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Marcie Wogan - Court Adjudicated Stalker, Predator & Catfish.
Article by: The Internet
May 16, 2015
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Marcie Wogan claims to be stalked and bullied. In reality, Marcie Wogan is a bully who has threatened (and destroyed) numerous families over the years, including her own. Marcie Wogan now has at least one restraining order in place against her, with at least two more in the works. What is most disturbing about Marcie is that she used to be a former deputy prosecutor in Baltimore County, MD. Now she helps convicted felons stalk their victims, especially on Twitter.


Link #1 – Marcie Wogan is a confirmed stalker, predator and Catfish who now has a restraining order against her:



Link #2 – Marcie Wogan posts images of her own family (and she claims to be them) during one of her many catfishing expeditions, some of these family members are underage:




Link #3 – Marcie Wogan stalks children and uses them to attack her enemies:




Link #4 – Additional articles about former deputy prosecutor Marcie Wogan and her confirmed stalking activities.




Link #5 – If you have been stalked or harassed by Marcie Wogan, you can contact the Baltimore County Sheriff’s Department at [email protected]:




Link #6 – Marcie used to be a victim’s rights advocate, she was definitely one of the good guys back in 1997 as the Deputy State’s Attorney in Baltimore County:




Link #7 – Marcie Wogan openly supports convicted felon Joseph Camp.




Link #8 – Marcie Wogan has a very disturbing relationship with court documented rapist and alleged pedophile Thomas Retzlaff.




Link #9 - Marcie Wogan also supports this deadbeat dad who has at least four outstanding warrants for his arrest, Neal Rauhauser:




Link #10 – Marcie’s buddy, convicted felon and serial stalker Joseph Camp filed a ridiculous lawsuit against BullyVille, which was dismissed. What was interesting is how he obtained the money to file a federal lawsuit in the first place. By his own admission, Joseph Camp received funding, specifically for this lawsuit, from Marcie Wogan. Here are some interesting DM’s, she donated to a GoFundMe campaign we launched, and admitted that she felt guilty for giving Joseph Camp money in the first place to sue us. Within a matter of weeks of making the donation, she wanted Bullyville to go after some of her enemies on Twitter. We refused and she flipped out. She is now helping out convicted felon Joseph Camp again.




Link #11 – Florida rolls out the red carpet for former Maryland District Attorney Marcie Wogan and Convicted felon JoJo Camp.




Link #12 - In a surprising but perhaps strategic move, Former Maryland Deputy District Attorney, Marcie Sweren Wogan, who recently became Leader of Anonymous, has closed her Twitter account and resigned from her lofty positions in Anonymous and ClownSec.




Link #13 - Former Maryland Deputy District Attorney Is Incredible!




Link #14 - Former Maryland District Attorney And ClownSec Official Appointed Anonymous Leader!



Link #15 - Former Maryland District Attorney Marcie Wogan sent this letter to a Judge in Florida. Another attorney has filed a restraining order against Marcie for stalking and harassment. This was Marcie's response to the upcoming hearing.

Link #16 - Former Maryland District Attorney Marcie Wogan is now a court adjudicated stalker. She was considered such a prolific stalker that a Judge in Florida went to the extreme measure and issued a permanent, lifetime restraining order against her.

Link #17 - The following email exchange took place between Former Maryland District Attorney Marcie Wogan (and now a court adjudicated stalker) and her partner in crime, convicted felon Joseph JoJo Camp (who has an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Florida). Fascinating to watch two prolific stalkers try to blame the other for their despicable actions.

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Posted By: FunwithFelons | 5/20/15 10:08 PM
FINALLY THIS woman and all her crazy is exposed. How about the fact she destroyed any hope of a mother regaining custody of her kidnapped child after first donating money for the child's rescue, then publicly shaming the woman out of jealousy from the attention and support the woman received? See http://www.dailydot.com/society/anonymous-opfreeaishah-sabra-egypt-kidnap-twitter/
There is not one ounce of truth that comes out of Wogan's mouth. She is one of the most hated people on Twitter and deservedly so. No wonder she turned to Camp and Retzlaff for attention.
Posted By: TheOracle | 5/22/15 7:31 AM
Marcie Wogan is the source of income for Camp and funds pedo Thomas Retzlaff.
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