since I know BK and JM. BK starting attacking JM on Twitter abt a year ago. I spoke to JM and he kept saying that BK was a good guy and refused to fight back. This surprised all of us and honestly we were disappointed in JM. For whatever reason JM kept giving him a pass. After seeing this page, it appears that pass is no longer in play. So what is it going to be BK? R U going to let this carry on or do right by everyone who still cares about ya? It appears that Vinny is who JM is really after and we both know how JM is once that decision is made. Advice from one old friend to another, the bulls on parade, time to be a spectator and let him due his thang.
Posted By: Starr | 6/23/15 3:52 PM
That little love triangle story has NOTHING to do with me, Dory, the Smileys, Grace, Ed, Carrie, BETH, crazibuttrue, Kristen or the many others who've asked you REPEATEDLY to stop your bullsh*t attacks on children. We've fought back when silence went unnoticed, and I make no apologies for that. But we have YET to ever exploit your child. YOU have exploited all of ours. Cough up actual answers Brandon King or STFU with your excuses!!!
Posted By: Starr | 6/23/15 4:22 PM
... And by YET, I clearly mean WE NEVER WOULD exploit your child. Our moral compasses STILL haven't been shoved up our a**es nor will they ever be. (just thought I would shut down the spin effect of your next response)!
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/23/15 4:49 PM
this man is not going to respond to you nor is he going to respond to any of us who have been at the end of his wrath for no reason as we all know. he will sit here and continue to make excuse after excuse well making it all about him and his little boy. this man needs to inspect what he expects. But what he needs and what he does are obviously two very different things. I wonder if he would feel that same way if someone he didn't know came after his son. Things that just make you say hmmm.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/23/15 5:09 PM
Brandon's first and foremost I want to say I hope your mother is OK. secondly I want to say then I don't understand your problem with me you listen to a blatant lie when Vinny told you I gave serious mode your information. I never did and I swear on my daughter and my family I never gave serious mode your information. you let vinnie manipulate you into believing I did what reason would I have had to give your information out at the time I had a major crush on you so you tell me why do you think I would do that to you? you don't see in your head what she is doing she turned you against all your friends. at the time I would have done anything for you anything and for some crazy crazy stupid reason I still would. ever had a bad thing to say about you I was never one of those ones that said you were on meth and made fun of your drug arrest I didn't do those things
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/23/15 5:12 PM
continued you have made fun of the way I look said I look like homemade soap when I in fact never did anything to you so please please explain yourself why do you have such a problem with me I never joined in on them making fun of your previous arrest I shut up with that it was none of my business I felt like I didn't see it on paper so I had nothing to do with it and you know what really floors me is after a year of Vinny screaming that I gave serious mode your information she comes to me on the angel of Destiny account and says Brandon always knew you didn't give his information to serious mode and she proceeded to tell me it was somebody else but I realize that she was manipulating me to go after that person thinking that I was going to clear my name but I generally like the person so I wasn't going to sell her out. I don't care about any of those fat pigs talking about the way I look it doesn't bother me they can say I'm fat and ugly I don't give a s*** but when it comes from you its a bit different and it does bother me so please explain yourself
Posted By: Starr | 6/23/15 6:00 PM
Yomamasec, I do hope you realize that ghost of Destinee account that was made was originally used as a parody/insult account of my then 17 year old daughter? They posted all kinds of messed up crap from that account to throw jabs at me. I was dealing with a typical rebellious teen and they stalked her every move online to degrade my parenting and my child. So... If you have PROOF that was Vinnie... I think I deserve to have it. Please.
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/23/15 4:45 PM
Wow Mr King (which is a contradiction in terms I might add). I've noticed that you have said nothing to neither myself or Star. interesting that you don't have anything to say to the real innocent people that you have hurt. No witty comeback, no smart ass response!
Star and I both will be sitting here on pins and needles waiting for your gracious response which I doubt either one of us will receive.
I think you need to remember sir that it is not the mistakes that you make in life that will define you, it is how you handle those mistakes that shall redeem you.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/23/15 5:33 PM
Brandon I also want you to know something I never thought it was funny what serious mode did to Lauren's nephews picture the only reason I laughed at it was to hurt her feelings so she could see how I felt when she was going around telling people that I took my child to hotels while I had sex with other men and let them molest my daughter that was sick so yes I made fun of her and I have apologized numerous numerous times but she has never once apologized about the lies she's told about me and my child she has came on my ask account calling my daughter retarded she got a whole bunch of people to come after me that I didn't even know hell I didn't even know her at the time I do one thing and I'm the worst person in the world and she's the queen princess victim. I never heard you spread those lies about my daughter in fact I noticed that you sit back on quite a lot of things why is that I want to hear it from you out of your own mouth why do you have such a problem with me I don't exploit children I am NOT having sex with a 17 year old that is disgusting I'm almost 40.so you tell me what the hell is your problem don't sit there quiet like you got a cock in your mouth either speak up or forever hold your peace and shut the hell up
Posted By: CuriousOne | 6/23/15 5:41 PM
Brandon first let me say I'm empathetic to your recent struggles and I seriously hope your mother can one day raise that flag and say she's a survivor I truly hope she gets well soon.
With that said; having read all the comments on here I'm sorry but there's an old saying when you're explaining (excusing) you're losing. You and Vinny keep deflecting and crying victim when infact you BOTH have victimized numerous people over a bullsh!t Twitter war. Both of you have provoked people to behave in ways that they in most likelihood would never have stooped so low, but you attacked their children. YOU (either by yourself or under the direction of Vinny) I'm guessing it was by her direction though, as I'm assuming she has you on payroll because NO MAN of any value would do what you've done to several women's children (especially a man with a child of his own). Do you not realize Vinny has set you up to take a fall? You're her fall guy, you're disposable just as MANY before you have been. Keep this in mind she's a MASTER at deception fooled a lot of people and if you think for one NY minute she's not going to hold sh!t over your head you're sadly mistaken. Best thing you can do now is jump ship try to repair the damage you've done and walk away with your balls intact. Otherwise all I see in your future is a lot of legal fees you can't afford (and Vinny can't, won't bankroll those). Do the right thing and come clean for what you've done and walk away with your integrity intact. In the end ........ It's not about who wins its how you played the game and at the end of the day do you really want to be known as Vinny's water boy?
Remember this: What you bring to the table is what you get served #SayingItLikeAFriend
Posted By: crazypants | 6/23/15 5:55 PM
I would never in a million years think that bullying a bully would have any results but I have to commend you Bullyville. I think you are absolutely insane but you are equally brilliant. My husband is a former Marine so I respect the hell out of you. This article right here is why I LOVE MARINES>>>>>>>>http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/10/10/the-bully-waging-war-against-bullies.html
Posted By: FuckYouVinnie | 6/24/15 5:37 AM
I don't have high hopes for brandon. Has he even admitted he's wrong about Grace being Skylar? And the overwhelming evidence that faux is vinnie? Deep down he knows the truth. He's either a. Too drugged out to know or b. His neck is in a vice grip by vinnies thunder thighs
Posted By: SueBu | 6/24/15 7:59 AM
Let's not forget Vinnie's little blog, Twitter Wars, the Cast. Where there are a list of 12-15 twitter profiles of people she has claimed to have dox'ed. With personal info on all. I've gotten off lucky compared to so many. Vinnie still doesn't know my real name. But that hasn't stopped her from going after people that she thinks are me. The first time she tried to dox me was right after I spoke up for Crazi's grandchild. 1shot had posted a pic and I asked that he take it down, I also asked anonchimp for help. 1shot that went after anonchimp saying we were interfering in an ops of his. An ops? How convenient the ops was on someone Vinnie was fighting with. Soon after, he posted a woman's name, employer, her husband, they started following her employer's twitter account. I can only assume she was contacted and proven not to be me because soon I was someone else. Another Sue from NJ, then from England and lastly a woman from Ca. This woman's pic was stolen from FB, her address was posted, her children. She was harassed on FB. All while dealing with a husband who was dying from cancer. Vinnie, Lauren, 1shot all harassed this woman and her family simply because they thought she was me. So while having to deal with a very sick, and dying husband , this woman also had to deal with a very sick and twisted Vinnie Spinna. and cohorts.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/24/15 12:01 PM
Brandon I know your ego is as big as the Sun but I want my apology it's not fair what you did to me you're making me really madspeak up for yourself stop being such a p*ssy. give us all apologies especially star Teresa queen and crazy and guys if there's anyone that I didn't inclued I'm sorry let me know. Brandon let me ask you a serious question do you think with you being a father do you think its okay for Lauren you keep asking me dumb questions on my ask calling my daughter a retard and saying that I take her to hotel room till Mincha molest my daughter do you think that's right honestly speak up she's ticking away at my patience and I promise if I get one
more ask question about my daughter I'm going to make a pastebin worse then I made fo Vinnie. promise that I will call her father myself and tell him exactly what you guys are doingusing his name to say he's going to sue everybody. now I myself don't believe in contacting family but I promise you on my good word if I get one more nasty ask questions about my daughter I'll call everybody family try me
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/24/15 12:53 PM
Ladies I owe you all an apology from last night. I was in an emotional state. You know how PMS works. Yes its my time of the month. This all boils down to me feeling like Brandon backstabbed me by going behind my back and getting friendly with Vinnie after I warned him about what kind of person she is. Im the type of person who would do anything for anyone. So yes I would except an apology from Brandon but I could never be friends with him again. I feel like this is all my fault in a way and Ive been struggling with guilt for months about the role Brandon has played. I blame my self for his part in Vinnies F*ckery. If I never would have told him about her cyberbullying good people then he never would have known who she was and neither would James. So I take full responsibility for my part in the war with James and Brandon and I take responsibility in what hes done to you ladies. Im so sorry for what hes done. That's why I feel so backstabbed by him. I told him a supposed anti bully associate about what she was doing to people and he sh*t on me and became friends with her but I never told him how I felt I just quietly unfollowed him and never spoke to him or about him until faux told him I gave serious mode his info. At the time Brandon got doxed I couldn't stand Serious Mode and even told him to stop posting Brandons kids pics. Serious Mode probably still hates me but I don't have a problem with him anymore. He stopped posting kids pics a long time ago so hes cool with me now even though he hates me Lol
Posted By: Garland | 6/24/15 5:58 PM
I've seen a few of those people Vinnie was friends with that follow their victims friends or family. I'm assuming she taught them all how to go after those close to their victims- luckily I think we all know their true IDs now so at least legal actions can now be taken.
Posted By: BozoB | 6/24/15 2:54 PM
I finally figured out who the hell Vinnie reminds me of. Its Trudi Goodman from the epic movie "Gone Baby Gone." Ha ha, below is a pic of her from the movie....Rapper Slade had the best line in the film when he called Trudi a "fat busted c*nt." Yep, that sure describes Vinnie. Any-who carry on and I must tip my hat to BV and all the victims who have bravely come forward to fight back. I have never interacted with this pig, but I have watched her attack lovely people I follow on twitter. The b*tch is whacked and this was a LONG time coming. Bravo.
Posted By: MethDickMomma | 6/24/15 3:28 PM
lmfao I LOVE BULLYVILLE!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: meepkitty | 6/24/15 7:12 PM
#rustleleague all over that b*tch a*s Brandon. Heard seriousmode is about to jump into the action with a big black dildo for that meth a*s of yours. Open ur anus nice n wide.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/24/15 7:46 PM
Damn Brandons an ugly mother f*cker LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL What the hell did I ever see in him? I guess two years of no sex will make you like anyone with a d*ck. Yikes I don't know where you got those pictures BullyVille but they are FUGLY.
Posted By: MethDickMomma | 6/25/15 2:15 PM
His eyes!!! Looks like one is methed out and the other has nyquil. Ugly muthafuka. Kind of face that gives you night terrors and the shits. I rather have my ass eaten by a hobo with leprosy instead of looking at Brandon. He looks like Sarah Jessica Parker coming down from a crack binge. He looks like Weird Al Yankovic on meth. He looks like tired from sucking peen in alleys for meth. Brandon looks like he's tired of going to jail to get cocked down. Brandon snuggles with dildos. Brandon can fit five fist in his asshole and still fart the alphabet. Brandon shaves his pubes to find his peen. Brandon balls never dropped. Brandon likes men named Brandon. Brandon loves midget porn. Brandon swallows.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/24/15 7:53 PM
There is one thing I want to say to Brandon in m Teresa Guidice voice Be a man grow some balls and stop crying over someone saing you have a little meth dick. For f*cks sake!!! How many months ago was that??? And youre still crying like a buthurt b*tch. Jesus GROW UP. Didn't you ever hear of sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?
Posted By: MethDickMomma | 6/25/15 9:31 AM
The truth hurts. He has a small stinky meth peen. He knows it, we know it, the woman he beats know it. Clean your cheese peen dirty f*ck!
Posted By: MerryTM | 6/24/15 7:54 PM
This is really minor compared to what she's done to everyone else, but another innocent victim of Vinnie's is a woman named Suzan Cooke. Suzan has been a well known trans advocate for years. Faux/Vinnie thought I was Suzan for some unknown reason - because my Twitter handle was Suzy then I guess? Who knows. Anyway, she tweeted stuff about Suzan Cooke a number of times and went so far as to befriend a blogger on Twitter who's been critical of Suzan's work - I guess because she thought this would intimidate me in some way. Plus, God knows what else she may have tried to do to Suzan outside of Twitter. We'll never know, because Suzan Cooke has no idea who Vinnie is, no idea who I am, or any of us. But Vinnie, incredible moron that she is, tried to negatively impact Suzan's life - simply because a person with the name Suzy on Twitter called her a bigot.
Posted By: GoodGal | 6/25/15 7:38 AM
As a clerk for a sheriff's department, I'd like to clarify that the drug charges listed for Mr King are for possession of marijuana, then a separate charge for controlled substance. Often, the controlled substance charge is listed as an additional or secondary charge for the actual possession charge. It's another avenue for prosecutors to utilize if the actual possession charge doesn't hold up. In most cases, as in above mentioned, the controlled substance charge is dismissed when a conviction occurs for the possession charge. I have no vested interest with either party in this blog, but felt compelled to address the drug charges from my experience. I saw many mentions of meth for the controlled substance charge, but that doesn't appear to be the case since the charge is linked with the possession charge. I pray that both individuals stop the harassment of others and learn to enjoy the lives they were given in a much more productive manner. Thank you Bullyville!
Posted By: handsup | 6/25/15 8:47 AM
Meh, Bullyville presented the meth accusations as a question, not a statement. Heard he has the results from a freedom on information request that was made to arresting agency. Don't care either way, BRANDON KING IS A WOMAN BEATER.
Posted By: GoodGal | 6/25/15 9:49 AM
I agree it was presented as speculation, not fact. I was referring to the comment section. I review court dockets for a living and can interpret them easily. The secondary charge could even be for drug paraphernalia such as a pipe containing residue, if not a separate charge for the marijuana possession. The factual truth based on the actual dockets, including domestic civil charges, the only conviction Mr King sustained was the possession charges of marijuana in 1997. I am not defending any of his actions, please be certain of that. I'm simply stating facts obtained from public information. Unfortunately, many victims of domestic abuse drop charges, resulting in a dismissed case. I won't speculate in this matter though, because there is no information confirming if that was the cause of the dismissal of charges.
Posted By: missanonnews | 6/25/15 7:03 PM
Posted By: Fauxreality | 6/25/15 7:45 PM
Everyone's lying. I never posted any children. I'm not a c*nt. I'm not Vincenza. My boss is going to sue every single last one of you. I'm the victim.I never stole from anyone. It was all a misunderstanding.
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/26/15 9:47 AM
REALLY, well bring it on Vinnie. I think I can comfortably speak for many when I say "We look forward to that day in court.
Hey, could you have your husband send me a love letter. So I can frame the [email protected] That was you will honestly be able to claim that I framed you. Tootels
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/26/15 3:12 AM
Hate is a very strong emotion. Just saying. I heard That very same scuttlebutt how Brandon used his son draw in pedophiles and to "gas" pedophiles
However Mrs. 1Sh0t1kill AKA Lauren began using her own nephew to do the very same thing. It was believed that Brandon was the one who shared hit trick with her.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/26/15 7:37 AM
Kjo I was told you can get fauxrealityentertainments blog shut down through godaddy with a court order. You probably have better resources than we do. it doesn't mean she wont put another one up on another hosting network but you can keep getting them shut down with that court order. I personally think its ok for her to blog as long as she takes down info about you, star, dory, queenz, Teresa, ext. this woman has to have a really crappy unhappy life to cause so much trouble and drama for us. If she wasn't a pension thief I might feel sorry for her. She is the most evil, vile, hateful, inconsiderate, wackjob, disrespectful, disingenuous thing I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. She reminds me of Charles Manson, you know how he controlled his family into doing his dirty work. Pretty harsh to say but its all true. Im surprised her husband hasn't left her by now. I bet he does when he loses his law degree. God forbid he does because if you think shes a piece of sh*t now, wait until shes homeless and broke. Then she will really make him miserable. Ive decided Im not coming back to Twitter until she is gagged or dead. If anyone needs to reach me pass the message to @ImDaRelzSlimShady and I will give her my texting app phone number. I would post it here but Im afraid of Lauren, Vinnie and Brandon getting it although I would give it to Brandon to try and talk some sense to him but I honestly think hes beyond saving. I cant play captain save a d*ck anymore. I suck at that. and he would probably give it out and I would get hateful messages about my daughter because that is what Vinnie and Lauren does. They act worse than the kill yourself middle school cyber bullies.
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/26/15 7:55 AM
Also Brandon should know I have DM proof (sorry James but he should know) that Bullyville stuck up for you even though you were coming after him. That was a few months ago. if james says its ok I will post what was said. he always stuck up for you Brandon even after you and Vinnie came after him. I highly doubt he even wanted to come after you but you left him no choice. after months of disrespecting your good friend it looks like he finally had to stick up for himself. this is the way I see it. I feel the reason James never went after seriousmode was because James's info had already been blasted and you know Seriousmode goes after families so I feel like if James would have went after him it would have been a death wish for james. The sooner you realize james is not your enemy, and Vinnie is using you then we can get back to normal life. I honestly think you are terrified of what Vinnie will do to you if you tell her to stop her sh*t. you know she will ruin your life because shes an evil manipulative vile hag who needs to act her age or get on meds. I used to be an angry person too Vinnie Bipolar as f*ck. You should really get on Meds, it may tame you down. And stop knocking people that do take meds. im a much calmer person with them. They have really changed my life for the better and im not one bit ashamed of saying I take them so make fun all you want. Remember when Lauren lied and told people I had schizophrenia? that's all y'all do is tell lies. I don't believe one thing either of you say. You guys are the weirdest ladies I have ever met. Compulsive liars. You kids are bad news to everyone you come in contact with.
Posted By: LittleRudeShosh | 6/26/15 11:55 AM
Guess who's site is down.....
Posted By: BullyHaterAlways | 6/26/15 12:42 PM
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Just checked. Got the message. OOPS! Site is unavailable.
Posted By: LittleRudeShosh | 6/26/15 1:14 PM
Uh huh. I wonder if she took it down, or didn't pay the bill, or ??? Either way #win
Posted By: Intel4U | 6/27/15 7:10 PM
Vinny was suspended on Twitter as well. But she is back on Twitter as @bigbrothercrzy and also @Gamergirlie7 Vinny is saying her website will be back. Guess she can't take a hint. She's addicted to KJo and the drama.
Posted By: AssSmack | 6/26/15 6:19 PM
I have DMs from Bullyville too. He defended that POS Brandon King even while he was attacking innocent women. We argued for weeks in DMs but I won't post them unless he says its okay. Doesn't matter whether you love james or hate him, one fact remains, he is the worst of the worst of enemies and I love him as my friend. #lovebullyville #killhuntermoore
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/26/15 7:10 PM
I would say something but I'm going to keep it to myself because bullyville might get grossed out
Posted By: MysticMary | 6/27/15 7:53 AM
Stop the presses! faux posted it was all a big misunderstanding !! We can all go home now! Haha!!
That was funny ;)
Posted By: Garland | 6/27/15 7:51 PM
Excuse me while I rip my eyeballs out and scrub them with a wire brush and bleach! They cyber sex...gonna hurl.
Posted By: LittleRudeShosh | 6/28/15 6:15 AM
I am right there with you! James, you should've put a warning up or something... lololol
Ummmm EEEEWWWW!!!!
I need an adult!
Posted By: BozoB | 6/27/15 9:10 PM
I need to be decontaminated after reading the sexting between Brandy & Not by the hair on my Vinnie Chin-cenza. I can't take it- JFK her garter fell off from excitement while tweeting with Bk?I just threw up in my mouth visualizing her chubby nubs with their "faux" cheapo manicure trying to slide a gater on her thunder thigh (after carefully greasing her porky limb to get it on). This find was the ICING ON THE CAKE. Thank you Grace for finding this. This pig has so many damn sock accounts it's insane. I see she is still tweeting from the Witty Kitty account losing her shit talking to these other sock-like accounts- obsessed with trashing Kjo,Grace and BV. All these accounts replying to her and agreeing with her sub-tweets HAVE to be her and Brandon talking to themselves. Litterally all of her real twitter pals are long gone. **Wavey** Hi Vin!-you likey the page views here are closing in on 30k views?
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/28/15 12:57 PM
oh my flipping God who was sexting wooo how do you guys know someone was sexting someone. I want to see for myself what accounts were sexting?
Posted By: Yomamasec | 6/28/15 5:47 PM
oh my god I just scrolled up. excuse me while I go grab a gun and blow my brains out. That's some nasty sh*t. I need eye bleach now. Thanks for that James.
Posted By: ImDaRelzSlimShady | 6/30/15 12:55 PM
More, more, more! There is so much more.

Obsess, obsession, obsessive, obsessed, obsessively... This is NOT a sickness. Bad breeding, poor gene pool, lack of self worth, needy, sandwich short of a picnic. I think you all get the point. Too bad they don't.
Posted By: Fauxreality | 7/01/15 5:18 PM
why are you people cyber bullying me? I just don't understand. I've never done anything to you! So what if I like Brandon to shoot his jizz in my poop shoot. I know I'm a married woman but Patrick hates me. He hasn't touched me in 3 years nine months and 14 days. Brandon baby don't listen to them. Theyre just jealous and want you all to their selves. Well He's mine ladies! You can't have him. Stop harassing us! James why did you post my emails

proving I went behind his back to his enemies to get them to fight my battles. Do you have any idea how many fat granny nudes I had to send to get out of that pickle?
Posted By: TrollLOLOLOL | 7/03/15 12:03 PM
Vinny the dumb-ass posted this on Thomas Retzlaff the pedo rapist felon www.thomasretzlaff.com website because you know, she's all above board.

Comment on Texas Private Eye Philip Klein Takes Part In The Abuse Of Children – 100% VERIFIED! by Faux Reality Friday, July 03, 2015 11:18 AM Let me know if you want anything sent to the Court on the slander and false information appearing on the vinniespina site. In November, 2014, in an email, I expressed my concerns about James McGibney supporting a notorious child exploitation account known as serious mode. Serious mode was banned by twitter and turned over to law enforcement to investigate based upon the posting of children's photos on Criag's list, twitter and boychat with sale of their private parts. A few weeks ago, I followed woman on twitter who I had prematurely judged based upon what I now know was misinformation given to me by the Bullyville camp. She was lovely. As a result, James McGibney has launched an all out assault against Faux Reality, Patrick Spina, Esq, a commercial litigator in New Jersey and his wife. Suddenly, Faux Reality is a bully and cyberstalker - all because I realized that James McGibney is a lying sack with questionable skills who uses people then turns on them when they realize he is selling snake oil. I will be posting a story on Faux Reality with copies of his email where all was fine until he was called out. Then his true colors showed. Let me know if you need anything sent to the California Court. I can tell you that the matter is currently under investigation with a local police department in New Jersey
Posted By: TrollLOLOLOL | 7/04/15 8:06 AM
Ah yes want to bet this "lovely woman" that Faux/Vinny refers to following on Twitter is none other than Jennifer D'Alessandro who was arrested for illegally accessing a blog admin area and altering contents of the blog She then lied about it to the police and used that information to write threatening letters and emails to the women she outed as a result of her illegal activities. She likes to brag that her record was expunged. The only reason is that the LE officer who questioned her when she finally confessed to her lies hadn't Mirandized her so the DA couldn't pursue charges. Otherwise the witch would have been put in jail. Also her father spent time in prison. Not suprised Vinny attracted to Jennifer. More about Jeniffer's arrest and background here http://www.bullyville.com/?page=articles&id=954 If you read through what this woman posted on the RWA blog you'll see she likes to threaten contacting people's employers just like Vinny.
Posted By: Ooopsie | 7/06/15 7:46 PM
Oh hi Vinnie, yes . . .how do you make that $38K you say your website makes. An amount sufficient to report to the IRS. You know Vinnie like you like to do to so many others. Is this a way for Patrick to illegally funnel money to you so you can pay your felon attack dog Brandon King of Seguin TX?f Gosh I wonder if that "income" was made while working at Patrick's law offices. A big no no for a disbarred attorney. Trust me Vinnie you keep going like you are and we'll keep digging. We're not even close to being done yet. Your arrogance is and will always be your downfall.

Posted By: Fauxreality | 7/11/15 9:11 AM
Brandon spends all day harassing my enemies and having phone sex with me, that he has no time for his son. He pretends to be this great dad and never sees his son. he confided in me once that he has to look at Marcie and seriousmode's TL just so he can remember his sons name. He's such a wonderful father. I bet he hasn't seen his son in years.
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