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June 17, 2015
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OHAI Vincenza AKA Vinnie, I would like to formally welcome you to the wonderful world of BullyVille. I’m sure you’re very familiar with our work, if not, no need to worry you will be mystified and amazed at how extremely proficient we are. Although we primarily go after scumbags who run revenge porn websites and pedophiles, every now and then we catch wind of an extreme case of bullying and stalking. From what I can gather by the facts uncovered so far, you most certainly are worthy of our undivided attention. Having said that, I most certainly can be reasoned with. Keep in mind, we’re not your average “lollipop and rainbows” and “hey everything’s going to be alright” type of anti-bullying site. As I’m sure you can imagine, that never really goes over to well with a pedophile. Our tagline speaks for itself, “sometimes you need to be a bully to beat a bully” and believe me when I tell you, I live by that motto.

I’d be more than happy to stop building out the websites in your name and would even give the domains back to you for free and all I ask in return is this. Stop stalking, harassing and threatening people. Go enjoy your life, or better yet, use your intelligence to make a POSITIVE difference in this world. My offer also applies to Brandon King. No one is quite sure what happened to Brandon however I can tell you this. He kicked ass and was highly respected before he teamed up with you. There is no doubt in my mind that Brandon can be great again. So there you have it Vinnie, the choice is yours. I will continue to build out these sites, however I'm hopeful that you will come to your senses and do the right thing, for everyone involved. I've made this offer to others in the past and some have agreed and really turned things around. As a matter of fact, I know of at least 4 cases where the stalker/bully has helped us to go after and expose some really nasty pedophiles. They are really making a difference. And, of course, there are those cases of people who will never change. People like:

Oh before I forget, I can assure you that I give zero fux about my twitter accounts getting suspended. I know that's your thing and your world revolves around Twitter. Mine revolves right here, within websites that I create, that I build. I don't have to worry about suspending myself or my websites for exercising my right to free speech. And now your victims have a platform to freely exercise their right to free speech without worrying about you reporting them over and over again until they're suspended. Fact of the matter is I violated Twitter's Terms of Service and I deserved to be suspended. @Bullyville for example violated Twitter's terms of service over 400 times. But you know what, it was worth it. We wrecked numerous pedophiles and revenge porn website owners, I have no regrets. Well actually I do have one regret. I regret that I didn't go after you and your partners in crime sooner. But I can assure you I'm about to make up for lost time in a major way.

Link #1 - In The Matter of Vincenza Leonelli Spina – here is the video from the day that Attorney Vincenza Leonelli Spina was disbarred.

And here is the link as to why Vincenza Leonelli Spina was disbarred.


Link #2 – A very thorough article on Vincenza Leonelli Spina. “Disbarred Lawyer Turns Into Most Dangerous Troll On Social Media”.


Link #3 – Well there’s usually at least one lawyer at the bottom of these rabbit holes. By the time I was finished with this article/website, it was apparent why so many people hate Vincenza Leonelli. With respect to these cease and desist letters that I’m seeing all over the place from Attorney Patrick Spina, they are……peculiar. We’ll get into that a little later.



Link #4 – Oh Vincenza Leonelli Spina. As a full blown narcissist I must admit I’m impressed with your “it’s all about me” approach. However, Attorney Patrick Spina is really turning me on……mentally that is. He’s just so smart, I bet he drives a really fast car huh? You guys are quite the dynamic duo #huehuehue. If I don’t get a cease and desist within 24 hours then I’ll know what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Link #5 – I like to go to that "special place" sometimes, usually right when I'm in the middle of completely exposing the sh*t out of a bully/stalker, it pleases me. For example, how often have you used the word "vagina" and "boob" within the same sentence? How about back to back? #vaginaboob.


Link #6 – Enough about me Vinnie, I want to hear all about you. Let's start with some of the harassing calls you made. You attack people online and when they fight back you immediately play the role of the victim. Vinnie, there are so many police reports that involve you that I'm having an FOIA overload, seriously!

http://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/the call_293.mp3

Link #7 – So many victims are starting to come forward Vincenza. Do you have any idea who this report was filed against? Asking for a friend.

Link #8 – Publicly available video of Vincenza Leonelli giving an interview. It's baffling that this is the same woman who allegedly viciously stalks and harasses people. She seems really nice and actually friendly. #baffled

Vinnie appears (for more than a few seconds) at the following minute marks:

1:05 - 1:31

3:24 - 3:38

22:45 - 23:45

25:28 - 25:53

26:00 - 26:05


Link #9 – The Law Offices of Patrick J. Spina submits a DMCA request to Twitter......to remove a picture of his car. #seriously #seriousmode

Link #10 – One of Vinnie Spina's (and her sidekick Brandon) biggest targets for cyberbullying, stalking and harassment is actress Kristen Johnson.

And here's where Vinnie and Brandon ALLEGEDLY try to extort $10,000 out of Kristen to "buy back" a hate blog they created about her. In a future article we will be discussing how much of this activity Attorney Patrick Spina may or may not have been aware of. We have sent out all of those "cease and desist" letters to a neutral third party to analyze and compare the signatures affixed to each.

Link #11 – Having had enough of Vinnie Spina's and Brandon King's non-stop harassment, stalking and bullying, Kristen's law firm sent off a cease and desist letter to them.

Vinnie, you know what a law firm is right? It's a place where you go to practice law, unless you were disbarred. Gosh golly gee, could you imagine what would happen to a disbarred attorney if it were discovered that they were sending out cease and desist letters and forging the signature of the law firm's principal attorney?

The following is the response that Kristen's lawyers received from what can only be gathered, based on factually information, Vinnie Spina.

Okay, I'm going to take a break for a bit to review the results of the FOIA requests we sent out for Brandon "I only got arrested for pot possession and don't beat women" King.


Link #12 – Interesting article about Vinnie allegedly helping Leann Rimes. We don't know, nor quite honestly, do we care about whatever feud is going on with Leann Rimes, we have no dog in that fight. Nevertheless the article itself led us down another very lulzy rabbit hole filled with cease and desist letters. Will post those in a bit.

"Exposarazzi's inbox has been flooded with reports that allege she is in bed with a very unsavory character, a disbarred attorney named Vincenza Spina of Fort Lee New Jersey. It appears and is alleged that Ms. Spina operates under the twitter name @fauxrealityE and harasses twitter peeps who do not like Leann Rimes".

Link #13 – It is unbelievable how many emails we are getting from victims of Vinnie, Brandon, and possibly Patrick. Here is a synopsis of "the day the Spina's were served". Apparently there is a hidden video that will be accompanying this as well, will post it once we have verified its authenticity.

Link #14 – The letters from Patrick's law firm continue to fascinate me. He must be ambidextrous because these signatures are coming from two different hands.

Link #15 – "His attorney at the time, Vincenza Leonelli-Spina could not be reached for comment. Court documents indicate that Leonelli-Spina, who has since been disbarred, missed numerous filing deadlines, and the case was dismissed when Amendola's request for summary judgment was denied." 


Link #16 – The following emails were sent to Bullyville from Vinnie Spina. They are self explanatory as to how manipulative and sneaky she can be. She tried her little heart out to get us to go after her enemies.

Link #17 – The insanity just keeps on coming. Is Vinnie Spina now supporting this man? We have proof they she very well might be. This man is a court documented rapist, an alleged pedophile and a convicted felon who served eight years in prison. Vinnie, I want to make sure I'm crystal clear with you. As of this very moment, you and your sidekicks are about to find out just how brutally ruthless I am towards pedophiles and scumbags who support them.

Link #18 – Vinnie Spina's partner in crime, Brandon King has a history of "controlled substance" abuse. Makes you wonder if he is using a "controlled substance" when he starts posting and attacking children? How about death threats? #boychat #seriousmode #meth

Link #19 – Well Vinnie, I guess when you are a #disbarredattorney it's really not a big deal to partner up with someone who ALLEGEDLY beats the shit out of women right?


Link #20 – How much of a nasty bully is disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina? She attacked someone who had cancer simply because she doesn't like them. She went out of her way to destroy his life.

Link #21 – Kristen Johnston has decided to fight back against Vinnie Spina, hence our point, sometimes you need to be a bully to beat a bully. #chinuphornsdown

Link #22 –Vincenza Leonelli-Spina Takes Social Media Harassment To New Levels.

Link #23It is ORDERED that VINCENZA LEONELLI-SPINA be disbarred, effective immediately, and that her name be stricken from the roll of attorneys. It is ORDERED that VINCENZA LEONELLI-SPINA be and hereby is permanently restrained and enjoined from practicing law; and it is further ORDERED that respondent comply with Rule 1:20-20 dealing with disbarred attorneys.

Link #24 –Vincenza Leonelli-Spina verified as Faux Reality aka @bw_media.


Link #25 – How to report a New Jersey Lawyer for Misconduct. To File an official complaint against a New Jersey lawyer, you need to fill out a grievance form and send 3 copies to the Office of Attorney Ethics. Further instructions can be found here:


Link #26 – Vinnie Spina speaking at a school board meeting. If anyone has the rest of this video, please feel free to forward it to us.



Link #27– JAMES R. ALBRO, Plaintiff-Respondent, v. VINCENZA LEONELLI-SPINA, Defendant-Appellant.


Link #28 – "The Assignment Judge found that Spina's testimony "completely lacked credibility" for three reasons: inconsistencies between Spina's testimony and the Albros, acknowledged violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct, and blatant misstatements of fact".


Link #29 – Not sure about the phone number however the comment seems to be accurate. "Yes, that's my attorney Patrick Spina's wife Vinnie's security guard Brandon's cell phone number".


Link #30 – Vinnie Spina's own words, and I quote: "I have never posted a child's photograph. I have never called an employer to harass anyone. I have never stalked a funeral. I have never harassed anyone using my account and I have never created TROLL ACCOUNTS for any reason - including for purposes to harass. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar."

Link #31 – If we didn't know any better, we'd be convinced that Brandon King is a spokesperson for a well known pedophilia site. Brandon repeatedly claimed that serious mode posted his child on that pedophile website. Shortly after that, the most peculiar thing happened. Brandon King started attacking people who were actively going after and exposing pedophiles. And to top it off, he starting attacking children and posted their info/pics online.


Link #32 – Hey Brandon, real talk here for a second. I was just informed about your Mom, sorry to hear about that. I hope she recovers, cancer can be beat, and putting all this bullshit aside, may the grace of God bless and heal her. Brandon, I'm not sure what happened with you man. You were one of the good guys. Very intelligent with a big heart that would do anything for anyone. Vinnie somehow got her fangs into you and everything changed. You know how to get a hold of me. I'm willing to drop this feud with you because I'm confident that you are realizing what a reckless path Ms. Spina has led you down. Get back to what you're good at Brandon. I'll leave this link up (link #32 for 24 hours). The choice is yours. Vinnie has destroyed countless lives, you can literally be the one person who puts an end to it.

Link #33 – We have dealt with thousands of trolls over the years, however Vinnie Spina is in a class all of her own. And for the record, I don't think anyone would want to have their "dick cut off", although I can name a few pedophiles who should.


Link #34 – Giving credit where credit is due, and please correct me if I'm wrong, however it looks like "Gracetheevil" was the first person to d0x Vinnie. #hattip


Link #35 – Vinnie reminds me of the honey badger.

"Oh, little does the honey badger know, FYI: it's been stung! It's been bitten by the snake, so while it's eating the snake -- eew, that's disgusting -- all the poisonous venom is seeping through the honey badger's body, and it passes out. Look at that sleepy fuck."

Link #36 – Mental note to self, don't ever piss off Grace.



http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx. Make sure you indicate that the email you received was from Thomas Retzlaff.

Link #38 – Wrongdoing of 10 Attorneys Costs N.J. Lawyers fund for client protection $646,727.


Link #39 – "Blogging is @Fauxrealitye way of intimidating and silencing people. It doesn’t work with me. Put out whatever you want, but this is the ONLY blog you’ll get from me".


Link #40 – Hello Brandon, it has been 24 hours, have you made your decision? As you can imagine, I'm catching a ton of shit for trying to get through to you, everyone is convinced you are to far gone. I know you bro, I know the REAL YOU. Brandon, this is your moment in life........this is your #stairwaytoheaven don't force me to drag you through the depths of hell.

"Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there's still time to change the road you're on......

And it makes me wonder.....

Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know. The piper's calling you to join him....
And as we wind on down the road, our shadows taller than our soul....."

Link #41 – Brandon King has made his decision. He chose poorly. We will leave link #32 & link #40 up as a stark reminder of what could have been.

Link #42 – Publicly available website dedicated to Brandon King. "Brandon Charles King, paid employee of a disbarred attorney (real name Vincenza Leonelli Spina) is an evil creep (she goes by FAUX, Fox, Buckwheat & many related aliases )".


Link #43 – Brandon Charles King has decided to team up with and support convicted felon Joseph "JoJo" Camp. Mr. Camp has multiple restraining orders against him throughout the Country. JoJo loves to stalk and harass women so it's a match made in heaven for Brandon.

Link #44 – Brandon King loves to make veiled threats towards women. And as we all know, he has a history of it (see Link #19 Domestic abuse).

Link #45 – The State of Texas vs. Brandon Charles King. Any guesses what the "controlled substance" was? Based off of Brandon's continuous erratic and manic behavior it most certainly couldn't be heroin, cocaine or crystal meth. Ain't nobody got time for that! 




Link #46 – Well isn't this some shit right here Vinne! For a site that is "so unpopular" as you state, Bullyville sure seems to be awfully successful getting your name out there. In just one week, we are now the #3 result when you Google your name, out of 35,900 search results.




Link #48 – Holy #stalkerville, it is becoming very apparent that disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina has a dangerous and psychotic obsession with Kristen Johnston.

Link #48 – Disbarred Attorney Vinnie Spina addresses her fan (yes, her one fan Brandon King) on her blog about the recent suspension of her beloved Twitter account. She continues to display her OBSESSION with Kristen.


@crazibuttrue's response to Vinnie Spina:


Just because people are tweeting out the link to this article shouldn't automatically mean that they’re “associated” with Bullyville. The fact of the matter is that Bullyville is like honey to bullies. If a celebrity posts their story on Bullyville or even mentions Bullyville they usually get attacked on twitter or other social media by their existing (and sometimes new) bullies. And when I decide to go after a bully it’s because I’ve decided to do it, not because a celebrity asked me to do it. I have never been paid or received donations from a celebrity for doing this, nor would I ever accept one. Bottom line is, I hate bullies but ignoring them doesn’t make them stop, therefore, we bully them back, in the most brutal way possible, with our minds…….and their words. #brainsoverbullies. You and Brandon are on my radar because you openly support a convicted felon, who is also a court documented rapist and pedophile who posted naked images of his daughter all over the web. Therefore, you each support revenge porn as well.

Link #49 – I love the dirty things you do......I HAVE CONTROL OF YOU.......

Link #50 – BREAKING NEWS!! Is disgraced and disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina having a full blown extramarital affair with Brandon King? #cheaterville

Link #51 – When Vinnie Spina and Brandon King tweet the link to that defamatory blog run by convicted felon and court documented rapist Thomas Retzlaff, this is who they are supporting.

Link #52 – Who is Attorney Patrick Spina and what is his involvement (and knowledge) with respect to his wife's relentless stalking and harassment of others?

Over the next few weeks we will be answering those questions and much, much more.

Link #53 – Looks like disbarred and disgraced former Attorney Vinnie Spina is being sued. Click here to read more:


Link #54 – Vinnie's sidekick and faithful servant Brandon King has been arrested (again). Click here to read more:



Link #55 – Disgraced disbarred attorney Vincenza "Vinnie" Leonelli-Spina and her husband, attorney Patrick J. Spina were sued in 2015 by Patrick's former practice partner for Breach of Fiduciary Obligations, Breach of Contract, Breach of Good Faith And Fair Dealing, Fraud, Conspiracy, Conversion, Unjust Enrichment, and RICO. Sadly, those allegations sound like an all too familiar tune as Vinnie  was found guilty of Common-law Fraud, Tortious Conversion of Client Funds, Failure to Pay Client Taxes, Breach of Contract, and Breach of Fiduciary Duty by a New Jersey court in 2007. She committed those offenses, which directly led to her 2008 disbarment, against a retired New York City police officer. In May of this year, and related to that 2007 judgement, the Trustees of the New Jersey Lawyer's Fund filed suit against Vinnie seeking repayment of the funds she embezzled.

Please click here for the remainder of the filing:


Link #56 – After being found guilty of committing fraud and swindling a hard working police officer out of his life savings, Vinnie decided to file bankruptcy. It was determined that she could not discharge the fraudulent debt, which is why the Trustees of the New Jersey Lawyer's Fund filed suit against Vinnie seeking repayment of the funds she embezzled. After reading the following document, it has become apparent why she was helping court documented pedophile and rapist, www.thomasretzlaff.com. When it comes to delay tactics within the court of law, while bombarding the court with filings, Vinnie Spina and Thomas Retzlaff are cut from the same cloth.

Link #57 – Disbarred Attorney Vinnie Spina just can't seem to catch a break. The following lawsuit has led to something much more dire for Vinnie. This was merely a springboard for the New Jersey Lawyer's Fund. Will post more information shortly. I wonder what Vinnie regrets more (1) supporting pedophile and rapist www.thomasretzlaff.com which has permanently landed her on our radar (2) defrauding a retired police officer who spent his entire life protecting others or (3) not leaving her husband to be with her true love, Brandon Charles King, aka www.seriousmode.com?


Link #58 – Disbarred and Disgraced Attorney Vinnie Spina has been found GUILTY of embezzling funds yet again! Might be time for Vinnie to hire #seriousmode for some good ole fashion crisis management. #huehuehue

Link #59 – When an Attorney is disbarred, they are obviously no longer authorized to practice law, nor can they share office space with a practicing Attorney. For example, Vinnie Spina is forbidden to share office space with practicing Attorney, Patrick Spina. So what happens when it can be proven that a disbarred attorney has violated this order? Well, we're all going to find out together shortly.

Link #60 – The following article was authored by the New Jersey Law Journal and outlines other victims of Disbarred Attorney Vinnie Spina's fraud.

Link #61 – While reviewing the following document that Vinnie Spina filed within her bankruptcy appeal, we noticed the email address: [email protected]. Why is that email address, along with her signature important to us? Her digital footprint continues to grow, where will it stop? Nobody knows......except BullyVille. Don't believe us? Just ask Vinnie's new BFF, http://www.jendalessandro.com/

Link #62 – Another article that mentions disbarred Attorney Vinnie Spina and her incompetence, which still holds true today.

Link #63 – In an effort to avoid paying off her judgment to the retired cop, whom she scammed, Vinnie Spina filed bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Judge ruled that Vinnie could not discharge that judgment through bankruptcy. Vinnie appealed that decision and lost. Here is the Opinion rendered by the Appellate Court.

Here is the entire court document which details why Vinnie Spina was denied. What's most notable is that the fact that she gave her husband, Attorney Patrick 'the rat' Spina $65,000 of the funds she stole from that retired police officer.


Link #64 – Here are the court documents filed against Brandon King for the alleged crime of KIDNAPPING.


Link #65 – Brandon King's obsession with "hurting" and "killing" children is disturbing to say the least. I'd have to imagine that once his ex (and her lawyer) sees these emails, Brandon's visitation rights with his son will become dramatically modified.

Link #66 – Vinnie Spina and Brandon King have been caught stealing the identity of another person. At first we thought Vinnie was just using the name "Antonella Mollica" as an alias, but we have recently discovered that Antonella Mollica lives not to far from Vinnie Spina in New Jersey, and that Vinnie has assumed her identity. It is our understanding that Mrs. Mollica has contacted Vinnie and told her to cease and desist immediately and local authorities have been notified.

Vinnie's sidekick, convicted felon Brandon Charles King, even went as far as registering a domain in this woman's name. From what we've been told the real Antonella Mollica is very concerned that a convicted felon and a disbarred attorney stole her identity.

Vinnie and Brandon used the stolen identity (a crime in the State of New Jersey) Antonella Mollica to register (and get verified) a gab.ai account in her name:

And Brandon, being the convicted felon that he is, even took it one step further by admitting the crime right from his Twitter account. Now the biggest question is what method of payment did Brandon and Vinnie use to donate funds to gab.ai in order to get the Antonella Mollica account verified? We're going to take a wild guess and say that they used Paypal, but hey what do we know, that's for Law enforcement to figure out via a couple subpoena's. Stealing one's identity is a very serious crime in New Jersey, Texas, and Arkansas.

Link #67 – Convicted felon, dead beat dad and alleged child kidnapper Brandon Charles King sent out the following tweets (can no longer claim DMCA infringement) which include yet another "story" of how the picture of himself kissing his son on his head, within a public bathroom, ended up online. First it was Serious Mode who "hacked" his private Facebook page and took the photo. Now Marcie Wogan got the photo from his private Facebook page, however both allegations are 100% false. Brandon knows EXACTLY how that photo originally ended up online (and by online we are implying that it ended up as a imgur link on a pedophilia site) because he put it there. It's amazing to see how stupid and irresponsible someone becomes once they get D0xed, AMIRITE BRANDON?

Link #68 – Hey Brandon King, did you ever figure out who d0xed you? That was one hell of a d0x and allegedly occurred because it was discovered that you weren't the "anti-pedo hunter" everyone thought you were. Was it #seriousmode who d0xed you? Gosh, maybe Seriousmode will tell their side of the story one of these days. Where art thou Serious Mode? Lol, Brandon, you got d0xed so hard. #harderdaddy

You're #nothingdarling and I will treat you the same way I treat pedophile and rapist www.thomasretzlaff.com.

Now let's have a moment of silence so we can listen to some great angry music together.


Link #69 – Apparently disbarred attorney and internet stalker Vinnie Spina runs a PR firm called "A Diamond PR" and even represents a couple of women from the show 'Housewives of New Jersey." We don't know anything about Siggy Flicker nor Dolores Catania, however, do they not realize what Vinnie did to numerous New Jersey Police Officers? Do they not care that she screwed a New Jersey Policer Officer out of his pension and was even disbarred for it? Do they not care what she did to the hard working Police Officers of New Jersey? Are any of their relatives Police Officers?

Link #70 – Here is the letter of admonishment that was issued against disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina by the Supreme Court of New Jersey after she screwed over 11 police officers. Are we to believe that Siggy Flicker nor Dolores Catania care about what Vinnie Spina did to these hard working Police Officers?

Link #71 – Brandon King continues to vocalize his sick and very disturbing obsession with children.

Link #72 – Brandon King is so desperate for people to forget that he's a convicted felon, an alleged child kidnapper and a deadbeat dad, that he's now going as far as to take credit for something he had ABSOLUTELY nothing do with.

Link #73 – Brandon King wanted Twitter to give revenge pornographer Craig Brittain his twitter account back:

Here is just a small sampling of who Brandon King is supporting:     


Link #74 – Doctor Doom's open letter to Brandon Charles King after his identity was made public. Maybe one day Brandon will figure out who d0xed him and why? Maybe it has something to do with Brandon pretending he was outing pedophiles when he was actually helping them? Brandon has A LOT in common with Thomas Retzlaff, for example, they are both convicted felons, amongst other things, which explains why Brandon King supports him.

SOURCE: http://www.bullyville.com/uploads/files/kingbkdoomdox_1.JPG

Link #75 – Before being arrested for Contempt, Brandon Charles King hadn't paid a dime in child support since 2008.

Link #76 – Even though Brandon King hadn't paid child support since 2008, when he was thrown in jail in 2015, he magically came up with $5,000. Where did that $5,000 payment come from?


Link #77 – After #deadbeatdad Brandon King was released from jail, he still owed $20,192.00 in back child support payments and was ordered to pay $350.40 per month. Where is convicted felon Brandon King getting $350.40 per month? More to come.....

Link #78 – It appears that the Trustees New Jersey Lawyers fund are going after disbarred Attorney Vinnie Spina again!

Link #79 – Brandon King's Lawyer submitted (and was granted) a motion to withdraw as counsel for his convicted felon client.

Link #80 – It took a lot due diligence to track down the plethora of court documents pertaining to Brandon Charles King, but we remain committed to ensuring that he doesn't threaten another child.

Link #81 – Mark our words Brandon Charles King, one way or another, we're going to do everything possible to get you back where you belong, behind bars.

Link #82 – Hey Vincenza Leonelli-Spina, did you know that New Jersey in only 1 of 6 States that prohibit disbarred attorney's from being employed as paralegals? If you notarized just one document from 2008 - 2016, BullyVille is going to find it. #ticktock

Link #83 – Brandon King continues his sick obsession with kids:

Link #84 – Vinnie and Patrick Spina helped raise money to bail Brandon out of jail (for his failure to pay child support):

Link #85 – Yet another lawsuit involving disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina. Within this lawsuit, Vinnie allegedly screwed over a cop who was nearly killed by a scumbag wielding an AK-47.

Link #86 – Convicted felon and alleged child kidnapper Brandon Charles King continues to focus his hatred towards children:

Link #87 – The following domestic abuse report was filed against Brandon Charles King with the Little Rock, AR Police Department and the Pulaski County Circuit Court. We will be posting additional documents shortly.


Link #88 – Restraining order against Brandon King granted. "The Court finds sufficient evidence to establish that there is an immediate and present danger of DOMESTIC ABUSE". 

Link #89 – The following petition for a restraining order was filed against Brandon King for alleged child abuse towards a 3 year old child. We have the full report, which includes victim photos, hospital report, police report, etc...however, due to the victims age we will not be publishing them, and quite honestly, it's just too disturbing. May God bless and continue to protect Brandon King's victims.

Link #90 – Court grants 2nd restraining order against Brandon King (this one for alleged child abuse).  "The Court finds sufficient evidence to establish that there is an immediate and present danger of DOMESTIC ABUSE". 

Link #91 – The following story is from the October 20th, 1996 edition of the Sequin Gazette Enterprise, that details a field operation in and around Seguin, Texas that resulted in 61 arrests, including that of Brandon King:


And here is the sourced image of that Newspaper article:


Link #92 – The following transcript is from Brandon King's contempt of court hearing (he was arrested at the end of the hearing). According to his sworn testimony, he works for the Spina Law firm in New Jersey and they pay him $33,000 per year.


Link #93 – The truth about the Spina Law firm's relationship with convicted felon Brandon King is exposed:


Link #94 – Proof that the Spina Law Firm owns FR Entertainment, LLC.

Link #95 – Disbarred Attorney Vincenza Leonelli Spina continues to work at the Spina Law Firm (as a paralegal). She was acting on behalf of Brandon Charles King and conducted both legal and financial transactions on his behalf under the alias "Antonella Mollica".

Link #96 – The following emails were sent by disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina to the attorney representing Brandon King in Arkansas. She used the alias "Antonella Mollica". These emails have been turned over to the New Jersey's Lawyers Fund (currently suing Vinnie for fraud) and the New Jersey Bar.

Link #97 – The following declaration was submitted to the New Jersey's Lawyers Fund (currently suing Vinnie for fraud) and the New Jersey Bar. This declaration was made by Former House Majority Leader, House Judiciary Chairman and Senator of Arkansas, Steve Harrelson, confirming that disbarred attorney Vincenza Leonelli Spina was indeed conducting legal and financial transactions for the Spina Law Firm under the alias "Antonella Mollica".

Link #98 – Once it was revealed that the State Bar and the New Jersey's lawyers fund had received the irrefutable evidence that disbarred attorney Vinnie Spina was acting on behalf of Brandon King under the alias "Antonella Mollica", Brandon King began attacking Mr. Harrelson online. 

Link #99 – BullyVille has confirmed that convicted felon Brandon Charles King was arrested for possession of the controlled substance Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD).

Link #100 – Convicted Felon Brandon King's First Indictment for the Delivery of Marijuana to an undercover police officer.

Link #101 – Convicted Felon Brandon King desperately tried to suppress all of the evidence in his case but the judge denied his motion. We will be posting that information shortly.

Link #102 – Convicted felon Brandon Charles King has been linked to another Real Housewives Cast Member!


Link #103 – Spina Law firm employee Brandon King not only stalks and harasses lawyers online, he also goes after Judges.  

Source: https://www.arktimes.com/arkansas/Profile?oid=3250530

Link #104 – Once former House Majority Leader, House Judiciary Chairman and Senator of Arkansas, Steve Harrelson realized that "Antonella Mollica" was actually disbarred Attorney Vincenza Leonelli Spina, he immediately cut ties with his convicted felon client, Brandon Charles King. Brandon immediately began attacking Mr. Harrelson online and it became so unbearable that Mr. Harrelson had to post the following on his Facebook page.

Link #105 – The following affidavit was made by Brandon King's ex-girlfriend shortly after his arrest.